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Red Flush Casino won't pay after my win



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Red Flush Spielothek
Veröffentlicht am 16. Mai 2014

I signed up with redflush casino a long time ago and made many many deposits losing everytime but enjoyed the thrill of hopefully one day having that big win.For many months i continued depositing but the win would never come so i decided to try a few other online casinos to where I finally had a nice win which was paid into my fiances visa card without a problem($1000 jackpot city)

The night i recieved the funds into her visa i decided to make some deposits at Redflush casino with my fiance so i entered her card number as I have always done at other sites. I did not realise that the name on the card was prefilled by the casino with my name which is what they are accusing me of fraud and wont pay any way that night we lost the lot ($1000) and we had been drinking and having a laugh and i said to my fiance I wonder if they would give us a refund if i said id spent your cash and used your card so i asked the support and told him id used my fiances card and she was not going to be happy and can the funds be refunded. They told me no that it was unfortunate and they locked her card and asked me to send my verification documents which i did being a copy of my drivers licence my credit card and my utility bill that day 25th june 2013 and they continued to let me deposit with other methods for the next 3 weeks.

Day after day i continued to deposit losing losing and just kept losing depositing with ukash vouchers which i purchase with cash from my local shop. I would say at least 20 deposits and say close to 1000 dollars more lost i finally i had a great win of $4000 and was so excited. I went to the cashier and requested my withdrawal and was told it would be in my bank in 2 to 3 days as i had already sent my verification doc s on the 25th/6th.

The win i had was on the 5th of june and i waited and waited and no money arrived. I asked the support when i would get my money and was told by the suppot and i quote "I have just been informed by our finace department that they have just paid your winnings". Great i thought i will have it in 2 or 3 days.

# days went by still no money so i ask again where is my winnings. Oh we want a copy of your card ending 1400 which was my fiances and i said no problem that card is my wifes I was told by email which i still have that if I provide to them copy front/back of her card a letter of consent to use her card and her drivers licince they would process my withdrawal. I have all my emails saved with the exact dates of everything for evidence. I sent to them straight away and was told great thats all we need we will process your winnings. Days went by still no money so i ask where is my winnings oh sorry our security team are investigating you for fraud i was told.

Fraud I thought what i have never ever in my entire life committed any fraud and I was totally offended at what hed just told me. I finally got a reply days later saying they were going to refund my deposits not all only some and confiscate my $4000. I could not believe this how can they keep taking my money and then when i finally win they say oh you can have your some of money back by refund in 6 months from now. I contacted the kahanawake gaming commision who is the licence issuer and they have been so rude and I have a feeling corruption is rife.

They got half a story from redflush them saying i did not provide my docs untill the 5th when i won which is unture as i have the emails and provided to them. I also have sent numerous emails to redflush asking for my account history from the day of opening which they told me they would within 48 hrs that was 7 days ago and still nothing.

My next step is to make the Australian public aware of these frauds and how they operate heads i win tails you lose casinos. They are saying im a fraud because i did not see the prefilled card name as i was looking at the numbers when entering and it was a simple oversight on my behalf. My fiance gave them the letter of consent as they asked for and all her docs and yet they still refuse to cooperate and now they tell me in 6 months they will refund some of my deposits another 1 of their 20 plus lies im sure. I dont know what to do now i have not slept for 3 days and its affected me really bad including my health. What can I do? Had jackpot city said the same thing they would have had to refund close to 4thousand in deposits but because the win was only $1000 they paid me no questions asked. I hope you can help me or tell me someone who can regards shan

Veröffentlicht am 22. Juli 2013

Dear ,

Thank you for your message.

Based on the following, your cash-in was confiscated and your account was closed:

• You registered a Credit Card on your Casino account in your name, when it belonged to someone else.

• After you lost the funds you stated that the card does not belong to you and that the card holder wants to chargeback and wanted a refund.

• When we asked for the copies of the card, you first stated that it was a prepaid card, a few days later you then said you longer have a copy of the card as you had cut it up. However, eventually you did send a copy. This was only provided after you had made a withdrawal at the casino.

The fact remains, you registered a Credit Card on your Casino account in your name, when it belonged to someone else.

This constitutes deliberate attempt to commit fraud and does not comply with the site's Terms & Conditions. This can be found under our “Promotion Terms and Conditions, point 8. “If the Credit Card or Ewallet used to deposit and/or withdraw funds is not in the name of the individual registered on the Casino account, then all winnings will be void.”

You had approached the Kahnawake Gaming commission with your complaint and your evidence. They contacted us in order to provide our evidence. The Kahnawake Gaming commission reviewed the report thoroughly and confirmed that we acted in a responsible manner and found your complaint invalid. Their ruling was sent to you on the 15 July 2013.

The decision to keep your account closed and to confiscate your cash-in remains unchanged.


RedFlush Hosts


Veröffentlicht am 25. Juli 2013

I would like to know please ask yourself this question Why would I use my wifes credit card to commit fraud??? It makes no sense at all. You state the fact I registered a credit card in my name that was not mine was an honest mistake as i simply overlooked where the name section was as it had already been prefilled by the casino. Had it of required filling in I would have wrote Lesley Allison but I did not even see it because I was Looking at the credit card when typing in the numbers. I HAVE NEVER EVER IN MY ENTIRE LIFE COMITTED ANY FRAUD OR HAD ANY CHARGES LAID OR CRIMINAL CONVICTIONS AGAINST MY NAME AND FOR YOU TO SAY SUCH THINGS IS A VERY BIG INSULT!!! I am a hard working Australian who has worked the same job for 17 years now starting when I was just 15 years old. You also state the morally correct thing to do would be to send them letter giving authority to use the card " I DID THAT ALREADY THEY HAVE A LETTER OF CONSENT FROM MY WIFE!! The funds that I deposited that night when they glady accepted my $1000 were my own they were paid to me by Jackpot City Casino which is also microgaming Casino and I had used that card there also and they paid me no problem at all. You say nothing in relation to my many requests by email to redflush for a copy of all chat transcripts from the last 2 months and all tranasactions (deposits) since the day I opened the account. Why can you not see that I am 100% entitled to my winnings I never committed fraud here I am not a fraud I have deposited at over 50 online casinos in the past 10 years spend in excess of 20 000 dollars. Never not once in my 10 years have I ever charged back 1 deposit and I am a gracious loser but when I finally have a win and get told we will just refund your money after continually accepting my deposits for 3 weeks after being notified that I used my wifes card 3 weeks prior. IF THEY HAD NO INTENTION OF PAYING ME IF I WON WHY KEEP ACCEPTING MY MONEY DAY AFTER DAY COLLECTING FOR 3 WEEKS? IF I DID NOT WIN THIS MONEY THEY WOULD STILL BE TAKING MY MONEY!!! I FEEL YOU THE KAHNAWAKE GAMING COMISSION ARE INFACT VERY BIASED TOWARDS REFLUSH CASINO AS YOU STATE THEY MUST BE HOSTED AT MOHAWK INTERNET TECHNOLOGIES A DATA CENTRE LOCATED IN MOHAWK TERRITORY OF KAHNAWAKE AND REDFLUSH OBVIOUSLY PAY FOR THIS SERVICE SO YOU HELP THEM WHEREVER YOU CAN THATS WHAT IT SEEMS LIKE HERE BECAUSE ANY NORMAL HUMAN BEING CAN CLEARLY SEE THAT THE ONLY FRAUD AND CORRUCPTION TAKING PLACE HERE IS BY REDFLUSH AND FOR YOU TO BACK THEM UP ON THIS MAKES ME FEEL VERY SUSPICIOUS OF CORRUPTION!!!!! I WANT ANSWERS!!~! IF I WAS COMMITTING FRAUD I WOULD BE USING STOLEN CREDIT CARDS NOT A CARD IN MY WIFES NAME HOW RIDICULOUS FOR YOU TO EVEN THINK THAT IS AN ABSOLUTE DISGRACE.. HAVE A HEART AND DO THE HONEST AND MORALLY CORRECT THING HERE AND HAVE REDFLUSH PAY ME MY WINNINGS WHICH I AM ENTITLED TOO 100% SPEAK TO JACKPOT CITY ASK THEM ABOUT MY DEPOSITS THERE AND THE $1000 THEY PAID TO ME AND WHAT ACC # IT WAS THE MONEY I DEPOSITED WAS MY OWN !! WHO OWNS MOHAWK INTERNET TECHNOLGIES??? MAKES ME THINK SOMETHING VERY FISHY IS HAPPENING HERE...... IF YOU STILL WANT TO NOT PAY ME THE AUSTRALIAN MEDIA IS MY NEXT STEPP I WILL GO TO CHANNEL 9 A CURRENT AFFAIR AND I WILL GO ON TELEVISION TO INFOPRM ALL OF AUSTRALIA ABOUT MY EXPERIENCE HERE AND THE CORRUPTION THAT IS TAKING PLACE AND WARN OTHERS ABOUT REDFLUSH CASINO AND HOW THE LICENSING BODY JUST COMES UP WITH EXCUSE AFTER EXCUSE WITH EVERY EMAIL YOU HAVE SENT INCORRECT INFORMATION AS BASED ON YOUR RULING IN FAVOUR YET YOU CHANGE YOUR STORY IN THE NEXT EMAIL AND SO ON. PLEASE ANSWER ALL MY QUESTIONS AND I REQUEST AGAIN ALL CHAT TRANSCRIPTS FOR THE LAST 2 MONTHS AT REDFLUSH AND A COMPLETE TRANSACTION HISTORY ON MY ACCOUNT SINCE THE DAY I OPENED IT. REGARDS SHANNON!!

Veröffentlicht am 25. Juli 2013

KGC have ruled in o0ur favor . This matter is closed.

Bottom line is your broke the terms and conditions by registring a Card that Clearly did not belong to you and using that to purchase an play.


From our side the matter is officially closed .. as Kan awake gaming Commission have reviewed your evidence and ours and Found you to be in the wrong in this matter .

You have also failed to submit the required information they needed to re open your request.

we will no longer respond to this query

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