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Zezd0 Jordania
Postado em 10 de agosto de 2020

I have deposited 30 Euro using bitcoin with a 100% bonus with 70x wagering and turned it into 1000 euro and finished the wagering, this happened about 2 weeks ago. Ever since I finished the wagering I've been trying to verify my account by contacting them by Email, every time I send a document they ask me for another one, which is not a problem because that's the procedure but every email takes a minimum of 2 days to get a reply, and more if its a weekend. I ended up submitting my Id, passport, bank statement, bank statement with seal and a selfie of myself with my passport and the yoyosite casino open. I've done all this and they still froze my account for "not verifying it" they asked for proof of income even tho the deposit was only 30 Euro, i explained i am a student and that I don't have an income and rely on my father, so they asked for a bank statement that shows transaction for the last 3 months from the month of this interview, I didn't have any transactions so i submitted the same bank statement as that's what the support agent told me to do. After 3 days they email me saying "Give us your cryptocurrency address so we can refund you the 30 Euro you deposited." the casino is cheating me off 970 Euros that I have won and that's not fair, I followed everything they asked for, played slots only, didn't bet more than the amount that is allow nor did i increase my bet by a drastic amount and they still froze my account and refused to pay me or verify my account. I have attached all the Emails and my account balance before it got frozen. I would like my fair winnings please, as I could have lost my initial deposit at any moment but I was lucky enough to win a large amount. I also have video footage of me playing slots and winning the large amounts that increased my balance. I can upload the video footage if necessary.

Postado em 10 de agosto de 2020

Dear everyone,

YoYo Casino has provided evidence directly to AskGamblers regarding this case and remains available for further clarification of the matter.

Best regards,
YoYoCasino Team

Zezd0 Jordania
Postado em 13 de agosto de 2020

Dear AskGamblers,
Thank you for your cooperation and help in order to solve my problem.
In order to support a criminal conviction for charges involving fraud, The casino must be able to prove that I purposely misrepresented an important fact to them, with the intent to defraud them, and caused them harm for relying on the misrepresentation.
The casino raising a case for criminal fraud has the burden of proving that I did in fact commit fraud. Without proving that it is just allegations (Insufficient evidence)
I think it is simply means that there is not enough to show.
As I explained before I have submitted all documents as it were issued from the sources (government, bank) and I am more than happy to provide you with all sessions of slots that I played (video recorded) .
I think the casino has to prove that I intended to deceive them as an element of fraud. As fraud is a serious charge.
As a result, a fraud conviction requires the intent to deceive to be proven as an element of criminal fraud. In my case there is absence of intent to commit a crime.
By law they have to specify which documents /slots I have committed act of fraud on, then I can check with the source who issued the documents or I have to contact the providers who’s games I played on to tell them about this issue I am facing with this casino.
I have had no proof from the casino for fraud or what I have done wrong to the casino to have my account closed, I played fairly and submitted all the documents required as I have received them from their sources (Government, Bank), and I do have recorded footage of me playing slots that I can show if needed.
I would like to reach a fair conclusion as I have not used cheats during any of my sessions, and I have won the 1000 Euros fairly.

Thank you very much,
Zeid Azar.

Postado em 17 de agosto de 2020

Dear all,

Kindly note that the AskGamblers Complaint Team requested additional evidence and details from the YoyoCasino team due to the fact that we considered the information and proof they presented not justified enough to confirm the accusations against the player.

Should the operator fail to provide such an update within the specified timeframes, the case shall be considered unresolved and will be closed accordingly.

Postado em 18 de agosto de 2020

Dear AskGamblers,

We are delighted to notify you that we have managed to find a positive resolution of this case following our direct communication with the player.
We kindly ask the player to simply confirm that the case can be considered as ''Positively Resolved'' for all parties involved.

Yours sincerely,
YoYoCasino Administration

Zezd0 Jordania
Postado em 18 de agosto de 2020

Dear Askgamblers,

I would like to thank you for your amazing help regarding this case. the disputed amount has been transferred to my cryptocurrency wallet.
You guys are doing an amazing job, without you I wouldn't have received my winnings, so on behalf of all gamblers who have unfair problems with casinos, I thank you for providing fairness and not a biased view for the gambling community.

Thank you yoyocasino for sending in my winnings, but I wont interact with your company or sister casinos. :)

The case is now "positively resolved".

Thank you all.

Postado em 18 de agosto de 2020

Dear all,

As apparent from the submitter's latest post, the AskGamblers Complaint Team is pleased to announce the case has been resolved and closed.

We thank both parties for their assistance during the complaint process.

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