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Omni Slots Casino - Stalling payment for 4 months



Unseriöses Casino

Omni Slots Casino


€ 9200

Lamaskas Lettland
Veröffentlicht am 24. Januar 2019

I registered on Omni slots casino on 21st of September. I made deposit of 200 euros using my Neteller account. I ended up winning 9200 euros and wanted to continue playing, I asked casino support if I can place higher bets, to which it replied that I have to make withdrawal first and then re-deposit. I agreed and in order to withdraw I was first asked to submit documents such as ID and proof of address as well screenshot of my Neteller account and selfie of myself holding my ID which I did submit. I received an e-mail that my account was successfully verified and that I can withdraw my funds to Skrill in 1 business day. However, I deposited from my Neteller account and wanted to withdraw to Neteller as well. I had no other choice but to present my Skrill account to casino and casino stated that I could not withdraw to my Skrill account I could only withdraw using bank transfer. I presented 2 bank accounts to casino as well as the bank statements and casino requested that I send them the bank statement from the bank account from which I was funding my Neteller wallet. I sent this bank statement to the casino and I was requested a video call using Skype. I successfully passed the video call verification on 18th of December and I haven`t been receiving any replies until 7th of January. After that, I was asked to present a bank statement that I already presented and I once again sent the bank statement with the bank stamp. Then I was asked to present Notarized documents on 10th January and while I was preparing them, after 4 days, my account was blocked and my winnings were confiscated. I prepared all of the documents and sent them on 19th without knowing my account was already blocked by that time. In the end, first of all casino asked me to withdraw my funds, then successfully verified my account, then did not allow me to withdraw to my deposit method and started asking me for additional verifications which it have been doing for 4 months, and after for 4 month it was still asking me for some verifications and blocked my account after I did not send them the documents in 4 days and sent in 9 days instead. According to terms in conditions, there are no time frames for the documents submissions, especially since when the manager of the casino can go missing for 2 weeks and not reply to my messages. Dear Ask Gamblers team, please help me with the resolution of this issue.

Veröffentlicht am 25. Januar 2019

The following is a summary of our report in regards to your withdrawal request and verification process of your account with us, Omni Slots Casino.
On September 24, 2018, our Fraud & Risk department received verification documents. As you requested a payout via Neteller, we requested a screenshot showing that your Neteller account has been verified.
On September 25, 2018, we confirmed to you that at the moment your verification documents were improved. However, when our Payment department was reviewing your request, they requested bank account information, which we received, but in order to confirm those details, we further requested a bank statement.
When the bank statement was received, the utility bill you had previously provided, was now older than 3 months, and the second utility bill that was still valid, did not match the address registered on your account, and we requested an explanation. In addition, the bank statement you provided, was not a bank from your country of residence.
Many discrepancies in your documents led to our Operations Manager giving you a phone call on November 9, 2018, to ask for an explanation regarding these contradictions. However, the phone line was bad and the connection was continuously disrupted. On November 14, 2018, our Operations Manager called you again and requested you to forward document without discrepancies.
The documents were received and reviewed by our Fraud & Risk department, and following this, one of our analysts requested a video call with you, in order for you to provide the answer a few questions.
On December 18, we were able to arrange a video call through Skype with one of our analysts. In the video call, there was a woman presenting herself as your translator. During the video call, in-between the disconnections, your translator confirmed on your behalf the discrepancies regarding the contradicting addresses of the utility bills you provided. Our analyst was made aware that you had been using the same translator in your email correspondence.
When asked about the bank statements for offshore bank accounts, you explained that you did not want the funds to be transferred to your country of residence to avoid paying 23% taxes of your winnings. You were at a public venue with background disturbances, and the connection was not stable, the result of the video call was limited and incomplete.
After the video call, we continuously withheld processing your withdrawal, as you had disclosed that you wished to commit taxation fraud.
On January 7, 2019, we emailed you requesting you to provide us a certification document by a regulated person (lawyer, accountant or through a Court of Justice, stating that the documents you have provided are formal copies of the original documents. You did provide the documents.
After fours month correspondence, Omni Slots Management did a full evaluation and review of your account and payout request and came to the following conclusion and decision.
The continues discrepancies in the documents along with your disclosing to us that the reason for requesting a bank transfer to an offshore bank was to commit taxation fraud.
In line with AML regulations and our Terms and Conditions, Section 9:
9.5 Omni Slots reserves the right to close your account at its own discretion if you are found to be in breach of the Terms & Conditions or has reasonable grounds to suspect you have breached them. These breaches include but are not limited to the following:
(…) - Using any funds obtained from or for any fraudulent or criminal activity.
9.6 Accounts closed for breaching the Terms & Conditions may have all balances removed, bonuses & winnings voided and/or withdrawals denied. No refund or other forms of reimbursement will be granted.
Therefore your account was closed and winnings were voided. The decision is final, and the case is closed from Omni Slots. "

Lamaskas Lettland
Veröffentlicht am 28. Januar 2019

First of all I would like to state that the paragraph that you stated
(…) - Using any funds obtained from or for any fraudulent or criminal activity was not breached. According to this paragraph, I had to either obtain any funds illegally or use them illegally, neither of which I have done. I did not obtain funds illegally, and I can prove that by sending my income statement, neither did I use them because they were not payed. It doesn`t matter what I said during the conversation, neither does it matter which bank I would have transferred money to, I would still have to pay the taxes until the certain period of time set by my jurisdiction which I would surely do. Until I failed to do so, none of the money that I would withdraw to my bank account can be considered to be illegal. Therefore, this is not an appropriate excuse to not pay my winnings and holding my money is breaching the law from the casino`s side. Especially after I submitted all of the notarized documents. After all, If the casino stated beforehand that I have to withdraw to the bank of my country I would do so and I can still do so but the casino did not inform me about it beforehand. If required I can present bank statement from bank in my country

Veröffentlicht am 28. Januar 2019

thank you for your prompt reply.

At Omni Slots, we take AML regulations very seriously, and any clear indication to commit tax evasion is an offense under AML laws. It is, therefore, our responsibility to ensure that we prevent such fraudulent activity to be taken place through us. Even though you had not yet committed tax evasion, you stated to us on two occasions that you had the intent to do so, which we, therefore, have an obligation under AML law to prevent.
The fact that you wanted the winnings to be paid out to a bank that was not in your country of residence for the reason that you wanted to avoid taxes, was not only mentioned over the video call, but it was also said in one of your emails to us.
It is under Omni Slots discretion to be reasonably satisfied with all documents and information obtained through interacting with our players. As mentioned in paragraph 9.5 of our Terms and Condition:
9.5: Omni Slots reserves the right to close your account at its own discretion if you are found to be in breach of the Terms & Conditions or has reasonable grounds to suspect you have breached them. These breaches include but are not limited to the following: (…) - Using any funds obtained from or for any fraudulent or criminal activity.
9.6 Accounts closed for breaching the Terms & Conditions may have all balances removed, bonuses & winnings voided and/or withdrawals denied. No refund or other forms of reimbursement will be granted.
In addition, we requested several times for documentation from a bank in your country of residence and each time the bank changed and the details changed. We were not reasonably satisfied with your explanations, and there were constant discrepancies with your documents.
We stress, it is under Omni Slots discretion to be reasonably satisfied with all documents and information obtained through interacting with our players. We were not, and therefore your payout request was denied and your account suspended with us"

Lamaskas Lettland
Veröffentlicht am 30. Januar 2019

OmniSlots refers to the fact that I wanted to evade taxes in a videoconference. If you watch the record of that conversation, it will be clear that my words are taken out of the context. I will now explain in detail for you, dear Asgamblers website, what I have said, and what my words meant.
I'll start from the very beginning. I made a deposit of 200 Euro to the site Omni Slots and won a substantial sum of money – 9,200 Euro. The allowed maximum bet was 5 Euro. I beat off the wager on the bonus and asked the support service in the online chat: “Can I play at a bet higher than 5 euro?” The support service in the online chat answered: “To do this, you need to get the winnings money out and make a new deposit.” Before getting the money out, I began to study the law about winning money in the casino, here is the link: https:­//l­iku­mi.l­v/­ta/­en/­en/­id/­56880.
“Section 9. Types of Non-taxable Income
5) prizes of lotteries and gambling if the amount (total amount) of the prize (value thereof) does not exceed EUR 3000 in a taxation year”
This is a quote from the law. It means that I have to pay tax on the total winnings for the year! That is what I wanted to do! Pay tax after the entire game session per year!
Looking through the law, I found a paragraph which said that when you get out the money to a bank account, 23% is charged, but if the money was not transferred to the bank account, the tax is not charged until you finish the game in the online casino. I didn’t want to end the game, and surely I didn’t want to pay double tax either. What is the sense for me to pay tax from 9,200 Euros, if I was still playing in the casino!? Therefore, I asked to transfer money to another payments system so that the bank of my country would not fix the amount of money as my last winnings sum, since I wanted to continue playing. This is what I meant when I said in the online conference that I do not want to pay 23%! I would like to highlight again that the casino itself forced me to withdraw money from the casino. I wanted to continue the game. And I intended to file a tax return only after I finish playing. I did not intend to evade taxes neither I intended to not declare them. I wanted to declare my final income based on the winnings in all the games which is absolutely fair and legal. It is not written anywhere that I have to transfer money only to my bank account. The law says that I must declare my income at the end of the year which I was going to do !!! Any fraudulent activity is out of the question!
OmniSlots also declares that they were allegedly not satisfied with some of my documents. I provided all the documents on time and all of them were accepted by OmniSlots support. I should note that they requested some documents several times, even though they were accepted previously. The last documents, which they requested, were notarized documents. I did submit them in a little more than a week. I have a private life and a job. I have no possibility to run immediately to a notary and stand in the lines when the Omni Slots support service requests anything. But I sent them the necessary document in 8 days !!! And I am also ready to send any document to them and to the Asgamblers website, if it helps in solving my problem! So the claim that they were not satisfied with my documents was not substantiated by OmniSlots.
Dear Asgamblers site, I really ask you to carefully examine my complaint and answer it. I have written in detail everything as it was! And I am sure that I did not violate the law and there were no fraudulent activities in my actions and words. I am looking forward to your reply!

Veröffentlicht am 1. Februar 2019

“We have looked through all of your correspondence with our Customer Support and our Payment & Verification Department.
We never forced you to file a request for a withdrawal at Omni Slots, that was freely done by you. Our support hosts only informed you that you had met the wagering requirements and that you had a remaining bonus money balance, and that if you choose to withdraw the money then you will forfeit your bonus money balance once your the request has been activated. This is as well given in our Terms and Conditions which you agreed to upon signing up an account with us.
Whether you did or did not commit the offence, you expressed intent to do so, both in the video call and in an email you sent to us. We have a responsibility in line with AML regulations to prevent any fraudulent activity and any INTENT to do so.
We remain with our decision.”

Lamaskas Lettland
Veröffentlicht am 4. Februar 2019

I would like to state that, there are several points that should be mentioned regarding the accusations of the casino. First of all, up until the current moment, I`ve been wrongly accused 2 times. Let me present you some proofs regarding the case. First of all, the reason for which my account was blocked by the casino, as stated in their e-mail is:
Dear Sergeijs,

I am contacting you to let you know, that the following decision has been taken from Management due to the
Discrepancies that arose throughout the verification process.

You have failed to provide the required identity documentation as requested and as such your account can not
be reasonably verified in accordance with Anti Money Laundering Laws.

Your account will be closed forthwith and all funds will be voided

Thank you for your understanding.
As you can see, my account was blocked because I “failed to submit documents” which I did 4 days later.
Next, casino accused me of money laundering, stating the next paragraphs of terms in conditions, (…) - Using any funds obtained from or for any fraudulent or criminal activity.
Anyone who can read can clearly understand that this term, as well as any other laws in any other countries are only applicable to those people who BROKE them, in the past tense. Also, lets take a look at the definition of Money Laundering, as It is defined in section 340 of the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 (POCA):
1. trying to turn money raised through criminal activity into ‘clean’ money (that is, classic money laundering)
2. possessing or transferring the benefit of acquisitive crimes such as theft and fraud, and funds generated from crimes like tax evasion (this includes the possession by an offender of the proceeds of their own criminal activity)
3. possessing or transferring stolen goods
4. being directly involved with any criminal or terrorist property, or entering into arrangements to facilitate the laundering of criminal or terrorist property
5. criminals investing the proceeds of their crimes in the whole range of financial products
The thing that I am being accused of is completely different from any of these actions. In order to possess money from tax evasion I must do it first.
In the same act, the person who can be accused of money laundering is also described in
Section 327. A person commits an offence if he:
• conceals criminal property (for example, by depositing funds obtained through criminal activity into a gambling account)
• disguises criminal property (for example, by placing funds obtained through criminal activity into a gambling account and then withdrawing them at a later date)
• converts criminal property (for example, by placing bets in a gambling establishment and then cashing in the winnings)
• transfers criminal property (for example, by transferring property to another person or to a casino operator)
Which are also the things I have never done, therefore I cannot be by any means called the person who is involved in money laundering.
At last, casino states that they have to prevent fraudulent activities that are related to the AML regulations. Which means that they have to prevent money laundering from occurring. I understand that, but I also understand other things. First of all, could you please point out exactly in your own terms in conditions, or in the agreement with your license something that is related to the INTENTIONS, and not to the actual crimes that were committed before, for which you have the right to close the account and confiscate winnings? Because even though you say so, nothing about intentions is mentioned neither in your own terms in conditions, nor in the Proceeds of Crimes Act 2002, which also applies to Curacao. Moreover, I would like to explain, that according to the Law, there is a difference between tax avoidance and tax evasion. Tax avoidance is legal, it presumes that a person by the use of the tax laws in his country, lowers his tax burden. Which I was going to do, and I said that during the video conference. Because I have the right to re-deposit the money and keep playing and pay taxes only after I finish playing. Here is the paragraph from the law:
5) prizes of lotteries and gambling if the amount (total amount) of the prize (value thereof) does not exceed EUR 3000 in a taxation year. (can be found here https:­//l­iku­mi.l­v/­ta/­en/­en/­id/­56880, chapter 9, paragraph 5)
According to this paragraph, I have my legal right, to either not pay 23% tax and re-deposit my money to casino or to pay my tax until the end of a taxation year.
However, the casino is accusing me of INTENTION of the tax evasion, lets take a look at the definition: Tax evasion is an illegal action in which a person or entity deliberately avoids paying a true tax liability. Again, it is stated in the past tense, I have to fail to pay taxes to be accused of tax evasion, until I did so, no one has the right to accuse me of doing it.
And the last but not the least important thing, according to the law, tax evasion can be considered fraudulent action only if : A failure to pay may be judged fraudulent in cases where a taxpayer made efforts to conceal assets by associating them with a person other than themselves. This can include reporting income under a false name and Social Security number (SSN), which can also constitute identity theft.

However all of the other Bank Statements that I provided were clearly associated with me. In other cases, tax evasion is indeed a crime, but it has absolutely nothing to do with any AML regulations that were listed before. According to the all of the listed above, there is only 1 case in which the casino would definitely be on the right and would successfully prevent the money laundering. And that is, in case if, my money that was clean when I deposited it, would become illegal the moment it reached my bank account. However, since according to the law listed above, once it reaches my bank account, it will not become illegal, it will stay legal for 11 months and then I during this time I will either have to re-deposit it or pay the taxes. And I will once again repeat myself, the willingness to pay or not to pay taxes has absolutely nothing to do with the money laundering or with all of the AML policies that casino has. Not only I`ve been accused of the different thing like not providing my documents at first, but now I am being accused because of an INTENTION that is legal, and will remain so until I will fail to submit tax declaration in 11 months, and I am also being accused of intention that has nothing to do with the money laundering. Casino has the right to close the account of the player and withhold winnings in case that their terms and conditions were broken by the player, there is nothing in both AML acts, terms and conditions of the casino that they have the right to close the players account because of their INTENTIONS that are not directly connected to money laundering and because of the possibility that, during 11 months they will not pay taxes or re-deposit the money. In this way, any account can be blocked for unclear intentions and not actual breaches of terms. Moreover, the video conversation that casino has only proves that I wanted to avoid taxes, not to evade them, which is completely legal and I had legal rights to enclose the information about my intentions to casino to do so. It is the responsibility of the casino to ensure that the money that I deposited is clean, and they money that I have withdrawn is clean. However, it is not responsibility of the casino to ensure I pay my taxes on time, if it was, then the casino would be obliged to contact every tax department of every country of every player and check about whether they paid their taxes or not.

Veröffentlicht am 8. Februar 2019

AskGamblers Complaints Team is awaiting Omni Slots Casino team to provide the required information.

Veröffentlicht am 11. Februar 2019

We thank you for your comments which we note. However, we have nothing further to add to our reasoning which is self-explanatory and we hereby stand by our decision.

Lamaskas Lettland
Veröffentlicht am 12. Februar 2019

I see there is no intention of trying to prove anything to the Omni Slots support team. It is obvious that they are frauds who are looking for the loophole to not pay my winnings. I`ve explained everything as clear as I could. Omni Slots keeps stating the same thing, without trying to cooperate or listening to my arguments. I would like to ask you, respected Ask Gamblers team, please take the messaging transcript and video conversation from the casino. By taking a look at them, you`ll be able to understand that I am being accused of absolutely ridiculous thing. My payments have been delayed for 4 months and in the end my account was closed under the accusation that I might not pay my taxes!During these 4 months, I have sent a lot of e-mails to casino which were simply ignored and I had ask again and again. You can see it in the screenshots attached. All these verification processes were a torture and it was a terrible experience. Also, my account was successfully verified several times in the process but then suddenly they started asking for more documents. I`ve already told that what was said was intentionally taken out of context, and interpreted wrong without even trying to understand what I meant by that. I said that and I will say it once again, I have absolutely no intention of evading the taxes, I will pay all of the taxes taken from the winnings in the casino. I have submitted all of my notarized documents and passed all of the required verifications. I also submitted documents that prove that my income is legal and I have absolutely nothing to do with any sort of money laundering and that it never happened. I did not break any point in the terms of conditions of the casino. It was obvious that casino was not intending on verifying my account, but it was looking for any even a slightest possibility of not paying me my fair winnings. Respected Ask Gambler`s complaint team, I understand, that you cannot make Omni Slots company to pay my winnings.But I would like to hear your opinion and final verdict regarding this complaint. Are the accusations of Omni Slots really justified? Your verdict is important for me, thank you in advance.
Screenshots can be found here (http:­//p­rnt­scr.co­m/m­k7tb8) (http:­//p­rnt­scr.co­m/m­k7tfl) (http:­//p­rnt­scr.co­m/m­k7tl8) (http:­//p­rnt­scr.co­m/m­k7tpr) (http:­//p­rnt­scr.co­m/m­k7tte)

Veröffentlicht am 14. Februar 2019

We are taking contact with player Lamaskas today by email.
Please confirm after receiving our email so that we can close this and move forward

Veröffentlicht am 1. Oktober 2023

Upon reviewing your complaint AskGamblers Complaints Team reached to the conclusion that it does not contain sufficient information and facts and therefore we are not able to get a clear idea of your issue. And if we are not able to understand your issue in completeness, it means we would not be able to help in the best possible way and offer adequate solution. Please, feel free to submit a new complaint, but this time make sure to state as many details and facts as possible and to support your claim with the relevant evidence if any. Such an additional evidence and details for example could be screenshots and/or copies of your email correspondence which you might had with the relevant casino team in regards of your issue.

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