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PokerCocker Russland
Veröffentlicht am 28. Januar 2020

I always considered this casino reliable, played for some time in it, lost and won, while withdrawing funds took no more than 6 hours. But not the last time. Started money, did not receive a withdrawal. It's already been 3 weeks, support sent a letter to close my account, the money was withheld, it’s written in the letter, but it doesn’t say why, I asked this question in the chat many times and wrote to email, receiving only standard answers that my the account is blocked, funds are withheld on it, we can’t tell you any reasons.I am surprised at this attitude to the player, I had a clear feeling that they were deceiving me, trying to artificially hold my funds, without even trying to figure out the situation. Please help me, I do not know what to do, this is my last money. This is a huge corporation, I'm just one player who trusted her ... I'm afraid I won’t manage without your help.

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