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    Didn't post here from ages...
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    Online Leaving Date

    All knew it was happening - the UKGC have decided to implement Affgam (Or as i call it, F Aff) - Affordability Gambling checks come August-19. For the small price of submitting your bank statements you will have your deposit limits set to 25% of your average income. Why, thank you. The info will then be linked through to the Gamstop database. Once you hit 25% of net losses your accounts will be blocked. The announcement came from some bloke called Gill Watts-Bule - With such a delectable double barrel name, I'm sure they've not been in the position of scrounging ten quid off their pal for a wee flutter. Sorry, not just net losses, they're giving you the choice of it being a deposit limit. How accommodating of them. Obviously you're free to do what you want but as far as i'm concerned I'm, unlike the UK and Brexit, leaving in August then. You might think what's the big deal but to be honest It's now the principle of where this is going. I won't be handing anything over to a casino based in Malta, for example. But it's more the intrusion into an enjoyable past time - all done because a % of people can't control themselves? Because we need protected? So, if you make it by the pre sign up checks in May-19, manage to get by the enhanced KYC, manage to avoid having incorrect data on Gamstop stopping you from playing, manage to convince them you're not a money launderer and get by SOW and now manage to stay within the 25% come August, you're in for a whale of a time playing online. For all the plonkers who applauded the reduction of FOBT stakes etc, and thought it would have no effect of them cos they only played online? Did you really think they'd just ignore online? There will be people who like this and will churn out platitudes of responsible gambling etc. That's fine: if you feel you need a bunch of faceless creatures working in the shadows, pulling the puppet strings, then I really don't know how you can walk around in life in general without such a guiding hand. What's more likely the happen is that people will go to places with a Costa Rica licence and therefore have no protection. That's all you do with this type of 'regulation' - push people into the arms of clip joints and HOPE they'll be paid. But hey - the above sounds good in a press release and we all know that Gill likes that.
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    It's no surprise that once again our AGCCS team are excelling in every thing they do as our annual report brings in yet more impressive stats! We returned a record-breaking $6,757,547.31 to players which is a 10% increase to the previous year and that's from 7924 complaints. The team also seen a 10% increase in the number of members who used the service and a 72% resolution success rate! Read more cool and funny facts in the full report which can be found here. Massive well done to our very own Guru and the entire complaints team.
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    Why all the YGGDRASIL hate?

    All of them are High to Super high variance period! There is no medium slot that I can think of. Below are the ones I know of and play. Games: Knights Life - Recommend - Super High Variance Mirror Mirror Deluxe and Dragons Treasure - Thats if you like Book of Dead type of Game. - High Variance Light Blocks - Recommend - High Variance Double Tripple Chance - High Variance Gold of Persia - Super High Variance Odin - Recommend - High Variance Vampires - Recommend - Super High Variance Most of the above slots give empty spins during base game. Need a good balance. So all of them are all about the free spins/bonus game to be honest IMHO... Good Luck.
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    My Five Year Anniversary!

    Today was the day when I logged into my AG account and got my 5 year anniversary badge! It still feels insane that I've been here for so long and that time has passed so quickly. So many members have come and gone and I'm lucky to be one of the older ones! A lot of good and bad things have happened but one thing I know is that I love being a part of this forum. So many casinos have been reviewed, so many games have been played. Also being offered to be a part of Slotsfighter first season was incredible! I just want to say thank you to all the great people I've learned to know from our dear forum- I've learned a lot from you guys. Thank you for having me here!
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    Attention!...It's the final countdown...so all aboard please...except for Afi...he prefers to stay home and not explore the new worlds...
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    However, I have joined the casino due to this post and already won some decent amount on the very first day. Even the withdrawal worked out within a day. So, I don't have any complaints whatsoever '_ :-)
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    My Five Year Anniversary!

    Congrats on your 5th year birthday my dear. My 6th will be in 9 months time... (we are the young children born at Askgamblers, hehehe)
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    Thanks Sharon! It has been indeed an year of tenacious efforts and countless working hours for the entire AskGamblers Complaints Team but it worth it all when you know we helped thousands of players! All the rest is just history.
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    Ooops forgot...plus one more from the old Pirate Captain...
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    Luck can be damn elusive most of the times...but I guess wisdom also plays an important role too...I only play on my old favourite games...not touching any of the money-eating peanuts-paying newer games at all. Frankly speaking, Playtech's True Love is the number one game that's keeping me alive all this while...like these 2 new screenies I just got today...
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    This week started with the casino-mate win on a $20 deposit, betting started at $0.20, I just raised the bet one level after every feature.. it escalated quickly. Rocketfellas and firefighters were the same thing, start low, end high. and let's not forget that the funds for the deposits all came from the original DOA hit which was a first deposit that was made after cashing out from their no deposit bonus
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    Been a crazy couple weeks, only got a few screenshots.. Rocketfellas I really wish I had the screenshot, but I forgot to paste it before copying something else.. so that amazing screen of wilds is gone forever.. but hey, at least there's the session history
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    My first play of Queen of Riches

    About a year ago (maybe less) I was watching youtube slot videos, I came across a video of a guy who won a huge jackpot on queen of riches. So I felt pumped, I had a new account at bettson and went straight for QofR slot. I made a 50 dollar deposit and almost played it to the last. I was about to put 90 more in for a second round, I changed my mind and decided to play the rest and call it a day. Right after that decision I had a huge hit. I was unaware what the symbols were worth or what megaways meant lol. So I assumed that it wouldnt be much. I was wrong. As the dollars were counting up I had my hands on my face in disbelief. Never been able to emulate this win since. I won in USD and I'm in Canada. So with the exchange rate I had much more.
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    Great news indeed Hope it wasn'r just part of the "AG Forum miracles" though...
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    Afi is totally right though, this topic has been indeed pretty quiet recently, so yeah, let's give it some fire and ice!
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    Email received "The issue has been resolved and your withdrawal has been processed" Hopefully it remains resolved this time
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    We have teamed up with Frank & Fred Casino to give you this exclusive forum contest where you can win 100 free spins every Friday! Only members of this forum can win them and you have to be active in this thread for a chance to be picked every week. How it Works Each week one lucky member of this forum will win 100 free spins which can be used at Frank & Fred Casino. The winner will be announced every Friday and you will not be required to make a deposit to get them. The 100 free spins can be used on a different game every week which will be announced weekly in this thread. How to Enter To enter all you have to do is comment in this thread every week and let us know you want to win. You need to comment “I’m in” to let us know you want to enter. We will pick one random winner every week to receive the 100 free spins. Anyone can enter and there are no minimum posts required. The winner will be picked using RandomPicker.Com and the decision is final. Proof the draw will also be posted in this thread. You need to be a member at the casino or use our links to sign up now in order to receive the free spins. You will need to comment here before Friday every week and if you are picked as the winner you will need to PM me your email address at the casino. Terms and Conditions You need to be a member of this forum and at Frank & Fred Casino to take part Any winnings from the free spins will need to be wagered 35x €100 maximum cashout if you have not deposited at the casino before No maximum cashout if you are a previous depositor You must comment in this thread by Thursday 23:59 GMT every week for a chance to win The free spins will be credited by the casino every Friday We will announce the game the free spins can be used on every week. If unavailable in your country we will try our best to change the game * Please allow up to 48 hours from the time the winner is announced for the free spins to be credited and they will not be credited on a weekend
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    Let's have some chit chat :)

    Yeah I have installed a good 7.5Kva generator to run my entire house. The problem was with the power issues, every store was sold out on generators. The entire country has a power grid issue, and what affected this most was that Hurrican in Beira (Mozambique) a few weeks ago, as the power lines coming from Mozambique that feed our Grid in South Africa was damaged. All of this was part of State capture and corruption within our government. Now we getting seven days load shedding periods. Read more here whats currently happening in South Africa . Admin Please approve external links https://techcentral.co.za/week-long-load-shedding-is-coming/88640/ https://www.thesouthafrican.com/eskom-load-shedding-was-engineered-for-profit-siu-report/ https://www.jacarandafm.com/news/news/cyclone-mozambique-contributes-stage-3-load-shedding-sa/ https://www.brookings.edu/blog/africa-in-focus/2019/03/23/africa-in-the-news-cyclone-idai-47-billion-for-climate-finance-and-power-shortages-in-south-africa/ https://www.moneyweb.co.za/news/south-africa/corruption-watch-goes-to-war-against-previous-eskom-board/ https://www.enca.com/business/why-restructuring-eskom-wont-end-blackouts
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    My Five Year Anniversary!

    Oooh... I could have another baby in that time
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    RIP Mega Moolah winners. Well unless it’s one of us of course then we’ll shout it from the roof tops
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    Looks like it's your lucky streak turn now mate! Enjoy it and keep them coming!
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    Why all the YGGDRASIL hate?

    Which reminds me I'm still quite a stranger to Merkur slots.. Must fix that asap, so would greatly appreciate if you could suggest some mid to high variance games to start with.
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    ***** stake - i've been butchered the last week on 2-5 quid bets but the context is good. SNG's at VS, 4 spin reward, 51p win and 2x20p spins. Mass of diamonds
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    AskGamblers Online Casino Blog

    Ill take any Viking Game anyday except or YGGDrasil one. Vikings go Wild is okay, but as soon as they went Berzerk, then I realized you are playing something similar like Holy Diver. YOu need to collect symbols and trigger them to make them go Berzerk which means you build up a bonus basically and you can trigger the normal free spins, but what fun is the game is they are not berserk. BTW even if you get a full screen of wilds - its only x250 win and thats on a 4x4 reel set. Imagine, when in your life time will that happen? I think the average big wins on Vikings from YGGDrasil is x200 - x250 maybe. Viking Gods - Playson made a crappy slot. When entering the free spins game, you win on average x30 - x50 your bet. Hard to get those wilds on the reels as sticky etc. Trust me I triggered this bonus over 100 times on this slot and yet not a x100 winner. In fact any Playson slot cannot produce x100 easily. Just smaller wins but they good for wagering. I think my biggest win in one of their slots are x200. Viking Quest - Microgaming - No comment Vikings netent and Vikings Runecraft are the best Vikings slots from me out there. Vikings almost 90% of the free spins round dish out anything from x150 - 250 on average for me at least. Viking Runecraft can dish out poor free spins rounds, however it has the potential to give that unexpected x250 - 500 win easily.