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Guts Casino - Funds not received, unable to contact support



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Guts Casino


$ 600

Veröffentlicht am 18. Juni 2016

I have waited over 1 week for my withdraw funds of $600 back into my Debt Visa.
I have played with this website well over 3 years and never had a problem with them. I have gambled over $30,000 with them and 100% of my withdraws came successfully in the past except for this time.

All other withdraw only took 3 business days and now I have waited a week and funds have no reached me. I knew something was wrong when I did not get my funds after 3 days.

I have spoke to a live chat support named " Timo " and He keeps stating I should wait longer in resulting our conversation did not end well. I have given him a bad rating after he took forever to reply.

Hours later, the live chat button on the website ( bottom right beside the clock ) have now disappeared. I can no longer contact live support anymore. How funny right?

I then took it to the next step and emailed [email protected] and it reached.

A support named " Joonas " replied me " I have checked your withdrawal and it's processed 9th June so you should receive it already. If not, please provide us a screenshot of your bank statement whereof we can see transactions since 10th June. With that proof our finance team can investigate with the payment provider. "

So that's what I did. I went to take screen shot of my bank account that showed my past transaction, usage and the current date shown on my online banking page.

I then proceed to send the screenshot and a short statement for a reminder about this and guess what? Now its been declined. I can not send any email to them. It as if I feel I got cheated and scammed.

The failed email said " This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.

Delivery to the following recipients failed.

[email protected]

Note: I have tried to send message WITHOUT screen shot because maybe I thought there was an error to the screen shot but no, it still doesent work.

I then proceed to use another email account to try and send [email protected] another to test it out thinking something may be wrong with my account but guess what? Its been declined too.

I feel like I got scammed. What do I do? I cant contact live support and I can not reach their support email.

After 3 years playing with them, I don't think I will continue to play with this website anymore.

Veröffentlicht am 19. Juni 2016

Hi Xternal

Thank you for raising this to our attention

First and foremost, speaking about your withdrawal you requested. The funds have been returned to your Guts account again. You might ask why this happened, and the reason for this is that Canadian banks are adjusting to new legislation, meaning that they might refuse gaming transactions. Some banks are already enforcing this, which has proved to be the reason why withdrawals either do not show up in time and return to Canadian users Guts-accounts

You will however now see your funds available again on your Guts account.

As you say, Guts is not a stranger to you after being with us for a long time. As such, I hope you know that we are absolutely not trying to make life difficult for our players and we have a very good, trustworthy and professional reputation in the industry. You can always (I repeat - always) rest assured that a withdrawn amount will not just randomly disappear, and it will sooner or later be back with you should it not be successful or rejected by the receiving end (banks) as in this case. These things tend to take time and drag things out longer than you might wish from a player perspective, but considering that we are dealing with payment providers and other third party organizations, we are dependent on receiving confirmations and answers on other ends as well.

Furthermore, I have investigated why you could not access our Live chat at the given time as well, and it appears the chat was temporarily down for a couple of minutes unfortunately. At the time users could only leave us an offline message in the interim until coming online again.

I have also contacted you on your personal e-mail about this so that you receive this information on there as well to keep you posted. Feel free to get in touch should you need further assistance

Kind regards
Emir - Support Manager

Veröffentlicht am 19. Juni 2016

I have logged back on to guts.com and found myself the withdraw of $600 back to my account and I thank you for that.

I have more complaints.

1. I withdrew $600.60 and you gave me back $600 flat. Where is the other 60 cents? I don't care about a few cents but I care about the principle. Don't cut me short on what I was originally entitled to. If anything, you should be offering me extra due to these inconvenience but instead, you guys don't even check your paper work and decide to cut me short.

2. I did also state my issue of both live chat and the email to [email protected] did I not? You only solved the issue of live chat and you are not resolving on the declined countless email I've been trying to send. I know there's nothing wrong with my email as I've tried to use Hotmail and Gmail along with different email address as a test. Not only that, I also had many friends who tried to email for on their own end with different IP and different browser and guess what? Its been declined for them too.
How does does a person stay in contact when everything is taken from them? I had to send 100 emails and only reached 2 or 3 times.

And guess what? I even tried to reply back an email to Janne and Emir ( yourself ) and its still continuing to decline. HOW do I get in contact with you?
Can you understand my frustration? Before the $600 funds came back to my account, Its bad enough I thought I was being scammed and NOT able to get a hold of anyone you guys but to keep trying to send countless email to [email protected] due to panic. Can you understand my frustration? And its still doing it.

I could go on and on but I rather get the main point out first.

Veröffentlicht am 19. Juni 2016

And please DO NOT twist the word around by saying " and it appears the chat was temporarily down for a couple of minutes unfortunately. "

As I have stated and also to your email " [email protected] " the live chat is still not there. Its going to be down for nearly 2 weeks.

Should be be only " a couple of minutes " or nearly 2 weeks and still ongoing?

I have played with guts.com for 3 years and I have to admit the service and their honesty is the best I have encountered compared to over 20 other websites I've played and guts.com is by far the best.
This is the first time I have encountered a problem like this and everyone and everything makes mistakes.

I'm trying to be very patient here since you are no stranger to me. I just would like this resolved.

Nothing gets me more scared and in panic due to website closing down live support and email declining. There is no way for me to contact. If there were, I wouldn't even be here making a complaint. This was my last option before going to MGA.

Veröffentlicht am 19. Juni 2016

Unfortunately there is no edit button so here I am, want to link a screenshot the live chat still not available as of today still ( I been checking everyday )

Veröffentlicht am 19. Juni 2016

Screenshot photo of no live chat update

Veröffentlicht am 19. Juni 2016

Update: How do I withdraw with other method when all I have is credit card and bank transfer only when you stated these will most likely be rejected due to Canada's new laws.

Funny how you guys will offer more when it comes to deposit but offer little when it comes to cashing out.

Also, I have spoke to many of your previous live support operators month ago to delete the card ending with $6009. Funny how that was removed under deposit but still appear on the withdraw for you to accidentally mess up.

Guts.com - You need to get yourself in order. Everything is falling apart and even your live chat operators arent even doing their jobs right.

Veröffentlicht am 19. Juni 2016

Screenshot -

Veröffentlicht am 20. Juni 2016

Hi Xternal

To get the whole live chat problem out of the way, judging by your provided screenshots you have something that looks like ad-blockers in the top right corner which can prevent the chat to appear (the two red circles in top right). The chat is online 24/7 and we have a constant customer flow on the lines. There are occasional downtime's on chat but those only last for a few minutes but do not affect the possibility to contact us at all. My advice here is to disable the blocks you have enabled currently. Let me know if that solves it for you. If this has been a problem for you for two weeks and not just this one time, it is definitely something on your side that blocks access and visibility to it. I can assure you to 110% that we are not closing down live chat or e-mail support. We've been a 24/7 department since 2013 and will continue to be available around the clock as usual

Regarding the e-mail problem you experience, we are currently investigating that on our end to see if we can replicate it as well. We do however receive customer queries via e-mail at the time of writing this message

About the withdrawal itself - you're right that the $0.60 should have been credited as well, this was a human mistype when adding the amount back manually. It has now been credited accordingly. However, when you speak about compensating for inconvenient experiences, we have to start by looking at ourselves (Guts) first and in all honesty, from a payment processing point of view - nothing has been done differently in this case in terms of procedures, and as such I wouldn't agree on putting ourselves at fault here, and neither is it your fault. Your withdrawal was processed like all other withdrawals for users, but returned as a result of the banks side, which is completely out of our control. How it works in cases like these is that we can enable alternative withdrawals methods for you in order to withdraw, but these would need to be manually enabled. By contacting our support team on LiveChat for instance, we then look into the options for you after speaking with our payments team and let you know accordingly

Kind regards
Emir - Support Manager

Veröffentlicht am 20. Juni 2016

Hi Xternal

I am just updating this again with the latest about the e-mail issue - we managed to replicate it and a solution is now in place. Could you kindly send us a message to [email protected] and put me in copy at [email protected] and see if you can reach us now?

Also, Livechat should be working after you disable the ad-blocker as previously mentioned

Kind regards
Emir - Support Manager

Veröffentlicht am 21. Juni 2016

The customer service provided by guts.com is for sure to be one of the best out there!

I have read everything and put myself in your shoes to look at it from your perspective and yes you are right about everything. I apologize for getting upset and lost my cool.

Unfortunately the laws have changed for all Canada banks and yes I did call and verify with them.

I refuse to turn off my ad blocker and change my settings for live chat use every time in the future and not to mention the change of Canadian laws and having many errors to my email being sent to you.

I'm not sure why all this just happened right now all of a sudden but this will be the end of my games with guts.com

If you could kindly disable my account after reading this it will be very helpful to meas I wont be gambling online anymore due to its new laws.

And again, the customer service provided by guts.com is for sure to be one of the best out there!
You guys have proven to me that you do try your best to resolve any issue any customer have no matter how difficult they are.

I strongly recommend new players to play on this website with no fear and trust them. After 3 years with them, I know they are not jokers who fool around with you. They take things very seriously and will try their best to make everything right!

I consider this complaint to be happily resolved!
Thank you AskGamblers staff and thank you for your time Emir!

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