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hubsen1980 Noruega
Postado em 1 de julho de 2019

on May 17th I have won 55.000 NOK and 40.000 NOK that I later have requested payout on the same day to my bank account in Norway, Sbanken.

Later on 20th May i have won 47.000 NOK that I also the same day requested payout for. I did not use any bonuses, nor have I used campaigns. The payouts were all approved on the same day as requested. I did react that i did not received any e-mail reciepts comfirming the payouts.

Five days have passed without any payment reaching the account, and I contacted the casinos customer service to check the status. I was asked to send the account statement, and further waint for 10 bank days, even though they state 5 days for the account transfer. No money has arrived.

I have been presented with following excuses throughout this period:

1. 3rd party pyment provider had technical issues (Hexopay) - this has caused the delay first 2 weeks.

2. The bank has rejected the payment (yet I have spoken to my bank on several occasions asking if the payment has been rejected? The bank has responded that there are no records of any payments being rejected, nevertheless there has not been any payments notices received to be refused in the first place - The conversation proof with my bank has been sent to the customer service on 3 occassions.

3. Blaiming the Norwegian banks again for refusing the payouts, due to the legislation. (This is completly understandable, if that was the case, but again after several conversations with my bank, no trace of incoming transactions could have been located by the bank, that again reassured me that all the transactions are logged in their systems and if there and refusals from their side, that would also reflect on their logs - but no record has been found)

I have later provided an alternative solution to Frank and Fred, completly solving the situation, by rerouting the payouts to my Revolut account, with the Brittish IBAN number, solving the situation with Norwegian bank refusing the payment.

This has totaly been ignored at after daily connversation with them, where I strongly, daily insisted on rerouting the money to my revolut, i was told that the money has again been sent to the Norwegian account.

I have sent two official complaints, both answered with more excuses. I have asked for evedance of payment, regardless the status, I have not been provided with any. That could actually back up the statements that the payments have been done. Never received.

Friday 21st June, I was told by Tor from Loyality department, that the money was requested back to my player account. It has now gone 8 days, totally 55 days since the payout and no one at frand and fred either wants to tell me when i can expect the money nor if I will get them.

I feel I am being made a complete fool of, and I have never experianced less professional service anywhere else.

I at level 108 at this casino, meaning diamond member, next highest level - the status has nothing to say, eather to this case alone, nor has it any impact on any special bonuses or services this casino claims to offer.

I would appriciate you guys making a review of this, preferrably warning any players seekimng guidince on your pages to stay away from PlayCherry Limited casinos as I strongly susspect that legitimacy of their business and their business model no else then criminal.

I would appriciate if you guys checked this case, I do wonder what they will tell you.

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Postado em 1 de julho de 2019

Dear @hubsen1980,

Please make sure to update your complaint accordingly and clarify the total amount of the disputed withdrawal request/s.

Thanks for cooperating the AskGamblers Complaints Team.

hubsen1980 Noruega
Postado em 1 de julho de 2019

In total amount of 147.000 NOK - 15.000 EUR

hubsen1980 Noruega
Postado em 3 de julho de 2019

I have today received money back to my players account and successfuly have made a withdraw to the Skrill account.
The matter is resolved.

Postado em 3 de julho de 2019

Based on submitter's last post AskGamblers Complaints Team consider this case as Resolved and it is officially closed now.

Thank you all for your cooperation.

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