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Good Girl Bad Girl Slot is currently available only in free play mode in your country.
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Good Girl Bad Girl Slot Betsoft

Good Girl Bad Girl is a 15-payline progressive slot operating on the Betsoft software platform. Featuring the theme of the eternal battle between good and evil, the game’s wild cards are the Pitchfork and Halo symbols. Players can try the slot on this page for free or play the game for real money in any of the featured Betsoft casinos.

Before choosing sides, players should adjust their bet. “Choose Coin” alters the coin size, ranging from 0.02 to 1. “Bet Per Line” adds a coin to the payline bet. Pressing “Spin” starts the game, while “Bet Max” turns the reels at the highest wager. “Au­top­lay­” spins the reels automatically for a number of times without interruption.

The Pitchfork symbol can occur on reels 3, 4 and 5 and can be a x1 to x4 multiplier. The Halo wild occurs on reels 1, 2 and 3 and can be a x1 or x2 multiplier.

Pressing the Blue Heart activates the Good Mode, the Red Heart starts the Bad Mode and the symbol between the 2 starts the Combo Mode. Good Mode offers low-risk game play. Bad Mode offers high-risk game play with a potential to earn higher total payouts. Players can also choose to play both modes at the same time for x2 more coins per payline. 

When the Pitchfork and Halo symbols emerge side by side, a Click Me Bonus feature is activated. Playing in Good Mode will result in the Good Variant and playing in Bad Mode results in the Bad Variant. If players are playing the Both mode, they choose which mode they wish to play in the bonus game. There are 4 total rounds.

Players are presented with 4 gift boxes in the Good Variant. Inside there are a small win, a medium win, a big win and a collect, which ends the feature. The Glowing Gift boxes contain either the small or medium wins, while the non-glowing gifts contain the big win or collect. The same applies to the Bad Variant.

After any win, players can click “Double Up”. In this round players play a coin toss game. If they guess correctly whether the coin will be on the Good or Bad side, their winnings will be doubled. An incorrect guess will result in the loss of the win.

3 or more Money Wheel icons trigger the Money Wheel Bonus. There is a Good Jackpot and the Bad Jackpot. Players playing the Both Mode can choose between the Good and Bad Mode. Players spin the wheel to earn a prize, ranging from instant credits and Free Spins to the chance to trigger the Progressive Jackpots.

Game Play

Choose Coin: Modify the coin size.
Bet Per Line: Adds a coin to the payline bet.
Spin: Initiate the game.
Bet Max: Spin the reels at the highest bet. 
Autoplay: Play the game for a number of times without any interruptions.
Double Up: Enter the gamble feature.

Play game
Software Betsoft
Slot Type Progressive slots
RTP 97.8%
Special feature Wild Scatter Free Spins
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  • Jackpot

    Progressive Jackpot
  • RTP

  • Bonus Game

  • Progressive

  • Wild Symbol

  • Scatter Symbol

  • Autoplay Option

  • Multiplier

  • Free Spins

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Good Girl Bad Girl Slot Reviews by Players


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copyyy 114 reviews
Reviewed on September 19, 2019


This is the first time I am playing some old game that is released by Betsoft and Good Girl Bad Girl seemed like a good choice because it's released in 2014 and the graphics and animations are not disappointing at all and the theme seems to be unique as I never saw any game similar to this one. The game has a really interesting concept as you can choose between good/bad or neutral side, there are 15 lines for the good side, which go from left to right as usual. The 15 lines for the bad side go from right to left, and the neutral side is where you play on both sides with 30 paylines but its more expensive and the minimum bet you can do is 0.30$.

There are 2 wild symbols in the game the halo that occurs on reel 1, 2 and 3 and can be 1 or 2x multiplier, or the pitchfork symbol that occurs only on reel 3,4 or 5 and multiplier can be from 1-4x, of course, it's not their only purpose, if you get lucky enough to land the halo and pitchfork together you’ll get the pick-em bonus which is really exciting as you can choose good or bad side. You’ll get a choice of 4 boxes, and you have to choose one that will have a prize inside it afterward you will progress to level 2 and be able to choose again until you don't find the box with "feature end".The first time when I triggered the bonus round I choose the bad side and got really lucky as I progressed to level 4 and ended up winning 75x my bet.

The game offers one more bonus feature which is called money wheel as the name says you are required to get 3 money wheel symbols anywhere on the 1,3 or 5 reels, after which you will have to choose between good or bad side again. It was really hard getting this bonus as it took me around 400spins but when I was finally able to get it and choose a bad side, wheel started spinning and ended up on 0 which meant I won absolutely nothing and there were many prizes free spins or coins, of course bad side always involves big risk and I recommend choosing good side for the money wheel bonus as you will at least get something.

The Good and the Bad girl are the best paying symbols after them there is good cat and bad cat in the game and they are paying the same amount of money, which is really nice and I was surprised that bad side doesn't pay more, taking that in mind the game has an enormous potential even in base game because of the wild symbols having such a nice multipliers and a line of top paying symbols with a wild can be very rewarding.


Background sound in the game of the good and bad girl laughing is really annoying as they tend to do it every 20seconds and I had to mute the background sound. Double up feature has a really slow animation and it takes up to 6-7seconds to finish after which you will know did you win or not and it's really frustrating waiting that long for just one coinflip to happen.

It took me a lot of time to get money wheel bonus there were so many teases that I even stop getting excited seeing the scatter symbol and when you finally get it they tend to be really disappointing, in my 800 spins I only managed to get them 3 times and two of them paid 0 and 2x and for 3rd one I managed to get 18 spins and even a re-trigger with additional 12(good side) just to finish up with 20x win.
Afi4wins 2050 reviews
Reviewed on May 24, 2017


Hmmm, I don't know who started this 'Good versus Bad' theme, but I've seen 3 or more of such themed games, all with different game titles, but with the same game concept of 'More Wins' versus 'Big Wins', or the Angel versus the Devil, whichever way you see it. The Angel is more kind, and so provides more wins, but generally small wins, and the Devil is more cruel, but provides big wins at the right times, or end up with nothing at all! Yep, absolutely no win at all, if you're unlucky enough. I always prefer bigger wins, so I'm always picking this ssexy Devil girl to provide me with the big wins that I want. Getting them is another matter altogether! Hahaha.

In this 15-paylines game from BetSoft, a player can choose to play on the Angel side, the Devil side, or on both sides, but incurring double the cost of each spin. Well, I did say I'm into the bigger wins, so I've always played this game on the greedy side, meaning, playing on both sides, paying double the cost for each spin, but getting paid both ways for all wins. To win big, you have to be greedy, hahaha.

The Wild symbol comes in 2 colours - Blue for the Angel, Red for the Devil. Win values for all the symbols are set in the same way, with the Devil's side having twice as much value. All values indicated hereon are for the Devil's symbols. The Wild symbol pays 1000x the line bet for getting 5 of them, it substitutes for other symbols except for the Scatter symbol, but doesn't become stacked or expanded. Doubling, tripling and quadrupling of wins are only with the Extra Wild symbols of the Pitchfork and the Halo symbols. The Blue Wilds appear on reels 1, 2 and 3 only, whilst the Red Wilds appear on reels 3, 4 and 5 only.

Getting the Pitchfork symbol side by side with the Halo symbol on any active payline, triggers a 'Click Me' Bonus game. Pick to play on the Angel's side or on the Devil's side. 4 Boxes are then shown, with 1 box highlighted, carrying either a Big Win or a 'Collect' icon to end the feature game. For big wins, go for this highlighted boxes for each pick. For smaller safer wins, go for the normal boxes - the choice is entirely yours. Which did I go for? It was always the highlighted boxes - got one big win, but lost all the others, hahaha.

The Money Wheel is the Scatter symbol, it doesn't pay anything for getting them, and appears only on reels 1, 3 and 5. Get all 3 symbols to play the Money Wheel Bonus game, whereby instant cash prizes or free spins can be won, but the Wheel has one spot with no win at all. Get this and the game is dead! Yep, I hit that blardy spot once and got no win at all, but got the free spins on 2 other occasions, one of which paid a nice decent win of almost 100x my bet amount. The other one sucked! Hahaha. As for the symbols in the game, the 2 Girls pay 360x each, the 2 Cats pay 180x each, and the others pay from 90x to 45x, all per line bet for getting 5 of each kind. Still a very low paytable though.


This Good Girl Bad Girl game can be exactly as what it implies - either good, or terribly bad. As for me, I've played it quite a number of times, losing most times, and winning only once, but never got to make a big enough win for a withdrawal. In the end, the Devil won! Hahaha. But, I did enjoy the times when that devilish Bad Girl was good to me, and I do believe that much bigger wins are possible to get. However, I'm not the devilish to try and get them! Hahaha.
zerooo 742 reviews
Reviewed on April 28, 2016


Good Girl Bad Girl is an old video slot machine from Betsoft software provider. It has 5 reels and 15 pay lines. The design and graphics are great here, I think one of the best Betsoft graphics game. I played it just a few days ago, but I do not like it so much.

The game has three different modes. You can play it in good mode, bad mode or in both mode. If you decide to play in both modes the minimum bet will be 0.3€ per spin. In this mode game will pay both ways. Sure I choose this one while I was playing, I was hoping to get some decent results from it.

Something special about wild symbols is at this game. When you get the pitchfork and halo symbols they will instantly transform into a wild symbol. Each wild symbol will reveal a hidden multiplier. Pitchfork wild can go up to x4 multiplier, while halo wild symbol up to x2 only. I had many times this wild symbols and I like that they appear quite often, but I do not like the payouts. I got like x2, x2 multiplier and some symbols but the payouts were so small. I expected bigger, better payouts.

Two more features are here. Click me feature where you can win some coins win – to win it you have to pick/select gift boxes and the prize will be reveal. Another feature which I don’t like. I won from it around 2€ from min bet. The last feature is money wheel bonus. Here you can win coin prizes or free spins. I got twice coin wins when I played and one time 12 free spins. But from free spins I won only around 4€ from 0,30€.

I think this game is good, but I do not think I will play it again. I am disappointed about payouts here, from free spins only around x10 bet, from click me feature almost the same. Also during main game I never had any decent winnings, and this is the reason why I don’t like it so much. I will rate it with 5 stars.
Raptordinos 866 reviews
Reviewed on July 23, 2014


"Bad Girl Good Girl," in my opinion, is one of the best games developed by Betsoft Gaming. Not only it has excellent graphics, animations and sound effects, but is totally fun and, well focused, has a high potential to be very profitable too. Throughout the game the player has the possibility to choose the game mode between good girl, bad girl, or both, and this basically affects two things, the first is the volatility of the game and the second the direction in which paylines are completed. If the player chooses good girl, then the game becomes less volatile, with less risk, but also lower profits and lines are filled from left to right and wild symbols only have 1 x and 2 x multipliers; if you choose bad girl, the game becomes more volatile, with higher risk, but higher profits and the lines are filled from right to left and have wild multiplier symbols 1 x, 2 x, 3 x and 4 x. Both girls multipliers always appear regardless of the game mode you have chosen, but the difference is noticeable because good girl wild symbols appear in reels 1, 2, and 3, and bad girl ones in reels 3, 4, and 5, and all these is an important point when considering the payline completing direction. In the game instructions are recommended playing in the combined mode and it is logical that your chances are enhanced in this neutral manner, and based on my personal experience with this game, it's worth paying such double stake value in order to double your winning chances.

When I play in casinos that use Betsoft slots, I always try to play Good Girl Bad Girl, and so far, I can say that most of times I've been done with some gains in my balance, and my strategy primarily involves the following:

- When I scale my bet, I do it not adding coins, but increasing the value of each coin, this is most useful when you get prizes on the wheel of fortune and "Click me" feature.
- I always play in neutral mode (+ Bad Girl Good Girl).
- In the wheel of fortune I always choose Good Girl.
- In "Click Me" feature, I always choose bad girl and then always choose one box different from Glowing Gift box.

All these in order to increase my chances to win according to the game rules, and certainly that have worked for me the most of times.

Good Girl Bad Girl has always seemed a fantastic game to me and if you want it you can try my strategy in fun mode to see if you find it well too and, of course, you can opt for playing it in the way that works better for you.
katemak 1262 reviews
Reviewed on July 20, 2014


Good or Bad, Heaven or Hell eternal battle between this two girls playing on the reels. The good one with Angelic face dressed in white close, which represents the Angel and the Devilish girl, with horns on her had all dressed up in black surely doesn't like as a Angel, but the Devil itself.

On this game everything is about good and bad symbols even the cats, even the letters and numbers are in good and bad emotion. I was curios about the game itself,s o being the fan of, or I just might say I am interested in things like Angels, Witches and demons to be all complete, I love movies and games with theme stories with witches as such this one.

But to be honest, this game being 3D from Betonsoft providers, doesn't look like one, the graphic is terrible, well for my taste it is, I was expecting much more of the game, the game itself, didn't impressed me not even a bit. Why? Because the this slot is to way expensive to play or its to tight to give, don't know.

The first time I played this game at Videoslots casino, giving me 10 free. Ok from 10 spins you cant see anything, so after that I deposited 20 euros and continue to play. I was spinning and spinning till the last cent and the highest win I got from this game was 2.40 euros and that was from the wheel, the money wheel is triggered when 3 or more scatters lands anywhere on reels and then you got the bonus wheel.

So it gives you the opportunity to choose the good or the bad, choosing the good Angelcan trigger the free spins,but the money bonus is lower, and choosing the bad girl will give you no free spins but bigger amount of cash. So like I said I didn't win anything on this game and I do not recommend it because it pays to little to waste your time and money too.
valentin68 535 reviews
Reviewed on July 17, 2014


“Good Girl-Bad Girl” is a slot that is somehow a modern version of the stories with good witches and demons. Although generally I am not a person too inclined towards mysticism, I did not dared to play this slot otherwise than in the version given by the good witch or given by both good and bad girls (and I avoided to play the game in the demonic option offered alone). The slot can be found in BetSoft casinos, and at least in my opinion, although this is a 3D slot game, it is somewhat weaker than the average slot seen here.

With 5 minor symbols (symbols that depict the figures from a deck of cards) and 4 major ones (the two witches and their cats) the wins offered are not that big. When you choose to play in the variant featuring both witches with 2 cents/coin and 30 coins bet, the amount of money you need to have available for the game must be quite big, even because any wins you are not significant enough in 90% of the cases. A win here is generally some 10-20 coins and only rarely several hundred coins that from time to time manage offset the previous losses. To play the Money Wheel, a kind of bonus here is yet easy enough to reach (about once after 20-50 spins). By choosing one of the two Girls (Good or Bad) you will get a spin on the Wheel to win a sum of money that in most cases is quite small (60-120 coins), and only with big luck becomes exorbitant.

Maybe I did not play enough, or maybe it was not to be, but I got bored after the first 200 spins before the “Pick Me” Feature. This, along with Money Wheel is the second feature offered here, when you will choose from the gifts on the screen (each for a payout) until the one containing “Collect”. Like I said, I quit the slot after just 200 spins with regret that it did not offered more variety and more special wins. The total losses were quite significant and even if usual when you play at BetSoft slots you win from time to time, here never I had something extra.

Maybe other players will have a better opinion about this slot, but it had not satisfied me like other 3D BetSoft slots.

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