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pubblicato il 29 aprile 2017

On the eighth of April, when I was playing live blackjack, I won a bonus of 500 GBP (on live blackjack, with only 5x wagering requirements) for getting three identical cards, in accordance with the previous T&C's of the promotion "Hit 3 of a kind and get your bonus!". Rebecca B. from Betfair Customer Service confirmed to me after she contacted the manager, that this promotion is also applied to the table where I play - Live Unlimited Blackjack, "as there is nothing which indicates otherwise on the promotion".

Excerpt from chat with Rebecca:
Rebecca B: I am terribly sorry about this. I have confirmed this with my manager.
Rebecca B: It actually applies to Unlimited BlackJack however the bonus
will be credited after 24 hours.
Aleksandr < surname removed >: Game code 6634618765 date 2017-04-08 20:18:45 GMT+03:00
Rebecca B: I am very sorry about this Mr < surname removed >.
Aleksandr < surname removed >: So my bonus will be credited within 24 hours?
Rebecca B: Yes it will be credited after 24 hours.
Aleksandr < surname removed >: Already passed 72
Aleksandr < surname removed >: The promotion still applies to unlimited blackjack?
Rebecca B: Yes it still applies to Unlimited BlackJack as there is nothing which indicates otherwise on the promotion.
(I have a screenshot with this chat)

Despite this, instead of crediting in 24 hours the promised bonus, Betfair have set in my account restrictions on casino slots and live casino.These products are no longer available in my account. However, other gambling products are still available (Arcade, Macau, Bingo).

After sending a complaint to Betfair, I received a response that I did not fulfill T&C's, because in accordance with T&C's "Only play at Betfair branded tables will count towards this promotion." and "Only the decision making players (box owners) for each box can qualify for a prize.".
In my reply to this, I pointed out that both these terms were absent in the T&C's at the time of receiving a combination of three identical cards. I provided a screenshot with previous T&C's that confirms this.
After that, they told me that Eligible Games only lists Live Blackjack and i was playing Live Unlimited Blackjack. But it's just ridiculous. Unlimited Blackjack is type of Live Blackjack. And in previous Live Blackjack promotions, Live Unlimited Blackjack was an eligible game, despite the fact that it was not listed. And I received small bonuses for playing Unlimited Blackjack many times in these promotions.

1. AFTER I won the bonus Betfair changed T&C's of the promotion, and in accordance with the new T&C's refuses to credit the bonus.
2. Customer service advisors and managers lie and are not responsible for their words.

Thank you.
Alexandr < surname removed >

pubblicato il 2 maggio 2017

Hi Alex,

Thanks for your email and apologies for your issues.

I have spoken with the live casino manager and he has informed me you have now been credited.

I trust this resolves the situation.


pubblicato il 2 maggio 2017

Thanks for crediting the bonus, but I can not use it because, as I pointed out in my complaint, a live casino as well as casino slots are not available in my account since April 12th - it's аbout a day after the promise to credit the bonus. I hope you did not try to deceive me again by crediting a bonus and realizing that I can not use it.
Using a different browser does not solve this issue. Other gambling products are available in my account (Arcade, Macau, Bingo).

pubblicato il 3 maggio 2017

Hi Alex,

Your account was locked due to the fact you were playing from a restricted territory.

You can only access your account from regions where Betfair is able to operate.

We have removed the block on your account, but if you access from restricted jurisdiction again, it's likely your account will lock again.


pubblicato il 3 maggio 2017

Thanks for solving this issue, and also thank you to AskGamblers.
Case closed.

pubblicato il 3 maggio 2017

Based on submitter's last post AskGamblers Complaints Team consider this case as Resolved and it is officially closed now. Thank you all for your cooperation.

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