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BitStarz Casino - Confiscation of huge 19.55 BTC win won from their Wednesday free spins promo



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BitStarz Casino


Veröffentlicht am 28. November 2016

This Wednesday I participated in the Wednesday free spin bonus offered by Bitstarz, which I frequently take part in. It requires a 150 euro deposit, and IF and ONLY IF you wager the amount of your deposit, you receive 80 free spins. I did meet the wagering, in fact I confirmed with their customer service on Wednesday that I met the wagering requirement and they confirmed I more than met it.

I noticed the free spin bonus was not credited the next day by the deadline, so i contacted their support. They advised that they have now added the 80 free spin bonus, and they I would need to play it on Game Art's "Dragon King." I thanked them, and went to my profile were the bonus titled "Dragon King" was available to claim.

I claimed it, and proceeded to play, and was very excited to win 19.55 BTC!

I then carefully reviewed the bonus terms, and proceeded to work towards meeting the wagering requirement, which I did for several days. I brought the balance down to 16 BTC, then up to 24 BTC, then down to 14 BTC, and was at around 7-8% wagering met around 3 days into the win. I was excited, having fun, and felt I had a chance to meet the play through requirement within the 30 day deadline. I was careful to bet within the specified limits, etc., and follow all terms.

To my extreme disappointment I logged into Bitstarz today to play, and saw that my BTC balance was 0. I had no email, no call, no message from them, just a 0 balance.

I immediately contacted their chat customer service, roughly an hour ago, and was informed that they had given me the bonus for the wrong game. They claim the "Dragon King" free spin Bonus is not to be used on the Dragon King game, and that they should have given me a bonus for different games instead. They insisted they had to cancel the bonus, since it was an "error."

I explained that was very unfair, especially considering their customer service specifically told me by chat that I had to play the game on Dragon King, that the bonus was called Dragon King, and that I proceeded to play and win on Dragon King. I also told them I am sure if I lost with that bonus they would not have given me 80 free spins on another game, and that it is clear they are only taking this back since I won big (19.55 BTC) using the bonus that I had earned.

They had me wait a while, and then came back to the chat and claimed that the win was also an error, that it paid more than it should have.

So they are asking me to believe (1) it was an error that they specifically told me I had to play the Dragon King game for my 80 free spins (2) that the bonus they credited to my account called "Dragon King Bonus" was not to be played on Dragon King (3) that their system was in error by allowing me to use the 80 free spins on Dragon King (when I opened the game the 80 free spin banner came up and it proceeded to let me play the spins on that game), and (4) that the win itself was also an error.

Furthermore it took them around 3 days to take the money back. As my bonus balance rose up to 24 BTC that must have worried them, since it seemed I was on my way to earning the bonus. And they took the bonus without telling me, no email, no call, no message. I had to contact them when I logged in and my balance was 0.

They are offering me 80 free spins on another game now, which I feel is totally ridiculous.

In my opinion, since they told me I had to play on this game, since the bonus was titled the name of the game I played, and since I won on this game, they should have to honor the bonus and let me continue with my play through to see if I am lucky enough to earn it. Since this was not a free bonus. It was not a no deposit bonus. It is a bonus I had to deposit 150 euro and playthrough 100% to earn. And i successfully did so, as I do frequently (and often loose my 150 euro in the process). Since this is a bonus I paid to earn, I don't feel its fair to just take it back. And I did not violate any of their terms, I did everything right, so it really is totally unfair.

How can they claim all of the error above and also claim even the payout was an error? Can there be that many errors stacked upon each other? I feel they were sure no one would win that much in Dragon King (although it has been done before at other casinos I have found through some research), and that is why they made me play my free spins on that game. Then when I won big, they claimed the bonus was in error, and should have been for other games. And when i questioned the fairness of that, since they themselves told me I had to play on Dragon King and thats the name of the bonus they gave me, they came up with another out which was "payout error."

I spent probably 25 hours playing intensely trying to meet the wagering (with 27 days to go), and all of that time, the excitement of the win, tell everyone I know how great they are, it was all crushed when I logged in today and saw a 0 balance with no explanation.

I hope you can help me reach a favorable outcome. Why would anyone try to earn these bonuses knowing that if you win big they will take the money, even though you comply with all of their terms? They should credit the bonus back, and let me try to earn it. It won't be easy, but then at least it is fair. Otherwise, of course I will never play there again, why would I, knowing if I win big on bonus or real money they will try to get out of it.

Thank you for your help.

Veröffentlicht am 29. November 2016

Hi there,

First of all, we're extremely sorry about having to make this confiscation due to this malfunction,
I know an apology is a very small consolation when you've just had money deducted from your account
but with that being said, I think it's important that you receive an explanation as to why it was made in
the first place.

1. We normally don't notice bonus wins until a player would complete the wagering requirement so the bonus gets converted to real money ,or make a cash out. That's when we normally do our checks. The reason we discovered this earlier was a pure coincidence.

2. Once we noticed a really high bonus release as a a result from playing 80 free spins we were quite surprised. Even more after pulling some numbers together. If a player is having 80 free spins on bet value 0.25 mBTC. To get a total amount of almost 20 000 mBTC in 80 free spins this would mean you would have on average 80 wins with 1000 x multiplier. Or several wins high over 1000 x multiplier. We've been playing slots for years and I have never heard, read or came close to something so impressive and at the same time unbelievable as this. So we did a small test. I credited myself 20 free spins to see if I could get lucky as well and land some 1000x multipliers. After playing few spins I saw small wins of 0.5 mBTC, 2 mBTC, etc everything seemed to be normal except my balance was 5.8 BTC. I took immediately a screenshot of this http:/­/ww­w.s­cre­enc­ast.co­m/t­/f8­l2b­eymfhv

You can see that my 5.8 mBTC win was presented as 5800 mBTC win. After experiencing this, the 20 BTC win didn't seemed so impressive as it was clear that it was probably just 20 mBTC. We immediately reported this to GameArt (which is the game developer of Dragon King) to double check the behaviour of free spins and they have confirmed that indeed the wins are being added with 1000 multiplier when playing free spins. They have also sent over the screenshot visible from their end where you can see that from a win of 0.1 mBTC i got 100 mBTC - http:/­/sc­ree­nca­st.c­om­/t/­Xi1­LHV­aXbpLa.

As the bug was confirmed, we felt it was fair to immediately let you know about this and to cancel the bonus. Our support was briefed about the situation and was just about to send you an email when you have came to online chat. The time span between us canceling the bonus and us sending you the newsletter would be perhaps 5 min. We canceled the bonus because we didn't want you to waste any more of your time and we felt you should know about this immediately.

3. From 80 free spins you have received from us you have won around 20 mBTC were due to Softswiss - Platform provider Free spins integration bug they were wrongly shown as 1000x more.

I do understand how disappointing it must have been to learn this news from us after so many hours of play for which we are again very sorry. On a good note you have played and spent 6 BTC of bonus (I don't think anybody has received that much bonus so far for only depositing one day earlier).

5. The reason there is so many big wins from one player is because that particular player was playing max bets on all games with an extensive bankroll for quite a long period of time. We plan to change the top winner list in the future to show only players best (highest) win instead of listing his all wins. So it will enable other players to be listed there as well.

Let me just explain again that this is the first time we have experienced such malfunction in the casino platform and the main reason for this issue was that untested version of free spins functionality for GameArt games that was released by our platform provider Softswiss. This functionality worked correctly for EUR, AUD and other real money currencies but was incorrect for BTC wagering. While game provider gave to softswiss the correct result of the game win (The game worked at all time correctly) the platform provider who receives this information about win for every spin has mistakenly multiplied this result by 1000 multiplier. Also to note that this malfunction affected only manually given free spins on GameArt games. We have checked in our logs and only 2 players have received this GameArt free spins in BTC currency. The other player won 1.5 BTC bonus (1.5 mBTC) but spent the bonus before he managed to cash out so we didn't notice it.

We received a statement from the CEO of our platform provider SoftSwiss to confirm this unfortunate bug: http:/­/ww­w.s­cre­enc­ast.co­m/t­/vM­Qeo­YvsGTz and furthermore, you can also find proof from our conversation
with GameArt: http:/­/ww­w.s­cre­enc­ast.co­m/t­/p3­WtG­ZrplzBY

On top of this, we also asked GameArt for an export of your game rounds so you can cross-reference
this, which can be found in an attachment here: https:­//w­ww.b­it­sta­rz.c­om­/sy­ste­m/c­omf­y/c­ms/­fil­es/­fil­es/­000­/00­1/9­25/­ori­gin­al/­102­451.xlsx

We just want to end this by saying that we are again extremely sorry about this malfunction, but
as our terms and conditions states:

Bitstarz.com reserves the right to declare a wager void partially or in full if Bitstarz.com, at its own discretion, would deem it obvious that any of the following circumstances have occurred:

- due to an error, such as a mistake, misprint, technical error, force majeure or otherwise, wagers have been offered, placed and or accepted due to this error."

With that being said however, we're very sorry this occurred and we understand if you are extremely disappointed,
just as we are that this could happen. With that being said, we've decided to give you 1 BTC in pure cash for the inconvenience,
this which you can withdraw right away. All we ask is that you go to Customer Support via Live Chat and ask for it to be credited
to your account.

If you have any other questions, don't hesitate letting us know.

Kind Regards,


Veröffentlicht am 29. November 2016

Hello BitStarz, and thank you for the detailed and informative reply. I appreciate the transparency you have provided, and the explanation that helps me understand the nuts and bolts behind what happened. I have to admit I was surprised by your reply, I expected something far less cooperative and thoughtful. Now that I understand what happened, and the timing of my chat with customer service which apparently was just after the money was deducted from my account, by coincidence, I am satisfied with the outcome and would like to withdraw my complaint. Given your handling of this disappointing yet understandable situation, you certainly stand out from others and set a positive industry standard. I will be back, and as far as your offer of the 1 BTC that can be withdrawn with no play through requirement, I certainly do appreciate that concession. I just hope for your sake I don't end up playing with those funds rather than withdrawing and winning 19 BTC again, which is certainly possible :)

Thank you.

Veröffentlicht am 29. November 2016

Based on submitter's last post AskGamblers Complaints Team consider this case as Resolved and it is officially closed now.

Thank you all for your cooperation.

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