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Shihada1 Vereinigte Arabische Emirate
Veröffentlicht am 29. April 2021

This is a new complaint AGAIN against kindgom casino.

Ofcourse what will the subject be other than (withdrawals issue) . 

(Not paying winnings) 

After 14 days!! 14days! Of muchbetter ewallet replying and sending me proof document for kindgom casino which they requested to trick me and not process my withdrawals I have finally decided to send it to kingdom and hooolalooya I verified my much better ewallet account not giving kingdom casino anymore excuses.

Since I verified all my account and verified 4 different payments I decided to play again. 


I wish I won it with another casino to complete happiness instead of being miserable by kingdom casino chat suport. Running after my winnings and fighting here and there as if its charity. 

Why have a casino if they don't process withdrawals on time?? 

Its stated in askgamblers and there own website that 24 hours is processing time. 

They claim in there website super fast withdrawals. 

They send emails saying you will get withdrawals as fast as deposits. 


Now 2 days passed and I didnt get my withdrawals. 

Isn't it 24 hours processing.

Chat chat support just makes me more and more annoyed. 

They are useless they probably hate me too and try there best not to help me. 

Copy paste copy paste. 

Whatever I ask whatever my question is its just a general copy paste answer. 

Telling me to wait more telling me managers will check it telling me your in the que ect...... 

Askgamblers please help me to get my winnings. 

Why are they not following terms and conditions? 

Why are they not following there own rules???

Shihada1 Vereinigte Arabische Emirate
Veröffentlicht am 2. Mai 2021

I got 12k out of 40k and lost the rest.

I would like to correct a very important information which is stated in askgamblers and also in kingdom casini terms and conditions.

Daily withdrawal limit is 4k and NOT 15k.
They will NOT proccess 15k in a week in a single day.

Veröffentlicht am 2. Mai 2021

Dear Mr. Shihada,
Thank you for your attention to the casino rules.
According to the rules of the casino, the withdrawal limit is 15 thousand euros per week. Your applications were processed in the amount of 12 thousand euros within three days. Subsequent applications were canceled by you.
Following the rules of the casino which are set out in the corresponding section on our website, we see that the rules have not been violated.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused!

Veröffentlicht am 2. Mai 2021

Dear all,

As apparent from the submitter's latest post, the AskGamblers Complaint Team is pleased to announce the case has been resolved and closed.

We thank both parties for their assistance during the complaint process.

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