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pubblicato il 7 settembre 2020

Hi i am a bronze tier level holder at 32red which means, according to their own statement onsite, I would get 1000 rubies credited to my acct on the day of my birthday. deposited and played the day of my birthday and waited for the rubies and by around 3pm I asked chat why I had not received them and was told it can be anytime that day up to 23:59. Do was advised just to wait. Next day came, and nothing then nor had anything been added the day before.

I ask the chat agent plz Could I get the bonus added manually because, after all, this is what it's stated on site would be the case in the event it did not auto add. Agent said it was too late and i should have asked the day before and I said I had done but just kept getting then, and have done sinse, repeated dismissed with 'There is nothing I can do in regard to this bonus' despite this being their error l, not mine, and despite their site stating they would and do add extra bonuses for players who's accts they deem deserving and I haven't got a standard issue let alone extra bonus.

It is stated they use criteria of how many bonuses player has claimed, longevity of players acct and if they had received any gesture bonus previous. the 14/15 year membership and for reasons that are unknown to me it really fells like I am subjected to discrimination by the staff at 32red who dismiss me each and every time I try to plead my case.

I am considering contacting the customer UKGC on acct of what they state on their website is factually unsubstantiated therefore false advertising. I am here to see if you can help resolve this as if not, I will publily list this as well as my previous withdrawal issues there to warn others to be aware that play at 32red at your own peril as they will not honor a bonus not comply with their own stated claims onsite.

Hope you can help.

Yours, Alex.

fb_10204280637526332 Regno Unito
pubblicato il 7 settembre 2020

This is the latest email they sent me today asking for why I didn't contact them that day, when in fact, I DID. As I have told them numerous times now I was told its an automated bonus therefore it will credit at some point that day. If for any reason it doesn't, come back and tell them which I did, and got told it was now too late.

As you can no doubt see the contrast between what is said in the two screen shot uploads with the onsite claim being "Agent will happily add them for you manually" to the different tone in the email of "we could look into this for you and credit the bonus manually.....if possible." Stared now as though it was we are happy to add manually for you to One of now it's beyond the realm of possibilities. (Which, BTW, is what they now say in that it's not even possible as though their system controls the employees and not the other way round)

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