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kingkong388 Noruega
Postado em 30 de junho de 2020

I have now been struggling for months with a withdrawal from Frank&Fred.

It started late in March 2020. I order a withdrawal on 7000 NOK 28.03.2020. They asked me for some documents. ID, Proof of adress and proof of payments. I sent this over. Then they asked me to take a selfi with ID and send the picture over. I did that aswell. But i took selfi with my passport. They asked to take a new selfi with the ID i sent in the first time. That was my driver license. I took a new selfi with my driver license and sent in 28 May 2020.

I have been in contact with them several times on live support, but they just tell me that they are still checking my documents. It seems that they just stall and stall. I have given they everyting they have asked for. I was in contact with them today and i got the same answer. They are still checking it. I am now tired of waiting several months for my money.

I hope askgamblers can help me here.

Postado em 2 de julho de 2020


While we understand your frustration with this matter, please note that your withdrawal is on hold as we still need to verify your account. I have looked into your issue with our Customer Support team and have asked them to contact you via email again. The requirements and explanation have been shared with you there.

Please appreciate that before your account has been properly verified, we cannot proceed with any payout.

Kind regards,
Frank & Fred Team

kingkong388 Noruega
Postado em 2 de julho de 2020

It have now gone several months. I have already provided the asked documents.
And then you asked me to take a selfi with ID.
I sent you selfi with my passport.
Then you asked for a selfi with my driver license.
I sent that over to you 28th May, i have been in contact with you on live chat several times.
And got the same answer every time - you are on the case and checking my documents.

Now after that i have make a complain on askgamblers you finaly answer me, but
now you say its low quality on my selfi?? Come on Frank and Fred - the picture is crystal clear.
And its gone over one month before you reply me!
Please make my withdraw that i actually order 28.03.2020.
I have sent all the requested documents and have already waited for months.

Postado em 3 de julho de 2020


Please note that the verification of a player's identity is something which is at the forefront of the current legislation. This, in essence, is to ensure we follow the AML-directives which are mandatory within the EU. Without going into any player details, we cannot, will not, and are not allowed to accept anything which is not deemed 100%. Here the guidelines are quite clear, and "simple things" such as low quality, not including all corners of a document and such are simply deemed not acceptable.

As per the information which you've received several times via our Support, both via E-mail and Live chat, most recently yesterday - Please provide the requested documentation.

Given this case is related to KYC, which hundreds, if not thousands of Frank & Fred players properly comply with each month without any issues/delay, we deem this thread closed. You have received the instructions via both Live Chat and E-mail, please follow them.

If you are still not happy or feel we've done something wrong, feel free to escalate to our licensor: https:­//w­ww.m­ga.or­g.m­t/s­upp­ort­/on­lin­e-g­ami­ng-­sup­port/

Kind regards,
Frank & Fred team

Postado em 3 de julho de 2020

Dear @kingkong388,

The AskGamblers Complaint Team is kindly asking you to assist the Frank & Fred Casino team further and send the required verification paperwork.

Please keep in mind that as per the AGCCS Terms and Guidelines which you accepted upon registering and using our complaints system, you are obliged to provide the necessary level of assistance and cooperation during the process. Should you refuse sending the required verification paperwork, we will have no other choice but to reject the case and recommend you forwarding it to the relevant regulatory body.

Thanks for your cooperation.

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