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pubblicato il 25 luglio 2020

I made a deposit of £150 on 11/7/20. The deposit was successful. Immediately after I had a pop up saying my account had been frozen. I do not know why. I have tried to contact by the online system but can’t get it to work without being signed in. I have now emailed them for a response 8 times. I have received 1 response saying they have forwarded my query to a team and will be contacted as soon as possible. I have still heard nothing . I feel that 2 weeks of constant Contact and No response is appalling. I believe that I May have used this site before and therefore there could be a duplicate account issue but as I have had no response I do not actually know what the problem is. I have also asked them to refund the £150 but again I’ve had nothing I am at my wits end as this is driving me insane. Not being able to contact them and then not replying to me is totally disgusting I feel that two weeks to get at least some response is more than adequate

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