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Satisfy your sweet tooth in Sugar Pop, a five-reel video slot with a unique layout similar to popular games like Bejeweled. Match up the various candies, watch them pop, and score big wins. Try Sugar Pop on this page today, or go to any of the Betsoft casinos in our listings to play Sugar Pop for real money.

Before you start your Sugar Pop adventure, decide how much you want to bet each spin. Use the - and + buttons under “Choose Coin” to select your base denomination. Then, decide how many coins you want to wager under the “Bet Amount” panel. Hit the green Circular Arrow to start spinning, or hit “Max Bet” to play with a 250-coin bet. Use “Auto Play” to spin multiple times in a row.

Sugar Pop is one of the most one-of-a-kind video slots around. When you start, candies will randomly fall in from the top. Any cluster of 3 or more identical candies will “pop”, and more will fall in, hopefully setting off a chain reaction of wins. Special candies can appear randomly and improve your odds of winning. Score enough wins to reach higher levels, where more special candies are available.

Game Play

Choose Coin: Set your base coin size.
Bet Amount: Choose the number of coins to wager.
Circular Arrow: Begin the game at the selected bet size.
Max Bet: Spin with a 250-coin bet.
Auto Play: Spin with no breaks between rounds.

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Software Betsoft
Slot Type Specialty games
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Sugar Pop Reviews by Players


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blondie 1633 reviews
Reviewed on October 26, 2015


Sugar Pop is a popular game from Betsoft software provider and I had the chance to try it recently. I am not a big fan of Betsoft games in general, but lately I've found myself trying them more and more and founding some games I really do like. This game is one of them. It has unusual design and also it's not a game I could describe by saying the amount of reels and paylines. It is a game inspired by candies and in this slot you can find all sorts of candies in many colors. It reminds me of a very popular game Candy Crush and when I played it, I felt like a kid.

Altough this game usually has 0.02€ coin size, which is a habitual thing found in most Betsoft slots, I played this game in Vegas to Macau casino and it had 0.01€ coin size. I've seen that in other casinos it has 0.02€ coin size. I would always prefer 0.01€ coin size because it is more player friendly, in this case, especially because the minimum bet is 0.50€, with 0.02€ coin size minimum bet is 1€ and that is way too much. This game has no free spins or any other bonus round, but it has features, which are unlocked by unlocking new levels.Whenever you get a winning, the winning symbols explode and new ones come into their places. That isn't unexpected but still is really fun.

What I like the most about this game is whenever you get new features, that help you improve your winnings, the old ones stay as well, so the higher is your level, the more diversified features you have. My best score was getting to 13th level, and then I had 6 features I could receive. Lollipop feature, which swirls new features, when there's no win, and other features explode random symbols. All of that to give new symbols to make possibly winning combinations.While you're playing, you're earning points that fill the meter which is found on the right side of the slot, when it’s full, it means you’ve unlocked next level.

Truth be told, I don't think there's huge winning potential in this game, in my session I managed to get possibly 10x bet winning, which was the highest score. Overall I got only my bet size or 4x bet winnings. But only few times I got dead spins, most of the time some small winnings appeared. I think this game could be good for wagering bonuses, as I used it for that myself.

I will play this game more and I do recommend it, but I wouldn't wait for huge winnings there. In my opinion this game is great for having a great time and a bit of fun, and that's not that bad either.
gordontan 70 reviews
Reviewed on May 19, 2014


Guys, when I see the name of Sugar Pop, I feel like want to give it a bite and I believe most of us like sugar during our childhood or even now Then , If you have been gifted a sweet tooth then I believe you will love Sugar Pop even more. Sugar Pop slot game is the new slot from Betsoft. From what I see,I think that Sugar Pop is good to bring we players to a wonderful candy kingdom, and with its polished sugar curlicues, juicy lollipop trees, and fluffy candyfloss forest. It is quite interesting as it is truly a childhood fantasy come true. Basically, this Sugar Pop is a 5x5 slot machine game and most surprisingly is that it abides by ‘all ways pays’ rules which signifies that there are no lines – all you need to win is to have three or more candies touching. I believe this will be extremely easy to all of us. Getting at least 3 candies touching with each other will give you a winning hand. Other than that, there is also an exciting cascading wins feature. For me this is quite funny and somehow creative because when you possibly earn a winning combo, your combo earned will be causing other candies to explode and new candies to fall in their place, thus this will be allowing for some consecutive wins which I prefer the most. You can be very lucky to have about 4 to 5 consecutive wins just by having a series of candies explosion.

Moreover, the uniqueness of this Sugar Pop and the section that have made me excited the most is that, unlike other slot games which are normally similar with each other, this Sugar Pop features level-based game progression, it is amazing right? For me this is quite different from other slot based games because you can rise through different levels of play, and at the same time monitoring your progress by the bar on the right, and unlocking cool new worlds and features on your way. For example, each level has a different delicious candy that performs a different game function, from Caramel Chew which takes a random path round the wheels, crushing every candy in its way, all the way up to Cotton Candy which causes a cotton candy tornado to sweep across the reels and explode candies in a random manner, means you cant predict it will explode which sugar first as the explosion is not in sequence. Furthermore, its series of bonus around also quite convincing as there is also a tasty bonus pattern feature.If you match the exploding candies to the bonus pattern circle on the left of the screen then you get additional points to your score. This is quite good as it makes we players happily rewarded.
valentin68 535 reviews
Reviewed on April 17, 2014
There is only one word to describe this slot, and this word is not common at all: Suprecalifragilisticexpialidocious! (A word of the not less famous Mary Poppins). Today when I write this review it is April 1st, the Fools Day, and I read that several years ago, the same day, BBC tricked its watchers and listeners by announcing that it has developed a technology that can not only transmit sounds and images but also smells through the TVs.Well, many viewers called to tell BBC that they actually felt the smells transmitted through TV.

Placing the joke aside, me at least, when I played this slot, I felt the real taste of each of the candies from this slot. The game is so beautiful that it cannot be described in a simple review. You gotta play it. Playing here after only 3 spins, I stopped to count the spins, the losses and the wins. The game is at superlative odds.Wins are huge. The spins are very often accompanied by free re-spins and by other features that appear as the game progress. I got to level 4 and only the lack of time stopped me to play. As I said, every spin brings an unparalleled joy, it is like you are one of those kids who want to taste each new candy again and again!

To describe a bit the slot and the real play of the game, I must say that the time has passed for the classic video slots having 5 reels and 3 lines offering the Free Spins and the Bonus Game. This is a slot that is out of the box. And it is doing this very nice. The slot is actually an array of 5 lines x 5 columns of falling candies. When the candies are grouped at least by 3 (line, column or L-shaped) they will explode and from above other candies will fall. There are some special candies that provide a multiplier (following a combination of 4 candies of the same type) or others who simply offers certain features. For example the first Lolipop candy which is spiral will spin in a circle all symbols on the screen to create other winning combinations. As the game advances all these special candies advances as well with new special features and other levels to play.

On the left side of the slot there is a pattern that must be covered slowly by the exploding candies. When the pattern is completed it changes and after a few patterns are completed also the level of the game changes. The slot is just PERFECT! Wins are huge and each candy is like bringing another taste to the player. You simply NEED to play here.
LordCronal 30 reviews
Reviewed on February 17, 2014
Hello, I am actually very surprised to be a first who writes review of Sugar Pop, because that new slot seems to be quite popular. First of all, I am not a fan of Betsoft. it is not my favourite software and not even in Top 4-list. I know their slots, because sometimes got free spins for those. I find most of their slots to boring or then just cheap copies of slots from other software. However, I was curious and decided to test Sugar Pop, which is newest Betsoft-slot.

Sweet, tasty, delicious, delightful! I wonder how many times I saw those words during less than hour what I played Sugar Pop? Sugar Pop is Tetris-type of slot, so even if it is normal 5-reel slot, it differs so much from others. There are different levels in that slot and I managed to enter into seven level. Also features are interesting, though I saw only three. Lollipop-feature is very common and mix those candies, Bubblegum-feature goes and smash those candies and White-chocolate-feature randomly smash some candies. I got sometimes Bubblegum-feature, but only once White-chocolate-feature. Like name Sugar Pop says, graphics of that slot are about candies. ;) Have to say that I was positively surprised for seeing something original and different from Betsoft. :)

I got 7 euro money for that slot, and first I played it with 1 euro-bet, which seems to be a minimum-bet. Then I raised it to 2 euro, 3 euro, 5 euro and even to 12,5 euro. I think that Sugar Pop has quite a low variance and you can easily win at least something from it.

Sugar Pop seems to be favourite of some gamblers, and I have to admit that it can be also very addictive and theme also is not so bad. However, I got my experience of Sugar Pop and that slot is not for my taste and very possible I will not play it in future. It is still not worst slot and it is not one of those slots which only eat fast your balance. Sugar Pop is worthy of trying and I know that some people will think about it different way than I think. ;)

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