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Win A Day Casino


Win A Day Casino is a no downlo­ad U­S-f­riendly online casino, and a sister site of Slotland casino that has been paying winners since 1998 and has a stellar reputation among avid slot players. Both casino sites are part of the Slotland Entertainment Group. Win A Day is powered by Proprietary software and offers a considerably wider game variety with one-of-a-kind games not to be seen elsewhere. This casino is professional, fun, and has exceptional customer service!


Like Slotland, Win a Day Casino, which launched in 2007, also features an internally developed proprietary software which means that players get a different game experience then can be found anywhere else. There is no download required so it is easy to get started. Like with other casinos that have bigger names in casino software providers, Slotland Casino also ensures that their games are audited to ensure they are safe and fair for their players.


Since Win a Day Casino uses proprietary software for their one-of-a-kind games, you will find a growing selection of games that can't be found anywhere else. So, if you have favorite themed slots machines, the chances are you won't necessarily find them here. However, you surely will be introduced to themes and styles of gameplay that you've been missing all along. Also unlike hundreds of cookie-cutter kind of games out there all Win A Day games are individually crafted to stand out from the crowd. While Win A Day Casino mostly specializes in slots, it also features video poker, roulette, keno with new games being added frequently.


Customer support at Winaday Casino is available 24/7 via live chat and offers an exceptional service. The friendly support team is able to handle all inquiries on the fly with a personable touch. Players may also be able to reach them via email and can expect a response within 3 hours or less. VIP players get extra treatment with all their requests solved instantly.


  • Fun and unique website design
  • No download required
  • Unique game variety
  • Exciting promos
  • US players welcome


  • Using own proprietary software
  • Number of games on offer, although this number is constantly increasing


Win A Day Casino Reviews by Players


Write a review
johnmolinargv 1 review
United States
Win A Day casino, the best online casino for USA! I’ve been with them as a customer close to a year now. I enjoy there custom tailored games because all other casinos in the internet offer crap RTP. The customer service is friendly but they don’t tolerate bs. The golden rule for online casinos is if you aren’t depositing money don’t expect royal treatment.
Not even really a con but I haven’t won big but I’ve been treated fair and understand how machines work. It’s not a business opportunity it’s gambling and should be for fun.
Thanks for your warm words, JOHNMOLINARGV. Much appreciated, hoping you'll be hitting BIG real-real soon! ;)
Coalminer1971 1 review
United States
The customer service department personnel are very rude and unprofessional.I had a very unpleasant experience with an uneducated person whose name was Jamie and he said so many inappropriate things to me.I will never play there and do not recommend this subpar website for anyone.Please beware.
I'm truly sorry about your experience, COALMINER1971, but by signing up at Winaday you agreed to the site terms which clearly refrain you from setting up multiple player accounts, which you openly breached.

Especially if you have previously opened not one, but two accounts already, out of which one has been red-flagged, pending investigation that you chose not to respond to --

Nonetheless, check back if you wish me to help you clearing up the mess and start all over again. Coz that way you would perhaps change your mind once seeing how Winaday totally rocks compared to other brands ;)
NoStressExpress 1 review
United States
The games are more expensive most competitor software. Of course there are expensive games on other sites, but most sites offer a wide range of options in the way of pricing, lines played, number of coins to use each spin, coin value, number of reels, style of slot, etc. The inventory of slots is limited with a grand total of 34 slots, 2 keno type games that are cheap and never seem to win. One sort of lights up this power generator thing, that's dark and hard to understand the ways to cater your bet. The other Keno is set up like a lottery card, but it's more expensive.

The graphics are lousy and the numbers seem to never hit, in the instance that they do, it's difficult to make out what numbers hit where because of the black / grey / dark blue color pallet when they do it's hard to visually see what numbers hit, due to the dark and morbid color palette. I enjoyed a few games for a while which were: Haunted, Lost World, Chinatown, and Fluffy Paws. I did ok on Zodiac one time, but never again.- and still below average amount were hit on all but Haunted where I got up to over $1000 quicker than recently, because that was when they were giving decent bonus amounts- because that's during the beginning,while they're still trying to sucker you in.stage. That's long gone - now you can look forward to weird three reel games that you don't understand fully how to understand and have higher than most deposits, Keno that looks depressing, like nightmare before Christmas coloring, 7 reel slots that spin and stop in like .25 of a second, are very costly, can't choose lines on most if not all, and although I know there are bonus games? I haven't seen one in a long time. I've deposited $100's of dollars recently only to play maybe 30 minutes altogether, not be able to beat even the low wagering requirement, and Winaday doesn't make any easier to stomach by being chinchy with free play offers. They're like, hey .... You lost $500? Here's 50 back, and by the way you can only cash out 10x that, so at the best turn out, you would / probably not .... but could make back what you spent. That's just wrong and deceptive.

Truth? This site sucks. If you'd like to spend hundreds of dollars with a limited number of $1-3 wins, while not receiving enough perks to be even remotely competitive with the other rival gaming sites. It's easy to walk away from Winaday bc losing is always worse feeling when you don’t even get to play for any normal length of time. When you start to lose, there’s not enough gaming variety to move on to a new game, and you can’t cash out for a variety of reasons. Pick one. if one seems to be doing bad. I move around games a lot because the way I see it ? What's to lose, when you're already losing probably 2 dollars every 5 seconds with no return from the casino. When you lose, you're lucky if they even respond ... and don't even get me started on Sage. Oh man, no one loves to say no to even the most simplest requests than Sage. You can just keep in mind that as soon as they get your money, you're just a bother.

Last couple of things, and this first one one of those things that brings me to a boycott.

Winaday has no issue with crediting a new player $40 $80 .... and free spins, but the depositors are always second fiddle. I don’t believe in business that treats their account holders as disposable. Depositors are the one ones who make a casino possible, and that should be rewarded better than casual non-depositing drifters. All the bonuses that have any real hope for cashing out, are only for new…. Well that’s lousy I think.savored for new players who are likely just passing through, while the depositors ask for a bonus and get --- We don't have any bonuses available. Since when has it become successfulbeen considered a good marketing tactic to ignore the loyal customers, to fund the drifters who will prob never even come back.

Another Winaday Issue is :
quality, go to the new players that's never regardless of how loyalty you are or how much you've spend there. and . / depositors, but they offer new players $50 + dollars, and spins and will act like you're asking her to
you're not sure how much you're betting until you accidentally bet 3/4 of your balance, unknowingly.
It usually happens like this for me: I'll be playing a game, then I start doing ok, better than before and then winaday kicks me out into the lobby. I try to login as quickly as I can to get back in my lucky state of game -- - and it starts spinning where it left off, but with a much higher bet - usually the max bet. I did that today twice. I was pretty mad at Winaday after the second time.
Negative - Low Bonuses, Not much Game Selection, chinchy with Bonuses, machines are tight. Never seem to win or hit anything, $100 lasts for 2 hours if you are lucky - - - Which I never am,
Uninformed Customer Service at times. Machines that glitch and restart the browser every time I start hitting anything, one day per week to cash out.
I think the games are really boring and depressing in color.
Winaday does not have any desire to try to be competitive with other casinos, and that makes it hard for the loyal to stay. I told them to cancel it! First one ever - Glad to see it go.
Burn Baby Burn !!!
Afi4wins 1412 reviews
It really isn't surprising to see more and more casinos becoming restricted for me day by day. I signed up at Win A Day Casino a long time ago, probably more than 4 years back, I can't remember now, and I've made quite a few deposits at the casino too, but never making any wins on any of their games. Well, honestly speaking, a few of the games were quite okay to play on, but they were never at par with games from established game providers, so Win A Day Casino never caught my interest for long.

Most of the time since signing up, the casino would lie dormant for several months at a time, coming back into play only after some nice promotional emails came into my mailbox, mostly with free spins to try out their new games. Then those promotions stopped coming in altogether, with none at all since 2016. I was wondering if something was up with the casino, so I tried to do login a few times without any success, and I knew then a restriction had come into play, as with many other casinos too.

Nonetheless, losing Win A Day Casino makes no difference to me now, since I haven't been playing there for a number of years. I can't say that I liked the casino that much, but I appreciated all those free spins and bonuses that I got from them. The fact remains that if any casino doesn't carry games from established popular providers, then survival becomes twice as hard, but as far as I can see now, Win A Day has been surviving for a number of years. Are things getting better or worse? I have absolutely no idea at all, as I am unable to check out any new things at the casino now. If compared to CTXM casinos back in those days, I would say that Win A Day would be a better place to play. I just couldn't like or appreciate any of CTXM games, even now.
Thanks for your honest feedback, AFI4WINS.

Sorry to hear that our games didn't turn out to be your cup of cake, plus apologies for putting Malaysia on the list of restricted countries due to massive fraud and bonus abuse. None of which applied to you personally, of course.

Nonetheless, let me assure you that having just celebrated its 9th anniversary earlier this month, Winaday is growing strong both in terms of player base, as well in terms of the revenues.

And what you may consider as a weakness actually happens to be one of our main appeals: being able to offer games that our players can't play elsewhere. Of course, this means you either like them or don't, but one thing is for sure: There is no 200 other come-n-go casinos offering them.

Anyway, wishing you luck regardless of where you play!
TimmyN32 9 reviews
United States
Win A Day Casino is one call Casino!!!! I love the different type of gaming they offer and the variety. The service reps are always quick and very helpful. Verification was a breeze through and they keep in touch with you throughout your withdrawal process. This is definitely another casino that I have made my number one. Thanks for I Casino that fits this US player perfectly!!!
Any area where a complaint would, could​ or should be given isn't available from me. I simply don't have any.
Many thanks for your warm words, TIMMYN32. Glad to hear that you found Winaday's 100% unique slot and casino games being your cup of tea ;)

We're sure putting an extra effort into making these, same as to making our players' gaming experience one not to forget.

See you at the games!
mtesseneer 2 reviews
United States
Not a bad casino. Different from the others, I noticed. They have some good slots that I haven't seen before on any other sites, like Haunted. Slots paid out decent and were a little more loose than other online casinos I've tried. Super easy to withdrawal and customer service was fast and friendly.
Thanks for your awesome feedback, MTESSENEER. Great to hear you liked out 100% unique casino games that can't be found at any other casino site. Do enjoy your winnings and hope to see you back at the games soon again ;)
TMset007 12 reviews
United States
- Trustworthy
- Bonus always given upon request
- Gaming very unique and fun
- I think their customer service reps used to model for hanes mens boxer briefs. 🙃I would love to work for slotland if I wasnt in the U.S.😍

They are good people here, the vibe I get from the casino managers / host via e mail is quite different from the rest of the casinos I've played at. They are really genuine and willing to help whatever situation or question you have at hand.... they dont bother me with spam but quick to respond to any inquiries I have.

Not too long ago I was experiencing some weird reload error messages during a game. Thought it was my phone butafter a big win I decided to save it for later... the error reload message kept popping up across multiple devices I played on.... n then it just got painfully annoying that I became frustrated n what happens when u play in frustration- u lose.I was wondering if anyone else was experiencing the same thing? So maybe I can call it to their attention to work on their software. I hate to stop playing at winaday because of this issue.

Without a doubt, their gaming is fair to me so I dont question that part. Perhaps they need some new web engineers on their team? Or maybe I need a new modem, any advice?
Their withdrawals are processed only on Wednesdays. Beside these glitches I've been experiencing, I love winaday and especially their customer service.

Robert the supervisor is helpful and Im thankful for him not dusting the inquiry I had about the gaming glitches, he was quick to respond and continued to discuss this issue through e mail, quite surprisingly. He didnt just brush it off he wanted to help. Thats what I meant about the sincerity and genuineness vibe I get from the casino alone.
Thanks for your feedback, TMSET007, it's always been a pleasure to have you playing with us!

We certainly strive to put a human touch into anything we do, which is the key factor behind the totally unique slot and casino games we produce, but it is also present in the way we communicate with our players, that for us are not mere customers.

So sorry to hear that you were facing some glitch preventing you from enjoying a smooth game play. I was advised that our techies are dealing with it as we speak, so it would hopefully be resolved in no time. If possible, kindly get back to Robert, Winaday Supervisor, on his last email to you where you were discussing your issues to make sure we got you covered.

Anyway, I graced your account with a small chip as of the inconvenience. Plus hey, you're mere $31 away from your next 50/500 cashback bonus.

FYI, you can earn an extra withdrawal day once you become a VIP ;)

Cheers Jack
raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
Winaday are smart to offer players a large no deposit bonus at their casino because it's very unlikely you will have experienced any of the games on offer here in the past. Only one other casino has this software, Slotland, unsurprisingly they are both owned and run by the same group. This is one of the few casinos other than the RTG's and the shady Rival outlets where Americans can play so it's not surprising to find that a lot of reviews of these casinos come from the USA. With such a limited range of places to play it's not surprising to see many of those Americans rate these casinos highly but as a UK player I must admit to finding the software a little cheap compared to what the Microgaming, NetEnt and WMS games I have become so accustomed to.

That's not to say Winaday's software is terrible - I got to try a huge range of slots, table games and video poker with my $68 no deposit free chip and found several high variance, big paying slots and the blackjack and double double bonus poker were both very kind to me for a while. I don't doubt these games are fair but the graphics, sound, basically the overall presentation of both the website and the games themselves is what lets this casino down.

Even as a UK player it is nice to try something new once in a while and whilst Winaday is nowhere near as polished as 3Dice I am happy to report that I never had to wait a month to receive a requested withdrawal at Winaday. They promise 0-12 hours for e-wallets but this does not include the pending period which is stated as a further 24-48 hours. Expect to wait a couple of days in total and you shouldn't end up feeling disappointed.
Eayesh 1 review
United States
I have been playing @ Winaday since they opened. I have won here and lost here. I have deposited with no problems. I have withdrawn with no problems. I get a check by Fedex very quickly.

I do have a wait time for it to clear my bank as it comes from Canada and they hold it for 10 days or so. That is not an issue with Winaday that is my banks policy.

I thank you Winaday for such a great trusting site! I hope that one day I win the BIG ONE!
MacdoniS 108 reviews
United States
Excellent casino bountiful in a way of giving bonuses! I admire how the Win A Day Casino made their reputation to be worthy and reliable! When I came to the Win A Day Casino back at that time I remember that I made an impression that they're just a common destitute casino but Win A Day Casino prove me wrong! How I started to their casino? Well, imagine that you're a player that loves to play a reliable and good casino but unfortunately the laws of which your country resided was indeed prohibited by many of the great casino out there. That's what I felt and I thought that the casinos will deprived players like me. As I browse the different casino blogs and forums that was available on the internet I found this superb casino that was welcomed U.S players!

As I enter to the Win A Day Casino I was fascinated by their great bonuses and free bonuses like no deposit bonus and for this reason it influence me to deposit from that they offer. This is not just for the first deposit bonuses cause every day they will email you different types of bonuses like deposit and non-deposit bonuses! Many of this bonuses specifically the deposit bonus was low in play through requirements and I always thought if they intentionally wants us to win to have a better reputation. You don't need to worry if they will pay you if you won from these bonuses cause they do pay players and that's based on my experience but you must be responsible to read the terms and condition of the bonuses or else you will have nothing.

There are many more exciting ideas of this casino that will verily makes the players happy! Like the surprise contest it's different from the tournaments cause you can freely join from these contest and if you're chosen as a winner you will be grant a cash prize unlike the contest you need to pay first in order to join from it. It was really different RTG casino that I aware of, I will not generalize the customer representative cause I had an undesirable experience from them but I truly saw what their good service was.
Occurrence of short delays from payment but not that interrupting.
Thanks for your warm words, MacdoniS. We're happy you found your new home @winaday ;)

Sorry for less than desirable experience in connection to otherwise top notch award winning customer service as well as handling your payout.

If you pm me your Winaday player id, I'll be happy to toss in some complimentary chips as of the inconvenience ;)

Cheers Jack
hilly2 9 reviews
United States
I tried to register with this casino but they said they have specific people that they accept in their casino. This was very shocking for to hear this because I have never had bad history with any group of casinos and I have never been banned either.
I have been playing online casino for many years.I asked an operator called Thomas to specify why and he told me," I'm sorry i can't be more specific but you just don't fit". It was my first time to ever be dismissed from a casino because I don't fit in their "standards". I thought all they wanted was money and good players. Oh well, it is what it is.
So sorry you couldn't complete your registration of your account at Winaday, hilly2.

As mentioned by our support rep, we use all kinds of internal and 3rd party security checks, while the details you submitted did not pass the risk check evaluation guidelines set within one of our partners' security database.

As sadly there is no way to override this rule, please accept our apologies for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding in this matter.
zerooo 742 reviews
Win A Day Casino is powered by two softwares. This are Slotland Entertainment and Win a Day Software. When I first saw the second one I like it. I like the casino which runs their own software games. I joined them some months ago, when I saw here at AskGamblers that they offer no deposit bonus of 41$.

I was happy because I saw that I can claim this no deposit bonus, because iIfound many others from different casinos, but I can not claimed it. After I registered I started to play a few different games. Most of the time I stuck with the games named Alice and wonderland and Busted. I played it only for a short session, I got only small winnings and in the end I ended zero on my balance.

Otherwise it is nice to see unique games, but I still don't know if they could provide such a big winnings as games from other software providers. Maybe I should have played them more, to see the results of one more session at this casino.

I think Win a Day is a good casino. It has nice ratio here and all resolved complaints. They offer live chat support, but when I played it was offline. So I don't know if they are online 24/7 or what. I mean at their site it is written 24/7, maybe they get back to you with email support or something like that.

I will rate this casino with 7 stars. It is interesting casino, quite different than others. Maybe I will claim welcome bonus here, since it has very friendly W.R. Otherwise I do not have any bad words to say about it, I had nice time while iIwas playing, even if my session was only for a short time.
Thanks for your warm words, zerooo. Just to confirm that our human-powered customer support is indeed available around the clock, read as 24/7.

The short offline period must have been when e.g. our top notch customer support reps were changing the shifts, or something like that.

We hope to see you come back for more fun at Winaday.

Wishing you the best of luck!
Hello I want to introduce some new interesting casino which undoubtedly is a Win A Day casino. Okay maybe it is not so much new company, but for me it was. Good news for me was that polish players can play there and even get the bonus cash and with exclusive bonus from AskGamblers it is very nice deal.

I played there for something about 2 months ago ( I don't remember how exactly it was). One of the reason why I played at this casino was the bonus structure, which terms was 250 % bonus match and rollover is 10 times the bonus amount and once time deposit amount.

I even had account in this casino few years ago but I even didn't remember it and never deposited any amount of money there, but on the live chat which support team by the way is very good and had very fast response time so I solved the problem in a five minute. She deleted my account, my old account and then I registered and deposited $50 or something to give a try.
And, there wasn't any problems with a deposit with paysafecard so I began playing the games. I can not agree, that there is not so many games. Because simply it is not very true for me. I don't know what software they are using, I think that this is something independent network,

I was wondered how good looking the games are here, for sure there is fresh view. When I mentioned that I played there maybe few years ago there wasn't so much choice and games were not so amazing as it is today. Maybe it is only my feelings but in games I had a really rare a bonus rounds, most of time I played one game with some celebrity Madison and only in this game I had “many” bonus rounds, but without revelations. Expect one hit when I got very high return.

Very good thing is that there is something for low rollers.there is something like special section for playing low stakes, its name is something like “micro stakes” where are you have only put minimum bets with only $0,01 per spin. it is lowest available stake on the planet.
Not so good is, that there is no choice if we wanted to play some other softwares
Many thanks for your warm feedback, Damian, and glad you liked our newly added games. We strive our best in order to provide our players with a true Vegas-style gambling experience.

True is, our casino may not feature as many games as some other brands might do. But you must take into an account, these are not the case of branded games, nor cookie-cutter slots that you can find across dozens or even hundreds of other sites out there, but 100% unique games that can you play only at Win A Day Casino.

Hope you enjoy playing at Winaday!
shebeche 3 reviews
Win A Day is one pretty good casino. It is existing for more then 8 years, and that fact must mean something and it is a little proof of quality. The reason why I have decided to try this site, was in fact that it is related to Slotland, which is one my favorite sites for playing.

First thing that I have liked about Win A Day casino was their promotion offer and bonuses. They are pretty generous, especially for the newcomers. They give bonuses on first 5 deposits, which is pretty good offer from casino. Also, they are really appreciating their players that have status of VIP players. It really gives you a lot of benefits. Wagering at Win A Day is not big, you can make payment from the bonus if you wage it 30x times.

I love the offer at Win a Day. They have interesting offer of video slots. My favorites are Alice in Wonderland, Grand Liberty, Wild Alaska... I also enjoyed playing keno games at Win A Day. I love that old fashioned ways of gambling. It is pretty interesting, for me. They have 2 kinds of keno. I would also admit that their technical support is ok, everyone will answer question pretty quick, with all the necessary information.

Now, most important things. Payouts are pretty good, they never asked for too much documents or too much questions, and every payout was on my account.
I don't have too much complaints on this casino. I would only love to see payouts a little bit faster to be done. I would also like to see little bit more Video Poker games. There is no big offer of them.

I still have impression, that Slotland is little bit better than this casino, but I suppose that nobody will be disappointed if he tries Win A Day, cause it is definitely worth trying.
Many thanks for your warm words about Winaday, shebeche.

As in Slotland's case, VIP players get their withdrawals processed more often than once a week. Truth is that payments being sent out just once a week may be a drawback for some casual players.

And similarly to Slotland, Winaday will be getting more video poker games soon ;)
Johnajax 50 reviews
United States
This casino has some good and some bad sides and I really can’t decide is this casino good or bad.

They have very interesting game selection. There you can find very unusual and rare video slots and games and it is very nice to see something unique. I love to play new games special when you can’t find that games on other casinos. This casino don’t have a lot of games but all games are nice. To be more specific all video slots are nice because they don’t have some standard table games. You can’t find blackjack here and I can’t understand why? That is very popular game and you can find it on almost every other casino but not here. So this game selection is good because their games are special and unique but they don’t have some basic games plus entire game selection is small and that they should improve.

This casino offers some great bonuses. They offer no deposit bonus when you open account, than they offers bonuses on first 5 deposits and that is very important for this casino, I think that is the thing which attract player to this casino. To be honest I opened account here only because no deposit bonus. They also have happy hours and in general bonus system is very good.

They also have very serious payout department. They are not so fast because for cash out on Skrill I am waiting sometimes up to 4 days but they are safe and I never had any problem with them. Customer support responding very fast and they are also one of the strengths of this casino.

So at the end I can’t say that this is bad casino, they have some bright side and it is nice sometimes to runaway from standard boring games which you can find everywhere, but for serious gambling I think that this casino is not good, so serious gamblers avoid this casino and when you need some fun you can play here it is not so bad, 6 stars from me.
valentin68 535 reviews
WinADay is one of my favorite casinos. It is actually the Slotland casino pair where some of Slotland slots are found. In fact WinADay has a better hand than Slotland: here many slots can be tested first in virtual mode before being played in real mode. Slotland casino is so “proud” of the quality of its slots that does not offer this very important option to play first on virtual money mode. That is also why I like more WinADay than Slotland. Yes, it is true that here in WinADay the number of exceptional slots is less than in Slotland, but these very good slots do exist: for example “China Town”. And again, here many slots offer the possibility of a very small bet, less than in Slotland, namely a bet of only 0.001 cents/line. You have the opportunity to play slots here for almost noting.

Then WinADay has also other qualities that are not found in Slotland. First, here the withdrawals are made not only by check, but also by several other classical methods commonly available in many other casinos. Second, I have won here in WinADay often than Slotland. Many games are more generous in my opinion. Since I play, in Slotland I won just two times (in about 3 years), but here in a few months I have won several times.

There is also a disadvantage: wagering is bigger than in Slotland and for players from my country, this wagering is even higher (1.5x normal wagering). Therefore for a bonus of only 12 USD you have to play much. And yet, as I said here one wins easier in my opinion. I do not know what to say about the online support, I never needed it, but almost always when I entered the casino, this support was indeed “Online” and not “Away”.

And another fact for which I like WinADay (and also Slotland): about once every 1-2 months they offer a bonus of 10-15 dollars each time.
Like in Slotland, here too there is not so a big variety of slots (just 20-40).
LilianInThaHouse 657 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Win A Day Casino is run by Slotland Entertainment Software. I don’t know a lot about this software and the games they have to offer. That is why when I saw that Win A Day Casino offers an exclusive 41 euro no deposit bonus via Askgamblers for new players it seemed like a good chance to try out some games from this software provider. After the registration the bonus money was instantly added to my account. The looks of their front page was very good and modern.

I noticed that they have live chat support available 24/7. So I decided to contact their live chat support and ask them a few questions. When I clicked on the live chat tab I got the following message: “ Your wait time will be approximately 3 minutes”. Instead I waited for 10 minutes. Still when their operator logged in he was very kind and professional. Ok my balance was on 41 euros. I went back to see the slot games that this casino has to offer. I was a bit disappointed by the small number of games. I found around 50 games including slots and all the rest. The first I choose was a slot game called City Girls. Here I played on a 0.30 bet for about 15 minutes. The biggest win I had was 6 euros but when I went to the next game I was about 5 euros in minus. I tried a few more games. Their games were not by my taste so after some time here it became boring. So I decided to play with a big bet and soon lost all of my money.

Overall: Win A Day Casino has little to offer when it comes to slot games. Here you have about 53-54 games with bad graphics. I expected more from Win A day Casino. That is why I don’t recommend this casino.
Raptordinos 866 reviews
The first time I played at “Win A Day” casino I was just a newbie in casino gaming world, about one year ago, and I shouldn´t say it but my first impression was not so good basically because its theme design, colors didn´t inspire me a impression of it was a serious business, but finally I decided to play a no deposit bonus I got in other website, why not!. Maybe this prejudice made me to take playing lightly and I think I missed my chance out.

Last week while I was testing some slots I discovered some video-poker games that captured my attention because they looked like a winner formula. Such games where developed by Slotland Entertainment S.A, and I had played in Slotland casino before and got a good experience and more, because they paid me some money resulted of a NDB given to me. Then I Logged in back in this casino looking for mentioned video-poker games but only found one with the same name but resulted it was a new totally different version. I keep researching and found Win A Day casino is owned by them to and after checking in their portfolio finally I found the right games there, great!.

I said great because I have seen and offer to buy $20 no deposit bonus with only $5 with 20x wagering requirement so I proceeded and in a day I got funded my account.

I must recognize this history is more for bonus hunters than high rollers. The games I was ready to star to play where: Aces and Faces, Bonus Poker and Jacks or Better, all of them are basically the same thing with different themes. The strategy was to go scaling stakes from $0.10 to $5 as I did with success in my test before. Then I could see that the behavior in real account was the same than in demo and in just 3 interrupted hours I got above $85 and more than 50% of my wagering requirements met. I felt it was easy and decide to try Alice in Wonderland slot for first time and with the minimum stake of $0.02 within three spins I reached my balance above $110. Happy so far, I must confess onward I went reckless and I had $0.07 in my balance by the final of my wagering target. So sad for that but no doubt I will back soon to this casino, and no needless to say Slotland software has been one of the most fair, in winning average and payouts sense, I have ever played and have no regrets, learning never stops.
I like the type of games they have there is a good variety of games with variable pay lines so you can usually find a variety of games. And their customer services is fast and nice
I have to really dispute their claim of payout rate, and if you want to win big money I dont recommend playing here.The reason the minimum cashout is $25.00 is because that is about what you will win.Even on a $2.50 bet spin wining .10 cents on five lines is a complete joke.When i first joined with my welcome bonus, i saw nice wins and nice losses however that was months ago and every since the welcome bonus wore off, they have given me no reason to continue depositing when you are losing even when you hit pay lines.To have to bet really high like $10.00-$20.00 a spin just to try and get a big win is ridiculous.That said if you want to win anytime soon go with Bovada or All Star Slots, at least there you money is going to last you longer if you play it right.When I emailed them directly and asked about who certifies their payout rate and when it was last done they responded back within 10 minutes stating "thank you for playing at Winaday, i forwarded your email to a supervisor to respond to".If their own reps dont know who certifies their payout percentage thats a bad sign.
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