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Jackpot247 Casino


Jackpot247 Casino is one of the most prominent online casinos in the UK. Their gaming services include an instant play Playtech casino, an online live casino, and live table games streamed live via TV broadcast powered by NetPlay TV. The company has a licence from the jurisdiction of Alderney. Due to regulations, Jackpot247 is required to allow only members from the UK (except Northern Ireland).

Virtual Games

Jackpot247 boasts the entire catalogue of Playtech games, which means that you can enjoy one of the largest collections of slots in the world. They offer popular branded games like the Marvel Comics series, Rocky slot, and The Pink Panther slot, as well as dozens of various other games with plenty of unique bonus features and themes. Many of these even have progressive jackpots that often reach hundreds of thousands of pounds.

If you're looking to play table games against a virtual dealer, Jackpot247 has several table game variants to choose from. These range from classic versions to those with various enhancements or changes, such as 21 Duel Blackjack, Blackjack Surrender, Mini Roulette, and Double Up Roulette. Poker enthusiasts can also enjoy Jackpot247's very own casino hold 'em game.

Video poker lovers can pick from 9 different variants of the classic game. Included in the casino's library are titles like Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, MegaJacks, 2 Ways Royal, and 10's or Better. Some of the games are even available in multi-hand denominations, which allow you to create your own level of risk.

Live Games

Jackpot247 splits its live games into two sections. You can enjoy the standard live casino, powered through Playtech, by selecting the Live Dealer option from the menu on the left. Here you can play baccarat, roulette, and blackjack with any of their beautiful dealers at any hour of any day.

However, Jackpot247's biggest offering is its unique collection of NetPlay TV live games. Through this platform you can enjoy a constant stream of roulette games on the website or on several different television stations. With this technology, you can even play just by making a quick call and watching your bets live on TV.


Considering that Jackpot247 delivers constant live gaming, it comes as no surprise that fast, responsive support is one of their top priorities. If you have any issues while playing or just have a few questions about their services, you can reach the casino through a number of ways. For most inquiries, you can contact them via live chat while representatives are available. You can also call support directly through their freephone number, or send them an email and get a reply within 24 hours.

Security and Fairness

Jackpot247 guarantees that your details will be safe with them. They protect their networks with the industry standard of SSL encryption provided by the security company VeriSign. This means that anything you send the casino will be obscured as it travels to their secure servers.

Concerned about fairness? Every game at Jackpot247 has been tested to be completely random. All of the Playtech games continue to be tested on a regular basis by IGT. Additionally, Jackpot247 has the backing of the Alderney Gaming Commission.


  • Regular and live online casino games available
  • Play live games on the Web or through your TV
  • Helpful support through live chat, freephone, and email
  • Secured with SSL encryption
  • Certified by AGCC


  • UK players only except Northern Ireland
  • Not all Playtech games available


Jackpot247 Casino Reviews by Players


Write a review
Abbylou23 1 review
United Kingdom
I give this company 0 stars, it just would not allow me to as I genuinely have nothing good I can say about the company. They happily take your deposit from your PayPal account, yet do not place it into your account. Then refuse to transfer the cash back to you even though it shows in both the PayPal and in the gaming transactions. Jackpot247 this is theft! How many users do you do this to!
BrianBear 1 review
United Kingdom
Nothing, I'd give no stars if the system allowed, I genuinely can't think of anything good to say about them.
Customer service
Verification process
Choice of slots
Waiting time to get paid... 13 days to get a PayPal payment is ridiculous. Had to send drivers license, then photo of me holding the license, then a utility bill, then a credit card statement etc etc.. They stall you as long as possible in the hope you reverse your withdrawal, but I held in there and got paid in the end, and we're only talking £350.00 from a £200.00 deposit... They are a bunch of chancers who should be avoided at all costs... Avoid Avoid Avoid!!
raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
My boyfriend kept telling me these guys would be shut down when the UK Gambling Commission came into being. That was a couple of years ago now and it hasn't happened yet, so I guess that was just wishful thinking on his part. I totally agree with the sentiment - there are FAR too many complaints about this casino but I don't necessarily think its because they are overly corrupt, I'm sure they do pay their players in general and do their best to provide a decent level of support but rather the way they market the casino results in large numbers of players who don't fully understand on-line gambling signing up with them and subsequently being burned by terms and conditions that either they didn't understand or that were not displayed clearly enough during the sign up process.

See Jackpot247 have the kind of promotional campaign the rest of the market can only dream of - they broadcast their live casino throughout the nights on one of the UK's most popular television channels, giving them unrivaled exposure to the public at large. When my Auntie decided to join to take advantage of their much lauded "Free Signup Bonus" she had no idea what wagering requirements were or that she would need to hand over her identity documents and utility bills in order to request a withdrawal. She's not stupid either, she didn't think she could merely sign up and withdraw the money but she was gobsmacked to learn after playing for an hour that she had only met 5% of the wagering required to actually have any chance of making a cash out. Live Roulette of course is very slow, perhaps only 30-40 spins per hour so if your only betting £1/£2 a time it's easy to see how it could take an extraordinarily long time to make your way through a scandalous 99x wagering requirement!

And then there's the KYC issue - why on earth can't a casino that can afford to show it's games on the TV also use electronic verification to simplify the process of authorizing withdrawals? I inquired about this with casino support, who told me that they do use electronic methods but they had not been able to verify me by that means which makes no sense at all considering I had no such issues at any of the other big name Playtechs I frequent like Corals and Paddy Power. People of my Auntie's age group just don't like sending copies of their documents via e-mail, they don't understand why it's necessary. You could argue they need to accept it if they wish to gamble on-line but I'm sure they would be much less reluctant once they know they can trust the casino which is why the standard rule now here in the UK is to verify electronically in the first instance and only request documents when the player reaches a certainly amount in withdrawals.

One more thing that is truly gobsmacking - this is the only "big name" Playtech who still refuse to pay out Progressive Jackpot wins in full when they receive the money in full. Their monthly cap of £20,000 is double that of the worst Playtech's, but it's still ridiculously low in comparison to the size of the jackpots which can often run into the millions.

Frankly Jackpot247 just isn't good enough to be on TV and their low score here at AskGamblers doesn't surprise me at all.
walsh1242 1 review
United Kingdom
Nothing at all positive to say such a poor poor service. There customer service agents are very poorly spoken, the line is bad, there's always confusion. The relevant people never seem to be in the office at any time, you call ie managers and supervisors or the verification team stay well clear fr your own benefit.

Took me 6 days to get an email to say my money and been sent to my account and I'm still nervous as hell thinking they will come up with something else.
As most other people are saying stay away from this site. I had a friend who won 5000 from super casino and had real difficulty confirming his identity with them the process took so long, his urge to play again took him down to 2000 pound as he was waiting for so long.

So when I opened my account with jackpot247 I phoned the helpline to ask before I deposited any money would I need to send documents in the event I won he assured me I was verified and eligible to play and if I won would not need to send anything.

So I put in 40 and reached 900 pounds as soon as I went to withdrawal I was requested to send proof of id images of my debit card and proof of address. The whole process was a nightmare, there agents on the phone pass you from pillar to post. They say they have received the documents, then the next agent say they haven't, then they reject ur documents and ask for other documents. All the while your winnings can be canceled and u can continue to play and most likely lose Thankfully I resisted that urge and wud not give them the pleasure and self excluded myself never bet with jackpot 247, never ever there are far better other online sites ie William hill bet 365 etc.
Troy M. 1 review
United Kingdom
Bad experience with JACKPOT247 worst casino theif, they take your money but don't wanna pay you when you win. This is not good. People don't gamble with them, ripoff247 that's their name.
Jackpot247 totally no stars for them 0 ratings, crap service, allowed to cheat people on national tv. Shame on itv for facilitating them, they owe me £400 is hell to get it from them.avoid jackpot247 ripoff247 you wanna give them your money and maybe get it back or possibly not then go ahead. Remember people their objective is to be the crooks that they are and clean you out.
Hi Troy!

We're sorry to hear that you are having problems withdrawing. Please send an email to with your username and we will check into that for you.

Kind Regards,

Jackpot247 Can not be trusted they will not pay out after losing £150 and withdrawing £70 still haven't received it into my bank account... It seem to me that the roulette table spin was ridged as I play a lot of tables I'm sure I'm right it a big con.

Beware if you want to give money away read the feedback on the internet how many people never got there money back.
catapultaudio 52 reviews
United Kingdom
Not sure if this can be merged with my review below, but I felt it was important to add on... This casino also has a cashout limit even on Progressive Jackpot wins, this is set at £20,000 per month, so a jackpot of 1.5 million would take you over a decade to receive.

Personally, I'm really not that confident this shady outfit will manage to stay in business that long, so I would not take the chance of playing a progressive game here - Play at Corals or Paddy Power instead, who will pay you the lot in one go!
catapultaudio 52 reviews
United Kingdom
With the impending regulation of the UK gambling market, I fully expect this UK-specific casino to be one of the first to feel the full force of the regulators new shiny boots !! Somehow, they have the rights to broadcast their live casino on late night television on one of the most popular channels, so inevitably a lot of people have heard of this casino and have played here.

They are currently giving out a £15 no deposit bonus to all customers who sign up the evenings, presumably whilst they are broadcasting. Like all of their bonuses, its the "sticky" type, so you cannot cash it out even once you complete the wagering requirements - the bonus amount will be deducted from your cashout, though you can continue playing if you wish until you lose the value of the bonus from whatever your balance was at the moment you completed the wagering requirements, which obviously makes the most sense for the player.

I actually enjoy Playtech games, but if you don't there is nothing for you here - Playtech is all they have. There is a very long 3 day pending period on withdrawals, even to e-wallets, where your withdrawal remains reversible and cannot be flushed. I only cashed out the once after seeing this, but the total time to Skrill was 5 days - completely unacceptable for a UK only casino!

It's a pretty grim story all round, but there's one more thing - as cocopop mentioned in her review, the customer support staff here seem useless... at best. I'm not sure if they serve a large number of casinos because their knowledge of this casinos own bonus terms and conditions was poor in my experience, and their knowledge of their own games non existent.

It's an entirely unsatisfactory experience and with their large scale TV presence, I can only guess there are a large number of complaints being directed somewhere at present, that will hopefully become more public very soon - who knows, maybe the UKGC will find them out of business!

Get it together Jackpot247, whilst you still have time!

N.B. Coco I believe they are related to SuperCasino in some way, probably same owner, but they operate as separate entities and I had no problems claiming welcome bonuses at both.
I play at many on-line UK casinos and this has too be in the top 3 worst that I have ever played

Stay away at all costs!!!

I had an issue with their UK blackjack and as it states in the rules on their own sites t&cs

"10.1. If there is any malfunction or other error, interruption or failure in Our equipment which affects the operation of any of the games on the Service(s), all bets and/or wagers made by You in respect of the affected game(s) shall be void and We shall return them to You, and no payouts will be made. However, if a payout has already been made to You in respect of the affected game(s) You agree to repay it to Us. We will not be held responsible for any typing, technical, or human error in the operation of the Service(s). In the event of such error, We reserve the right to either void any affected bets and/or wagers or to correct the error."

And his is the email I sent:

I signed up to your site yesterday and deposited £118 in to my account and played uk blackjack. There was an issue with this game and would like my money returned to me as it states in your t&cs,
10.1. If there is any malfunction or other error, interruption or failure in Our equipment which affects the operation of any of the games on the Service(s), all bets and/or wagers made by You in respect of the affected game(s) shall be void and We shall return them to You, and no payouts will be made. However, if a payout has already been made to You in respect of the affected game(s) You agree to repay it to Us. We will not be held responsible for any typing, technical, or human error in the operation of the Service(s). In the event of such error, We reserve the right to either void any affected bets and/or wagers or to correct the error.
The fault i am talking about is the fact that i would not allow me to insure my bet when the dealer showed an ACE as the first card. The game clearly states
- If the dealers face up card is an Ace, you might want to use the Insurance function which 'insures' you against the dealer having Blackjack. This option did not appear and i could not insure my bets thus making this game void and needs to be fixed before anybody else loses out.
"If insurance is available, it will be clearly indicated on the surface of the Blackjack table, stating the payout rate according to the House Rules, such as “Insurance Pays 2-to-1.” It is understood that insurance bets can only be made when the dealer has an Ace as the up card. If the dealer shows a 10 or a face card up, even if the hole card turns out to be an Ace and the dealer gets a natural blackjack, no insurance is offered"
Insurance was indicated on the table at paying 2-1 so all games where void as this was not offered.
I have uploaded a snip of the game to prove that this does not give me the full game experience and as in your t&cs request a full refund off any funds spent on the uk blackjack until this error is fixed

It clearly shows on the game insurance pays 2-1 even if i do not want to use this i should always be given the chance.

Screenshots where taken and kept as record.

No replies so far and the phone number is useless unless you want to deposit.

* Overall game play 3 out of 5. Games not to bad and quite fast loading but to much enthusiast on signing up for their free bonuses( which i always avoid as you are basically giving them your money)

*Live Chat 0 out of 5. Rude and do not really have a clue as to how a casino works ( i asked a simple question about blackjack and he took 20 mins to come back with a reply and then it was wrong). I think they are simply there again to push pointless bonuses.

*Withdrawal 1 out of 5 72 HRS TO PROCESS BEFORE THEY COMPLETE and all this time you can reverse back to your account. I hate when casinos do this as it just relies on the fact that a casino will in the end all ways win, and if a gambler sees their money sitting there they will 90% of the time reverse and lose it all back to the casino.
It should be a law once you have collected an amount for withdrawal it should be classed as removed from your account, i would not expect a high street betting shop to keep you money for 3 days before paying just on the of chance you might play there again.


After the ITV scandal with the Phone in competition scams you would think they would be more careful aboutwho they allow to broadcast at night If the company is into scamming and so slow to fulfil costumers complaints
cocopop3011 264 reviews
United Kingdom
I thought Jackpot 247 was the same casino as another Playtech one called 'Super casino'. For some reason I thought the name had been taken over?? Its only when I noticed it under two different headings on AskGamblers that I realised it cant be. The first thing I seen when I looked at the casino was they were offering new players £10 free no deposit required. I had a look at the terms before registering (lucky I did) because the offer is only valid on certain days between certain times...silly if you ask me! I have never personally seen these advertised on the television as it states they are but I am not a big TV fan. The hours you can claim these are after midnight...lucky I am a late nighter then. I waited until that night and registered about 2am, the free £10 was instantly credited to my account. It came with a huge wagering requirement though of 99 times. Big but not impossible by any means.

I was disappointed when I saw how many slots they had, or what I should say is how many slots they don’t have! Very little to choose from and especially with only a tenner. It does have one of my favourites 'Tennis Stars' but I wont bother playing this at 40p a spin with £10 because you can easily fly through a tenner without a bean! I started off on the slot 'Dr Lovemore' which is a 20 line slot. It is also a progressive slot with the feature 'Dollar Ball', I never even waste my time and money with this, if you ask me it is a pile of cods wallop. And I could think of a million other words to describe it but I wont lol!Dr Lovemore is a great slot because the wilds just come in on the reels all the times, its the wilds here that gives you the wins. Unfortunately the free spins don’t come in very much but if you do get them its 20 free spins with a x3 multiplier.

Anyway I was doing OK nothing special though with such a small amount of games but I thought I would contact Live Help to see if there was a max cash out from the free bonus money and to see if you had to make a deposit. OMG they were so rude to me! They made me feel like I shouldn’t have even had the free money let alone the thought even entering my head about redeeming any free money from it. Why bother giving out free money without depositing if you are just going to moan and grumble about it and not expect players to want to cash out if they win off it. I have to be honest in all my time of gaming this is one of the worst customer service experiences I have received. I haven’t even bothered playing the rest of my money n my account and I don’t even know if its still there, but I strongly advise anyone thinking of depositing here to stay well clear!

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