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EnzoCasino - Unfair confiscation of winnings, refuses to give me answers

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Casino en conflicto EnzoCasino
Motivo Infracción de los términos de los bonos
Rokker Suecia
Publicado el 10 de enero de 2017

So lets get this n the open air.

For two weeks now I've been fighting to get an awnser to my bonus issue on Enzo casino.

During the christmas weekend I signed up for a 250% bonus and 25 freespins on betsoftgames through this site. I deposited 25EUR and got 62.5 EUR in bonus.
(Thank you very much for hours of fun)

In my first contact with the casino support they had trouble with adding my 25freespin bonus. Insted they thrown in a 7EUR bonus. Later on the support found a way to add the freespinns. So I did got both 7EUR and 25freespinns.
Ok I thought and checked the terms and realized that my largest bet on THAT 7 EURbonus would be 2.1EUR ( max bet. 30% on given bonus according to their T&C )

So I wagered and those 7EUR was soon gone. No higher bet than 2.0.
So I started to play with my 250% and wagered higher than 2.1 cours my current bonus was 62.5 EUR and the wagering limit was then 18.75EUR.

I won 700EUR -deposit 25EUR -

All my wagering requirements are fullfilled according to support
No problem with my freespinns
BUT my 7EUR bonus has been Over betted so the only thing on my account now is my deposited 25 EUR.

Fine I say. I'll check it out.
I double checked my wagering in the game history and it seems strange.
When my 7EUR bonus is ended ( no bonus money left on the 7EUR bonus) I still have a good 74!!!! Spins left before I bet over my 7EUR bonuslimit.

Now here is where my trouble starts.
None from the support group or the internal investigation group can tell me where my first bonus ends and my second bonus starts. They all reffer to that "they have checked" and "according to our records" that they see that I have violated the terms of the bonus.

One of the agentes had this for excuse to not awnser my mail...

"I have had a lot of family things and the holidays have created a backlog. I am being picked up for dinner by the Commander in Chief herself, and if I don't want to spend the weekend in the the doghouse I had better not stand her up."

Another ( two actually ) claimed that the bonus limit ( 30% of 7 ) was equal 2.0 not 2.1
One "head of support" told me that all bonus limits is determed by the latest bonus.
And when I couldnt find it in their T&C she told me that it is not written in the T&C .

Now the story goes on and on and I hope that with this publication I will get an awnser to what Ive done wrong. In what way I have broken their rules cours I cant find any violation at all. I need proof and they refuse to give me that.

Simillar complaints have been made by other gamblers on their sistersites.

Would be glad for any help in this matter.

Publicado el 11 de enero de 2017

Dear Rokker,

We appreciate your choice to play at our casino. We always hope that our clients have an exciting and satisfying time with us.
We acknowledge the efforts you have made in bringing your issues with us to this forum and we hope for a positive outcome.

As you know our casino staff has been corresponding with you since 27 Dec concerning your complaint. You complaint was passed to our internal review group. You were initially contacted them on 2 Jan, and then again of 5 Jan to ask for your continued patience due to the holidays. You did so graciously and we appreciate that.
On 8 Jan you received your official reply. You made helpful observations to which the review group replied. The issues you raise are related to the meaning of wager requirements and when they should be seen as ended. We will hopefully be able to reach some common understanding with you.

Let me take this opportunity to say that we care very deeply for our players and we try to provide the best possible gaming experience. Your feedback is very important so we can better our service for the future.

Thank you for your time and understanding.

Rokker Suecia
Publicado el 11 de enero de 2017

This was the most pleasent, informative and cooperative contact I've had with this Casino. Quite extraordenary actually. awnser.
Since Ive published my complaints, the Casino and I have exchanged a couple of more E-mails where they keep on claiming that my 7EUR bonus still needed to be wagered when I overbetted my betting limit.

At that time my bonus money based on my 7EUR bonus was long gone and the money I had left in my balance was based on my 250% bonus.
I have sent proof of this to the casino but they still claim that .I needed to keep on wager on the wagerrequirement based on the first bonus though my bonusmoney was equal 0.

How can I wager on bonusmoney that dont exist?
Thats Impossible!

They have also sent a document showing my total amount of wageringrequirements and total bonus but in that it does not say where one bonus stops and the other starts It only says when the wagering requiremen is fullfilled and that is on the total amount.

And ok, if we' ll see this as one bonus... Then I'd have a wagering limit on 30% of 98.5 then we didnt have have to any dispute at all about betting limits.

The "investigation" continues.

Publicado el 15 de enero de 2017

HI Rokketr,

The casino's internal Review Group responded to you a few minutes ago.

We look forward to reaching an understanding.


Enzo Casino Client Management

Rokker Suecia
Publicado el 15 de enero de 2017

Finally after tree weeks of corresponding I've got an awnser on my question.
I find their bonus terms unessesarily complicated but I accept the explination that they've presented.

We have come to an understanding.

Publicado el 16 de enero de 2017

We are glad we could reach common ground.
You are most welcome to contact us again any time for anything you need.
Thank you for your feedback.


Enzo Casino Client Management.

Rokker Suecia
Publicado el 18 de enero de 2017

We have come to an understanding but I would not say that we are on common ground.
I do accept the way Enzo Casino handle your T&C´s but I do not agree that this is the way they should be read.

This is what was said in the T&C´s...

"The bonus Wagering Requirements are applied to the deposit and bonus money.
Withdrawing funds excluding the Bonus amount can be made only after the player completed the wagering requirements.
If the player balance has touched 0 balance, his Bonus balance and wagering requirements will be reset."

and this is how Enzo support interpreted their own bonus terms.
and the fact that there is two bonuses after eachother which is not even mentioned in their T&C´s

"We see the matter this way. Lets say, for example, You make an investment in a fund of some sort. You borrow money on interest which you put into it along with your own. You deposit 25 of your own and you borrow 7. The interest on the 7 is going to be more than the 7 itself, but the good news is that that will never be paid out of your pocket. The most you will lose is the money you put in. You hope it will be paid out of the profit that you are going to make. So now you now owe more interest payments that the value of the loan, which is not an unusual situation in some sorts of scenarios. The sum of the deposit + the bonus is together taken as the "security" from which the interest must be paid. Once the bonus and your deposit meet in your balance, the whole of your balance is attached for the purposes of paying the interest. The money that you wager is "payment of the interest" and you will pay that interest in part from the bonus, or from the profits accrued directly from the bonus, or from the principal of your investment (your deposit) or from the profits accrued from the principal. Therefore until you hit 0 for real, the wager requirement is not reset.

It just so happens to be that the big deposit bonus imposes a wager requirement as well, and the two wager requirements are paid out simultaneously, so when you bet 1 euro you are actually repaying two debts for the price of one"

Now I accept how they see things but I do not agree that this is what it says in the T&C´s and we are not on common ground.

However...I guess that with this awsner I have to settle... I have got my awnser whether I like it or not. And they will not change their oppinion. So gone is the money! :(

Publicado el 22 de enero de 2017

We appreciate your willingness to close your case once you received the explanation you were searching for.
We think this is very fair of you. We would like to look into how we can show you our appreciation.
We thank you again for your understanding and cooperation!

Enzo Casino Client Management.

Publicado el 23 de enero de 2017

Based on submitter's last post AskGamblers Complaints Team consider this case as Resolved and it is officially closed now.

Thank you all for your cooperation.

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