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Ruby Fortune Casino


Ruby Fortune Casino was first opened to players in 2003 and within a year of its launch, had earned the attention of industry experts with the accolade "Best New Casino of the Year". This reputation soon reached further realms of the industry and several more prizes followed. It's popularity surged and Ruby Fortune has come to represent the online casino that can cater to every type of player, whether a beginner or an expert.

Licensed in the EU, Ruby Fortune Casino offers a safe and reliable way to gamble online. Assuring players with absolute confidence that their operations are continuously monitored, Ruby Fortune provides outstanding payout rates of 96%.


The gaming software is provided by Microgaming, the leader in the online gambling industry. This assures players that the games are quick and simple to access and guarantees lifelike sounds, high resolution graphics and robust functionality. Each game can be played on the website in Flash mode and to access even more games, the download Viper software can be easily installed on your personal computer.


As a Microgaming casino, it has an overwhelming choice of games, catering to every whim and every player. All games are clearly structured and have additional features that enhance the quality of play, such as expert mode and autoplay. Newcomers to online gaming will enjoy the huge selection of action-packed slots, whereas gaming professionals may prefer the pokers, blackjacks or roulette tables. There's also an array of baccarat, video pokers and progressive jackpots available to sample. Whatever type of play you're partial to, Ruby Fortune has the game for you.
Players are also given the option to play in the casino for free, without any obligation to open an account. If you do decide to register a real account, you will be met with a bonus of £750 to wager in the casino and the first 60 minutes of play for free. Whether you win or lose, it's beneficial to you, as you'll still receive a £25 welcome bonus.

Ruby Fortune also provides its players with a variety of payment options for depositing cash in the casino. All choices of payment are handled by secure and audited suppliers, including Visa Card, Neteller, Moneybookers and Click2Pay.

Once you've registered a real account, you will automatically become a member of the casino's Loyalty Club. This means that every time you play, you are credited with club points that can be exchanged for casino credits. The number of points you attain will place you in a certain loyalty tier: blue, silver, gold or platinum and the rewards and benefits increase as your status changes.
Ruby Fortune also spoils its players with regular and varied promotional offers. These include bonuses based on deposits, losses and the opportunity to triple your loyalty points. More prizes, bonuses and points can also be gained in the monthly newsletter. Players are regularly informed of updates in the casino and exciting launches such as new games, slot tournaments and improvements to the software.

Finally, Ruby Fortune provides its players with highly professional customer service, available twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Competent in eleven languages, the trained professionals aim to offer a quick and convenient solution to any issue that arises whilst playing in the casino. The team can be contacted via email, live chat or a freephone telephone number.
As a member of the Palace Group, Ruby Fortune offers a fun and reliable casino experience, that's well worth a click!


  • Collection of Microgaming Casino games
  • Available in Instant Play, download, and mobile mode
  • Customer support 24/7 via live chat, e-mail, or phone
  • Protected by the 128-bit SSL encryption
  • Regularly audited by e-Cogra


  • Pending period for payouts is 0-96 hours
  • Players from US and a number of other countries are not allowed


Ruby Fortune Casino Reviews by Players


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l4luke 5 reviews
Sometimes there nice and give the right information and generous.
last convo i had, they keep changing the subject and avoiding my question and gave the wrong amount iv deposited, iv deposited alot more than they said, not professional at all. BTW palace group you can delete this if you wish but il be posting it not only on this site thanks

Welcome to Casino Support Australia , KendalB will be right with you.

kendalb7:11 p.m.
Hi there, how are you today?

7:12 p.m.visitor
hey good thanks yourself?just wonering if you can add some free bonus atm

kendalb7:12 p.m.
Please can you confirm your username and casino name?

kendalb7:12 p.m.
I am well thanks

7:12 p.m.visitor
frfr0088402867 ruby fortune

kendalb7:13 p.m.
Thank you

kendalb7:13 p.m.
Please allow me a few moments to review your account

kendalb7:14 p.m.
I have reviewed your casino account for you and as much as I would love to add a bonus, at this stage, I am unable to credit any bonuses since you do still have your Deal a Day deposit offer available of 40% up to unlimited

kendalb7:14 p.m.
However, you need to CLAIM the daily deal first

7:15 p.m.visitor
what about my spin palace account?

7:15 p.m.visitor

7:16 p.m.visitor
yous were alot better in the past with free bonuses when i asked, its as if i have a bad name for myself on my account and yous dont treat me that well

kendalb7:17 p.m.
It is all dependant on whether or not you deposit

7:17 p.m.visitor
i deposited over $2000 in the last 3 weeks

7:18 p.m.visitor
and when i asked to see if i could get a free bonuys i got a $5 then a $10

7:18 p.m.visitor
i know i was matched 25%-100% on some deposits but still

kendalb7:19 p.m.
You have not deposited since the 22nd of June

7:19 p.m.visitor
i wonder why lol

7:19 p.m.visitor
5 and 10 dollar reily makes me want to deposit

kendalb7:20 p.m.
You have deposited exactly $1170 over the last 60 days and received $1034.75 in bonuses back

7:21 p.m.visitor
what about my spin palace account, and what about the last 5 months

kendalb7:21 p.m.
You asked me about a bonus for Ruby Fortune- so this the account that I am reviewing.

7:22 p.m.visitor
ok so what about spin palace? and how much have i deposited in both account in the last 5 months

kendalb7:22 p.m.
I will have a look

kendalb7:24 p.m.
In the last 90 days you have deposited $310 dollars in your Spin Palace account and received $308.83 in bonuses.

7:24 p.m.visitor
you are not provideing the right information on both accounts

7:24 p.m.visitor
and i asked the last 5 months

kendalb7:24 p.m.
Our information is very accurate.

7:25 p.m.visitor
i deposited over 2 k in total the other week only

7:25 p.m.visitor
so its deffintly not correct

7:25 p.m.visitor
and i asked the last 5 moths

kendalb7:26 p.m.
I have reviewed your spin palace account and you do not have any free credits at this time but you do have the Tuesday daily deal of 30% match up to unlimited which you still need to CLAIM in your lobby.

7:27 p.m.visitor
ok, but im still waiting on the answer to my question

7:27 p.m.visitor
in the last 5 months how much have i deposited in both my ruby fortune and spin palace account

7:27 p.m.visitor

kendalb7:29 p.m.
Please could you give me a moment- we are overloaded at present- I am trying to get that for you

7:29 p.m.visitor

kendalb7:31 p.m.
If you have access to the download version of the casino- you can look under "my account" and then under "My transaction History" you can see it for yourself.

kendalb7:31 p.m.
Is there anything else I can assist you with?

7:31 p.m.visitor
im asking you as i have trouble using that feature

kendalb7:32 p.m.
The system actually does not allow us to access that far back for security reasons

kendalb7:32 p.m.
Is there anything else I can help you with?

7:32 p.m.visitor
i would like to know pleae, and they have helped me before go further back

7:33 p.m.visitor
how much have i deposited over the last 5 months??>?

kendalb7:33 p.m.
You can access it on your side. If you are truly having a technical issue then I will escalate it to operations and we will sort it out on your account.

kendalb7:33 p.m.
The system only allows us to go 3 months back

kendalb7:33 p.m.
Now is there anything else I can help you with?

7:34 p.m.visitor
how much in the last 90 days have i deposited over ruby fortune and spin palace?

7:34 p.m.visitor
can you stop trying to get rid of me until we resolve this issue please

kendalb7:34 p.m.
I do NOT have access to more than 3 months

7:35 p.m.visitor
7:34 p.m.visitor how much in the last 90 days have i deposited over ruby fortune and spin palace?

kendalb7:35 p.m.
There is nothing more I can do from my side

kendalb7:35 p.m.
You can access it from your side- as explained above

7:35 p.m.visitor
im asking you

7:35 p.m.visitor
should be around $100,000

kendalb7:35 p.m.
I cannot help you with that as I do not have access to it.

7:36 p.m.visitor
right il copy paste this in review section to show how helpfull and nice youv been
JonKat 11 reviews
Good micogaming games, but micorogaming games get boring. They will email if the winnings are in the bank, I managed to cashout $1100.00 but that came with a price.
Won $1100.00 couple days later my bank got unauthorized hits from swift voucher, they took $20 then another 20 last one was $40 I did not know about. I checked my transaction history I should have had $80 in my balance only to find out zero balance. I have yet to receive an email from swift voucher about unauthorized purchases. I found out why Canadian bank don't allow clients to make a deposit on a online casinos. Stay away from Palace Group casinos.
Tigress2017 1 review
I also had a issue of money coming off my credit card without my knowledge!!!!! Called them the rep said it's probably just a different billing date! Thier fraud department said its a different billing date also! Called my card company and they said no that's the billing date Not 2 days later !!! Be careful something is up with thier system and they won't help you or check into it ! I'm in contact with ppl to help on this matter
Charles 1 review
New Zealand
This company has failed to return my funds that was used on their gaming machines without my consent. I highly recommend not to fall victim to this company and should you have any deiputes with regard to this company, please dont hesitate to contact me as I am in the process of filing legal proceedings with these outrageous aliens.
Lucky2 6 reviews
I won a pretty significant amount of money at this casino, and it was paid without any hassles. Not the fastest payout,
but it was within a few days. They have my favourite Microgaming slots and frequent decent bonuses. Rewards program offered.
Maybe some other software providers would be nice, but this is really a nit. I had a great experience here.
HelmG 83 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Ruby Fortune casino at first glance, nothing special, as so far we have not seen in the world of online gambling. However, when a little better learn what sets them apart from others, you'll understand why I opted for this "ruby" casino. I remember when I started with Live Casino games, at that time it was a new experience for me, because I did not give too much importance live versions of popular table games. Although, games with real dealers are the main advantage and pride from Ruby Fortune Casino, there is much more than live gambling, with a large selection of slots, prizes and games, and many more interesting things. I would not mention the general facts, I would just mention that the casino operates under license from Malta, that means Ruby Fortune Casino is open to players from many countries but most websites.

Although we in Europe do not have a problem with the registration process in many casinos, it should be regulated so that players from around the world can enjoy, in such reputable gambling houses. I say this because of the fact that many companies close the doors for players in the United States. My first deposit here was almost minimal, and I quickly lost it. It was not so long ago, but I'm so fast out of the game, I'd rather forget. The last deposit was much more successful, and from it I was able to pay € 60. The payments are a little slower and it's only objection to the work of the casino. Customer support is correct, although some of my friends say it is very slow. I quickly got the answers to my questions, but I did not say that and they can sometimes "fall asleep", when you need them.

With the recent deposit of 30 €, I could do a lot, but my selfishness again brought me back to reality. When I speak of selfishness, I think about the game with a single slot machine, until the loss of large amount in one day. I was playing Lost Vegas and from the initial € 30, I managed to raise my bank to 90 €. Rather then take a break I continued to play and ruined all that I have ever made. I lost about 50 € for a little over an hour and there I stopped. Payout I waited 4 working days, but the money was in my account entirely. As I wrote, would speed up the time waiting to withdraw and the rest would not change anything. I want to say, in every casino you can find something that does not suit you as a player. In this casino have no complaints, except for the above, I would only add that in addition to Lost Vegas slot machines, I'm playing here and the following slots: Tarzan, Dragonz and Sun Tide.
dodgy123456 1 review
Site is amazing - I was playing earlier in the week and currently have on withdrawal $17,500 pending document review. I've sent in my utility bill, credit card, drivers license and now passport. I've been told the utility bill has been approved but I blacked out the document number on my passport the first time and have now sent another copy last night.

Eagerly awaiting my payout - hopefully it is forthcoming - if not I'll post back and let you know.
Nothing so far, everything is going smoothly. I'll be sure to post back if there's anything negative.
Mojojojo 3 reviews
This is a good honest casino with good solid, if somewhat boring, games. Highly recommended if other casinos have let you down.

Fantastic bonus offers - every deposit is just about eligible. No crazy play restrictions and straight forward membership points system.
Please add some Net Ent games Ruby Fortune!! Microgaming games all look the same after a while.
Shar R. 1 review
This casino is positively a waste of money! And its staff are positively pathetic!!
Ruby Fortune? I think I should be really be called Ruby Ripoff. They enjoy taking your money but when it's time for them to payout they continually tell you have and to check with your bank because there must be a problem!
Refusing to Pay $450
trstnguevarra 20 reviews
Haha - don’t get fooled by the girly website of this casino. This pink themed casino offers the best of Microgaming! I played a few times at this casino. I deposited and made a mistake of taking the bonus. I didn’t know about the 50x wager requirement. But other than that, this is one of the best. I was able to meet the wager requirement fast because I play only slots. He withdrawal process went smoothly and that matters the most.
One fine day I got a email from Ruby Fortune casino with 20 Break da Bank Again freespins! Only 10 lines 0.01 eurocent per spin, I got about 2 euro and I do not know how, but in a couple of hours I won about 300. I request cash out and they pay me 100 euro, cos I'm no deposit there. I got my winnings pretty fast with no problem. Its my experience with Ruby Fortune. I was lucky!
cocopop3011 264 reviews
United Kingdom
Ruby Fortune Casino is another of Micro Gaming’s finest so you can imagine how excited I was when I had an email saying they had a deposit promotion on at the moment. For all new players who register an account with them they are giving away 20 free spins on the slot machine 'Cashapiller'. For all those players who are already familiar with Micro Gaming casinos you will know 'Cashapiller' is a 100 line slot with a minimum bet per line of 1p/£1 a spin, making 20 free spins £20! IN order to receive the free spins though you do have to download their software you cannot claim them on their instant flash player. Normally the option to 'download' is on their home page, I couldn’t find it anywhere it took me ages! Quite frustrating actually. Finally found it under 'slots' and there link is there in the corner. Maybe it was just me having a blonde moment.

Anyway I registered my account, and as soon as I launched the casino I was greeted with a pop up box saying my free spins had been credited for me and were ready to play. In very small writing underneath were a few bullet points, one stood out to me as if it had a magnifying glass over it *20 Fee Spins a a minimum of 1 active pay line/1 coin 1p per line! I knew there was going to be a catch somewhere with such a high payout a lot like Cashapiller. So my 20 free spins had just 1 line active with 1p per line so in total I was getting the spin equivalent of 2p! I won total amount of 24p, and this was just from 1 spin actually the remaining 19 spins I won 0. What I don’t get and what my gripe is about this offer is, Micro Gaming say they provide new customers with these no deposit offers in order for them to get a feel of their casino, get to know their games and feel safe there before making a deposit. Its supposed to entice you into the casino and by playing with free money should enjoy your gaming session and be able develop an objective opinion about the site. How is this possible with 1 active pay line lol??? Beats me. I spent my winnings on activating 24 lines out of the 100 on Cashapiller but didn’t win surprise surprise.

I know I have just slated this offer but that aside, the actual slot 'Cashapiller' if you get the opportunity to play it has such good potential. The reels are filled with stacked wilds and if you can get these on the first two reels you are laughing, it will be out very generously and even better if you manage to get the bonus free spins. It does cost a lot at a minimum of £1 a spin and it really is hit and miss here, you will either win big or loose a great in-between with this one.

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