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Disco Spins Slot

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Boogie on down to the reels in Disco Spins. This energetic 20-line video slot from NetEnt takes you back to the groovy 70s in style. You can play Disco Spins for free here without even having to fill out any forms. If you decide you want to play for real money, just click on any of the NetEnt casinos below.

Begin a game of Disco Spins by setting your wager. Start with the “Coin Value” meter on the right to choose your bet denomination. Then, adjust the number of coins you want to wager on each line with the “Level” panel. All 20 lines of the game are compulsory, so your total bet will simply be Coin Value x Bet Per Line x 20. Hit the circular arrow button to spin, or push “Max Bet” to play with maximum coins per line. You can also use “Auto Play” to spin without interruption.

Once you start spinning, 7 or 8 squares will illuminate into a random color. If a dancer lands on one of these tiles and matches the color of the tile, that square will become wild. Get matching combinations from the leftmost reel to the right to win amounts shown in the paytable. Get 3 or more scattered Disco Balls on any position to get your choice of a bonus feature – either 10 Disco Spins with only Disco and Dancer symbols, or 15 Free Spins with all symbols and a x3 multiplier.

Game Play

Coin Value: Set your bet denomination.
Level: Adjust the number of coins on each line.
Circular arrow button: Spin at the selected bet size.
Max Bet: Spin at Level 10.
Auto Play: Spin a certain number of times without stopping.

Disco Spins Slot Reviews by Players


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Disco Spins is a really fun to play game. Powered by NetEnt and so called ' oldie ' video slot is still one of these I still want to play. It is 5 – reels and 20 – pay lines game and if you like disco theme back in seventies then you must like this one.I like graphics, theme and background soundtrack and I feel like dancing when I start this game. It's been a long time since I spin trough groovy reels.I have played this game on several occasions but I have never made huge progress .If you want to rock the game then you must put ' some ' money, time and effort into it. And there is a risk which boost adrenaline anytime you play. Take a look over the paytable everytime before you decide to deposit your money and start playing the game. It plays an very important role.

Disco dancers symbols dominate and the highest paying symbol awarding a 1000 coins if you manage to trigger five of a kind on a winning payline. ' Dance Floor Wild Feature ' means that any dancer symbol can turn into ' wild ' and they substitute for all except for the ' scatter' symbol.Disco ball is scatter symbol and you must collect 3 or more scatters in order to trigger ' Free Spins ' feature. You can chose whether you like to play 'regular' Free Spins and use 10 free spins or Disco Free Spins feature with 15 free spins to play with x 3 multiplier. Free spins can be re-triggered.

This game is low to medium variance and can't produce BIG WINS according to paytable but it could be a good choice if you want to wager your bonus money. It might take a bit longer to wager it but it surely won't 'eat' your money and it is so much fun to play.
blondie 1093 reviews
Disco spins is a 5 reel and 20 payline slot from Netent software. I explored it earlier this month, when I wanted to try something new. I think this is one of the most fun games they have, because it is inspired by disco theme and disco reminds me of big hair, funky music and happy people. This game brings me these kind of emotions and that's a compliment.

First of all, besides the design, I really like the simplicity this game has, because there are wild symbols and two kinds of free spins, which you can choose, after you receive 3 scatters. I think it's really interesting that there are no concrete wild symbols, but whenever the dancer matches the floor, it becomes wild. Sometimes there can be 0 wilds and sometimes even 4 or more. That in my opinion, is very unexpected and I like that. I've had the chance to explore both free games and so far my favorite one is disco free spins. There you play 10 free spins and all symbols are dancers, but they don't have multiplier, while in the other feature you get 15 free spins 3x multiplied. I just like the excitement I get with the disco spins because they somehow feel more interesting.

All compliments aside, I don't really think that the paytable for this game is that great. On base game I haven't had a win over 20x bet and even that has happened only a few times, but on free spins I have had 150x bet win. It may seem a good result, however, since the free spins can be retriggered and for two scatters you get 3 extra spins, I was once lucky enough to retrigger free spins 3 times and get extra spins as well, so this particular win came from 49 spins. I thought that from such amount I would get huge win, so if my biggest win came from so many spins, it doesn't surprise me that usually I would get about 40x bet wins on free spins.

Overall this is a fun game to play and I think it can be a decent fit for wagering bonuses, when you don't want to risk too much, because so far I've experienced 2x-5x bet winnings regularly enough to keep balance steady. I also like the design and the cool way how wilds are unexpected, but I won't be playing this game often because I am questioning it's winning potential.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Disco Spins is a really fun slot coming from NetEnt. The theme of the slot is disco back in the seventies so the game really has a groovy design. The graphic is descent with some nice animations and the background music is some disco themed song so if you like this kind of music you are sure to love this slot.

If you take a look at the paytable you will see that this game has disco dancer symbols and the standard card symbols. The payout isn’t very big with the highest paying symbol awarding a win of only 1000 coins for 5 of them on a winning payline. The game doesn’t have a standard wild symbol and all the dancer symbols can turn wild at some point. This is called the dance floor wild feature. In each spin 15 tiles on the reels are marked with a color and if it matches the color of the dancer they can turn wild. This is what really makes the game interesting to play despite the poor paytable. In every spin you can get a few wilds and have a win. I think this is the slot where the wins are most often but usually small.

This game offers also a free spins bonus. It is triggered when the scatter symbol lands on reels 3, 4 and 5. If you trigger the bonus you get to choose between two modes. In the regular free spins you have 15 free spins with x 3 multiplier and in the disco mode you have 10 free spins with only scatter and dancer symbols which pay the most. Both of these bonuses can provide some nice wins depending on your luck.

This game can’t provide some big wins but it is a fun game to play. The last time I played it I spent half an hour here and was in plus a few euros. It can help in wagering a bonus because it doesn’t eat too much balance.
Disco Spins it is slot that make me move my body all the time I played it, just because music here is nice, and add some fun to my games. Game created by Net entertainment - so you should be sure that this is great game.

Disco Spins slot game has 20 paylines, and like I said game will make you move your buddy most likely, at least if you like dance, or just like nice music. Animations is also great, so there is nothing bad with give this slot sometimes few spins, just relax, and probably dance a bit.

In this slot even in main game possible to see interesting feature. If dancer with red color placed on red place - those symbol become wild, and this is applies to all dancer symbols, so you can wait something extra during usual spins. 3 scatters on 3 4 5 reels will allow to choose freespins feature. First one is usual 15 freespins, but with added x 3 multiplier, and a chance to add few more spins. Second one is special freespins, only 10, but with only dancer symbols. Can't say which one is better, I am happy to choose both, so I recommend try this slot and decide.

I played this slot couple of times, and my best hit was during 15 freespins with x 3 multiplier, I get good win and few more good wins, so it finished with almost x300 total bet result. Of course this is nothing for great slots like Dead or Alive, but I think x 300 total bet win is also very rare, and very decent win.
I did not like nothing, everything in this slot is great. You can't win monster money, but you could have some fun and dance a bit, I think this is great that we can have some fun with slots like this.
Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
My next review will be for Disco Spins, NetEnt software, video slot game which is a 5 reels slot with 20 paylines.This is one of the newer slots, released over a year ago. I thought this may be a fun and interesting slot for me because of its name and disco theme. I am a huge music and dance lover and I wanted to give it a try. I must state that I didn't like the disco symbols from the 70s style.

I had some really small wins but I wasn't expecting something big to happen as I didn't feel this game at all, like some of my favorite games which are giving me that feeling when I play and feel the adrenaline breezing through my body system. I could tell that Disco Slot is all about its free spins and small wins .I deposited 10 euros and it wasn't much but now, I can say that I won't be back to play,at least not for some time because I didn't enjoy this game. My bet was the min, 0,20 euros per spin and like I already said, I had nothing but small wins and suddenly I lost interest to play this video slot.

There is no doubt its graphic and sound is good, but it seems that this slot just won't give you a big win. This game gives you free spins if you hit 3 scatter symbols, therefore you could get 15 free spins x 3 multiplier, there are disco spins too.The wild symbol appears if same disco dancers appear on the 3,4 of 5th reels then you get the possibility to choose the mode you want to play on.

There are two modes, regular spins mode and disco spin mode. For all the players that would like to try this game, pay attention to dancers because at any moment they can turn into a wild symbol after each spin.It doesn't seem that you can expect a lot from this game, but surely it's worth to give it a try. I lost my deposit, had no fun, but congrats on its graphic and sounds .It is not easy at the moment to rate this game, and only because I didn't like the symbols in this game and had no big wins doesn't mean I should rate this game low.

There are many games , and I am sure we will see some big win screenshots and some winner review.Overall / It is always worth trying because you never know, this may be the right game for someone. I give 8 out of 10 for Disco Spins slot.
Disco Spins is a slot powered by Netent that has a feel of classic night clubs or discos in early 80's and 90's. The slot has brilliant graphics and sound quality as you would expect from a netent slot with 20 pay lines and 5 reels with some innovative measures taken to increase the returns from the base game as well as the spins. Symbols are various disco dancers dressed in different colored clothes with bandannas in their heads and colored hairs..

I first played this slot on Comeon casino and was found it just while scrolling through the video slots section. I started playing on the slot and found that there was no particular wild in the slot. If you observe every symbol on this game is a wild. Basically the 15 squares on the reels randomly change color with each spin and if you get the symbol with same colored clothes on that square , it turns into a wild. Thus, it might be understood that winning potential for this slot is great as compared to traditional 20 liners. But , i must also tell you that even all the symbols are capable of turning into wilds still the base game has low to only average returns. I have generally played on this slot at a bet of $0.4 per spin, ending up at $20 less or more then what i started with.

Slot has a free spin to offer which gets activated getting 3 or more scatters and further has two variants among which there is a usual free spin round giving you 15 free spin on a multiplier of 3X. The other free spin round gives you 10 free spins with only disco dancer symbols present on the reels. It may be difficult choice to choose among the two but let me ease that things for you. If i was you, i would select the disco free spin round because the chances of winning are greater in that round. This is because of the fact that symbols turn wilds landing on particular colored square, moreover since there are only disco dancers on the reels it becomes quite probable to get a five of a kind combination of disco dancers which are also highest paying symbols. My highest winning was of $31 on this free spin round on comeon casino, betting $0.4 per spin that is 80X the bet. The other free spin has comparatively low returns, i would say in general 50X the bet that too sometimes.

So, Cumulatively this slot would be a decent one from Netent , not the very best from the developers. I would give it a 7 on 10 to this slot. Good luck !
Disco Spin game is powered by NetEnt. This is a very interesting game with a lot of potential but it has not given me any big wins or good features. I have not seen a game like this before and you could say that it is unique.

There are different colors on reels, and if a disco dancer with a matching color lands on it, it becomes wild. There is a chance to get a lot of wild on a single spin to bet a huge win. There are 20 lines in this game and my usual bet is €0.40. I managed to get five red dancers on one of my spins and got €20. That was the biggest line hit that i had on this game. There is also a feature in this game and that is a free spins feature. To get the feature i had to get three disco balls on the last three reels. I only manged to get this feature twice. For some reason it is very difficult for me to get this feature even when double tapping.Once you do get the feature you will have a choice, to play normal free spins or to play disco spins. In normal free spins you get 15 spins with all wins tripled. I played this feature only once and won around €10 on my usual bet.

Disco spins were a bit better in my view. You only get 10 free spins with only disco dancers and scatters on the reels. I played this feature only once too and won around €23. Over all the game is unique and fun. The only thing is you need to be lucky. If i was to rate this game i would give it 7 out of 10.
yapro 790 reviews
I do not like dancing, i do not like disco. This is how i decide to start this my review about disco spins game from netent. This game was released somewhere in 2013 year, and to be honest i am even not waiting this release, because does not find this game interesting for me.

After some playtime i am change a bit my opinion about this game, this is awesome game for grinding out wagering requirement of bonus, but no one should wait some really big wins on this game, it is quite impossible. The game offers two different free spins modes, on first mode player get 15 free spins with x 3 multiplier, and i am always choose this, much more interesting feature for me than second.

Second is 10 free spins, with only characters symbols, big win possible there of course, but for all times i choose it, i get really poor return. The base game also had interesting thing, when the character has the same colour as background, this symbol become wild. To be honest after few times of playing this slot, i even never had wins over x 100, but from the other side, i never had deep losses on this slot. So like i said, good for meeting w.r. But i can not imagine myself opening this game to had some fun or interesting playtime, because as i told, it is more boring, than interesting.

Conclusion: Low variance game, without anything really unique or interesting, can be played few times, but most likely after it this game will not be interesting for you. I decide to give this slot 5 stars, but i can not give more, because game not so interesting, and does not give any really good fun or entertainment. Just another one slot, which you try and forget, nothing else to say.
NetEnt is one of my favourite games providers,actually it is number 2 after Microgaming in my opinion! Disco Spins it is a 5 reel slot,with 20 paylines and with a very nice theme in my opinion about night club and disco!

I was curious how it is this slot,if it pays well and I decided to try it!I didn’t put much money in this slot, only 6.5 euro because this was the money that I had in my Unibet account after I failed to make some money from sports betting!

I played on the lowest bet of 0.20 euro because I didn’t had much money!I managed to catch the free spins and won 5.2 euro from this feature! When my account balance reached 12 euro I didn’t knew what to do,to stop and use the money for sports betting or to continue,maybe I will win more!

I decided to continue to play Disco Spins and I managed to boost my account balance to 32 euro!I was very happy because I started with only 6.5 euro and I thought that I will try the game and I will lose the money! It was a very nice experience and I will play again this slot because I like it very much!

If someone will ask me to argue why I think that this slot from Netent it is good I will say because of the nice graphics and sounds!Also the symbols and the features are really awesome,I like very much the free spins feature because it has 2 modes:the normal free spins and the disco spins!

About the payout rate I don’t know what to say because I managed to win 32 euro and I started with only 6.5 euro and the lowest bet of 0.20 euro!In my opinion it has a good payout rate and I think it deserves to play this slot!
Disco spins video slot was created by net entertainment, and of course i do not need to describe to you who is this, this software developer is more than popular this days, and i think every gambler play net entertainments slots on usual basis. This slot was released probably a year ago, or so, so this is new slot.

Theme of disco spins is disco spins ( SURPRISE), and i believe this game has nice graphics and cool sounds, really, netent send us back many years ago for dancing, and regarding theme and sounds i can not say anything bad, like always in net entertainment slots this things is pretty cool.

Disco spins has 20 lines to play, and inserted feature during base game, if dancer symbol appears on a right colour - it becomes wild. Interesting thing, and it can be ofcourse and amazing opportunity to win big, but honestly payouts on this slot is really low, and even 5 wilds will not pay you huge win, i do not like when slot made like this. Moreover, playing this slot you can trigger free spins by hitting 3 scatters, they are only presented on last 3 reels, so do not possible to hit 5 scatters here, also scatters have no any payouts. But at least netent gives out to players two types of free spins, usual 15 frees pins with x 3 multiplier, or 10 disco spins, where all this boring T J Q K A will be destroyed, and you will have 10 spins with only dancers. I am always took this feature.

My experience with this slot is most likely bad, than good. I am lost on it nice amount of money, and never have good runs on it. I did not like this video slot, and trying not play it at all.
cocopop3011 264 reviews
United Kingdom
I first started playing Disco Spins ages after its release last year. Even though I love to 'disco' as much as the next person this slot just didn't visually appeal to me. I soon came to learn that this slot didn't actually speak to me physically either!

I received the odd set of free spins here and there generally in sets of 5, which really doesn't give you enough scope to test the slot. The chances are out of 5 free spins you will simply roll a fat zero every time. You definitely need to invest a little time in this slot before your mind can be made up. I've tried really hard with this slot to like it but I can't.

I thought I was nearly there once!'s what happened.
I got three scatters awarding me the free spins feature. I picked the normal set of free spins. You can actually choose from two (I don't actually understand the other set you can choose but I know it changes your symbols somehow..apologies for not being more informative on those but I've never actually opted for those ones). After just a spin or two they were repeated ... And then again....and then again... And again.. I don't know how many times I had extra spins but it went on for ages. Each time got me a little bit more excited than the last. I came out the other end feeling very drunk...and all 'disco-ed' out with a measly £23 (approx) I was really disappointed. I had expected to win a lot more from having such a large amount if free spins. Maybe I expected to much. I continued to play Disco Spins but unfortunately it was unable to impress me.

I feel the game is actually really boring. It seems to spin really slow and every spin is just relentless to the next spin. The 'colour' feature I find too confusing. I hate playing a slot which I can't follow properly. I like to be able to make spin and know exactly what I'm looking for to win. I like to know what symbols I win with and what I don't. By the time a spin finishes I like to already know whether or not I have won and how much...I don't like to have to wait until my next spun until I have worked out what's happened on the last spin.

This is definitely not a slot for me!
I am a huge fan of NetEnt-slots, but like it is said; Every rule has exceptions. Disco Spins is one NetEnt-slot which is far from being my favourite. I am not a fan of 70s , Saturday Night Fever or any kind of Disco-type things and honestly I do not know almost anything about it and I am not even interested. :D When I see those dancers in that slot, their clothes looks ridiculous and I would not imagine myself ever use that kind of clothes. If I ever would, I think that my place should be in mental asylum.

Disco Spins is 5 reel-slot with 20 lines, and you cannot choose less lines. Wilds are exists and those are even very common but honestly I have no idea how they comes and which dancers changes to wild. Also scatters are exists, but I have not ever got three scatters and therefore no free spins either. Have to say that even two scatters, which give nothing, have been very rare for me. For those reasons I cannot tell anything about free spins and I have a strong feeling that I will not ever get three scatters, and reason is that I will just avoid that slot.

Mostly I have played Disco Spins when I have got some free spins from many different casinos to that slot. I have won always very little and I also tried to wager my little winnings playing Disco Spins, but it never managed. Well, when that slot was new, I was naturally curious and wanted to try my luck, just like I test every new slot. I have played Disco Spins only with minimum-bet, which is 20 cents. However, I won nothing ever.

In my opinion Disco Spins is one of the worst slots from NetEnt and I am 100% sure that in future I will play that slot only if some casino gives free spins to it or if there is extremely good campaign where have to play Disco Spins in own money. Otherwise I will simply avoid it. However, maybe you might like that slot. Who knows? ;)
Icymod 758 reviews
Disco Spins is the life of the party within a group of people. It's a 20 paylines video slot featuring free spins leaving an option for a player to decide. What keeps me interested in this NetEnt slot is what it can do for me. Inside the main game there are characters that are dressed with a specific colour. You have a lady dancer wearing green, another lady with red shades all in could say she's the lady in red of this slot...also the highest paying symbol for Disco Spins and the same goes with the other dancers, wearing an appropriate colour + shades for this themed slot.

Another thing that seems to become a vital part of Disco spins is when everytime I spin the reels I would find positions on the reels, being in a checkered pattern to light up with colours. It's like the disco ball lights a way to the reels to more winnings, basically leaving opened opportunities for each spin. If I land a dancer say the Lady wearing red on a position on the reel with a red coloured square, she will turn wild. The rest applies to every dancer landing in their corresponding colours! A matching game too cool! Now if I can see through at least one of my bets with 3 coins on Disco spins, have all dancers turn wild for 5 wilds on a payline I would definitely take the screenshot and post it on AG.

I'm a bit disappointed in the features however because there is just one feature to trigger it by. Two options leave me with a straight flash quick answer right away! I never play 15 free spins at 3x because the 10 Free spins with all letters/number symbols are more better paying and together more wilds can take up the coloured tiles. The feature trigger is a bit like the Lucky Stars slot, only it doesn't have a zodiac wheel and a choice of a bonus to start it. Just straight free spins!!! I often on average receive $15 to about $60 never anything like $100+. It all depends solely on the coloured tiles matching the dancers inside the 10 Free Spins. Now what I don't like however are how these free spins can be triggered. I need to land 3 disco balls on the last 3 reels starting from the 3rd reel.

This slot needs to be more merciful for a slightly easier access to the free spins. It can be tough at times so watch out for your balance players. Disco Spins gets a 6.7 out of 10!
katemak 1170 reviews
Another Netent slot game by me its kind of interesting. By my opinion you can win that much of this game but as i did say its interesting seen that disco dancers on the disco floor dancing and giving you the possibility to win something. Although if you catch the scatters symbols you can win something modest from this interesting from the 70s made game.

So this game is all about disco dancers which has 5 reel and 20 paylines and 10 levels like most of the Netent games . All about this game is off course matching the same symbols on the reels and matching the dance floor color with the selected disco dancer.

This game has wild symbols and that symbols are the same disco dancers. The winning combination comes if you get 2 or more same disco dancers and if in that row you have other dancer ,but hi has the same color as his dance floor automatically that dancer is becoming wild symbol. The wild symbols substitutes with all other symbols or dancers except the free spin symbols or scatter symbols.
In this game if you trigger the free spins symbols which they appear only on the 3,4, or 5 reels you have a choice to select,which mode will you play.

The disco spins mode or the regular free spins ,which disco free spins has 10 free spins and only the disco dancers appear on the reels excluding the letters of the game,and if you get 3 additional scatter symbols then you have extra 3 free spins added. I f you choose the regular spins mode you can retrigger the free spins plus 15 free spins of course if you hit 3 scatter symbols and if you hit 2 of them you get plus 3 additional free spins.

So i like this game and i played it a lot,but never won something big on it. Well being patience ,maybe i will hit something wild like the disco dancers are.
Disco Spins is a slot from Net Entertainment and has a theme which is based on the flashy disco days of the 70's like Saturday Night Fever. I'm sure many people, especially women from the older generations would like this slot, but I don't happen to be a huge fan of it. I have played this slot on multiple occasions though.

So I do think I could provide a valuable review, and will try to be as objective as possible while doing so. Disco Spins has 20-paylines, 5 reels and the graphics are quite flashy when a prize is won. When I tried this game I used to bet €0.80 per spin, but the minimum bet is only €0.20 though.

The symbols are made up from the usual card icons, and several dancers which all have their own colors and outfit. The unique thing about Disco Spins is that it has random wilds. Each dancer could represent a wild during each spin. Most often like 2 or 3 dancers will turn into a wild after a spin.

So it's not certain before a spin which dancers it will be. My experience with this is that it often turns symbols wild, which don't have an added value to turn a few symbols into a winning combinations. But maybe I haven't played this game enough to experience the good times as well.

Unlike the average slot, Disco Spins only features scatters on the last 3 reels (3, 4 and 5). You need at least 3 scatters to be rewarded with free spins. It always takes me quite long to get those 3 scatters. Once you get the three scatters you can either choose for 10 free spins + only symbols of dancers (high paying symbols), or 15 free spins + all symbols and a 3x multiplier.

I often chose for the first option and one time I managed to get a 100x bet size win. Other sessions were less satisfying.

I'd give Disco Spins a 6/10 rating.

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