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Melbet Casino - Removed payment option without any warning or reasonable explanation


Informação da reclamação

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Melbet Casino


Postado em 17 de maio de 2020

I have been playing at Melbet almost daily for over 6 months now, and I am currently approaching VIP level in their 8-step progression (see attached), which means I have wagered over quarter of a million euro at their casino since joining. I have had no complaints or grievances with the casino in all this time; in fact, I gave them a 10 star review on which I still stand by, apart from this issue which they don't seem to care about resolving. I have waited 3 days before coming to make this complaint, but feel I have little other option now because the casino are failing to provide any help on the issue via chat.

Since joining, I have used Neteller for making both deposits and withdrawals. Recently, the option to withdraw via Neteller has disappeared from the site without warning or notification, but funnily enough, the option to deposit using this method is still available - my understanding is that you must withdraw funds to the same method used for deposits - a standard condition across all online casinos. As a result, I have been able to deposit funds from my Neteller account but there's no option to withdraw, so I now have money sitting in my Melbet account for days that I cannot withdraw - of course I cannot continue to play at the casino if it's not possible to make a withdrawal anymore.

Neteller is the only viable option they have for me to make and receive payments - they don't do Skrill or Visa/Mastercard etc. I have been in touch with them in chat on a couple of occasions to explain the situation and ask them to clarify if the option to withdraw via Neteller is going to be reinstated, and am getting blunt responses that do not answer my question... so in the meantime, I am left in limbo with no assurance that anything is actually going to be done to enable me to withdraw. I would appreciate if someone from Melbet could shed some light on the situation, and perhaps answer the following questions:

1. Is the option to use Neteller to withdraw funds going to become available again, and if so, can you please give an estimated timeline when it will be available again?

2. If Neteller is not going to be returned as a withdrawal option, can you please just tell me so, and explain why (considering I have been able to use it for 6 months without any problems) - I have contacted Neteller, and from their perspective, there's no reason why I shouldn't be able to use it - all their systems are operating normally.

3. In the event that Neteller is not going to be available to withdraw anymore, how do you propose to pay me the money that's sitting in my Melbet account?

4. Why is it possible to still deposit using Neteller but not withdraw... that's nothing more than a money-trap - can pay money in but can't get paid back out!

Thanks in advance for your responses.

Postado em 18 de maio de 2020

We are very glad that you have been our user for a long time and will be happy to help you always.
We are very saddened by the situation:
Let 's start by answering your questions.
We are always working to improve the system of payments and conclusions, at the moment netteler unfortunately has become not available, but soon we will return it. Exact date, not yet, but we 're working to get it back as fast as we can.
To withdraw funds, write your MELBET account number so we can help you.
Unfortunately, this issue is very legally complex, we are solving with Neteller and soon everything will work.

Postado em 18 de maio de 2020

Thanks for your reply - if I had gotten this reply from your chat representatives when I asked them (on multiple occasions), I would not have registered a complaint on!

I ended up setting up Payeer to be able to withdraw my funds, which was a bit of an ordeal with lots of back and forth by email with your security crew. However, Payeer is fairly useless to me, very high withdrawal fees (EUR5 flat charge plus 3.99% of transaction amount, and up to 5 days to process) if I want to access my money. This is in contrast to Neteller, where I can spend money from my Neteller account using my Neteller-linked Mastercard.

As a result, I have enjoyed playing at Melbet, but will not play at the site again until Neteller (or other suitable option such as Skrill, Visa, Mastercard) are available again - I will check in often to see when one of these payment options is available again.



Postado em 19 de maio de 2020

Good day!
We are working on it.
Thanks for your feedback, it is so important to us.
Best regards,

Postado em 19 de maio de 2020

Please consider this complaint addressed - thanks

Postado em 19 de maio de 2020

Dear all,

As apparent from the submitter's latest post, the AskGamblers Complaint Team is pleased to announce the case has been resolved and closed.

We thank both parties for their assistance during the complaint process.

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