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Europa Casino - Email verification not working, support giving me the runaround

Unseriöses Casino Europa Spielothek
Grund Verifizierungsprobleme
Betrag $ 1413
1994viper Kanada
Veröffentlicht am 7. Januar 2017

I won just over $1,400 The casino and its stuff refuses to verify my email.
The links that they are sending me at withdrawal attempts are faulty. After contacting support i was guided through loops and hoops and I was promised a resolution or follow up within 24-48 hours. I also sent them screenshots from my email to which I was getting the confirmation links. so they know its mine on the 29th of December of last year. After numerous attempts of me trying to resolve their issue nothing happened. I have contacted them many times since my initial attempt to withdraw my money, but support got more obnoxious, rude and unhelpful. They avoided questions and lied to me. The Casino is trying to cheat me out of my money. and when asked if this was the case, they couldn't even deny their attempt. Short example of conversations I have been having with them:

War4ever: Hello, I have contacted support earlier regading a failed email verification I was promissed that the issue will be fixed or I will have a follow up. I have not recieved anything again. Im asking that you process my verification manually
War4ever: i gave anough time to fix the casino issue
Stanley: Hi Serguei. This is Stanley
War4ever: hi
Stanley: Allow me to contact our back office team for 3 up to 5 minutes to check your account.
War4ever: ok
Stanley: Upon checking
Stanley: I can see that our back office team already updated your account regarding your age verification
Stanley: And I can see that you received an email, to confirm your email address
Stanley: From this link http:/­/ww­w.e­uro­pac­asi­no.c­om­/ve­rif­y_e­mai­l?u­ser­nam­e=W­ar4­eve­r&token=&source=email
Stanley: Should you have any issues in mind, please don't hesitate to contact Online Support as we are available 24/7 online.
War4ever: ? what about it? I can not make a withdrawal as the email verification keeps failing. I contacted support numerous times regarding this..... And sent screenshots etc.... this issue is been discussed and not fixed, please refer to my earlier conversations
War4ever: ???????????
War4ever: the link doesnt work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
War4ever: "Something went wrong. Please try again later"
War4ever: its been weeks! how much longer I will be given a run around?
War4ever: the link is broken
Stanley: Hi again Serguei. This is Stanley
Stanley: I see. Give me 3 minutes
War4ever: if casino cannot provide a working link authorise my withdrawals or verification manually
War4ever: i have sent screenshots weeks ago from the email adress im getting the link in. so obviously its my email
Stanley: Upon checking your account further.
Stanley: Allow me to do a follow up with your email verification.
War4ever: what do you mean?
Stanley: This was already escalated with your back office team, what I will do is to make a follow up and we will update you as soon as possible.
Stanley: Please feel free to contact Online Support if you need any help. We are always here to assist you in every possible way we can.
War4ever: no! this is no good! i keep on getting false links, lies and run around. I was told this many times already.
War4ever: Yes this was escalated and i was told 48 hours, its been longer.
War4ever: I want this to be resoved now as this I was told
War4ever: WE are not done Stanley, you have to provide me with answeres as i was prommised by the casino earlier
Megan: Hi Serguei! Megan here from Online Support.
War4ever: please read my earlier conversations
Megan: What do you mean? Can you be more specific?
War4ever: Stanley keeps on dropping my chat without any answeres that he must provide
War4ever: i was talking to Stanley
War4ever: he is not responding to the issue that im having for weeks now
Megan: I apologize for that but upon checking Stanley did checked your account and responded to your query.
Megan: Your concern has been forwarded to the Relevant department and we are still waiting for an update from them as well.
Megan: We will surely informed you right away of any update as soon as we received it.
War4ever: no, I was told the same thing over and over, nothing got resolved. I was told that i will have answeres week ago, the last time i got fed lies again on Jan 2nd. Now Stanley decided to let me know that nothing ws done again. nothing of value or an attempt
War4ever: to fix the problem
War4ever: if your back office doesnt respond or exhist its not my fault that the email link doesnt work. I am asking to verify it manually or over ride it.
War4ever: all im trying to do is to withdraw the money
War4ever: my money
Megan: As much as I want to verify your account I won't be able.
War4ever: so who can?
Megan: It is only the Relevant department that has authority to verify the account that is why we are waiting for their response.
War4ever: the account is verified! i sent the screen shots that i was asked from the email that im getting non working links. there was no response for weeks
War4ever: how do i contact your relevant department as it seems not complying with support tem queries?
Megan: They do not handle players directly.
War4ever: yes I already was tolt that we are waiting for responce many times...
Megan: Stanley already did a follow up on your concern.
Megan: Kindly wait for an email update within the next 24-48hours.
War4ever: i have been told that every time... so far I got only mislead. something needs to be done now.
Megan: Sorry but I cannot verify your account.
Megan: Please wait for an email update.
War4ever: then put me in touch with someone who can. Its unethical to tell customers that things will be done and they are not, while againg posponing the issue
War4ever: i have been waiting for the email update for very long time now
War4ever: i have not recieved any follow up
War4ever: now is a good time to contact them directly
Megan: We apologize but your patience and understanding on this matter is very much appreciated.
Megan: We only send them email and Stanley already send a follow up.
Megan: After that we just wait for their respond.
Megan: Would there be anything else I can assist you for now?
War4ever: how is it apreciated? am I gonne get compensated for it? I been given a run around for weeks now, Stanley just cuts chat without a resolve. Now im being told that i need to wait 24-48 hours more after Mohammed told me to wait another 24-48h on Jan 2nd.
War4ever: I have been fed lies, and you telling me that my pacience is apreciated. Is the Casino intends to compensate me for my stress and agony and time wasted?
War4ever: ?
Megan: Sorry that you feel that way but we really can't verify your account now and we just wait for the Relevant department.
Megan: Anything else I can assist you with?
Megan: Just contact Online Support in case you need assistance. See you!
War4ever: Why are you sorry? You told me that my pacience was apreciated, but my follow up question was ignored again. am i gonna be compensated for this anarchy caused by the Europa casino?
War4ever: When will your issue be fixed?
Megan: Please wait for an email respond.
War4ever: for how long?
War4ever: i was told that already many times. I need straight answeres! dates, times
Megan: Please wait for an email respond within the next 24-48hours.
War4ever: what happened with the previous many responses I was suppoed to get in the past weeks?
Megan: We didn't receive update from the Relevant department yet so we have no information.
War4ever: so what you telling me its gonna go for ever?
War4ever: this is not a sufficient answer. i was aked to wait 24-48h. which i did many times, now is a good time not just push the customer away, but actually fix tthe issue
War4ever: where is a guaranty that it wont be just another intentional attempt to misslead me?
War4ever: yet agai
Megan: Sorry but that is all we can say now as we have no update yet.
Megan: Stanley already made a follow up so please wait for an update.
War4ever: yes so apparentluy did Mohammed and others before him...
Megan: That is all I can say for now.
War4ever: thats all been told so far...
War4ever: is this an intentional attemt to avoid to pay the customer?
War4ever: because it has been a perpetual run around
Megan: Please wait for an email update.
War4ever: I was, and I still am, why my questions are still being ignored?
War4ever: or I will be getting an answer to that via email also?
Megan: Sorry but there is no information yet.
War4ever: War4ever: is this an intentional attemt to avoid to pay the customer?
War4ever: because it has been a perpetual run around
no information on that?
Megan: Please wait for an email update.
War4ever: i am
War4ever: when will I be getting one?
Megan: Please wait for an email update within the next 24-48hours.
War4ever: what if doesnt come like every other time i was told to wait and prommised something with in 24-48h?
Megan: There is a follow up send so please wait for an update.
War4ever: i was and I am. Im asking if this is just like every other time what do you sugest I should do?
Megan: Nothing to do right now but to wait.
Megan: Until we received an update there is nothing we can do either.
War4ever: can you tell me how many other costomers are waiting to resolve the issues that casino is having?
Megan: I do not have the numbers.
War4ever: just trying to understand why it takes so long for "back department " to respond to my concern
Megan: We do not have an authority over them we just wait for their respond.
Megan: Please wait for an email update.
Megan: I have to go now. Just contact Online Support in case you need assistance. See you!
War4ever: whom do I contact who has an authority over them. they are obviously do not care for the casinos brand

This is one of many, many, many, "wait for 24-48 hours"

I dont understand why they kept accepting my deposits without any need for email confirmation at registration (which I did by sending them screenshots they have requested even after their system failed), but to excuse themselves to avoid a payout and to cheat the client out of money they won fair and square... When I signed up, I signed up with Europa Casino, I did not read anywhere in their terms and conditions that I will be responsible for their back department or what ever departments faults. However there is a processing time for withdrawals and I complied with all their requests, but in return only been mislead and lied to, causing suffering.

Veröffentlicht am 11. Januar 2017

Dear @1994viper,

Please let us know if there's some update on your issue.

1994viper Kanada
Veröffentlicht am 11. Januar 2017

4 Days ago I received another run around:

Good Day!

This is Clyde from the Support Team.

Your concern is being checked by the relevant team and we will get back to you as soon as possible with an answer

With any more questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Europa Casino Support Team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Best Regards,
Clyde Irving
Europa Casino

nothing has been done since that....