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Golden Star Casino - Haven't had winnings Tournament

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Publicado el 12 de marzo de 2020

I have a double feeling posting this, because in the past I never had bad experiences with Goldenstar, actually only good ones! I have a great VIP manager who does what he can. But on this case I feel obligated to take further steps!

Last month there was a Valentines Tournement, and I won first price. Instead of the Iphone11, I chose price money because I just baught a new phone.

At first they said it was issued immediately after the tournement. Then the first excuse came that support had to check all winners, if they played by terms and conditions. Okay not very common, but acceptable. After a few days there still was no money on my account. Then they said management would issue it and they didnt know when it would be.

And again days past, and then I got THE mail that management said winnings would be issued that day, but yet again no money on my account the day after. I mailed almost every day, but nobody can give me a decent answer.

Today we are the 12th of March and I still havent had my money, and in the terms and conditions of the tournemant they say: Winnings will be paid within 48 hours, like it always is.

So please can somebody resolve this matter

Publicado el 12 de marzo de 2020

Dear @Miss_jules,

The AskGamblers Complaint Team is kindly asking you to update your complaint accordingly and clarify the total amount of the disputed withdrawal request/s.

Please keep in mind that, as per the AGCCS Guidelines, providing updates in a timely manner is a must.

Thanks for cooperating with the AskGamblers Complaint Team.

Publicado el 12 de marzo de 2020

Case allready somber. They issued my winnings. Thx goldenstar

Publicado el 12 de marzo de 2020

Dear all,

As apparent from the submitter's latest post, the AskGamblers Complaint Team is pleased to announce the case has been resolved and closed.

We thank both parties for their assistance during the complaint process.

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