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SannahPanna Suécia
Postado em 20 de janeiro de 2018


I made a deposit of 2 000 SEK to recive the welcome bonus of 100%. I recived the bonus without any problems, and i had a wagering requirment of 80 000 SEK.

I started to play a Netent-game (Secrets of christmas). I won up to around 11 000 SEK. After that i changed game to Good girl, bad girl. After some few hundred spins i discovered that the wagering wasnt right, and that the game didnt contribute with 100% to the wagering. I looked the terms, and that game wasn't in the list of games that contribute with less than 100%.
So i asked support why it was so. After that they changed their terms and added that game in the list.

After that i waited a few days, and returned to the casino to play with the 9 990 i had left, but first i contacted support, to ask if there was any other games that didnt contributed with 100% , that wasnt on the excluded-game-list.

The support answered me that my account was suspended until i had verified my identity, and that i couldnt play until it was finished. So i did send in all the requested documents. After that i recived this mail:

Dear X,

Thank you for contacting our YoYoCasino Support Team.

We want to inform you, that your win in the bonus game have been declined by our Financial Department.

Your duplicate account has been found by our Department of Safety . This is forbidden by rules of our casino.

Your win have been canceled. Your account is closed without of chance to restore

During the next 24 hours your deposit in amount of 1800 SEK -10% ( transaction of the payment system "SKRILL" ) would return to you. Please request the withdraw 1800 SEK which have been returned to your balance.

If you have any additional question please do not hesitate to contact us via email suppor­t@y­oyo­cas­ino.com or via Live Chat.

Best Wishes,
YoYoCasino.com Team

Отписаться от рассылки"

If i understand this right, they are accusing me of having more than 1 account on YoyoCasino, wich is not right!
I have only one account on YoyoCasino. I have an account on Boaboa, which is the same owner, but not 2 accounts on the same casino.

I dont know why they are accusing me of this, and i want to know why. I moved to a new apartment in December, so it's totally impossible that someone with the same IP-adress or something has played on this casino before.

Postado em 22 de janeiro de 2018

Dear valued player,

After you registered at our website, your account has been checked by our security system and recognized as duplicate. According to paragraph 3.3 of Terms and Conditions players are allowed to open only one game account.

At the moment you have a withdrawal request. It will be payed out by Financial Department at the shortest period and than you account will be closed without possibility of reopening it.

If it will be required, we are ready to provide all the necessary evidence to the AskGamblers’ Administration. You will be notified about funds withdrawal and account closure via e-mail.

Best regards,
Administration of YoYoCasino.

Postado em 22 de janeiro de 2018

Dear YoyoCasino,

Please provide evidence that player breached casino's terms and opened multiple accounts. Aforementioned evidence please send directly to the AskGamblers Complaint Team at suppor­t@a­skg­amb­ler­s.com.

Thank you in advance.

SannahPanna Suécia
Postado em 24 de janeiro de 2018

Have YoyoCasino provided you with any sort of evidence related to the act they are accusing me of?

They did pay me back 1 800, i did deposit 2 000. I have withdraw them. But im still not satisfied of the desiscion from them to close my account and confiscate the 9 990 SEK i had on my account without any reason.
And i cant find anything in their terms that says that Skrill-withdrawals will have a fee of 10%.

Postado em 26 de janeiro de 2018

AskGamblers Complaints Team have been provided with valid evidence on behalf the management of YoyoCasino where it is clearly displayed that player had opened more than one account. Player by these actions violated general casino term #3.3

3.3 Only one gaming account is allowed for your real personal data. Opening an account is allowed only for one person, using one address, one phone number, and one IP address. Any other accounts that are opened on the Website will be considered as 'Duplicate Accounts." In that case, the Casino reserves the right to close all of the Duplicate Accounts and to apply the following sanctions: each action performed using a Duplicate Account is considered void. If while the Duplicate Account was active, monetary funds, bonuses, or winnings were taken out of the Duplicate Account, they will be lost and the Casino retains the right to ask for them back. YoYoCasino.com reserves the right to cancel bets, reject bonuses of any kind, cancel participation in any promotional activity, as well as permanently ban any client from the bonus program of the Website. It also reserves the right to disallow opening an account or close an existing account without prior written notice or any explanation.

Based on the above, AskGamblers Complaints Team consider this case as Resolved and it is now officially closed. In case of a disagreement with our decision we remind player that further assistance on this matter could be requested from the relevant licensing authority responsible for YoyoCasino.

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