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    • Virtual course? Are they making you play a video game to teach you about staying under speed limit or showing you videos and then taking your test. If its the first one I could suggest some good cars.
    • Its this exact attitude that resulted in your ban. The support staff probably don't know what device you are using... they HAVE to ask you these questions, and they HAVE to follow company procedure if you refuse. If its the same questions every time you can easily copy the whole block of text and just paste it in each time if it really is that dumb. Don't get me wrong, the support staff could also have made a bigger effort to help you without resulting in a ban - you stated that your answers were the same as last time, and I think that covers their requirement to receive an answer from you. They could possibly have recalled your previous answers, pasted them on the screen, and asked you to confirm each of the answers...    I'd agree with the first poster... how drunk were you when you had that chat!! Don't you think all this could have been avoided if you had only just cut the guy some more slack? I'm glad you received your payment, and seriously hope that this BS doesn't spread to ALL of the UK facing casinos... the UKGC are seriously annoying at this po
    • I really hate the fact that many games have had the selectable line options removed when the games were updated to HTML5. I understand the transition was absolutely necessary, its not long now before the plugin is removed from our browsers altogether, once and for all. You'd think something like that would bankrupt the host company who provided the service for all those years.... but hang on, that company is.... Adobe! They'll probably just shove another few quid on the price of photoshop or something won't they.  Do you think this change was made in order to force people to spend more money by playing all of the lines ? I don't know, doesn't seem quite right to me. I can understand it must make calculating paytables much easier but these are games that already had support for these features, the work was already done... does anybody else have any ideas for what could have caused this huge switch towards fixed lines? I reallly hope Playtech continues to offer this feature.... and it SO better not be another UKGC enforced mystery change.. those guys really haven't got a damn clue.
    • @kayenne23 are you still playing at GetSlots Casino casino. I still havent claimed my first deposit exclusive offer 100% upto 50 with 10x wager. Offer expired one month ago but.... i might ask live chat. The reviews are great but I might ask for this bonus mentioned above. How was your personal experience at getslot? let me know.
    • As others have said, its the withdrawals you really need to worry about - I'd say its actually an improvement that they are often now checking peoples ID before allowing them to play, as it ensures there won't be any garbage when the player makes their first withdrawal - if you can't Spin the reels before confirming who you are, it feels like the casino are taking their legal obligations seriously. If the same casino allows you to play, accepting some decent amount of money along the way, then decides they can't possibly give you your winnings without confirming your documentation it obviously feels like they are doing everything they can to come up with a reason not to pay you...    Lets not forget also, that the casinos will never refund a player who is unable to complete their  verification procedure - quite likely they will be barred from the site too or at the very least won't be able to play any more games until you DO complete verifiation.   So, make sure you have what you need, get it checked straight away whether they ask for it to be done that way or not, and don't deposit anything until you are sure you are playing on a fair playing field! Whilst its never happened to me, I have heard tales of players dropping hundreds at an online casino then being refused their winnings as a result of paperwork. That's a seriously sh*tty situation nobody wants to find themselves in.
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