NordisCasino - Refused my withdraw and will not even refund my deposit


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€ 50

Eleftherios.M Grecia
Publicado el 10 de diciembre de 2021

I made a 50 euros deposit. I played some football, after that I turned to their casino.

I won 1.5k at their slots. I made 2 withdraws 500 and 900 euros via Skrill.

I never saw not even a cent from them. When I complaint to them, they asked for my documents. I sent to them every document they asked for.

They have few hours delay at the responses. Finally they said to me that for some reason, never specified what reason, they cannot pay me.

I believe they would pay if it was a small amount of 100-200 euros. But when it comes over a 1000 Euros, they refuse payments…. For some reason!

My account is blocked now. I cant log in.

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