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Wild Water Slot

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Wild Water is a surf-themed 20-payline video slot running on the NetEnt software platform. The game possesses stacked symbols, which are the game’s characters spreading across the reels, fully or partially displayed. There is also a wild symbol in the form of a Shark and a scatter featuring a Surfer. Players are welcome to try this beautifully designed slot on this page for free or visit any of the listed NetEnt casinos to play the game for real money.

Before riding the waves alongside the game’s characters, a bet should be chosen. The bet level is regulated with the "Level" selector. The coin size, ranging from 0.01 to 0.5, can be set using the "Coin Value" selector. “Spin” prompts the reels to begin turning, “Max Bet” spins them at the highest bet and “Au­top­lay­” lets players play for a predetermined number of times uninterrupted.

When 3 or more scatters spin into the view, Free Spins are activated. Additional Free Spins cannot be won during the Free Spin round. In Free Spins, Wild Sharks automatically expand to cover the entire reel.

Both Surf Team and Surf’s Up Bonuses are triggered when a combination of 5 surfer symbols or all 5 different surfer symbols emerge on all 5 reels. In Surf Team Bonus, 5 different surfers on all 5 reels pay one’s current bet x200. In Surf’s Up Bonus, any mix of 5 surfers pays the current wager x20.

A jackpot of 2000 coins will be won when 5 Golden Surfer symbols appear on an active payline.

Game Play

Level: Select the preferred bet level.
Coin Value: Alter the coin size.
Spin: Spin the reels at the chosen wager.
Max Bet: Spin the reels at the highest bet.
Autoplay: Play the game for a number of times uninterrupted.

Wild Water Slot Reviews by Players


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Wild Water is very well created slot and it appearence is truly pleasant to my eyes. When you see these surfers you wish to go to the beach too. This game looks good and its in my taste but after some time I got bored. I had bunch of small and consecutive wins but they mean nothing to me as I won 2 euros, 1 euro or even less! All symbols comes stacked on the reals and when you think there is a winning combination boom! Disappointment in my case. I haven't make nothing. The highest paying symbol which is handsome Golden Surfer pays 2000 x stake for 5 of its kind which is hard to trigger anyway, hard to me hard to anyone. You must get really lucky to collect 5 of any kind, that's why we have winning screenshots threads and topic.

Wild symbols appears to be mad shark ready to 'eat' surfers and it pays zero.It only substitue for all except for the Scatter symbol. It's just a little bit better situation with Scatter symbols which appears to be Surfer. It pays only 60 x your stake for 5 of its kind. You get also 15 Free Spins if you collect 3 or more Scatter symbols. Disappointing, don't you agree. This should be game we love but then on the other hand pay-table make me worried. Why throwing my money here when I can put it into different slots which actually pay good and I know for sure they can pay. It's not the case with Wild Water. I wish it pays because I liked this video slot. There is also Surf Up and Surf Team features. And there is a multiplier od x 20 which is really nice and that's the 'place' you can win some cash. Try out this game and if you get lucky you surelly will win some nice amount of money.
raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
I'm a hard girl to please I guess when it comes to my taste in on-line slots. I don't always like it when the game creators move too far away from the typical reels and symbols that I'm so uesd to, whilst at the same time I do enjoy it when there are some unique and innovative features on offer. I can imagine most of the programmers between these games shaking their head reading that and wondering how they can ever win, well one good example is this game, Wild Water from NetEnt!

The reels look very different because of the tall surfer symbols spread right the way across each column, but effectively it is no different from other games that feature stacks of symbols albeit in this game all symbols except the scatter (and some small wilds) are stacked. Each of the five symbols is shaded a different colour to make it easier to see which character you have, which is useful because you are often left which a number of different heads and feet along the top and bottom of the reels. The red symbol scores the highest, but all five have the potential to pay well because of the games ability to pay out on all 20 paylines simultaneously.

There's some neat touches too in the form of the "Surfs Up" and "Surf Team" bonuses - if you are lucky enough to get all five reels filled with fully revealed character symbols you will be paid 20x your stake for any five, or 200x for five unique characters. There's also a gold surfer symbol with a large payout, and a freespins mode (up to 60 spins in fact!) with expanding wilds! All excellent touches that make for an exciting game and a big improvement on the low to medium variance games NetEnt seems to concentrate so much energy into these days and I really recommend you try it out, even if you don't find the theme entirely "groovy" !
After the magic from the Middle East and the magical lamp, we are going back to the sea that, on its coast. During the game on the drum slot machines you will see: sharks, surfers brave, pretty girls in bikinis and so on. All this is in fact the theme of the game, and as the name implies talking about the wild nature unpredictable depths of the sea and the brave people who are struggling with surfing wild sea waves which bring enormous danger.

I tested this game on the first day when she came to the market, I think it was on Stan James Casino if memory serves. Otherwise at this casino mainly trying out all the new NetEnt games, and next to the casino similar applies to Stan James and Unibet Casino. If you do not go to sea then you hard to understand the psychology of these symbols and the message that this slot, send to the players.

The characters in this game are all of us close enough, and their perfect animation will make you stay in front of the monitor, longer than you expect. From the very beginning of my game, here was visible to the effort of the author to a maximum of interested in our imagination. This morning I opened the slot at 15 minutes in the Bet365 Vegas Casino, I took an auto-play 25 spins the role of € 1 per spin, and of the possible € 25 I lost 16 €. It does not change my opinion that this is a very, very good quality NetEnt slot.
blondie 1094 reviews
Wild Water is a Netent software powered slot game with 5 reels and 20 paylines. To be completely honest, I am not a big fan of this game because as much as I've tried it, I never have decent winnings on it. I do think Netent has done a wonderful job design wise, this game has 70's vibe surfing theme and there are shark and surfer symbols. Sharks are wild symbols that substitute for all symbols and what I think is interesting is that in the free spins round, when wild appears, if there's a winning, it will expand. Also as a bonus round this game has free spins, which are triggered by 3 or more scatters on anywhere on screen. I have had free spins only few times, I find them rather hard to trigger.

This game also has two interesting payouts that are called Surf's up bonus and it pays 20x bet when you get any mix of 5 surfers on the spin, and a lot more generous bonus called Surf Team bonus which pay 200x bet, when you get all five, different surfers on the spin. I have never got this bonus but it is a nice addition to other features.

Free spins amount is decent in my opinion, you can get from 15 free spins to even 60 free spins, if you get all 5 scatters, I think it is generous amount. But that being said, the free spins for me seem a little disappointing because there are no multipliers, you can only wish to get lots of shark symbols, because they expand in free spins. So far I have never won more than 70x bet I think and even that has happened to me only once. I usually play this game with minimum bets or with 0.40€and most of the time I get few cent wins in main game, rarely more.

Overall I think design wise this game is really cool but it won't get into the list of my favorite Netent games. I don't see much winning potential, the payouts I have seen mostly are low and in my opinion the free spins round should at least have multiplied winnings.
Wild water it is NetEnt game. Everything seems perfect with this game, but I rarely open it when playing NetEnt games. Really rare, because couple of times of stealing all my balance was more than enough for me. But first things which I do like.

Theme and look of symbols. It is exciting, I can not say other words. Very great and relaxing, at least for me. Beach is wonderful place! And this slot just give me feeling that I am there.

Music is sounds is also outstanding, very good suits to this theme, and I am happy that I could say that this game have good soundtrack from NetEnt, everyone should listen it.

Features here is good. I like that all symbols except best paying symbol, wild and scatter are stacked. It is possible to get full screen of same symbols and get good payout. Also different bonuses x 20 bets for 5 stacked symbols(fully stacked but not all different), and x 200 bets for 5 fully stacked all different symbols. Never get both but it should give me this win one day.

Freespins is cool! Wilds become expanding so if you somehow get 5 wilds in freespins it will be top payout and many money. I get only two couple of times, so it is not that easy.

I never won more than 100 bets in this game. I lost a lot on this game. Not very lucky, then I give it 7 stars.
I did not like that freespins feature seems very hard to trigger. Many times I did more than 200 spins and still do not get it.

Much payouts are very low. Even less than bet, I hate things like that.

Generally for me this slot is thief of my money. Each time I played it - I just lose. So I give advice to be very careful and do not make high bets while playing this game.
zerooo 742 reviews
Wild Water is 20 payline video slot from NetEnt software. The theme is about surfing into wild waters. I like the name of this slot. Into game we could find symbols that are bigger than into many other games, they can land into the whole reel.

The free spins feature is trigger by at least 3 scatters. When I was playing this slot the free spins feature was hard to get. I played it about an hour and in the end when I almost gave up on this game, I received them. Because I was waiting so long for this, I expected that will be some big win on them. Later when free spins finished I was disappointed, I won small amount of money not even near to x100 bet size.

I don't play this game often and the main reason is because I had a feeling that could not bring you big winnings. I saw some screenshots where the win was near or almost over x1000 bet size, but I don't think this could happen often. The paytable could be better, when I was playing I received a lot of dead spins too, and the scatters was really hard to get.

I think I won't play this video slot in the future, maybe if I will hit some huge wins on others but otherwise no. I don't like the way how paid me when I played it. Otherwise sounds are cool, relaxing. I like that they added quick spin button too.
I don't like that 2 scatters don't pay anything. I would expect something in return for this, because free spins are hard to trigger. Sometimes when I played it I didn't like big symbols into this game. While I was playing it, it seemed like that they paid less than as in some other games which has normal size symbols. I had a bad feeling about it.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Wild Water is another sunny slot coming from NetEnt. The graphic and animation of the game are good, but the symbols are placed back in the 70's and have a more simple design like they were drawn back in those days.

This is a 20 payline, 5 reel slot so it is great for those who like low rolling. Another detail that distinct's this game from the rest is the stacked symbols. This reminds me a bit of Iron Man 2 from Playtech. One thing you will notice from the base play is that the wild symbols tend to come often and you have some low wins which are frequent so you won't lose too much money playing this slot.

From the bonus features this game has 3 total. Two of them are a cash bonus which award a win xbet. The first bonus awards a smaller win of 20 x bet and is trigerred when you get any mix of the 5 surfer symbols on the reels. The second bonus awards a big win of 200 x bet but in order to get this you need to have all 5 different surfer symbols on the reels. This bonus is very hard to get and I have never gotten it so far. I hope to see it some day on my screen when I am playing on a higher bet. The last but best bonus of the game is the free spins bonus. It is triggered when you get 3 scatter surfers on the screen. This is a really great bonus because here every wild that comes on the reels expands to cover the entire reel. It would be great to see 4 wilds and a golden surfer on the reels resulting in an incredible win, but in the free spins the wilds come rarely or usually connect low paying symbols.

I can't say that I had some big wins on this game, but I hope my luck will change soon.
Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Summer is around the corner and I already use to say summer time even it is cloudy and chilly lately. I breathe the sun and beautiful sun and could live on some nice, hot place, no doubt.

Sun means life, and also beach means life to those surfers out there. Well, I am not surfer but relaxing on the beach in the early morning or late afternoon just before the sunset come means a lot to me too. Now get ready for your Wild Water adventure because it really is. It is sufficient to mention the game theme as you already saw me talking about summer and the beach plus its name says pretty much everything.

When you look at the symbols, they will take you back to 60 and 70 ties. The last time I played Wild Water after just a 15 spins I got Surf Up bonus feature with 20 free spins and 20 x bet multiplier and I won 400 coins. Unfortunately those were rather dead free spins and nothing came out. You can win up to x 60 free spins and that is really nice fact about this game.

Surf Team bonus paying a bet multiplier x 200. Way to go!Bonus is triggered when all 5 different surfer come up on the reels. I was super excited and had so much fun while playing this game wit max. win of 2000 coins. That is another good thing when it comes to paytable. Wild symbol is shark and no, I don't like the symbol but I do like wild itself.

Unfortunately I had several times 2 scatters on the reels but for some reason or due to my bad luck, I haven't managed to trigger Free Spins feautre, only the bonus feature. All in all, I had a lots of fun, I will play this slot again and this is a nice slot in my opinion. Worth trying.
paquito76 867 reviews
With the slot of Wild Water, NetEnt provides some interesting things visually, at the used working system and appearing style and personally I’m not sure whether I like these unique methods or not. The slot has a ‘surfing’ theme and that’s why almost all used symbols illustrate all kind of surfers and strangely the creators placed the whole screen back in time to the 70’s and I don’t necessarily see the meaning of it. The graphics of the game reflects the well-known and high quality work of this developer but here it is manifested in scratch-drawing technique which I’m not really a fan of. The exercised colours are moderate but greatly chosen and the design of the game is also very decent. The displaying method of the appearing symbols is not too common as the icons may appear on the reels in single format and stacked format too and because of it sometimes we can see a very unusual screen where the landed icons really look strange and at times are unfitting to each other. Perhaps it’s just me but somehow I don’t get here that kind of atmosphere and pictorial world what makes NetEnt one of the best in the business and that’s why the overall visual effects and experience is not that powerful and adorable as at other product from this developer.

Sometimes I also experience this kind of unknown feeling which is very new for me at a NetEnt product as if something would be missing here and the game should offer overall something more and better (and even the features the game. has also would require more remarkable qualities). The best paying 5 of kind type win rewards us only 2000 times of line bet which is surprisingly not a too generous amount. Shark figure is the Wild of the game but besides substituting other pictograms in winning combinations it can’t really give any another plus to the wins during normal game mode but at least it appear in expanding format if a win can be achieved by this move in free spin feature which is triggered by getting at least 3 Scatters (also has got own paying ability but it is just 60 times of total bet in best case) then 15 free spins are awarded.

The slot provides two bonus rounds too which are not traditional bonuses as we’re not carried over to secondary screen and aren’t involved in any ways so the entertaining and excitement values of this extras are very close to be zero. Surf’s Up and Surf Team bonuses just focus on the appearing symbols and when 5 Surfer characters land on the reels covering all three spots on a reel and at least 2 of them are identical we win 20 times of total bet and if they represent all 5 Surfers a very decent 200 times of stake prize is credited to the balance.

Personally, this product is a little bit disappointment for me. Even though the working qualities of the game segment are average and the winning tendency of the combinations are also solid but the entire game is not what I would expect from NetEnt. Perhaps my expectations are too high regarding this developer but it proved me many times with many other products that what they’re capable of making real great video slot is truly respectable and I admire that ability but this is what I miss here much that nothing can amaze me and there’s really nothing I could really love here. That’s why Wild Water is not among the group of video slot what I consider as real good and for me this game is just barely reaching the average level and from NetEnt this is simple not enough.
Wild Water slot it is interesting and great slot which was released this year by my favorite online games creator - Net entertainment. Has 20 paylines, and interesting features which makes both main game and freespins features interseting.

There is great animations and sounds, specially when win is completed and nice voice saying well done and other things to me, love such kind of things in online slots, not only usual sounds. In main game there is two features, it is depends from the pictures placing. Will not describe it further as it is not very interesting, but you actually can have good payout from this features, in case of lucky streak of it. Of course most interesting feature here is freespins, you need 3 or more scatters. Now fun really come in this place, because all wilds that appear will expand. This of course add awesome win potential, but believe me that during freespins it is not so easy to get many wilds.

My best landing of wilds was 3 wilds on first 3 reels. Unfortunately I did not remember my exact payout, but it was not very big, because other symbols was low and did not match each other. I think 4 wilds +surfer - and it is already very big win.

Usually I play this slot till freespins feature and then living, because I found that after playing it some time - I am become tired and lose interest to it.
What I did not like? Main game is a bit annoying, specially when feature did not come for a long time. Payouts are also not good, only one good paying symbol, and it is not stacked, a bit sad... Also wilds appear much more less than during main game, and it is also very sad part of this slot. Everything else is OK here, but this thing that I did not like not very good.
When this slot appeared for the first time, I wasn’t so interested about it, for me it was just another slot game from NetEnt!
But I saw that a lot of people are talking about it and I said that its time to try it and to see if it deserves to be played more often and for wagering purposes!

Obviously, I played it first time with free spins, from Sportingbet casino, 10 free spins! From this free spins I didn’t won a lot of money because I didn’t caught the free spins feature or the surfs up bonus not to talk about the surf team bonus!
Regarding the bonuses that this slot have, I didn’t managed to catch any of them so far!I just know that the surfs up bonus pays 20x the current bet and the surf team bonus 200x the current bet!

About the free spins feature I have to say that it is an interesting feature but like the bonus game, is very hard to catch!
When I played at Unibet Casino with my own money, 20 euro, I caught only one time the free spins feature and I won only 12 euro on the minimum bet of 0.20 euro!
Besides this features, the game has good moments when pays very well even on the lowest bet and I think that it is a great thing!

It is a 5-reel slot, with 20 paylines, a minimum bet of 0.20 euro and in my opinion it has very nice graphics, a good story and good features!

I will try to rate this slot from my own experience even if I played it only a couple of times!
For the graphics and characters I will give a 9, for the good payout rate and features like free spins, wild and bonus games another 9!
Overall it is a good slot game from NetEnt but very hard to catch the nice features!
cocopop3011 264 reviews
United Kingdom
If you are a member of the AskGamblers forum you know that when this slot first came out I did not like it one bit. It's not your average slot from Net Ent. To start off with all, well not all, but most of the symbols in the base game and during free spins are stacked symbols. Now I am not one for change, and stacked symbols on the main spins just confuses me so to even start with I had bad instincts about this slot so it was always going to take a lot for me to like this game. But I am pleased to tell you after many months since its release I have started to like it! I don't love it but I like it, which is better than not liking it right?

There is a feature in this slot where you can win x 200 your bet and this is one of the main reasons I continue to play this slot, I just really want this feature. This feature and the win is activated if you can get five stacked symbols on your scree of the same character. I only play this slot at the minimum bet of 20p, so even if I do ever get this feature at x 200 my bet I am looking at winning £40. Okay, so £40 is nothing to fall off your seat for, but forty quid is forty quid! For those of you who can afford to bet bigger, then this feature can really help your balance. Don't expect this feature to come in a lot though because it really is few and far between unfortunately.

There is another feature you can get where you can get five mixed stacked symbols on your screen, this will award you x 20 your bet. So on a 20p spin it pays £4. Like I said I do like this game, it's not my favourite but well worth a few quid if you haven't played it before.
Afi4wins 1386 reviews
One of the newer games from Net Entertainment, Wild Water is pleasing to the eye with its nice graphics and sexy ladies, but the 60s rapping of that guy certainly doesn’t sound so good to my ears. Give me some good old nice 60s music and I would have loved this game more! Also, why given the title Wild Water beats me, because it would have suited a river scenario better. A beach scenario would have been more aptly name, like Wild Beach so something like that, but that’s not really relevant I guess. It’s the designers’ prerogative to name their game with whatever name they like. Ah well, still 1 star down.

Is the paytable any good? Not to me. All symbols have low win values, except for the highest paying symbol of the Golden Surfer (2000x line bet). The Wilds are blanks and 5 surfer scatters only pay 60x total bet. Not good at all. Then there’s the Surf’s Up Bonus of 20x total bet, which is still low, and the Surf Team Bonus of 200x total bet, which is much better. As a low paytable affects the overall win payouts of Wild Water, I have to give it 2 stars down.

Luckily enough, the free spins cover back most of the paytable weaknesses. So far, the free spins that I got all paid reasonably well, with wins from 20x to 60x total bet amount. I’ve had better Super Mega Wins but those cannot be considered, because I was playing in the fun mode. Why does all the big lovely wins have to happen in the fun mode only? I can’t get them when playing with real money. The same goes for the two Surf’s Up and Surf Team Bonuses. Perhaps not the time yet for me, but the chances are definitely there. 1 star up.

Game wise, as strange as it may sound, the game play was rather good! There’s plenty of friendly sharks around, which don’t go eating up our surfer friends, instead, dishing out lovely payouts. Nice! The 3 surfer scatters are pretty good too, managing to pop onto the reels quite often (nice surfing there guys), unlike that elusive Golden Surfer, which seem to prefer appearing in ones or twos only. Never had 3 of them as yet. Still, 1 star up.

Overall, a nice game to play, with plenty of action from the surfer on the waves, and plenty of sharks popping out of the water to say hello. Yet another super new game from NetEnt.
valentin68 535 reviews
Well, I did not believe it when I found that I spent more than an hour and a half playing this slot. Wild Water has 20 lines and can be found in NetEnt casinos. I do I love too much NetEnt slots because they use to pay less, but this slot made me a surprise.

The theme of the slot is the Wild Water Surf and this is the only slot that has only five symbols in total (except maybe the Scatter, the Wild and a special high paying symbol). The five symbols each represent a surfer and each occupies a full reel. After every spin the 5 surfers can occupy the entire reel or only a part of the symbol can be seen. Because of this invention playing the slot is beautiful, with every spin you wait that all the 5 reels will be entirely filled each by a single surfer. This rarely happens but when it happens the wins are high, for any 5 surfers the payout is 20x and if all 5 surfers are present the payout is 200x. Sometimes, yet very rarely (once about 50-100 spins) you will have “Big Win” whose value is here about 4 Euro .

The game is fast, in an hour and a half I have played probably over 500 spins. The beauty is that even though the wins are not skyrocketing, yet with luck, if you manage to enter in the Free Spins round a few times, you will get something extra on the overall. Minimum number of Free Spins awarded is 10 and in this round the Wild symbols are expandable over the entire reel. Because of this, almost always you will go out with some handsome gains from this round (3-12 Euro in total for minimum bet 20 cents).

Although there are also some negative sides (see comments below) the slot is nice mainly because of new ideas brought by playing with just five symbols.
At some moments the Free Spins round becomes difficult to access . The first time I entered this round I played first over 250 spins. However the second time this round was triggered after only 25 spins. Also, about 60-70 % of the payouts here are still lower than the total bet and some bigger wins would increase the player satisfaction.
Although the theme is nice the graphical drawings of the 5 surfers seem to lack talent (it is like the surfers were drawn with crayons on paper).
yapro 790 reviews
Here is another one new slot from netent, and i am try this game few times , so have some thoughts and i will share it. When slot just came out, i get bunch of free spins at different casinos, and even was able to make withdrawal from this free spins, that was on casino luck, and i just get 50$ in profit. This is always nice to get some free money, and i decide to spend this 50$ in guts casino to play this game.

Graphic is beauty, yes, but i do not like the theme of the slot. Also, i am not sure about sounds, it can be much more better. Even so, i have a feeling while playing this slot that i am in 70 or 80 years of XX century, i am not sure why i get such feeling. That is what about eye candy, now let talk about slot. Base game is interesting, and can pay some wins, also if you get 5 different reels of this surfers, this is bonus win of 200 x total bet. Not the worst thing to get i guess. All symbols pay low amount of money, except one, which is not staked. I managed to get only 3 of them once, and i guess it is hard to get this. To get free spins, player need hit at least 3 scatters, often thing in online slotting. Free spins provides expanded wilds, and that is where all fun in this slot start. There is great potential of hitting big, and for all wilds payout should be really big, but i can not say how big, because best i get is is two wild reels.

Conclusion. Good and interesting slot from netent, and it can give some nice wins, but i just did not like it because i did not like oceans, never use surf, so this is totally not my theme. For other players i think this can be good choice to play this slot.
Wild Water is a relatively new 60’s surfer themed 20 payline video slot. If you are regularly on ask gamblers, you may have noticed I had some pretty strong views of how awful I thought this slot was, however after playing it for a good length of time between bets of 20p-40p. The game did payout! I hit an over 200x win on free spins at two completely separate casinos!

Wild water has different stacked surfers as symbols as you’d expect. It also features a scatter symbol, a golden surfer silhouette symbol and a wild shark symbol (this expands during the free spins). Top symbol being the golden silhouette this pays out 2000x your line bet(just imagine getting this with expanding wilds in free spins!). The highest paid surfer is the guy in red shorts he pays you up to 500x line bet lowest being 75x for the light blue lady surfer.

If you are lucky enough to get 3 or more scatters you win free spins. The scatters do not pay but you can win up to a whopping 60 free spins for 5 of them! For 4 scatters 20 free spins and for 3 scatters 15 free spins. The free spins bonus is the reason my opinion has changed. After a long session of nothing but small wins and maybe the odd £3-5 quite big hit…the free spins came and they paid in spades! On 3rd spin in I hit some insane combo with 3 expanding wilds and great symbols this paid £47.80 in one spin at 20p bet! Now considering I had started with 20-something balance this is decent and there is a good argument for using this game to complete wagering requirements.

This is not all this slot has to reward players though! Players can also land a surf team bonus by lining up all 5 surfers across the 5 reels this pays out a magnificent 200x total bet! With betting levels from 20p all the way up to a monster £100 a spin whatever you bet when you get this you win lots! There is also a mini version called the surfs up bonus which pays out 20x total bet you can get this by lining up any combination of the 5 surfers(I have had it twice so far).

In summary it seems I judged this video slot without giving it a proper go, it is no Creature from the black lagoon or Dead or Alive but it certainly isn’t as bad as I thought!

Here’s my PrOs and cons of Wild Water!


Nice graphics smooth game play and ability to quick spin the slot.

Up to 60 free spins can be won!

Expanding wilds within free spins!

Surf team and Surfs up bonus great especially if your funds are depleting!

Consistent wins most of the time.


Can go cold but it did redeem itself for me twice.

Overall it is a good video slot and worth trying just bet according to your bankroll and you should be fine!

I give Wild Water 7/10


No multiplier during free spins.

Can take lengthy time period to hit free spins but they are usually worth waiting on!

Can go cold but it did redeem itself for me twice.

No multiplier during free spins.
If I could break an online slot with a hammer, then I would most definitely choose for Wild Water. This crappy slot is a bankroll swallower first class, which I wish I never invested any deposits in. I had my fair share of play on this slot, and they were all quiet brief since it took ages to trigger the free spins.

In short, lots of dead spins, little or no playtime and a quite annoying slot at that as well.
You can't be mistaken more when you have the perception of this game being some cool surfer type of slot with massive potential.

While I appreciate many older NetEnt titles, I'm not liking the direction NetEnt is going with their new selection of slots, and Wild Water is a perfect example of it. Wild Water consists of 20 paylines and 5 reels. It also contains scatters, expanding wilds (only during free spins), scatters and two base game bonus features.

The theme is inspired by lots of cool surfers who get their groove on at the beach riding the waves in a 60's era. They will shout various phrases during wins like "Cowabunga" and "Empty tank brah" or some stuff like that.

When you're losing quick in a nasty way, it really gets annoying unfortunately. Most of the symbols of this game are stacked, but with NetEnt new features most often mean nothing since the payout will be ridiculously low.

This is the case with Wild Water as well. It does offer two special bonus features in the base game though, where you can win 20x bet size and 200x bet size.

The 20x bet size win is yours when you manage to land the stacked symbols in full form on all reels. The 200x bet size bonus win is yours when you manage 5 different stacked symbols on all reels. This must be incredible difficult to achieve. I had the 20x bonus win like twice, but that doesn't really add up.

I've managed to win trigger the free spins like twice in maybe 2000 spins. Ridicolous how long I had to wait each time for a poor payout of only 10x and 50x bet size. You need 3, 4 or 5 scatters to trigger 15, 30 or 60 free spins. During the free spins if the wilds appear, they will automatically expand.

So I guess this game has some huge potential, but it been a major disappointing to me. Therefore I won't recommend this game to anyone.
Lots of dead spins and marginal wins. Took me 2000 spins to have two features. I won't play this game again.
This game launched by the NetEnt games,NetEnt games are really nice but at this time it surprise and i totally said its not a nice game to play.The background of the game are a picture of beach which are nice feature in the game and in the game long picture slots are present.In this game 20 payline and 5 reel are presented.

In this game when if you have 3 scatter than you win 15 free spin,4 scatter you win 40 scatter and 5 scatter you win 60 free spin this are well feature for win a free spin.In this game wind symbol are avail when you have wild symbol the your score are big expend,when you have lucky.In the game my luck are not good,i feel bad luck in the game,I plya 20 euroby 0.20 bet in the game and i win only 1 time and every other bet we lost it.Free spin in the game i like very much because without any bet you play the game.

My score expanding by the wild card,without the wild card your score are not very good level and i forget to tell about the sound of the game,the sound are not good as a name of the game .I scored this game 5.5/10
katemak 1170 reviews
Wild Water slot game is the newest Netent game well actually now is Aliens ,so they are both new one.The Netent gaming can really surprise with the new games,but i think this game is total failure ,well thats my opinion.Wild Water is a 5 reel 20 paylines slot with free spins ans wilds and bonus features.

So this game first i played on few casinos when they were having a promotion of the new game Wild Water,but i have to say they were giving from 5-10 free spins on this game ,so that is not enough to try the game .So when i done my deposit at Jetbull casino i decided to play this game so i can see is it good for me or not or maybe you should get lucky.

The Wild Water game is with theme on the beach with surfers and there is the shark where is the wild symbol.This game i played about half hour with 40 euros and 0.40 euros per bet and the only time i won was getting the one of the surfers,that one in green south which gave me win of 21 euros ,the rest of the spins were with small winnings .So sometimes when Iam playing slots i like to press the stop button my self,because i think that way i can win more.

Well actually playing like this I managed to get the free spins feature 3 times in that half hour,but i was surprised ,because the spins were empty,I was getting about 6-10 euros from all the 3 spins features,So I decide to switch the game because honestly,so far i dont like this game. Hm maybe i will play ever if i get free spins or something but playing with my money I dont think so.I dont think this is my type of game and because the winnings are so small so i will rate this game 6/10.
gordontan 70 reviews
Wild Water is the fifth slot games that i have tried so far and it is a video slot that is built out of 5 separate reels with 3 rows and 20 fixed bet lines. The Wild water bet level and coin value are adjustable so that you can control your bet size as well as making sure that your bet level can sustain for more than 30 rounds.This is to increase your winning rate because playing lower than 30 rounds will hardly make you have overall big winning.The next thing is that the winning bet lines are formed by identical symbols on a bet line and on adjacent reels from utmost left to the right. This is very similar to most of the slot games.

There are also couple of special game features as the video slot has Stacked Symbols,the Surf’s Up bonus, the Surf Team bonus, and most importantly FREE SPINS.Free spin is my favored feature because you can win big without using your own cash ,this is worthy for you to try slot games which have frequent free spins given.i got the 15 round of free spins after i have obtained 3 SCATTERS + 2 WILD during one of the plays. and the most amazing and fabulous part is that i got MEGA winning of 14.9k coins during a single round of free spin. This really make me very very happy and unforgettable.

The Expanding Wilds will only appear in Free Spins mode and as soon as the Wild makes part of a winning combination it will expand and cover the complete reel, thus it is highly probable creating more winning bet lines. Furthermore, it is also important to know how many SCATTERS to be collected in order to get free spins, for example the free spins mode is activated by 3 or more SCATTERS symbols anywhere on the reels. If 3 Scatter symbols appear 15 Free Spins are granted, if 4 Scatter symbols appear 30 Free Spins are activated. unfortunately since first 15 free spins that i have obtained, i dont get any free spin after that.

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