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  1. I stay away from all those RTG casinos.. Hate the look and always feeling like something fishy is going.
  2. I'll start off by saying hello! and that English is not my first language. About 3 days or so ago they all introduced this bonus wheel. So everyone including high rollers don't bother them with bonuses. All good as they mention the wheel monitors you're activity and gives you appropriate prizes and needs at least 1 deposit to be activated. This is where it gets weird to me.. I've been a daily user of JackpotCity and Royal Vega, all good I get my 4 hours chance at winning (a big nothing so far). So I decided to go peak around all the affiliates to see if they all incorporated it. It is everywhere but they are not locked for people with 0 deposits but they also share timers for the chance at spinning. JackpoCity and Royal Vegas have different timers but they also share it with different partners. From what I can deduct there's 4 separate wheel identity throughout their network. It just feels like a big sham to be able to reduce the amount of bonus they gave out, one of the reason I liked it so much over there. How can they tell me its monitoring ones activity but at the same time letting me spin a site i just joined and never made a deposit. And have that spin burn my chances.. its there is actually a chance of winning at my main betting sites. I let them know how much I dislike the whole idea. Bad business idea, poor implementation and 0 giveaways.. Anyone else dislike that whole thing or is it just me acting like a spoiled kid?
  3. hellboy77 september 17, 2018 thanks!
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