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Publicado el 17 de noviembre de 2022

I've played a lot at Betsson because it's famous for being a company with tradition in the casino business, I deposited a lot but never tried to withdraw. I migrated to CasinoEuro, which belongs to the Betsson group, trusting in this house tradition. I had gained and decided to withdraw 5000 BRL via PIX (this method is attractive for us Brazilians because it is done quickly, without fees and accepted by any bank) which was the way I made all my deposits in the two gambling casinos, the nightmare. I entered the withdrawal part via PIX and everything was fine, my CPF which is my PIX key, there was only one field to fill in which was the value of the withdrawal amount, I did everything right. I was informed that they were having problems with payments via PIX, so far so good, I was told to try again. After numerous attempts, they removed the withdrawal part via PIX from my account and included the bank transfer, they told me to try via bank transfer, but in the "name of the bank" part, which does not allow filling, there was not mine, making it impossible to withdraw via bank transfer, there are even several numbers there that aren't even a bank, I informed everything. After many e-mails I sent of deposit receipts, print screens, etc., they informed me that they had fixed the PIX (they informed me that they had fixed it several times, the last time it would be enough for me to make the minimum deposit for the PIX that I would be able to withdraw, honestly faith I did what was asked. Soon they informed me that I filled out the PIX request wrong, and it has no place to fill it in on the website, anyone who says they are able to pay by this method certainly knows that payment via PIX only needs the PIX key that was correctly there (< key removed >), putting this number in the PIX automatically directs it to my account. In short, there were a lot of e-mails explaining and they always going back one step from what had been talked about. This withdrawal is still lower than so much so that I deposited there, the deposits always went to their account without problems. I am very disappointed with the Betsson group, be careful. I want to get my money.

*I'm sorry for my English, I used google translate.

Publicado el 17 de noviembre de 2022


My name is Roger and I am the CasinoEuro Customer Support Manager.

I have looked into your query and am very sorry to see you are having difficulties with our site.

I can understand you may feel this way, but I can once more assure that at no point are we trying to hold on to any funds, on the contrary, as you claim to have been playing for long on our sites, you will also know that fast withdrawals are one of our prerogatives.

I would like to clarify that I can see that you have been in contact with our support quite regularly, and you have been informed that the PIX payment method was having technical difficulties, which is the only reason why you were not able to request a Withdrawal of your funds via PIX. I can also confirm that you were informed that we would be looking into this technical issue with PIX and also make sure to get back to you with any possible alternatives. In this respect, I can also see that no later than earlier this morning you were emailed by our support to inform you that since the technical issues with PIX were not yet solved and there was no ETA, we are offering you to withdraw your funds via Bank Transfer, which is now available on your account, so you can request a withdrawal via bank transfer whenever you wish and we will process this for you.

I hope this helps clarify and wish you a pleasant day.


CasinoEuro Customer Support Manager

Publicado el 17 de noviembre de 2022

Good Morning ! The bank transfer option had already been suggested before and I informed that my bank is not present in the part that you ask for " bank name ", making it impossible to pay by this method, I informed this several times. Regarding the problems with the PIX, I received numerous emails saying that it had been resolved, including asking me to make a new deposit (I even made a new deposit) to withdraw via PIX, as I also informed. You have the e-mails, I have them here too. I can resend them to you. The PIX method is very simple, there is a key that is my CPF (71953299172) that was there, just put that number and my account appears with my data, very simple, I don't know how you can have a problem with that.
Sincerely, Leonard.

Publicado el 18 de noviembre de 2022

The problem was finally resolved, I received my money, thanks to CasinoEuro and Askgamblers for their support. I hope you understand that it is frustrating for the user to go through this type of problem, other than that I always loved your casino, you always treated me with promptness and respect. I remain your customer. Thanks.

Publicado el 18 de noviembre de 2022

Dear all,

As apparent from the submitter's latest post, the AskGamblers Complaint Team is pleased to announce the case has been resolved and closed.

We thank both parties for their assistance during the complaint process.

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