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Red Flush Casino - Not delivering won iPad 64GB



Unseriöses Casino

Red Flush Spielothek




$ 829

Veröffentlicht am 17. Juli 2014

Can not get them to return email and tell me if and when they will sent the 64 GB Apple Ipad the was won April 4 2011.

Dear Dale, Acc No. rfver00081625

So who are we to deny them? With no winners yet during the Get Rocked Prize Progressive, we're itching to give a prize away.

Rock on D Z, you've been randomly selected and have just won a  64 GB Apple Ipad with Wi-Fi and 3G valued at $820.00

The Get Rocked Progressive prize pool will continue on growing until someone hits the jackpot on the Get Rocked slot.

The winner could then take the entire prize pool worth 25 000 USD. We have now entered our seventh week and we are adding a prize you really cannot afford to miss.

Become a Diamond Tier member of our exclusive Club Red Gaming VIP club – FOR LIFE!

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

Week 7 50 000 Loyalty Points worth 700 USD

Trip to Vegas worth 2500 USD

His and Hers Tag Heur Watches worth 5000 USD

Apple IPad with Wi -Fi and 3G - 64 GB worth 829 USD

Samsung 3D Home Cinema system worth 2 399 USD

Samsung LED TV worth 3 500 USDLifetime Diamond Tier membership in the Club Red Gaming VIP club!

Find out everything you need to know to GET ROCKING by clicking here!

Terms and Conditions


Alex Roberts

Promotions Manager


General Info

Chat start time Apr 22, 2011 9:50:00 PM EST

Chat end time Apr 22, 2011 9:56:11 PM EST

Duration (actual chatting time) 00:06:1

Operator Craig

Chat Transcript

info: Please wait while we connect you to a site operator.

info: You are now chatting with 'Craig'

Craig: Welcome to the Casino. How may I assist you?

Dale Zimmerman: Can not deposit ?

Craig: Hay Dale how are you, got so me bad news.

Craig: Please note that due to unfortunate circumstances with software providers, we no longer have the ability to process online gaming transactions in your region. 

Craig: Due to this we will no longer be able to accept deposits from you and your account will unfortunately be closed on Sunday 24 April 2011 at 23:59.59 EST

Craig: In the meantime , you are welcome to play any of your remaining balances. Lastly, we would like to use this opportunity to thank you for the loyal support you have shown us in the past. We hope that you have enjoyed your time with us and we wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavors.

Dale Zimmerman: what about the Ipad I won?

Craig: O no you will definately receive that 

Craig: Thats taken care of.

Dale Zimmerman: Do you know when?

Craig: Dale I can find out for you, the problem is I can only find out when the guy dealing with that gets in on Monday.

Craig: But it should be soon I think it was sent already.

Veröffentlicht am 19. Mai 2011

Hi Dale,

Again, congratulations on your win.

We have been trying to get the prize to you however we have had no response from you as yet with regards to some specifications that is needed in order to send you the prize.

We have tried to call several times on the details that you had provided us with, however there had been no answer (Dates: 5 May 2011, 8 May 2011, 9 May 2011). We had also sent you an email on the 9 May 2011, requesting for you to provide us with the relevant information so that we may be able to fulfill our duty. To date, we have not had a response.

As you are based in the US and due to the numerous cellular network providers(Verizon, AT&T, etc.), we do need to know who your provider is. The iPad is a very exclusive product whose software works on specific networks only. In order for us to send a functional iPad, we do need to know this information so that your reward operates correctly and at a the high standard of service we provide our clients with.

You are welcome to email= us with this information on email=­sup­por­t@r­edf­lus­h.n­ets­upp­ort­@re­dfl­ush.net us with this information on [email protected] email so that we may then send you the relevant network allocated iPad.

Awaiting your response

Kind Regards

Casino Manager

Veröffentlicht am 20. Mai 2011

Thank you Red Flush for your response,you have always follow through with any winnings I've requested in a timely manner.

Thank you Askgamblers.com for clearing up this small misunderstanding you have been a great help.

I use AT&T as my provider so AT&T is what I would request.

Thank you,


Veröffentlicht am 20. Mai 2011

Congratulations from our side as well!

This complaint will be considered as solved.

If you have a problem in the future, please feel free to contact us again and we will reopen this case.

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