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Secrets of Horus is a 20-payline video slot which operates on the NetEnt software platform. The Scarab is the scatter, while the Horus symbol is the wild card. Players can try the slot on this page for free or play the game for real money in any of the featured NetEnt casinos.

In order to begin uncovering the numerous hidden secrets of Horus, one should adjust their wager first. “Bet Level” alters the bet level, while “Bet Lines” changes the number of active paylines. Clicking “Coin Value” modifies the coin size ranging from 0.02 to 0.5. The "Spin" button plays the game, while “Max Bet” spins the reels at the highest wager. “Auto” turns the reels multiple times uninterrupted.

3 or more scatter symbols will win players 15 Free Spins. Free Spin wins are tripled. In this round, additional Free Spins can be won.

A jackpot of 10,000 coins will be awarded once 5 wild cards have spun onto an enabled payline.

Game Play

Bet Level: Choose the bet level.
Bet Lines: Select the number of active paylines.
Coin Value: Choose the coin size.
Max Bet: Spin the reels at the maximum bet.
Spin: Turn the reels.
Auto: Play the game for a number of times uninterrupted.

Secrets of Horus Slot Reviews by Players


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Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
I have almost reviewed all NetEnt slots, but please, don't ask me about Secrets of Horus, the answer lies in the eye of universe and Egyptian era or to Horus. Who would know? If you are looking for answers you come on the right place. I still haven't found the evil from Pandora's Box, reviewed moments ago but I would't mind knowing Horus secrets. That's something. According to Egyptian mythology 'Horus' is Egyptian's national patron god (God of the skye and kingship). Horus as most significant deities in ancient Egyptian religion 'deserved' it's slot.I can't recall Ancient Egypt themed and amazing slot by Rival software where I made some really nice wins and had exciting sessions and Secret of Horus reminds me I should visit my 'old friend' from Rival.

Secret of Horus is 5-reels,20-paylines oldie. If it seems a bit strange, not a big deal, they were adding all of the features 'step by step' and what you can see today wasn't quite possible to install or add to the 'oldies'. Graphics looks poor and there isn't animations that would take your breath away but after all, wins and paytable should be breathtaking.

750 coins payout for the most valuable symbol sounds like poor paytable to me. Especially when you know you need to collect five of these in order to get awarded. Hellno! 10 000 coins max.payout for collecting 5 wilds sounds terrific but I don't know how it could happen to me, really. Nah,I am not the one. I noticed recently that oldies from NetEnt have payout for 2 scatters appearing on the active payline and they pay 2x bet win.

There isn't bonus round but you can trigger Free Spins round by collecting 3 scatters and get 15 FS and all prizes in FS feature are x3 (tripled). Bear in mind that wild has x2 multiplier attached and having as many wild as possible in the FS round could boost your balance. My session was big fat minus and let me remind you, if you want to 'know' some game you definitely must play it before making some serious conclusions.
zerooo 742 reviews
Secrets of Horus is another video slot which came from NetEnt software provider. It has 20 pay lines. The theme is good, but I do not like how symbols are designed. They could be designed much more better. Also graphics and sounds could be better.

The base game for me is not so interesting. I had only small winnings and I wish the payouts would be better. I never received any big win during base game and I do not like it. The payouts for wild symbols are set good, but the other symbols should pay out more.

The free spins feature is very similar or identical as at many other video slots. 15 free spins at x3 multiplier. I had a few times free spins feature but I had no luck during this feature. Every time when I triggered free spins I won only small amounts back. There were too much dead spins during free spins. Otherwise I do not think it could provide any huge winnings because the pay outs for other symbols except wild symbols pay poor.

I expected more from this game. Better payouts and better graphics, even some kind of animations. I played this game only once and I think you know what is the reason for that. I could play more this game if the pay outs would be better. I do not like playing games where I losing my money and receiving only small winnings back.

I will rate this game with 5 stars. I do not like it. I think it could be much more better than it is. There are many, many games from this software provider which are much more better with design, sounds, graphics and pay outs. I was a little bit dissapointed about Secrets of Horus, it could be a great themed game.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Secrets of Horus is another slot game which for a theme has Ancient Egypt. I think that this theme is the most exploited throughout the industry and there are some really good games. The graphic and animations here are on a much poorer level than in most other NetEnt slots. The symbols have a very simple design and the background music does get boring after some time. Visually this slot doesn’t offer much to attract the player.

The slot has 20 paylines and 5 reels. The paytable is poor and the max payout is only 750 coins for 5 of them on a winning payline. The game has a wild symbol which has a doubling function when substituting in a win. He also has a great 10 000 coins payout for 5 of them on a winning payline but we all know that almost never happens. The scatter symbol in the game has a great 500 x total bet payout for 5 of them on the reels, 2 of them award a 2 x bet win which is great and sometimes comes in handy in the bonus round. At least 3 scatters trigger the free spins bonus.

3 or more scatters on the reels award 15 free spins. Here all prizes are tripled including scatter wins and the bonus can be retriggered. If you consider that the wild has a doubling function then all wins in the bonus game with a wild have a x 6 multiplier. This is great so in the bonus round you want to see as many wilds as possible.
I played this game a few times and can’t say that it amazed me. Base play wins are small and the wilds don’t come as often as I would like to. You drop in balance fast and the only big wins can come in the bonus round. Sometimes it takes a long time to get the free spins and they can be a real disappointment. Usually I had wins of no more than 30 x bet and my biggest win was close to 50 x bet.
Secrets of Horus is another game with ever so popular theme of Egypt. It is a quite new game and I only played it a couple of times. The main reason why I'Il play this game is because the feature comes out a lot. You can also double tap on this game and I got the feature many times like that. In fact i would recommend it to all on this game, it worked for me and I think it will work for you too. You are given 15 spins with 3x and on a bet of €1, my biggest win was €19. Shockingly I never managed to win more. The wilds in this game are the best pay and can give you a cool €100 on the smallest bet.

Another thing that I like is that free spins feature can be re triggered and I have done that too.
There are so many failed games with that theme, that buy now I am pretty sick of it. For me personally this game could not capture the mystery of Egypt and instead just put few bad pictures together to create this Frankenstein. The graphics in this game look really cheap and the whole game play is not my cup of tea. The sound effect I turn off completely, I would rather play this game on mute rather with sound.

The pays are also pretty decent and the only way to win big is to get 5 wilds. A task that is some what impossible. I played this game on 3 coins and even 5 coins and never managed to win more that €20. The free spins are also shooting blanks, and 10 out of 15 games come out with no pay. Even though I get the feature a lot I never manage to win big, and that really pisses me off. Over all a stupid game and my rating is 3 out of 10. The three stars are only because the feature comes out a lot.
Secrets of Horus is a Net Ent production game and is themed on ancient artifacts of Egypt. The slot graphics according to me were not good, it appears more of a classic slot to me. Even slot is bit expensive to play because the bet begins at $0.40.

The slot does not feature any bonus game except obviously the free spins feature. But that too is hard to trigger. I also did not witness any good win in the main game but wins like 15 to 20 times the bet are handy. They keep thrusting your balance by 7 or 8 dollars if betting at 0.40 because I usually bet at this bet value. The scatter symbol and the wild both pay 500 times the bet if you land 5 of the symbols on an active play line. I was never so lucky to do so. But tragedy happened with me was that I hit the 4 wild symbols and one highest paying symbol that obstructed the 5 wild wining combination once in a spin. So I did make 1600 coins but I was very close of hitting the largest coin payout. The free spins though did come very late but after triggering 15 free spins, I re-triggered 15 more in the free spins. But the return was not that good I could make only 1129 coins in total of 30 free spins.

The slot is good but it takes a little time to start giving returns so you have to be patient and yes you have to compromise in the graphics portion too. For me I never increase the bet more $0.40 and I prefer play at the stating bet itself and u do try this slot some times. So I would rate the slot 7 on 10.
paquito76 867 reviews
Secrets of Horus is another nice adaptation of popular Egypt theme and fortunately this slot got the well-known NetEnt’s visual quality. It has very beautiful, crystal clear graphics with very attractive and well-designed symbols. We can’t miss here the almost must-have scarabs, Eye of Horus, hieroglyph and other symbolic figures and I like very much how the top and bottom frames of the reels are decorated. Honestly, I’ve got nothing but good things to say about the slot’s look and I would be extremely glad if every – no, it’s enough if – the majority of the slots have at least such great interface.

Luckily this quality was carried over to the game segment too and though the slot doesn’t offer bonus game (the only negative attribute) but the other parts have quite good characteristic. The slot’s most paying 5 of a kind type line rewards the players with 10.000 times of line bet and because of the Scatter awards up to awesome 500 times of total bet if 3 of them appear on an active line from leftmost to right, practically the product offers two equally paying Jackpot main prize.

These great figures also have secondary functions what the player meet most frequently with, namely, the first one serves the game as a Wild and doubles all win when it’s substituting and the Scarab, scatter can activate 15 free spins with tripled prizes.

The more I play with many other developers’ slots the more I think NetEnt’s products have one of the best free spin features. It just one thing that on papers many slots has very similar qualities but in the most occasions not too much realize from them in practical. Maybe I’m wrong here with my thought but I always judge that segment on the average successes of at least 10-15 entries and not on the best paying session because that could be just coincidence or other circumstances lucky collusion. Based on my experience going by this criterion it just proves my theory and my good opinion.

At Secret of Horus I get everything what I expect from the high level of NetEnt’s works. Beautiful, tempting interface/symbols and feature rich, good paying construction in game segment. For a long time ago Secret of Horus climbed on my ‘Great slot’ list and since then I’ve never experienced any such things that would make me thinking to remove it. Highly recommended game!
yapro 790 reviews
Secret of chorus it is another one net entertainment game, which is was created long time ago and it is really typical game for net entertainment. Also to be honest i did not like theme of slots, sounds are terrible for my hear, and graphic also is terrible in my opinion, characters are similar, and symbols looks bad in my opinion.

The game has 20 paylines, and like other similar games here we have involved wilds, which also paid some money for landing ( 500 x total bet for 5 wilds). Scatters also have nice payouts, and if 4 scatters will pay not so big money, 25 x bet, then 5 scatters bring a lot of entertainment and money - 500 x total bet. Freespins at this game has x 3 multiplier, and in this game i notice good wins come only when scatters land, at least two, and with x 3 multiplier you get 6x total bet. Because other payouts are not so good, but if 5 of a kind with wild will land, it can be good. My best win during base game is even not worth to mention, i never win more than x 50 total bet, but probably the reason here is that i did not play this game enough time to land something great. In free spins once i had result nearly x 100 total bet. I am also glad to say that it is one more old net entertainment game without any bonus games, and i like it, because most net entertainment bonus game are boring, and not pay any good money.

Low-medium variance game, can be good to play this game with bonus because it is good game to wager money, but i did not like layout, how slot looks, and i not play this game again. But overall it is average old game, and good that without bonus game.
This is probably my 3rd or 4th review about an ancient Egyptian themed slot after NetEnt's Egyptian Heroes and Microgaming's Throne of Egypt. Secret of Horus can be compared to those slots if we strictly talk about the theme, but it slightly differs in set up, symbols and bonus rounds. You have to like older NetEnt slots to really enjoy this game.

I did have two sessions while playing this game, and remarkably I never managed to get to the free spins in over maybe 1000 spins. After playing the game in free mode at Redbet only 5 minutes ago, I had the free spins right away on my very first spin lol. That just how unpredictable slots are, because sometimes you can try for hours and nothing will pop up.

Anyway Secret of Horus is an Egyptian themed slot with 20 paylines and 5 reels. Apparently Horus was a god in the Egyptian history. The Horus symbol is used to portray a wild in this game, while the scarab (just like Throne of Egypt) is the scatter symbol. Other notable symbols in this game are the falcon, sphinx, vultures, ring, jar, the eye, palm leafs and stone blades.

The game is accompanied by sufficient sound effects which add a bit of additional flavor to this game. Just like many older Net Entertainment slots, the best payout is that for 5 wilds on a payline. This guarantees a win of 10,000 coins in base game. However, don't let this fool you too easily. It's very hard to achieve even 3 wilds appearing on a payline as I've experienced, let alone 5 wilds.

I played this game on 80 cents bets and saw my bankroll moving up and down thanks to small wins and some dry spells with only fractional wins. After chasing the free spins for a long time and not being able to get them, I gave up and lost approximately 90 euros while doing so.

If you get 3 or more scatter symbols you'll get 15 free spins and a 3x multiplier btw. During free play mode I managed to win 80x bet size thanks to 2 scatters wins also being multiplied.

My final rating for Secret of Horus is 7/10.

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