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Veröffentlicht am 8. Februar 2020

Good afternoon.

At the end of December, I registered at Betfair casino. since the casino was new to me, I started with small deposits. But for some time I made small deposits from 100 to 500 euros.. then I started making relatively large deposits through the Neteller payment system from 1000 to 2000 euros. I played various games: slots, blackjack, and sports betting... 10.01.2019 I made a Deposit of 2101 euros, played slots, card games, then put the money on the withdrawal.. I didn't receive any money for several days. the support service said that according to their withdrawal rules, the period can be up to 48 hours. I was waiting for the money, but after 2-3 days I received a notification that my account was blocked, Betfair holds the money, and this decision is not subject to discussion (See the letter in the attachment: message of blocked account.jpeg).

I never received any emails about violating any of the rules of the game or anything like that from them during the entire game.Instead, immediately send a message about blocking.

I was shocked.

I immediately responded to the email with a request to explain the reason for blocking (see attachment: the answer about the account blocking.jpeg). In response, I received only the standard response that this decision was made by the security service and they do not name the reasons (see attachment: the answer#2.jpeg).

after this response, I decided to write them a letter describing the whole situation as I see it from my side and asking them to clarify the situation AGAIN (See attachment question #2.jpeg). On such a letter from my side, I received AGAIN their standard response: that they do not have access to specific details and put the status: eliminated! (see attachment answer #3.jpeg). In other words, this dialogue has reached a dead end. they respond to all my letters in a monotonous manner and do not give any specifics. So I decided to ask you for help.

P.S. in the attachment, I also attach all correspondence in the e-mail format, since all correspondence was with the Russian-language Betfair support service, I did not receive letters in English from them. also, please note that some of the email they answered was not a text message, but by inserting photos with the answer, so to read them you need to follow the links that they have in their responses. But for convenience, I made all the correspondence in Jpeg format (see all the attachments that I provided)...

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