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Betsafe Casino - No communication about my withdrawal

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Cantidad $ 1606
sapneel Canada
Publicado el 5 de marzo de 2020

Hello AskGamblers Team

I did a withdrawal wire transfer transaction on Feb22 for $1606 CAD The transaction has been approved from their end before I submitted all the necessary documents and KYC process and I got emails confirmation for approving transaction too .

I supposed to receive the wire transfer within 3-5 business as they mentioned in the email the received .

Well i didn’t receive and i send them email asking for status of transaction and there excuse was a bank closed due to statutory holiday and advised that i should receive within extra 3 business days .

I wait another extra week and i didn’t receive anything so I send another email to let them know i didn’t receive it so they asked to send bank transactions showing there is no incoming wire transfer . I did send them and they told me that they need to investigate with provider and it takes 3-5 business days .

Betsafe keep fooling me by promising me that i’d receive money shortly .

Now they asked me for verfication i sent it 2 days ago still they didn't processed my withdrawal.

i want to get my money as soon as possible

Thank you

< Full name removed >

Publicado el 5 de marzo de 2020

Hello Sapneel,

I am sorry that you experienced an issue with your withdrawal but I can ensure you that we always do our best to process payments as quickly as possible. I have looked into your matter and our records show that you requested your withdrawal on the 21st of February. It was approved by us less then 15 minutes later and the CAD 1606 was sent to your bank. Later on the 3rd March the transaction was returned to us and the money was added back to your account balance.

I can see that you have been in contact with our customer service team and provided a bank statement to confirm your bank account details. I am happy to see that this has been received and earlier today we issued a new payment to your bank account. International payments usually take 2-5 banking days to clear and the money to become visible on your bank balance.

Kind Regards,
Roger - Customer Service Manager

sapneel Canada
Publicado el 6 de marzo de 2020

Hello Roger,

Everytime i am getting different reply from betsafe team about my withdrawal.

The important thing is that still i didn't get my money back.

send me reference number about payment.

Thank you

< Full name removed >

Publicado el 10 de marzo de 2020

Hi Sapneel,

I sent you an email earlier today containing the proof of payment. Since the transfer was made on Thursday last week we are still within the normal 2-5 banking days processing timeframe. But if you have not received the funds by Thursday/Friday this week I recommend that you speak to your bank and share the proof of payment with them to check. If they are unable to help or if you continue to experience problems with the withdrawal I will make sure to assist you further.

Best Regards,
Roger - Customer Service Manager

sapneel Canada
Publicado el 11 de marzo de 2020

Hello Roger,

first of all i din't get my money. second, there is something wrong with direct deposit and worse is than you never replied quickly to solve this issue. I sent so many mails and didn't get reply.

i told you try to use another method for withdrawal.

the main thing you are not trying to resolve this issue quickly.

send me money using different method

i hope you reply as soon as possible

Thank you

<Full name removed>

Publicado el 13 de marzo de 2020

Hi Sapneel,

As discussed over email yesterday, since the normal processing time of 5 banking days have passed and you have not yet received the payment to your bank account we arranged an alternative payout and I believe the matter has been resolved.

If not please let me know and I will assist you further.

Best Regards,
Roger - Customer Service Manager

sapneel Canada
Publicado el 17 de marzo de 2020

Hello Askgambler Team,

i have received my money from betsafe.
really appreciated you guys


Publicado el 17 de marzo de 2020

Dear all,

As apparent from the submitter's latest post, the AskGamblers Complaint Team is pleased to announce the case has been resolved and closed.

We thank both parties for their assistance during the complaint process.

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