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Mr.Bet Casino - Withdrawal impossible


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Mr.Bet Casino


€ 52

Publicado el 10 de octubre de 2019

To be able to make a withdraw, they told me to make a deposit first.

I tried Visa and also Mastercard, but "oops, something went wrong...". I tried it with Firefox and Chrome, also without addblocker... no way.

Sepa or banktransfer isnt offered for german players.

I entered no Chat (with Jason, 31/09) and he told me to deposit with paysafecard. I did and also rolled over 2 times my deposit.

Now there is no way to withdraw my funds (52,- Euro). They always tell me that I have to deposit again, now by Creditcard, but it still isnt possible.

I have no payment problem with my bank and Im using this cards directly for sportbets and other casinos.

Last week I had to send all screenshots step by step to prove that there is no way to use any creditcard. They promised me to fix it between 2 days.... and nothing. Each time I enter the chat I have to explain everything one more time and there are allwas the same answers.... it seems to be a big pisstake and my money maybe is gone. But I will have to publish my bad experiences in german and english casino boards im using.

Publicado el 10 de octubre de 2019


Thank you for your feedback. Please give us some time to check everything from our side.
We will get back tomorrow with all the details.

Publicado el 11 de octubre de 2019


Dear EMSALVADOR, please provide requested documents to pass verification and after that, you will be able to withdraw your winnings and we can also compensate you €10 deposited via Paysafecard

Thank you for cooperation.

Publicado el 12 de octubre de 2019

ok, I sent everything, now.
the few unuseless withdraw options are the same ones.

...still waiting for a solution

Publicado el 15 de octubre de 2019

Thank you for providing the required documents, you should be able to withdraw to your credit card a little later today.

Publicado el 16 de octubre de 2019

My new withdraw attempt to my credit card was canceled again !!
How many weeks does it take for a simple withdraw ? Ans how many weeks this joke will go on ?
For what I had to send all of my documents ??

Publicado el 16 de octubre de 2019

Dear Mr.Bet Casino,

Please let us know if there's some update regarding this case.

Publicado el 17 de octubre de 2019


The player is verified and we tried to contact hime for a few days in a row and got no answer, also emailed him.
At the moment player should make a minimum deposit from any of his verified card and withdraw to it full amount with no restrictions.

Publicado el 17 de octubre de 2019

now we are back to the beginning from 2 weeks ago.
Credit card deposit stills not possible, "something went wrong"
The problem wasnt solved.

A lot of docs, a lot of mails... and nothing. What a scam-pisstake !

Publicado el 18 de octubre de 2019

Please contact customer support via Live chat, there is 5 minutes deal instead of texting here once in few days.
Support team tied to reach you all the time with no answer.
If you still wish to get your withdrawal please use Live Chat on the web site, we can nor disclose all details about your credit card here as well,

Thank you

Publicado el 21 de octubre de 2019

credit card deposit was working now, after 2 weeks.
I deposited 10,- Euro to be able to realize my withdraw by credit card.
The chat told me that this time would be everything fine....

I made my withdraw friday and today it was failed again. !!
The withdraw for that creditcard is not possible because of "technical problems".
I should try again the withdraw by Sepa transfer now....

Sepa withdraw stills with a 100,- Euro limit. The chat resolved this and I could make a 60,- Euro withdraw (my balance is 70,-)
The remaining 10,- Euro I would get again...
But I fear this will fail one more time, like the other 30 attempts and this slapstick will go on.
Now I have to wait for another 3 days. After that I will report it here.