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Warning: Players may experience slower payouts, but will be paid.

Royal Ace Casino


Not recommended Casino

This Casino is marketed by Crystal Palace Group who are know for slow withdrawals and impossible wagering requirements. It is also linked with the notorious rouge Virtual Casino Group who are known for slow payments and have been reported of voiding player winnings.


Royal Ace Casino Reviews by Players


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Sinner1313 1 review
United States
I have chosen not to make anymore deposits until I was actually paid for a minimal $100 withdraw that I put in for about 4 or 5 months ago. Finally received it today with directions to deposit it only. So I deposited it into my checking account. Just got off the phone with the bank. They will charge me $30 to process the Canadian check. Informed that the Canadian bank will most likely have a fee as well. If there happens to be anything left over I should see it in 6-8 weeks. Won't be playing there ever again.
Greyman 1 review
United States
I like the bonuses is it.
They don't pay it's been 6 weeks and they say its still in processing ridiculous. I wouldn't play here unless you have to much money and just want to waste it. I had a $2500 withdraw waiting for approval for 3 weeks then I had another one for $1500 it was approved before 3 days and still the $2500 is not approved. Now they wont pay the $1500. Don't play here just a warning!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tigerlilly 3 reviews
United States
As another player stated, they have every excuse in the book. They happily take your money, but do not like sending payouts. After sending them my documents over 8, yes 8 times, they just can't seem to get them......really?

After almost 6 weeks they finally sent 1/2 of my payout. Now they won't send the other half. Again they say they don't have my documents, again won't answer their phone line. One day I spent 18 hours trying their line. It's always the same, you get music for 2 minutes, then a recorded message saying they are busy and they will return my call. It's been now over two months and man many messages left, no return call.

I have emailed them to three different departments over 24 times. Not one return email. There is something seriously wrong with this company.

I have semi luck with their live chat, they will answer after about 35 minutes, and then say they can not help you, because the financial department has to help me. Well, that financial department, they have some strange hours. So I asked them to connect me to them at an hour that they were suppose to be there. And again, another accuse, their computer system is being updated or some crap like that. After 11 hours of that, I lived chatted again. Oh dear, excuse again, their manager M**** L*****, yes his name is M**** L****, is on holiday. Apparently they only have one manager that likes to go on holiday.

Can't wait for excuse number 67 as to why they won't pay my winnings number 2. It has been since October 9th, and I still have not seen my second half of my payout. It is December 21st.Now they are saying that I can't get my second payout, because they don't have my documents, again, (?) and that the first check wasn't deposited. This is a nightmare that won't end.

I warn everyone out there, do not use this casino. You will never see your payouts.
Tigerlilly 3 reviews
United States
I like the games. That's about it.. The visuals are ok. The bonuses are ok.
The customer service is horrible. They don't ever answer their phone, there is a recorded message, and your only option is to leave a message. They claim they will call back, I left over 4 messages over a 24 hour period, never did get a call back. Payout, its been over a month now, still no payout. They give you the run around. First they gave me the wrong address to send my documentations, twice. Then they claim they never get my emails. They never answer their emails. The live chat is useless, they know nothing. I don't feel I will ever see any of my two payouts.
Thomas Y. 5 reviews
United States
I was very scared to play on this casino because of the bad reviews and horror stories, but my experience was definitely nothing like any of these. I used some great bonuses to play here and won. I sent in my documents and they were verified within 3 business days.

My withdrawal was requested March 17th and received today, April 4th. A little over 2 weeks total, and keep in mind I sent my documents in around the same time I requested my withdrawal. A 2 week turn-around time for checks, which is faster than some of the other more reputable casinos that I play at. My withdrawals from 1 week later have not even been processed at Cool Cat Casino.
Casino doesn't have Three Stooges II, one of my favorite slots. Also no live dealer.
Justinas K. 1 review
Stay away from this scammers. Poor casino, disrespectful and amateurish support. They won't pay me my completed bonus and had closed my account because I have contacted support from another country... Deplorable casino room, this casino should be blacklisted immediately. Do not deposit here your money in no way! 0 stars for these swindlers.
sert1one 4 reviews
United States
The games are fun and I like the bonuses. I have been playing there for a little while.
Very slow payment. I still have not received mine yet. I actually submitted a complaint because it has been so long. Depending on when this gets resolved I might go back and play but not until I get paid.

I do not like how you try and speak with a representative on chat they cannot answer your question especially when it comes to payment. They just give you a phone number or an email to contact. I have tried both and still have not gotten a response. Hopefully this changes.
I will update this once I receive information and my winnings.
zerooo 742 reviews
Royal Ace Casino is another online casino which I joined some time ago. The only reason why I joined here was because of free bonus chips.

I wanted to try it out with free no deposit bonus and I downloaded their software. After I completed the registration I was ready to play. You can also play online on instant mode play, but that time I prefer to download software mode, because it was easier to registered account on software.

After I got the bonus money, I played some time but at the end I lost it. I never made any withdrawal here and I do not like that. But it was only no deposit bonus so I am not in bad mood right now. Royal Ace Casino has many complaints here and to be honest I read some of them. I do not like it and also I do not trust them.

Last complaint is really the one that makes me worried and I am sure I will never make deposit here. I do not want to take the risk if I would get paid or not. I like casinos which pay out the winnings very fast in same day of making request or next day. But here is all different and I think I could go on an journey before I would get my money. This is my feeling, thoughts for this casino.

I will rate it with 3 stars. I do not trust them at all. Also Royal Ace Casino has bad ratio here and warning that players may expect slower payouts. I do not like waiting for my payment more months. For e-wallets withdrawals they need up to 10–14 days which is really bad. And pending period up to 10 days is ridiculous. For me this is one of bad casinos.
Chop1115 2 reviews
United States
I have withdrawn 3 times in last 2 months, first 2 got paid in 14 days, last one 32 days because of A mess up they took care of and expressed the payment. I was told they will have wire transfers to US as I can now do that rather then A check which should make the payment faster. And no I do not work there. There bonuses are really good also.
Sometimes slow on payment, see some people complain on here but I have not had A real bad experience.
Just came here wanting to inform about their crazy days promo. I love this casino and play here a lot but make sure you get through a specific daily bonus before you start another. It is kinda obvious and standard for casinos, I know, but at the start I didst pay attention to this and until support sorted me out I was kinda doing it wrong.

Anyway, I highly recommend trying it. They have something cool each day.
Played here for a few hours this past weekend. Had a blast, and earned through my bonus quite smoothly. Shuffled around on all sorts of table games and slots mostly because I wanted to try it all. I would definitely come back and play a few games that were good to me. I liked that orc elf game, put me in the mood for watching Game of thrones haha.
JamilKarim1234 19 reviews
I haven't had the same issues that other people have had. Support staff has been good and my payouts have been on time. I had heard some complaints about Royal Ace but I found that many of the issues were overblown. My bonuses were paid right away and I've had pretty good success here in terms of winnings.

I've been to a few Crystal Place Group casinos and enjoyed my time at all of them. I think it's def worth checking out. I've made good money here so it's def a place I'll come back to.
I’m about to write about 10 reviews, maybe more,and there all going to be identical, if I wrote anything different, other than the name of the casino I would be lying. What I am going to be doing is putting out a Public Service Announcement on these RTG “Clone Cons”, the ones that all have their time of the month where they email you free chips, knowing full well, that you can’t use more than two in a row, and that they hope you win big so you have to deposit to get it out, because they know that they will find, re-word, create or say you did but you didn’t violate the terms and conditions.I have hit a twelve thousand dollar slot spin on the slot, where the dolphin is the multiplier, and three yachts gives you free spins, and there’ a multiplier fish during the free spins, and I hit the best possible hand, with the most possible multipliers, and the multiplier fish, multiplying as much as multiplier fish as I like to call him / her could multiply, at one of these RTG clone casinos, and an Ten Thousand plus dollar, fifty two handed Flopped Royal Flush,and got that over eleven grand.

Basically if I was in Vegas, or Atlantic City or a legitimate online casino I would have been paid, granted with tax in Vegas, and Atlantic City. I was told by a friend of mine, that his ex-boss, ex because he is in federal prison, he took the level of scamming people to the ultimate level, he would set up small mobile offices, get people to deposit money, never deposit it, and move every few weeks to a month, and they renamed themselves.

The way they got so much money was by offering such low fees, and high returns, all around positive incentives. RTG comes out with a group of 3 - 4 casinos every month, and if they say it’s to keep up with demand that’s a load of crap.Their smart, they know people will deposit enough so they can profit, and keep moving, changing names, offering free chips 3x a month or more, ridiculous match offers, because it’s not like there regulated by the SEC, NFA, or CFTC (investment regulatory bodies), no they are in some third world country, not taking enough to make people lose their life savings, but enough to pay 8 people to run support, in a cheap rented out office space, until enough bad press is out, then they rename.
To be honest it’s a brilliant scam, and this casino is certainly one of them, I’m sure a handful of people got paid at first, to make a name for themselves, but I’ve read and experienced nothing but bad things about these kind of casinos.

My $23,000 I had won at these casinos, somehow was a violation of the rules, and was called play money, so this exact review will be placed on all of those casinos, and I suggest all you do is play, play money that’s it.Since this is a Public Service I’m doing let me clarify some things.
From the RTG T& C:

All Bets are Final:
Gaming at our casino is lawful in the jurisdiction in which we are located. Once you visit our casino and place a bet with us, the bet is irrevocable and you cannot undo or "charge back" the transaction. You cannot get your stake money back if you lose your bet.
**If they lie about the slightest thing, or screw you over on $.01, not only is a chargeback necessary but should easily be won, FYI save any conversations such as promises of bonuses, I did this on a casino and won, I’m waiting 1 more month till my limit gets increased on my credit card then I am going to do it on another website that lied to me****
The Player hereby accepts that Casino reserves its right to limit and/or refuse the Player's wagers. In the event of any dispute regarding a wager or winnings, the decision of Casino shall be final and binding.
***This means they have the power and will use it to not ever pay you.****
The Casino game server had been checked by a third party accounting firm and was found to supply fare odds and to comply with the laws and the regulations of Costa Rica.
***All they had to do was pay a crack head $10 to have an “accounting firm” started under his name, you can do this on for under 100-$250 and make it look on paper 100% legal***

My suggestion if it isn’t in the club world, All Star Slots, Grande Vegas, High Noon, Manhattan Slots, Cherry Red, or in that ranking for RTG sites use it for play money, or the free chip, just remember, at the end of the day, you have probably deposited more than your withdrawing so if they don’t feel like paying you $300, chargeback the $1000 you’ve spent, because not only do you actually win for once, but the more chargebacks a Merchant has the more expensive it is for them to accept credit cards, eventually large sums of money are held by their processing company to cover charge backs, and if its frequent enough they won’t be able to accept credit cards, so instead of saying how crappy this casino is, I’m telling you all a way to shut them down, if they shot you down.

For all who think it’s a big process it’s a simple phone call to the credit card company, you tell them all of the charges, you say they used false advertising, deceitful tactics, and didn’t provide the service you paid for.I tell you right now your credit card company doesn’t give a f**K about a T & C and never ever sign receipts for your deposits if its asked randomly, meaning any time after a week from the deposit.I know a lot about scams, credit cards, Processor Companies, and boiler rooms, and this is the manual on how to sniff one out and take it down. This review is going on every casino that has been doing this kind of crap to people.


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