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The Funky 70's is a video slot running on the NetEnt software platform. The game is designed to fit the unmistakable style of the 1970’s with symbols featuring a disco ball, early computers and platform shoes. The slot’s wild card is the 70’s Wild symbol, which can create a wild stack, and the scatter is the Disco Lady icon. Players can try the slot on this page free of charge or choose any of the featured NetEnt casinos in order to play the game for real money.

Prior to travelling back to the funky 1970’s, one needs to adjust their bet first. Players should press “Bet Level” in order to adjust the betting level and “Bet Lines” will modify the number of paylines played. “Coin Value” alters the coin size ranging from 0.01 to 0.5.

In order to start the game, one should click “Spin”, whereas “Max Bet” should be pushed in order to turn the reels at the highest available wager. Clicking the “Auto” button will play the game automatically for a preset number of times without any interruption.

When 3 scatters emerge on reels 2, 3 and 4, 5 Free Spins are awarded. The Free Spin wins pay double. During the Free Spin feature, 3 scatter icons pay total bet times 2 and award 5 additional Free Spins.

A jackpot of 1,000 coins will be won once 5 wild symbols have occurred on an enabled payline.

Game Play

Bet Level:  Choose one’s preferred bet level.
Bet Lines: Modify the number of paylines played.
Coin Value: Choose the coin size.
Spin: Initiate the game at the chosen bet.
Max Bet: Spin the reels at the maximum wager.
Auto: Turn the reels automatically for a predetermined number of times uninterrupted.

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Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
The Funky 70's is yet another oldie game from NetEnt, having 5-reels and 40-paylines, with a minimum starting bet size of 0.40 cents per spin. I don't like it's theme but I think I like its background sound better. The Groovy Sixties game, also by NetEnt, has a much better theme then this slot. I truly wish I was born in 1960's and that I had a chance to feel that era. I do believe this slot would be a good choice for people who are coming from that era, to remind them of old times.

During my 50 plus spins on this game, I had only a few wins and all of them paid peanuts. Literally nothing big, and the biggest win was only 4 Euros, a winning combination with a Wild symbol. The graphics look poor in this slot and there isn't too many features nor winning possibilities. I see a similar paytable as in 'The Groovy Sixties' game. 3 Scatters appearing on any winning payline will pay x2 the bet size and activate 5 free spins. All wins in Free Spins game are doubled. Triggering additional free spins looks like a hard job, because you need to trigger 3 more Scatters to get 5 extra free spins.

The biggest payout would come from collecting 5 of the Wild symbols, which would pay 1000 coins, whilst the Car symbol has a maximum win value of only 400 coins. No doubt it's hard to win big in this slot, because it's features pay poorly, and there's not many possibilities nor features too which could make this game more thrilling or exciting. It's pretty much everything about collecting 5 Wilds to win big, because I don't see any other chance to boost up my balance. I did say that I would play 'The Groovy Sixties', because I like it's theme, but this slot has nothing that I like at all. I don't see any possibility to make any big success in this slot, but the best thing is to try it out on your own. Who knows, you might like it and it may even pay you good.
blondie 1081 reviews
Funky 70's is a game produced by Netent software that I tried out not a long time ago just for one reason- curiosity. From the name I understood this game would be inspired by 70's and I am a huge fan of it, I like the style, movies, and vibe that 70's give me, so I was really eager to see how it looks. Game has 5 reels and 40 paylines, and as a bonus it has free spins round.

The design of this game compensated all my expectations and I saw there all the things that came to my mind when thinking of this theme- disco, woman with big hair, high heels etc. This slot definitely gave me good vibes. I've had two sessions with this slot. In the first one I had around 30€ balance and I lost it all, playing with minimum bets and not getting even one free spins round.

I have to say the wild symbols in this game are the best. They can come up stacked and then I've got many winnings of around 15x bet, but of course many times they are in positions where they don't make any winnings. But speaking of free spins, I don't know why but they seem hard to get. In my second session I triggered free spins within the first few spins, for 3 scatters I got 5 free spins 2x mutliplied, and I retriggered them. So for 10 free spins I won 60x bet win, which is my best result there. But after the free spins feature, I lost all winnings, trying to get another bonus round, which didn't happen.

Overall I wasn't that impressed with this game. The design and looks were good, but the game got me a bit bored after playing for a while, because the free spins were almost impossible to trigger and there's no other bonus to look forward to. And as much as I like the wilds, most of the time they appear on the last two reels and don't make any combinations. I think it's worth trying but I'm not gonna play it more.
This game can be a real money eater, and the fact that there's only 5 free spins doesn't make the bonus appealing, but because of the wilds I think it has decent winning potential.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
This is a retro slot made in the style of the 70’s when disco was active so I’m pretty sure there are some old timer gamblers out there that would like to play this slot. The game has an older look with poor graphic and little or no animations. Visually I found nothing attractive about this slot the first time I played it.

The slot has 40 paylines and 5 reels and the main feature in the game is the stacked wilds. This is a feature I like a lot in slot games and you can have some great wins with 3 or 4 reels full of wilds. The wilds themselves have a payout attached and 5 of them on a payline award a 1000 coins win which is OK. The paytable is poor but that is usual to slots like this. This game also has a scatter symbol but only 3 of them award a 2 x bet win, nothing more, so the slot is missing the standard 5 scatter payout.

This game offers a free spins bonus which is triggered when you get 3 scatters on the reels. Unfortunately you get only 5 free spins with a x 2 multiplier attached which in my opinion is too little. The free spins can be retriggered but I found out that this rarely happens. It is very strange for a NetEnt game to have such a low number of free spins.
The few times I played this game I wasn’t thrilled. You get a lot of dead spins and occasionally when 2 or 3 wild reels land you get a big win but the game can go on an incredible dry period and your balance drops fast. The free spins weren’t too impressive too. The most I won was 60 x bet which is equal to my biggest win in base play. Still in the end I was always down 20-30 euros playing on minimum bet.
Funky Seventies as the name suggests it is a retro looking slot with a great retro music playing on the background. The symbols used in the slot are very simple and they do support the theme. If you want to experience the 1970’s period it is a slot made for you. The slot has 40 play line. It is a 5x4 reel slot unlike other slots which are usually 5x3.

The slot has a great frequency of occurrence of multiple wilds on the reels. This really boost up the balance by increasing the possibility of the number of wining combinations. The slot as usual features the free spins which is triggered by occurrence of 3 scatter symbols on the reels. But the drawback is that the slot awards just 5 free spins. Along with it is very difficult to trigger the free spin feature.

My experience playing the slot has not been good. I find the returns of the slot pretty low. And I even don’t remember win more than say 20 times the bet. As I said earlier the frequency and number of wilds on the reels is good but it actually haven’t proved to be of much luck for me.

I am not much fond of the slot although I really like retro music playing at the background. Apart from that the slot is even a bit boring and off course it is quite weak in returns as well. With free spin as the only feature the slot has, I could not even trigger that in like 200 spins. But till then I had lost much so I could not wait more to trigger the free spins. I would not like recommend this slot to any of the slot lovers but if you are fond seventies then you can give it a try. I would rate the slot as 4 on 10.
yapro 790 reviews
Another one clone from net entertainment, once i thought that it is only microgaming, who just adding a lot of clone slots to it portfolio, but now i realize that net entertainment also have this thing in portfolio, and this game is identical to two others, just another layout and nothing else. Boring? I did not know, a bit i guess, no one will like to play same slots with different layouts.

The Funky 70's has 40 paylines, that means very high min bet to play with - 0.40. For this slot 20 euro deposit without a bonus not enough, and this is not very good of course, any game should perfectly suit to both highrollers and lowrollers, otherwise game not perfect* *except 243 liners, where bet lower than 0.30, for example, will show very low payouts. Here we have stacked wilds on all reels, and at least wilds have payout itself. This game spins a bit faster than other old net entertainment games, and i like this. Also here is possible to trigger 5 free spins by x 2 multiplier, but i think already everyone knows that in free spins appear a bit more wilds, and with x 2 multiplier game can pay something great. Due to my experience i can say that triggering free spins sometimes very hard, since scatters should appear on middle reels, and once i had something like 500 spins without feature, i keep getting two scatters, but third did not want to land. My best win was after feature, i netted around x 300 total bet, and therefore i am pretty sure this game can pay decent wins which worse of screenshot.

Not bad medium variance game, but min bet is high here, and sometimes when game is cold it is hard to get free spins. But i like it, some potential and no stupid bonus games. Will play again.
This is an old net entertainment slot, i think players rarely play this game, and it is not so popular this days, but i like it.

Idea is come to this slot from 70's years, i am not even close to live this years, and i did not know is this good or bad time, but i think slot showing to players best things in this day. No feeling for me with this slot.

This video slot have no any bonus game, and really did not have anything unique or interesting, but i am still open this game and give it a playtime. In this slot is 40 paylines, and i like that netent adds here nice stacked wilds that appear on every reel, i never had screen of wilds playing this slot, but i think it is possible, very hard but anyway possible. It is possible to get free spins on this slot, to get it player need to get 3 scatters on middle reels - 2 3 4. 3 scatters award only 5 spins, and it is very low. But at least netent put there 2 x multiplier, but 5 free spins looks not very good for me.

I play this game a lot on redbet casino, once i had 3-4 hours of playtime on this slot. I made deposit with 100 % bonus and play at only this slot. I finish wagering requirements with 400 euro plus and withdraw all, i had lot of features, but all wins was something like 80 euro or max win was 140 euros at 0.80 bet. Not the big wins of course, but i had nice up and clear bonus, this is good. I think this is good slot when player need to clear bonus.

My favorite place to spin this slot is redbet.
The funky 70's online video slot is powered by well known net entertainment, and i believe this is an old slot. Also, you probably did not know, that this game had two clones - the-groovy-sixties , and something with 80 ' s on the end :D Both of this 3 slots are absolutely similar, just pictures and sounds are different.

The funky 70' s slot has 40 paylines,and graphic and sounds are pretty nice for its theme - 70 's (someone still did not understand what theme had this slot :P ). Anyway, as a nice thing for this slot i can count stacked wilds, with 40 lines full screen of wilds will pay you nice money, but i am personally does not get such screen of wilds, and even does not see any screenshot with such hit, so believe me, this is not the easiest job in the world, to get full screen of wilds. Also you should not forget about free spins, get 3 scatters ( there is only 3 scatters, you can not get more) and you will be awarded with 5 free spins with x 2 multiplier. As i told in another review, this is low amount of free spins, but you will see much more stacked wilds coming on reels in this free spins, so even 5 of such free spins already nice, but do not forget about x 2 multiplier.

Most time i played this slot at redbet, and i had one cool session, in which increasing my bet after every bonus rounds, i am somehow made 500 euros in profit playing only this slot, which i am successfully withdraw. So i am pretty sure that i am up with this slot machine. I can recommend it to you, it can entertain you and provide some fun. Variance is not high too, which is nice. Open this slot and relax.
If you're into the groovy 70's Saturday Night Fever era full of glitters, flashing lights and disco music, then the slot Funky 70's is definitely the right choice for you. I think this slot focuses on people that lived that era, but also maybe the younger audience to give back that nostalgic feeling. I think Net Entertainment done a great job with the production of this game.

It's a less flashy than Disco Spins, which is also a slot from Net Entertainment and also focuses on that specific era I'd say. The Funky 70's has 40 paylines and 5 reels in total. On the contrary of many other slots which have only 3 symbols on every reel, this slot actually has 4 symbols on every reel. This definitely makes it more exciting since there are more options to end up having a winning combination.

That being said, the minimum bet is a bit high with 40 cents, but I always played this game with a bet size of 1.20 euro. Another advantage of The Funky 70's is that there are stacked wilds on every reel, and that they really appear easily. However, my first experience with this game was kind of disastrous though.

My first 20 spins on this slot were all dead awarding nothing lol. Quickly making me regret choosing this slot in the first place. It took me a loss of approximately 100 euro first before receiving a couple of wins up to 40x bet size.

Thanks to some reels full of wilds I managed to get a couple five of a kinds. Before I know I was in profit 50 euros. The pay for a 5 of a kind is somewhat disappointing though. But obviously with all reels being stacked there is huge potential if all wilds drop at the same time.

The symbol with the black lady dancer is that of the scatter. 3 or more only award 5 free spins matched to a 2x multiplier. This is the only thing I found real disappointing about this game. Like com on NetEnt, only 5 free spins? Where is the fun in that entertainment wise.

Unfortunately I never won too much in those free spins either apart from 20x bet size. I would have liked this slot a lot more if there were more free spins to be won.

My final rating for the Funky 70's is 6.5/10.

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