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Royal Vegas Casino - My account is not reopen with money still in it

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jillgrimmett Canada
Publicado el 25 de febrero de 2020

I temporarily closed my account through online chat on Sunday Feb. 19/20. I asked that it be closed long enough for my withdrawal to go through so I wouldn't cancel my withdrawal and end up losing my winnings. I said that until Wednesday, Feb. 19/20 would be long enough. They told me just to contact chat and ask for it to be reopened and it will be not problem.

When I contacted chat on Wed. Feb. 19/20 and asked for my account to be reopened I was told that they were reopening it right away. When I went to get into my account it did not go through and I could not log in. So when I contacted chat again I then got told that since I had just requested it my account has been self excluded. Of course I let them know that that was not true and explained it to them.
Since then I've been contacting them by chat everyday and I keep getting told the same thing, that the problem is being looked into. On Sat. feb. 22/20 I was sent an email saying as per my request my account has been self excluded. It seems they're having a hard time reopening my account, or, at least, keeping it opened. I've asked if there is someone else I can email about it or can I call someone, but I was told no. I get emails every once in a while, just saying that the problem is being looked into.

I have a hard time believing that they can't get my account reopened, I have a feeling that they might be doing this to try to dissuade me from temporarily closing me account again when I have a good withdrawal pending. It just seems strange. I still have some money left on my account or I wouldn't care about any of this. I have attached several screenshot of emails from them.

Thank you very much.

jillgrimmett Canada
Publicado el 29 de febrero de 2020

AskGamblers helped me get my e-transfer credited to my account almost right away! I'm really happy with AskGamblers and I'll definitely be using them again if I need to.

Thank you AskGamblers!

Publicado el 3 de marzo de 2020

Based on submitter's last post AskGamblers Complaints Team consider this case as Resolved and it is officially closed now.

Thank you all for your cooperation.

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