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Betchan Casino - Free Spins Bonus more of a bribe, additional terms not listed



ashana00 Dänemark
Veröffentlicht am 11. Januar 2019

Sebastian Wed, 01/09/19 03:50:52 pm America/Edmonton

Hello. How may I help you?

Ashley 03:51:35 pm

Hi there I got a free spins offer via email. Says to contact support with the code word FREE



< personal info removed >

Sebastian 03:53:37 pm

Please be so kind, nominate BOB CASINO on askgamblers.com AWARD competition as a casino of the year. Your support is highly appreciated and we will be more then happy to reward you with special no deposit 15 free spins no deposit bonus. ( Bonus Terms & Conditions works the same for all promotions )You have to register at askgamblers.com website, then there will be Search on top of the screen. Please, find "Bob Casino" there. After choosing Bob Casino there will be big yellow button "VOTE" at your right. Once you have pressed the button, please take a screenshot and send it to me. You can also go directly to this link - https:­//w­ww.a­sk­gam­ble­rs.c­om­/aw­ard­s-2­018­-vo­ting/

Ashley 03:55:46 pm

I already have an account on ask gambkers and have already voted

The email says absolutely nothing about having to vote to receive them

Sebastian 03:56:22 pm

Please provide screenshot on which we can see that you have voted.

Ashley 03:57:14 pm


Sebastian 03:57:51 pm

Sorry, but you have not voted.

If you can not VOTE - use VPN as Germany, Netherlands.

Ashley 03:58:03 pm

There is a green check mark

That shows votee

Scroll down on picture. It has cashmio selected

Sebastian 03:59:40 pm

You should vote for Bob Casino.

Ashley 04:00:00 pm

My votes already made and can't be changed

The email doesn't say you jusm vote for you to get the spins. I'm starting to think I should review you guys about this on ask gamblers

So by contacting live chat and referencing the code word FREE as well as validating my account information and proof of email and humoring you regarding my personal voting decisions on a third party website have I sufficiently satisfied the requirements to receive this bonus

Sebastian 04:06:32 pm

On email it says "contact live chat to get free spins" So you contact us and we tell instructions on how to get free spins.

Ashley 04:07:43 pm

The instructions say to quote the code word

Nothing about any further requirements aside from bonus terms and wagering conditions


Do you have a supervisor Sebastian that I may speak with?

Sebastian 04:09:56 pm

As you can see on first line it says "contact live chat" there is nothing said about "you get free spins immediately".

You contact us, we give you instructions, you get free spins.

Ashley 04:10:30 pm

It says:


Contact a live chat specialist at Betchan.

Give the following code word: FREE

Hi Arnold, are you able to read the transcripts from my conversation with Sebastian

Arnold 04:11:11 pm

How can I help you?

Ashley 04:13:19 pm

Code word free. I already have an ask gamblers account and have voted cashmio. Can't change it. The email doesn't say it's a requirement for free spins. It says the code word is. I have provided sufficient proof and explaination regarding this

I feel that the requirements are quite clear in the email. I also need to know how to properly lodge a complaint regarding the conduct of the previous support professional



Arnold 04:17:57 pm

Dear Ashley, 15 spins are issued after voting. As you voted for another casino - we are not able to issue spins for you.

In case of any complaints you can contact via email [email protected]

Our manager will check your email.

Ashley 04:18:28 pm

The email clearly states the requirement is the code word

If bullying, deception and bribery is how you intend to get votes then I should post this transcript to askgamblers for complaint review. I can't imagine that they would want the integrity of their organizations yearly awards tainted like this. People depend on the authenticity of their reviews

Arnold 04:22:39 pm

In case of any complaints you can contact via email [email protected]

Our manager will check your email.

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