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  1. fortunado30

    Best gambling songs

    Kenny Rogers - The Gambler is a good one but it's more for card playing. I think any trap/house music is cool while playing slots.
  2. fortunado30

    Winoui casino legit?

    If nobody is giving a lot of feedback I wouldn't take the risk.
  3. fortunado30

    Loss limts enforcement

    So when I see a stop loss limit option on games? Should I sort of ignore this? How do I know if it is really going to protect me or not?
  4. fortunado30

    Show time - let's see your winner screenshots!

    How do I know which games are the ok restricted games to play?
  5. I really need to win this one!
  6. fortunado30

    Sports betting website tips needed

    Thanks I was looking for some ways to bet on boxing. I will give those sites a try.
  7. fortunado30

    New Casinos - players' suggestions

    Thanks for the suggestions. I will try them out. A lot of great info on this thread. About the poster who wrote about the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority. That place is not sketch. It's a special economic zone where companies get dirt cheap land with tax-free incentives to operate, so that casino is not from the Philippines. Instead, it is a foreign company that has moved to the Philippines to operate under a tax shelter and save big money while earning higher profits. This is also why that casino is good because they keep their overhead costs low in the Philippines because that country has been doing great to attract investors from the gambling industry.
  8. If you are a fan of boxing, you know the sport has a close relationship with some of the most famous casinos around the world. I have seen where some online gambling sites and casinos like MGM Grand and others do sponsor pro boxing events, but I was wondering about online casinos. I think live streaming pro boxing while playing your favorite casino games is an exciting idea right? If there is an online casino that also streams boxing, please let me know...thanks!
  9. fortunado30

    Happy Birthdays!!!

    I'm late but my birthday was on Feb 6.
  10. fortunado30

    Facebook Promotions

    i am not a fan of Facebook. It has made many problems for me in the past. It is good for advertisement and business. That's all.
  11. Ok thanks for the info and fast response!
  12. fortunado30

    NO DEPOSIT CODES (Updated on a daily basis)

    I wish I knew how to understand these codes so I can win some cash. I really need some $$$.
  13. Hi, I was just wondering if I can join the contest for this month? I would like to do some reviews. Thanks!
  14. Hi, I am a complete and total newbie to sportsbetting. I have heard about it many times, I have seen their ads hundreds of times. Yet, I have never placed a bet. I am a big fan of pro boxing and I was wondering how I can get into betting on boxing. I am willing to learn and start from scratch so I am just posting here to see if there is anyone who can lead me in the right direction and maybe give me some helpful advice so I can win big off fights. Thanks!