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Michal95001 Polen
Veröffentlicht am 29. Januar 2024

Good morning,

I have been having problems verifying my account for 2 weeks.

My account was verified correctly and I could make deposi­ts/­wit­hdr­awals.

After winning a large sum, there was a problem with my bank account and then with account verification.

I contacted customer service and had to send documents several times, when they wrote that everything was fine, the next day I received a message that I needed to verify my account and the answer was, please be patient.

And many times I received a message that the account was verified and then we asked for verification.

Veröffentlicht am 30. Januar 2024

Hi MICHAL95001,

My name is Roger and I am the Betsafe Customer Support Manager.

I have reviewed your case and would like to once more clarify where we stand at the moment, as we are in no way " verifying the account many times".

I would like to refer to our Terms and Conditions which very explicitly state:


"7.10 You agree that we can check who you are who you claim to be. You agree to give us all documents we request to prove your registration information and payment details, such as (by way of example only) a copy of your passport, utility bills, bank statements, or any other documents evidencing your source of funds as may be necessary."

and also:

"Prior to accepting a withdrawal we may request that you provide legal identification for example certified copies of passports, ID cards or other such documentation as we feel is required in the circumstances. We may also carry out phone verification, face verification or other such verification as is required to ensure that you are who you say you are."

Having now clarified that we do state that we will be carrying out full verification of all customers which means that we will be requesting any documentation we will deem necessary to fulfil our due diligence requirements in line with current regulations and AML laws, I can also confirm that I can see you have been regularly in touch with our Customer Support, and can also see that in all occasions you have been correctly informed regarding the documentation necessary to fully verify your account.

As much as I can understand you are claiming you were told the account was verified, this relates only to the ID verification, this is not full account verification, as the verification of the payment methods and residential details of the account are also part of the full account verification which is mandatory for due diligence.

However, as you are aware you have been requested a number of documents which support operators have correctly explained in detail, and unfortunately the delay is only and exclusively due to the fact that you are simply re supplying the same documentation which has been previously rejected, since in no way does this verify your account, this inevitably doesn't allow us to make any progress in the full verification and therefore stalls the processing of the payout.

To simplify, I will once more copy here the last email you received yesterday afternoon, from my colleague where you are once more requested the following documentation:

Hi Michał,

Thank you so much for getting back to us.

I would like to inform you that we have checked documents which were provided in the attachment. Unfortunately they can not be approved by the relevant team.

We kindly ask you provide us with a new utility bill, please see the following three options:

Electricity bill
- Water bill
- Gas bill

The document needs to show your full name, home address in Poland and the date of issue. This document cannot be older than 6 months. You can upload this document under "My account".

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

If you have any questions or comments, please reply to my e-mail and I will do my very best to assist you.

I wish you a nice day.

Best regards,
Alex, Team leader
Betsafe Customer Service.

Allow me to remind you that the full account verification includes this part as we are obliged to carry out the verification of the registration details you have entered when registering the account, so the verification is not just the one of the person with a photo ID but also of the rest of the details.

So just like my colleagues have done, I kindly invite you to upload the documentation we have many times requested and once that will be done you will be allowing us to move on with the process.

I need to point out that unless all the requested documentation is supplied you will be effectively blocking us from successfully carrying out the full account verification and hence not allowing us to process any payout.

I believe that now that all is definitively clarified and you are aware of what is still missing, and that the processing of the withdrawal is not blocked from our side, the case is solved and can be closed.



Betsafe Customer Support Manager

Veröffentlicht am 30. Januar 2024

Dear @Michal95001,

The AskGamblers Complaint Team is kindly asking you to update your complaint in a timely manner and confirm if the required verification paperwork has already been sent to the Betsafe Casino team accordingly.

Please keep in mind that as per the AGCCS Terms and Guidelines which you accepted upon registering and using our complaints system, you are obliged to provide the necessary level of assistance and cooperation during the process. Should you refuse sending the required verification paperwork or fail to update your complaint in a timely manner, we will have no other choice but to reject the case and recommend you to forward it to the relevant regulatory body.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Michal95001 Polen
Veröffentlicht am 30. Januar 2024

Hi Roger
As I also wrote to customer service, I do not have energy or water bills because I live with my parents and they have bills.
Also, on January 25, I sent the documents you wanted and was informed that I would not have to send anything else.
Is there any other way to verify it?
Thank You Roger.

Veröffentlicht am 30. Januar 2024

Hi MICHAL95001,

Thanks, however do allow me once more to clarify that the information you refer to from our support informing no further documents were needed is based on the assumption that the documentation uploaded is acceptable. This documentation for obvious reasons is not reviewed by the support operators, as you were later informed, once the documentation you supplied was deemed incorrect and rejected, and this due to the fact that the documentation you supplied showed your residence as being completely different from the one you registered on the account, to the extent of showing to be an even different country, it goes without saying that that message is no longer up to date, as again, you have been then updated with another request for the said documentation.

As much as I can understand you might not have all utilities in your name, you will surely be able to obtain some official documentation to confirm your residence, such as a certificate from your local council or any other official document from a recognised authority which confirms your registered residence. Allow me to point out that this can't be of any difficulty as all our customers normally immediately supply documentation confirming the registered residence.

So to answer your question, yes, there are many ways to verify your residence, and once you will supply this documentation, we will be very happy to complete the verification procedure and process the payout.

I do believe that we have now clarified this beyond any possible doubt or misunderstanding, and now sincerely hope that you will be willing to cooperate so that we can move on and verify the account.

I consider this case now resolved.



Betsafe Customer Support Manager.

Michal95001 Polen
Veröffentlicht am 30. Januar 2024

I sent an official document confirming my registration but it was rejected

Veröffentlicht am 30. Januar 2024

Hi MICHAL95001,

I now really would need to invite you to not duplicate the same trend with our support also here, as you are again supplying documentation which has already been rejected as it is not deemed suitable.

This is an online document which can be downloaded from anywhere and in no way gives any confirmation of the actual residence, and in fact I have very clearly mentioned that the document needs to be issued by the local council you have entered as the one residing physically and duly signed and stamped.

Please understand that I will be now making one last attempt and ask for a document which complies with all the above details I have listed, and if another identical document as one of those which have been already rejected is supplied, the account registration details verification will be considered definitively failed, and as such it will be confirmation that you have not entered truthful and correct details when registering your account, which is a clear breach of the Terms and Conditions you have accepted when registering the account:


8.3 Whilst we understand that mistakes and typos happen, if we find the information given at the time of registration to be incorrect, this gives us the right to close Your Account and keep any applicable funds in it. Likewise, if you fail to pass any personal identification verification procedures we will also close your account and withhold any winnings.

Hoping to have helped better understand I look forward to the correct documentation requested to be supplied one last time.



Betsafe Customer Support Manager.

Michal95001 Polen
Veröffentlicht am 30. Januar 2024

Mr. Roger, this is an official Polish document that can only be downloaded by me from the official website: https:­//w­ww.g­­/we­b/g­ov/­spr­awd­z-s­woj­e-d­ane­-w-­rej­est­rze­-pesel
But I understand and I'm sorry.

Michal95001 Polen
Veröffentlicht am 30. Januar 2024

On Thursday I will go to the office to get my registration certificate.

Veröffentlicht am 30. Januar 2024

Hi MICHAL95001,

I understand and look forward to receiving the requested documentation.

However please understand that this will need to be uploaded via your own account for our verifications team to review, as this is the official and correct channel for documentation to be reviewed. I will not be reviewing any such documentation here nor will this be approved from this thread.

As always, once you will have uploaded this documentation and it will be reviewed, you will be duly informed and updated via our customer support channel as has been the case till now.

Considering that this Complaint was based on what was presumed to be a lack of clarity on the documentation needed and therefore the reason why the withdrawal request could not be processed, and this has now been fully clarified and confirmed to be understood by the customer, I consider this complaint resolve and closed.



Betsafe Customer Support Manager

Michal95001 Polen
Veröffentlicht am 30. Januar 2024

So, a certificate of registration from the commune office and 100% nothing more will be needed? I'd rather ask one last time to be sure and to avoid any further ambiguities. Thank you for your time.

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