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    Should have been a bit better with: Them: Yes, I would like to chat Fiekie: So, would you like my number? The missus is playing a rather laggy Bonanza so I’m free until she busts. Them: But first, I would like very much.. Fiekie: what! Tell me! Them: If.. Fiekie: For the love of God, what! Them: click my promotional Link Fiekie: oh bollocks.
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    I'm honestly devastated for you, I've done it myself a couple of times (although not to quite the same extent...) and learnt a big lesson each time. Over the coming days and weeks you need to think about if you ARE a problem gambler or if you maybe just got carried away here. Were you under the influence a the time at all? That's one thing I definitely realised I needed to keep a handle on when gaming after playing through £700 I managed to win that would REALLY have helped me out that particular month.. I rationalised it by saying "well, I won it, it's not like it's MY money...." ... you have to keep in mind that when you win money, it's NOT just numbers on a screen. Maybe not the best line to be thinking down at this stage though... As gutting as it is, try and learn from the experience. Write yourself a letter about this experience, how it's made you feel, and as hard as it may be, what difference that money could have made to your life right now. Keep that letter in a drawer at your desk/computer area and absolutely be sure to whip it out next time that "Big Win!" animation is rolling on the screen. As ridiculous as it might sound to some people this is a tactic that's really worked for me and ensured that the next time I had a £1,200 win I made sure the thousand made its way into my bank account and not back into the casino. I hope others have some more helpful words for you. but please don't let this get you down. Take a break from playing if you need to and always, always make sure never to play with money you cannot afford to lose.
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    Eskimo casino ( happy post)

    It’s always a shame when casinos slide off your favourite radar. But you just replace them; buyers market. Had the same thing with Redbet who have assumed radio silence: when I contacted them to ask why have the perks disappeared etc and when’s the next wagering contest, they told me ‘I cannot divulge that info’ Really? Since when has such a request fallen under the Trade Secrets Act? So I just went back and said it’s obvious that you’re winding down your VIP programme. No response; take that as a yes
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    That casino, dreams, looks a fine choice. Probably are mail bombing folk to get some business, as anyone with half a brain wouldn't play there. I see they're RTG, US orientated. That says it all.
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    I was about to come and post here. I would actually give my Dogs name - Sabaton or Gargatoon,,, Garga - Come here boy!! You name your dog Sabaton and you actually had a really bad session on that game. Imagine taking it out on the dog - ''You are you useless... I placed $0.40 bets on your assss you made me lose it all on you ''Sabaton''... I thought we in this together!
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    AskGamblers Online Casino Blog

    I thought some people had actually named their pets with names like DOA, or BONANZA, or even NETENT...
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    Let's have some chit chat :)

    Just a quick heads up that I will be off next week, yey! Please behave, gals and lads! See you at the Mega Wins thread next week.
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    Contact by Play'N Go! The best of their recent new additions without any doubts - super well balanced, decent winning potential and yeah, it doesn't eat like a crazy predator! Not to mention it is obviously designed to drop such great wins every now and then instead of once in a blue moon...
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    Push Gamin new slot. Man do I love this slot... Good for wagering... The Shadow Order : Exclusive at Unibet and partners
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    50 freespins in Svenbet

    Haha I find it so funny when people review casinos just based on the layouts. I've played at so many casinos over the years that visually aren't that appealing but are good, and the opposite- casinos that look good but have many technical issues, simply rogue or anything else.. So it'd be great if you would recommend them after actually playing there
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    They will have hit that value in the twenty billion spins they did in the testing phase; it’s part of the lab testing specs for game certification I believe where they detail all the permutations. Whilst I don’t think places that promote this are lying, they are leaving out valuable context of over how many spins it took to hit. Not how many times it happened but, strictly speaking, it’s true. One view is that they should state the odds of this (one in a trillion if a trillion spins). Other people many not like the idea of assigning probability type lottery odds to a slot. Id be very surprised if they didn’t have the evidence of the 60k hit : it’s so obvious on the slot machine, that it would be pretty easy for the ASA etc to ask ‘show us’. I don’t see it as any different to claims of a 96.8% RTP in the help file; have to place reliance on the independence of the testing labs. Whether that’s enough for some people is their choice. I can see the problems with such spurious claims and I wouldn’t be surprise if something was introduced in the future to at least caveat it. My bigger issue is that, given most games have win caps, whilst I may hit 60kcal on 20p and get it all, should it happen on a fiver: I won’t
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    50 freespins in Svenbet

    Aaaand absolutely nothing has changed ever since.... We have already removed countless reviews for not meeting AskGamblers Posting Guidelines and will keep doing that for as long as necessary.
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    It smells like market research in the forums on Thursdays.
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    Didn't post here from ages...
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    Online Leaving Date

    All knew it was happening - the UKGC have decided to implement Affgam (Or as i call it, F Aff) - Affordability Gambling checks come August-19. For the small price of submitting your bank statements you will have your deposit limits set to 25% of your average income. Why, thank you. The info will then be linked through to the Gamstop database. Once you hit 25% of net losses your accounts will be blocked. The announcement came from some bloke called Gill Watts-Bule - With such a delectable double barrel name, I'm sure they've not been in the position of scrounging ten quid off their pal for a wee flutter. Sorry, not just net losses, they're giving you the choice of it being a deposit limit. How accommodating of them. Obviously you're free to do what you want but as far as i'm concerned I'm, unlike the UK and Brexit, leaving in August then. You might think what's the big deal but to be honest It's now the principle of where this is going. I won't be handing anything over to a casino based in Malta, for example. But it's more the intrusion into an enjoyable past time - all done because a % of people can't control themselves? Because we need protected? So, if you make it by the pre sign up checks in May-19, manage to get by the enhanced KYC, manage to avoid having incorrect data on Gamstop stopping you from playing, manage to convince them you're not a money launderer and get by SOW and now manage to stay within the 25% come August, you're in for a whale of a time playing online. For all the plonkers who applauded the reduction of FOBT stakes etc, and thought it would have no effect of them cos they only played online? Did you really think they'd just ignore online? There will be people who like this and will churn out platitudes of responsible gambling etc. That's fine: if you feel you need a bunch of faceless creatures working in the shadows, pulling the puppet strings, then I really don't know how you can walk around in life in general without such a guiding hand. What's more likely the happen is that people will go to places with a Costa Rica licence and therefore have no protection. That's all you do with this type of 'regulation' - push people into the arms of clip joints and HOPE they'll be paid. But hey - the above sounds good in a press release and we all know that Gill likes that.
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    It's no surprise that once again our AGCCS team are excelling in every thing they do as our annual report brings in yet more impressive stats! We returned a record-breaking $6,757,547.31 to players which is a 10% increase to the previous year and that's from 7924 complaints. The team also seen a 10% increase in the number of members who used the service and a 72% resolution success rate! Read more cool and funny facts in the full report which can be found here. Massive well done to our very own Guru and the entire complaints team.
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    Why all the YGGDRASIL hate?

    All of them are High to Super high variance period! There is no medium slot that I can think of. Below are the ones I know of and play. Games: Knights Life - Recommend - Super High Variance Mirror Mirror Deluxe and Dragons Treasure - Thats if you like Book of Dead type of Game. - High Variance Light Blocks - Recommend - High Variance Double Tripple Chance - High Variance Gold of Persia - Super High Variance Odin - Recommend - High Variance Vampires - Recommend - Super High Variance Most of the above slots give empty spins during base game. Need a good balance. So all of them are all about the free spins/bonus game to be honest IMHO... Good Luck.
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    Had this beauty on DOA 2 at lvbet Stake x 4,261 Was too slow with the screenshot but selected the multiplier feature, got the WL near the end and the last three spins were £60, £60, £70+ New customer so they returned my withdrawal and I of course lost it the next day Book of Ra Deluxe 6 is just too tempting!!
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    Who has experience with Slots.io

    The casino isn't in Askgamblers list, and most players have probably not played at that casino either...so most probably you won't get any, or many, comments on it. Better still, why not just play at some better reputable casino in the first place? At least you are ensured in many ways.
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    Hi! We are looking for people who are super enthusiastic when it comes to casino (or sportsbook) topics. Always aiming to create content that you would love to read yourself! Do you have what it takes to turn your passion into a written piece? Don't miss your chance! Leave a comment so I can mssg you. Thanks & happy spinning! Psssst... Did I mention that we pay well? No? Well, now you know.
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    When I'm playing with bigger bets, this won't come...when on 0.30 bets, it came...what the argh! 9 Retriggers...
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    As far as I'm aware all our games are still available in demo, I guess if a casino stops it they'll source the demo play from another casino that does. Tbh I don't know either, I don't have anything to do with the games. Guru will probably be able to answere this better than me!
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    Havent posted here in a while. Contact does not disappoint. Just a short x71 away from a cool Mega Slot win
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    Was reading quite carefully this particular forum topic and kinda surprised no one has suggested a possible solution yet. IMHO, nothing of the aforementioned would ever change unless gaming operators implement and start announcing two instead of a single RTP stat. One is obvious and which we all know as TRTP /Theoretical Return To Player/ aaaand which is responsible for all these annoying, pompous and quite often, truly ridiculous advertisements of possible winning potential. The other one should be called "Current RTP" and represent the RTP stats achieved in the relevant operator at the current moment. Sounds shocking and almost revolutionary, I know, but no better way to guarantee your players the level of transparency ad fairness we all dream about. Most viper Mcrogaming casinos have done it before with all these eCOGRA monthly audits and although just a start it was definitely a step in the right direction. Later, BetAt and a few other operators introduced the so called Hot&Cold feature with displaying RTP stats for the relevant games in real time which certainly proves it is possible. Now all we need is a gentle push on behalf a serious regulatory body and what do you know, this might change the whole industry. Just imagine the potential... it's gigantic and totally capable to change the way in which casinos operate, advertise, build their websites, literally everything. ...........Gees! Seems like I fell asleep and started dreaming after getting up so early for GOT S08e02...
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    However, I have joined the casino due to this post and already won some decent amount on the very first day. Even the withdrawal worked out within a day. So, I don't have any complaints whatsoever '_ :-)