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Casino Euro - Confiscating 100,000 SEK jackpot due to max bet violation, refusing to provide any proof

Informação da reclamação
Cassino em disputa CasinoEuro
Motivo Violação dos termos do bônus
Valor kr 91000
swedani Suécia
Postado em 3 de outubro de 2017


I played at https:­//w­ww.c­as­ino­eur­ for a few days a few weeks ago. I played on many slotmachines but Jackpot Jester Wild Nudge stands out because I won the jackpot worth 100000SEK (~ 10000EUR).
After that I continued to play a little bit, because I had a bonus balance that had to be wagered 40 times. When I was done with that I finally made a withdrawal of 91000SEK.

After a few days had passed without the money reaching my personal account I contacted the company's support via an email. I asked what was happening with my withdrawal and I also expressed my joy for winning the big jackpot. I also told them that I had lost a lot lately and that I have some difficulties with the gambling.

They replied that they were carrying out some security checks and that it would take longer then usual. They also announced that they had frozen my account because I expressed concern about my gambling in my mail to them.
A few days later, I get an email from a diffrent email address (csman­age­men­[email protected]­asi­noe­ In that mail they told me that I had violated a bonus rule. The rule reads:

"The maximum bet allowed for an active bonus is €6 (60SEK) per game round or 50 eurocents per row."

And as a result, all my winnings had been removed and my account is frozen.

I could not understand what they meant. I was fully aware of the rules for bonus money and I also have the habit of beting around ~25SEK on slot machines. I am 100% sure that I never bet more then 60SEK on any machine.
And since then I have tried to find answers. I have sent email after email requesting, even begging for details about this.

On what machine do they say this happened?
How much do they claim I had bet?
Is there any special cases where the bet is made in an unusual way, maybe not directly from the account balance?
Is this about "Jackpot Jester Wild Nudge", where I won the jackpot? (When you win on this slot the winnings are not transferred to your balace, instead you can use it on a special bonus wheel. And on that wheel you can not decide how much to bet. If this special case count as betting as usual I am not sure if more then 60SEK was ever used. If that is the case they will not tell me anyway.)

It is also stated in the rules that:
"Real money will be deducted before Bonus money when you play in the casino."
I therefore also asked what rules apply in my case, because my balance was never lower than my real money.

And many other questions...

They have not answered a single question or given me any information at all. The only thing they said is that they have made that decision. And now they no longer answer my emails at all. I have never been treated this badly by any customer service anywhere.

I must have the right to know why I am denied my winnings, especially when it comes to such a large sum, am I not?

So I have lost almost 100000SEK and do not have the brightest idea why or what I've done wrong.
And my account at https:­//w­ww.c­as­ino­eur­ has been locked so I can not log in and try to find out what this is all about myself.

I apologize so much for writing so much. The matter here has been very stressful and I do not understand anything.

And as you probably understand, English is not my main language, so if I need to clarify something, please feel free to send me an email.

Thank you so much for your help!

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