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$ 903

Publicado el 31 de julio de 2016

I had made a small deposit of 50 $( I received a bonus for this and did not go over their max bet rule) in April on their casino and I won 903 $. Days went by and they asked for documents, then few days later they asked for notarized documents. I was finally able to get them In June during my vacation break. They replied saying it was missing the seal and contact number of the notary. I told them everything was there the notary seal and the notaries information. They didn't really do anything about it. Few weeks go by, and on July 9th and they said their operations department has checked the documents and ask for the notaries name, contact number and my phone number which I replied to them. i finally got fed up of them pushing me around and making me wait, So I got my document notarized again by a different notary (July 20). Now It's been over 6 days since they have not replied. I have been waiting almost 4 months for this payment and I have already spent 100 $ on notary fees. What more can they want.

Publicado el 2 de agosto de 2016

Still have received any emails from them yet.
I went on chat today (8/2/2016). They said we tried to contact you regarding you documents, and that they have been received and being verified with the Operations teams and will be verify them with the notary.
I really do not understand why this is taking so long and why they can not reply to any emails.

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