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Closed: Cosmik Casino is closed, please try these instead:

Cosmik Casino


CosmikCasino is an online casino with a clean, futuristic look. The casino is powered by two gaming platforms: Betsoft,Thunderkick and Gamescale, both of which offer a wide range of slots and other casino games. They hold a gaming license from the jurisdiction of Malta.


Slots are CosmikCasino's specialty. Players at CosmikCasino have access to a wide range of games from both the Betsoft and Gamescale platforms. Play 3D video slot favorites like the Slotfather slot, Sushi Bar slot, and Enchanted slot. You can also try your luck in a number of Gamescale five-reel and three-reel slots, including Enigma, Vanilla Cocktails, Non-Stop Party, Flower Slots, and Bow Wow Slots.

The CosmikCasino table game assortment is very large. In addition to the standard games of blackjack, baccarat, and roulette, players can also enjoy Poker Three, Caribbean Stud, and Blackjack Switch. These games are also available in a VIP format for high rollers.

Video poker players at CosmikCasino have a total of 6 variants to choose from. These are Jacks or Better, Jacks or Better Deluxe, Deuces Wild, Deuces on the Rocks, Alien Poker, and Caravan Poker. Many of these games share common elements, but the paytables and themes are different. Some also offer a multi-hand feature.


CosmikCasino does a fine job at being available for their players. They accomplish this mostly through live chat, the best support solution we're aware of. Players can use live chat and get in touch with a representative quickly, usually within seconds. CosmikCasino also has a dedicated email address and will respond to all emails within 24 hours.

Security and Fairness

CosmikCasino makes security a priority. Anyone who plays at CosmikCasino can know for certain that his or her details are handled with the utmost care. Anytime you send sensitive data to their servers, it is obscured with 128-bit SSL encryption, which makes it impossible for anyone to steal. Anything stored on the CosmikCasino servers is protected with the latest in firewall technology.

Since Gamescale is a relatively new software platform, CosmikCasino has taken the initiative to get the games tested. The audits have been conducted by TST, one of the leading gaming math authorities in the industry. Their latest report is visible to the public in the Legality and Security section of the FAQ.


  • 3D video slots from Betsoft
  • Full range of slots, table games, and video pokers from Gamescale
  • Regular and VIP table games
  • 24/7 support through live chat, as well as email
  • 128-bit SSL encryption and firewall
  • Certified fair by TST


  • No bonus video pokers


Cosmik Casino Reviews by Players


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Afi4wins 1305 reviews
Well, to tell you the truth, I've seen this Cosmik Casino name so many times before over the years, but I have never been initiated enough to sign up at the casino, for one reason or another. Perhaps the rather bad reviews were a big deterrent, although there were some acceptable ones. Then again, there wasn't any good enough offers that attracted me enough to sign up. But like the saying goes, 'when it's time, it's time'. And that time came late last year for me, in 2016, when I finally visited the casino website to take up their free no-deposit 15 EUR bonus upon registration, together with a 150% first deposit bonus offer.

As always, I browsed through the casino's Promotions first, then on to their T&C and Bonus Terms, to make sure of all the important details I needed to know first before signing up and making a deposit. Well, as expected, not everything seemed to be in good order. The wagering term was set as 35x deposit + bonus amount, which wasn't so good to me, and the 15 EUR no-deposit bonus had an even higher wagering requirement, but I can't remember exactly what it was like. Ah well, for anything free, I was willing to close one eye and simply enjoy what was to be given freely. Who wouldn't, right?

So I clicked on the 'Sign Up' button and the registration form came up without any fuss. I started filling in my details into the form, but I got stuck at the email address. An error message came up indicating that the email was already in use. What? Already in use? I was puzzled for a while. I then keyed in my alternative email address, but that too got the same error message. What the argh, I was saying to myself. I couldn't register at all at Cosmik Casino, and I was really puzzled as to where my email address had been used. So I did a bit of Sherlock Holme thingy, and found out that Cosmik Casino was actually related to Osiris Casino and Atlantic Casino, both of which I already had accounts at. No wonder I couldn't use the two email addresses. Well, if I had 3 email accounts, I would have use the third address for the registration, but I didn't have any, so that ended that registration drama. Hehehe. Ah well, nothing gained but nothing lost either.

Today, when I tried to visit Cosmik Casino website again, I got a 404 error message - the website cannot be reached. When I used the link at Askgamblers casino review, I got into Osiris Casino instead. So, what it looks like is that Cosmik Casino no longer exists and is probably merged into Osiris Casino now.
Nothing to say good about thos casino they are liars
The fact that I joined the casino using a uk address and got told in chat I could claim 100 euros if I won on the bonus. Anyway won and then tried getting verified as my payment kept saying pending so contacted a person named Tito in chat and he told me that I couldn't deposit but could have the money I won. Next day email saying I was refused my winnings cause I'm from uk so basically they tell u one thing and do another.
One of the things why I decided to deposit the Cosmik Casino without the bonus is that the WR on their bonus even 100X. No problem if the cashout unlimited, however in this case it is just 100 € which is unacceptable for me as an experienced player. Cosmik Casino has a nice layout, with a predominant black is my favorite color, but not all that bad when we talk about this casino has it good points. If I thought it was all that bad, I would not even registered, much less invested money by playing their game. I would note that if you wish to pay the money from this welcome bonus you will have to pay 50 € for the payment to be possible, but I warn you and you decide.

Newest titles on Cosmik casino I played Psycho slot which is one of the more interesting titles you'll find on this casino. There are many players who speak negatively when it comes to finances in Cosmik Casino. A couple of times I contacted them via email with questions about the promotion, and for a bonus I got different answers. I do not know if it is a misunderstanding between the operator or something else, if else then it is unprofessional and will not survive among the competition in the future. In recent days I'm mostly on free-play game here, because I lost my first deposit in record time.

I see that they have a lot of options of payment, of which I have chosen Skrill, because there I have some money that I use for casinos that have not confirmed the reputation of 100% in the world of online gambling. I do not want to shortchange the casino, but it's too bad experiences of the people around me to put on an adventure with high deposits. This bonus is obtained by first deposit to Skrill is 15% I took because it seems like a more correct than the above, but that I was not able to finish, I quickly left, short. The only advantage of this casino compared to others, is the fact that the site is translated into several languages, everything else average. Rating 5/10.
jonathan.clark.731 1 review
United Kingdom
Where do I start with this casino. I joined about 2 years ago and got chatting with Jeff Edwards who is a manager at Cosmik Casino (Conan Gaming) (Osiris Casino). Over the years I have made several deposits per month and never really won anything so never withdrew. Eventually when I did have a win I was encouraged by Jeff (who I got on well with) to play some off as I was given a bonus from him and had "won too much" 3000 euro to be exact. I ended up playing this down to 1000 euros and as agreed he made a speedy payment to me.

Over the coming weeks as us gamblers know, you tend to stick to a winning formula. I won 12500 euro but decided to play some off and kept 5000 euro to bank. I contacted Jeff who made me a promise if I spend another 1000, he would pay me out. I did this and was then ignored by support and customer services for a full 5 days until eventually he agreed to pay me out by me spending 1000 euro more, eventually 8 days later I got paid 3000, but then some very strange stuff starting happening. Conan LTD were "reserving" payments from my bank account so my account was being overdrawn with payments I didn't make. You then have to wait a full 7 days to get these payments back from Visa. This happened on 5 occasions causing me some major overdrawn issues and missed direct debits causing my £100s in charges. Contacting them, they told me this was impossible, but my bank assured me they were doing this. I believed them at first but this practice continued up to my last withdrawal which I had to beg for taking yet another week to process.

What is a real shame is that the casino is really good, and some good games, but their practices are so dis-jointed, that its very hard for any gambler to have any enjoyment on their sites. My advice is to steer well clear because winning is no option and taking unauthorized payments is a nightmare for anybody. After 20 years gambling on line these are the worst practices I have ever come across. As you can imagine my last email to them was not very pleasant. Hence closed accounts.
hendo24824645 1 review
United Kingdom
Nothing good about this casino avoid at all costs.
Can only make 1 withdrawal at a time, withdrawal process is very poor quick to take your money off of you very slow at paying out, reluctance in paying any winnings does not fill me with confidence in using this site anymore and would recommend people don't use it, still waiting for over a week for withdrawal to be processed and no reply from customer services or finance department at cosmic casino
blondie 1094 reviews
Cosmik casino is powered by Gamescale software, which I am not familiar with, so when I saw that they were giving 10€ ND bonus which could be used on a game called More Gold Diggin, I thought of it as a great way to try this gaming platform. I signed up and contacted the live support to ask how I can get this bonus. The customer service was really nice and fast, and less than a minute later I had those 10€ in my account.

It took me some time to find the slot I had bonus for, as their page is not quite transparent. More Gold Diggin is a 25 payline slot with free spin features and exploding symbols. I placed the minimum bet which was 1.25€ per spin, which is a lot for the balance I had. Besides usually I place that kind of bets onjackpots, because mostly it pays off, not on regular 25line slots. I lost all of my balance in less than 10 minutes and only once re-won my bet and that's it. What I also think is weird is that you cannot place bets on this game on less than all 25 paylines, so when I had 0.90€ left I couldn't do anything with them. So there ended my experience at Cosmik casino.

Overall, I was happy I played with a no deposit bonus, otherwise I would be upset. And although my experience there was cut short, I had enough time to see that I didn't like the look of their casino page and I wasn't loving the game design that I saw. I played on instant play and it took some time for the game to load and it still spinned slowly. The only plusses I saw there was the fact they have live casino and nice support and the selection of table games. However, I won't be depositing there in the future
Cosmik Casino offers games from two software providers, from Betsoft and Gamescale. Also here on Askgamblers I found a no deposit offer of 10 euros for new players. The looks of their front page really amazed me. I was amazed by the simple design and easy navigation.

Cosmik Casino offers Download software and Instant Play. After I entered the needed data I got a message to check my email account in order to complete the verification. When I clicked on the link that I got from the casino and logged in with my data the registration was finally over. Still in order to get the 10 euros bonus I needed to contact their live chat support. I thought this would be a great way to test their live chat. My first choice for communication with the casino is always live chat support and it is very important to me that a casino has a good service. I clicked on the live chat tab and a window appeared which said “Please wait for a site operator to respond. After 3 or 4 minutes their operator Max responded. Max was very kind. It was really pleasant to chat with him. 10 euros was added to my account after Max called me on my cell phone to verify my identity. Also Max offered me a 400% match bonus on my first deposit here. I don't like when the live chat operators offer me a bonus without me asking for one. But on the other hand Max was very kind so I forgave him that.

Like I guessed all of the Betsoft games here were set to a min 5 cent per line. Still I gave them a try and lost the 10 euros in 2 minutes. Even though I lost my money really fast I would definitely recommend this casino.They have good live chat support, good bonuses and I believe that they are a safe casino to play in.
Imvikas911 117 reviews
Saw a good bonus on cosmik casino so i decided to register an account on their site. After i had registered and got over with all the formalities and then i opened the casino but could not see my balance in the account. Then i spoke to Amilie on live chat and then she manually added the bonus after checking my account and i strongly believe that these things must be done by them without asking for it and the bonus must be credited automatically but i cannot do much about it. This was my instance with bet soft no deposit. I did not understand the use of that message which comes before every game that this game is under jurisdiction of this this and not Malta

I started with true sheriff and the loading took ages and that is what i do not like about these casinos. My first spin hit a J combination and it got me 30 credits. And then after a lot of spins hit the 10 combination and that paid me 5 credits. And most of the time i was hitting mixed features and winnings were low and constant. Then i open this game Lost and i have played this game on free chip before when i used to practice about casino games and had not started with real cash .

After the first spin only this loading bonus thing appears on my screen and after the loading i get a wild reel feature and i could no see my winnings. But then after many spins hit the knife thing a couple of times and nothing apart from that. So just went for table games and played blackjack and casino hold em which are my hot fav games. I think the bonus was too small according to the minimum betting limits set on the games or may be it is their strategy to make player do a deposit here. And i think it worked on me and i am going o put some money here .
nikita11 159 reviews
I saw an advertisement about this casino on a networking site and then i decided to give it a look . They had bet soft and game scale and i heard for the first tie about the game scale soft ware. I had asked about this casino from some friends of mine and then decided to join this one.

I was very impressed with the welcome package and 20 free spins they had for us. I am always looking for free spins because you never know when you are going to hit a multiplier or some features. They were also giving a no deposit bonus but i lost that in no time and decided to play with my real money. I had played Mr Vegas and also started from this only with real money.

I was betting .50 per spin but i was not getting any where so after some time i decided to increase the stake and was betting 1 per spin and around 40 spins and i had made more than 70 euros. The variance is high but it is not insane as i have experienced it in some casinos. I liked high variance and the return on money is very good.

Then i shifted to under the bed slot and it was a very average slot and i was at no profit no loss most of the time. And in the end decided to leave this casino with a balance of 200 euros and i was very happy about it.

My neteller was blocked because of wrong password attempts by me so i had to wait for a couple of days when my account was working again so it took me almost a week to get my money and i do not blame them at all. I would rate this casino 8.5 out of 10.
Richard1 4 reviews
United Kingdom
Gaming platform looks good and a few good slots.
The 30% of deposit gaming rule. Doesn't appear to be an industry standard rule and what exactly is the point of it, if only to confiscate high value winnings? I played slots and won a few times and gradually increased my wager per payline to €2.00 (8% of deposit value). One of the winners came in at 200x payline wager and another at 50x payline wager. Tried to withdraw €500+ but it was ALL confiscated (even non disputed previous winnings) as I was accused of Irregular/Fraudulent play.

It seems a 'single bet value' per the T&C's isn't actually a single payline or single hand at blackjack, it is the TOTAL amount wagered which may take you over their 30% of deposit value. Therefore 5 hands at multihand blackjack or 5 paylines are not calculated per single bet value for which you get winnings on, it is the TOTAL of said wagers.

Nevertheless, the rule is in their T&C's so best clarify this with them before staking any money as you will have all winnings confiscated. Probably best clarify all 141 T&C's and subsections before considering making a bet. How foolish of me to think they would honour wagers they accepted and provide a safe environment for their players.
katemak 1170 reviews
I know I did made one review about Cosmik Casino and said about theirs customer support that I was waiting for response 3-4 minutes,so the minute I write that I got email from them that they are giving me 10 euros free and also I got phone call from the Lobby Manager of the Cosmik Casino which told me that those 10 euros,well I did understand it like we are sorry for the inconvenience ,well I guess they changed a lot,meaning in a good way,so ,now I can tell you thats a great support if you ask me.

Thank you Cosmik Casino for the great support and taking good care of your players,I will definitely become theirs depositor !!!
katemak 1170 reviews
Cosmik Casino which has Betsoft games and Gam Scale and I do like Betsoft game but the other ones not soo much.I did registered long time ago when they were offering 20 euros nodeposit bonus so because I always use free chips I did try their games.I did play for a while but didnt win anything ,although I must say they were giving me few times no deposit bonuses and they have good promotions on deposits,although I have never deposited there.So yesterday I got another email from them,that they were sending me 5 euros free ,so why not use them right?!

I did log in but since they have download version and instant player I decided to download the casino because in the instant player yo cant find all the games.I started to play and for first game I choose to play Mr.Vegas ,well that is my favorite game at Betsoft casinos and off course with a small luck maybe I can do something or play for a while with those 5 euros free.So Mr.Vegas was nice to me ,so from the second spins I hit the free spins features and I like this game because it has 3 bonuses and free sins features.I got 14.50 euros from the free spins ,so yes I could play for a while.

The next 10 spins they were either empty or very small winnings so I changed the game and played Under the Bed slot.This slot was terrible ,well all the spins were empty ,so at the end I did lost all the money and end up with zero on my account. As I read about Cosmik Casino they are solid one ,yes I saw here few ,well 2 complaints but I hope they will be resolved.I never deposited here,because I am not that big fan of the Betsoft games ,although like I said they are ok,good luck !
Not so good customer support,once when they offered me free chip I had to contact them and I was waiting for reply for 3-4 minutes and I think thats too long to wait for an answer or help from them!
Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Going through the no deposit bonuses I came across a nice 20 euros bonus from Cosmik casino. I have never played in this casino before so I did a little research before taking the bonus and playing. This casino is a mixture of Betsoft and Gamescale and they offer Instant Play. Their gaming license is from Malta. You already know that I don’t like Betsoft so I was ready to give up but I decided to give it a try having nothing smarter to do at the time.

I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised from their website look. It has a good design with just enough animations to give it an expensive look. They also have a wide offer of video slots. Their live chat was available so I decided to have a chat and ask about the bonus wagers. They were instant in their reply but I was a bit disappointed to find out that the bonus wager was 100x bonus. The good thing was that all games are allowed and the maximum cashout is 100 euros. Off course you have to make a 50 euros deposit first before cashout. I looked around their slots and again I was surprised at how well organized their game offer was. I searched through the games and decided to try my old enemy The Slotfather.

I have never had any big wins here but I like the intro where all the wins are given and at the end the Slot father says “ I offer them a jackpot they can not refuse.” I started playing and had some minor wins but as usually I started losing fast. Now I have to say that one thing I don’t like about Betsoft and Instant play is that the slots work too slow. It kind of ruins the whole game. Anyway I moved on to another game True Ilusions and had wins here I have never had in any Betsoft casino. I got one of the bonuses, then I got the other 5 times and finally got free spins too. I was playing on minimum bet and my balance was over 150 euros. I definitely had fun here. I can’t say anything about the cashout because I haven’t had any yet but I will make a deposit here and try my luck. Overall 8 out of 10.
valentin68 535 reviews
About two months ago after a very nice win easily obtained playing at „3 Cards Poker“ in a Microgaming casino, I began a relentless search of casinos that have this game, allowing wagering on this game and provide a bonus from which I can have a nice win. There are few casinos to meet all these three conditions. Luckily I found Cosmik Casino that offers a bonus of 20 Euro by the coupon at AskGamblers site and the bets at„3 card Poker" counts 10% towards wagering requirements.

The casino is on overall average, and although at certain chapters it wants to be a good one, it fails primarily because of the game graphics and because about all the games are playing too slow. Built on the platform Betsoft - Instant Play and because it runs the games directly from the browser, the game speed is too low with many stumbles. The only thing that helps is that most of the games (except slots) have a version where the turbo feature allows to give up on animation. As I said before, about 50% of the slots are excellent (the 3D slots) , but the Table and Card Games look skinny (except the Roulette tables which look again excellent). The other games such as Video Poker or VIP games have a quality again from medium towards good. There is a special category of Other Games where you will find a Fortune Wheel game with some rules that seemed to me very odd, a few types of Scratch Cards with very low earnings and a Horse Virtual Race that despite its appearance very close to reality moves too slow.

As for me, after I lost pretty quickly 15 Euro at „3 Cards Poker“, I tried a few slots. As I said, the 3D slots make it worth to spend some time here: „Boomanji“, „A Night in Paris“, „Fashion Slot“ (this last one, belonging to Classic Slots, surprised me the most pleasant).

Finally a very good word deserves the online support, which even if you stop for only 2 minutes on the welcome page of the casino, without being logged in, invites you to spend some time here, giving you a lot of bonus offers.
paquito76 867 reviews
I came to Cosmik Casino by the recommendation of some reviews and after reading their welcome bonus would valid for table and roulette games too, I felt I want a taste of it. The 33 times play through requirement was just the borderline I imagined that could be completed so I quickly deposited €55 and the promised 150% bonus was automatically credited. Truly, I had no other option than to claim it and I don’t like this method at all. I prefer to take my own decision and choose a bonus if I want one and not to contact to support if I don’t.

Cosmik Casino is powered by Gamescale and BetSoft and works bot instant and downloadable versions. I selected the latter one as I believe in most of the times the installed version gives better playing experience with its greater graphic quality and sometimes more selectable games too, but I think it’s not the case here as both option seem exactly the same. In my opinion it would be better to sort games in ABC order and make available a search tab for a quicker and comfortable access to games. One more I found interesting, the Fun Play mode is only available when we’re not logged in. Anyway, the layout is well-designed and beautiful.

I liked their Micro Bet gaming group where we can play with limited number of games placing really low bets. The Micro Roulette has (like NetEnt roulette) a €0.1 minimum bet giving a chance for low budget players to have fun for extended time. I loved to play with it but after the first few spins I immediately looked for the turbo spin option as the wheel was just spinning and spinning and seemed to never stop. The 15-20 sec per spin was too long for me.

Eventually, I got nowhere with my initial deposited money, but had some enjoyable time with some BetSoft tale-like slots with cute characters and lovely graphics but not so generously paying games. I had good first impression of Cosmik Casino. Seemed to me a fine place to play at however their minimum withdrawal limit is €100 that generally I find too much.
Irine 232 reviews
Cosmik casino is very great casino the reasons are their great bonuses and nice support! They give amazing pleasure to their customer i admit it that some of their betonsoft games are unique. I love microgaming games but this casino offer me another great casino games that i didn't found since i was playing online casinos. When you deposited to your ewallet you will get some of the alternative payment method and that's not all you will also get their 200% plus 20 FREE SPINS on your first deposit INSTANTLY! Please take note that you will need their code 200%+free spin in order to get that first deposit bonus.

The casino graphics is very nice and very professional the environment of their casino is what they said "futuristic" but for me it's very unique design. The sound of a casino can affect their customer attitude to play their casino and when i get their the music is perfect to their theme and realistic casino!The Gamescale software is an uncommon platform for me but i enjoy it and most of the people that played their games! With the combination of betonsoft and gamescale they made a friendly casino games for the new players.

Loyalty program are part of casino promotion Cosmik casino offered me an exlusive loyalty program rewards for their regular loyal players! They award based on your points and according to the amounts you wager and the games that i played. I want to achieve their VIP level to get some personal customer support and awesome exclusive bonuses and other benefits but i need to deposit and play more in order to achieve that level. I play all of my credits to their slot as i said to get promotion to their loyalty points. I played tycoons, gladiator, slot father and many exciting games i observe if their games are fair and it's truly fair.

I take weeks when i got my first withdrawal to them i didn't disappoint because they processed it immediately and verified as soon as possible. Everything is very good and outstanding! I rated them 9/10 overall except their customer support i will give them a perfect 10!
When they are offered 20 free spins on some various slot I decided to give them a chance and register to them. I found them promotion on a gambling forum but I didn’t saw the specific terms and conditions from the bonus. I saw some user told them experience and they recommend to play with the Rock on slot because this machine had the maximum bet. I went to them home page and it wasn’t seem to inviting, I didn’t like them design and structure.

They had an instant play version so I didn’t need to download it simply I registered through them main site. I was able to make my account to the fifth time because I always had some error when I wanted to create my user. I went to the live chat and told him I wasn’t able to register he told me I need to wait a little time because they had some server issues. So in my fifth tries I successfully make my account then I went to the slots but I didn’t saw my free spins or free money anywhere.

After I started the rooks revenge I get the free games on it almost with the max bet. This slots seems like a cheaper version of the gonzo quest, the multipliers, the falling reels but the graphic and that annoying Indian figure makes lot worst it.

I started to play down my games and I began to collect my free money. Some of the spins are very valuable and the final result from the free spins was 37 euro. I stayed at that machine but I set a lower limit. Even I played lower stakes I lost my money without anything, I played down that bonus money but I didn’t thought about deposit to them.
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