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PokerStars Casino - Withdrawal set on pending for weeks

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Casino en conflicto PokerStars Casino
Motivo Pago retrasado
Cantidad $ 923.21
BolPlecow96 Reino Unido
Publicado el 16 de diciembre de 2019

Hi. I was playing on poker stars casino pretty much every day for the past few weeks. Initially, my brother has won some money on it and he has sent me a gift of $50 when I lost what he has sent me another $200 and I have paid myself about $550 myself. I have won about $1600 playing casino and tried to withdraw $1300. After that, they froze my account and ask for verification( fair enough). I verified my account and I have received $376.79, the rest has been put on hold as Pending Withdrawal that's $923.21. I have requested a withdrawal on 26 NOV 2019, I have written few emails but there is no response. Do you have any advice?

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