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€ 4000

Postado em 3 de maio de 2022

It's been more than 2 days and withdrawal of 4000 euro is pending. I have talked to their customer chat and they told me all withdrawals will be processed in max of 24 hours. but then it's already more than 48 hours and still no response or email from the casino side.

My account is fully verified and I have also uploaded my all deposit proof into the casino. Their customer chat don't have any idea just give me copy and paste responses and ask to be patient and wait. This is the second time when my withdrawal is delayed.

Postado em 5 de maio de 2022


They did not respond here and my withdrwal is still pending. They close my account without any reason. I contected them and told me they close my account as per administrive. not providing me the reson. I have attache the proof.

Postado em 6 de maio de 2022

Hello Dhaval,

Thank you for letting us know about your problem. We are very sorry that you've faced issues with the withdrawal.
We’ll contact you as soon as we’re done reviewing your account and provide with all information about this delay. Our team is working on this case at the moment.
Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Postado em 6 de maio de 2022

Its been more than 7 days. How long do you need time for review? it’s straightforward. My account is verified and I have uploaded all the deposit documents and still nothing happened from your side. this is pure scam from your side. And I don’t understand the reason behind closing my account. Do you have anything reason about that ?

None of your agents are known about this issue even the VIP manager. they all just gives same response and again here same typical response again.

just processed my withdrawal as soon as possible.

Postado em 10 de maio de 2022

Hello Dhaval,

Thank you so much for your patience.
Your account has been temporarily closed at the moment of the investigation.
We have been waiting for the answer from the game provider regarding your winning. Once we get all information, we will immediately contact you with an explanation why it took extra time. Please accept our apologies for the delay.

Postado em 10 de maio de 2022


Askgembler representative

As you have seen it’s been almost 2 weeks and is just making excuses to denied my withdrawal. have you seen any casino wich need more than 2 weeks to check winning?

It’s clear I have genuinely played live dealers game and my winning are completely legal.

It’s just typical denial of because they just don’t want to give me my withdrawal. and this is again same copy and paste template response

They just came here on last hours to make a comment so they will get another 96 hour to delay my payment.

its just shame on

Postado em 10 de maio de 2022

Dear Dhaval,

We inform you again that your question has not been forgotten.At the moment, the situation is such that we are forced to expect a response from the game provider regarding your question.As soon as we get any results, you will be informed.We are doing our best to speed up this process, but since there is a third party involved in it, please try to understand that we depend on the response time and investigation time taken on their end.
We ask you not to worry and take into account that our VIP manager will contact you once we receive more information.
Please, accept our apologies and thank you very much for your patience!

Postado em 10 de maio de 2022

There is no any VIP manager in your casino. I don’t believe any of your response. So many time I have been told tha I will be contacted via manager and my withdrawal will be processed within few days. But again its 2 weeks and nothing happened at all.

Now it’s look like totally scam to me from your side.

Just don’t provide any response without any soulution.

Just wasting my time and also taken my wining amount including deposit.

I request any player who is seeing my comment to stay out of this casino. because they will proceed your small winning within 2 hours but as soon as you have bigger winnings then they will just try like this.

scam casino

I request askgamblers representative to take action on this matter. at least mark this casino at scam in your website.

Postado em 13 de maio de 2022

Hello Dhaval,

We would like to inform you that we are still working on the request.We completely understand your frustration and our specialists are indeed doing their best to solve the question as quickly as possible, but the speed of providing an answer depends also from the game provider as your winning is under examination.We will be back soon with more details concerning this case.
Your patience in this matter is greatly appreciated!
Hope for your understanding.

Postado em 13 de maio de 2022

As always again at end of time live casino just came here and give typical response so that they will get another 96 hours. such a shame on casino. And also Frustrating for player. they are just delaying without any reason. what kind of winnings is under investigation? total bullying. I just played on your website and I simply win the amount on the bet I placed. I don’t understand what kind of investigation this is.

I request Askgembler to take immediate action because Live casino is here just wasting time and doing nothing. they just came here at the deadline of time and get another 96 hours.

Postado em 17 de maio de 2022

As we have already reported, the processing time is not only up to us, but also to the game provider. We are still waiting for a response from him. Sorry for the inconvenience. I hope very much for your understanding. As soon as we receive a reply, we will be sure to let you know.

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