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Diceland Casino


Diceland Casino is a fantastical online casino that aims to be different. The website features whimsical colours, animations, and the tagline, "When I get home, I shall write a book about this place!" The games are powered by Top Game software. Diceland Casino has a Costa Rica license.


Diceland Casino offers some seriously underrated slots. The website itself is no match for the immersive value of some of its leading video slots, such as Reel Gangsters or Dioblo. Unfortunately, the video slot selection is pretty small. Diceland Casino has several more three-reel games.

Table game players face a very limited selection of only blackjack, roulette, and mini baccarat. There are three variants of both the blackjack and the roulette, but it doesn't make up for the lack of other favourites such as pai gow poker, Caribbean Stud Poker, and craps.

Video poker lovers have four different games to play, which is a far cry from the several dozens of variants offered by larger platforms. They are Deuces and Joker, Deuces Wild, Jacks or Better, and Joker Poker. Although the selection is severely limited, the games themselves are quite enjoyable to play.


If you need to get an issue resolved with Diceland Casino, you can access them 24/7 through the live chat offered in the downloadable client. This is by far the fastest way to get in touch with a customer representative, and we appreciate that Diceland Casino has implemented this system. Players can also contact them via toll-free telephone or e-mail.

Security and Fairness

Ensuring player safety should be a priority for every online casino. As such, Diceland Casino has implemented SSL encryption for all transmissions of personal data to and from the casino. They proudly state that they have never had any breaches of security and intend to keep it that way.

Game fairness is a big issue in the industry, as well. Diceland Casino states that they have a third-party auditor conduct regular inspections of their games. However, this report is not visible to the public. Nonetheless, a complete play history is available to the players within their cashier windows, allowing them to see the fairness of the games for themselves.


  • Immersive gaming environment
  • Quality video slots
  • Easily accessible support
  • Top-notch security


  • Limited video slot, table game, and video poker selection
  • Third-party audit not visible to site visitors


Diceland Casino Reviews by Players


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paquito76 867 reviews
One of these days I've found a free €7 amount on my Diceland account. Needless to say it didn't take too long. Easy come, easy go. Anyway, they often place some chips on the accounts but must have a very great luck to get it to the real money balance as it has very strict (x100 or x200?) terms.

The whole casino theme is around the animated, cartoon Wonderland style. Though it is unique, I don't find it too attractive and definitely it's not my world. Some of their Top Game that we can play here, are very great. That not necessary means it refers to their amazing payouts or huge jackpots but they're very enjoyable and funny.

One of my favourite is Grave Grabbers with nicely designed, lovely skeletons, ghosts, gravestone symbols. Nothing scary here, just humor. I really like its bonus round animation. Love it more if I'd see it more frequent occasions. They have very childish games like Witches Cauldron or Lucky Fishing and some serious, too, which is very good to have as not all of us love to play with the very same games or have the sam mood when we come here. In this latter category fall the 3-reel classic slot, Black Diamond, (imo, one of the best in all traditional slots) or their new 20-payline, Transylvania. It has really superb graphics and very well designed layout. Top Games is a very decent company when we're speaking of creating nice video slots, but they could be more generous in pay-back.

The support team here is very helpful and always reachable, sometimes they're a little bit over-zealous. Every time I come here, the first three minutes can't be spent without offering their bonuses. If I want one of them or have any questions I will contact them, no need to hasten to meet.

Diceland is not a bad place but personally their appearance is ugly for me and I don't like they don't support Skrill payment method. I have one or two another little things that don't make me their biggest fan.
They are a top game casino so isn’t the best on the market but the in the previous I played with some no deposit chances with top game casinos and I can tell you they are develops themselves but I also never withdraw a cent from them or can be close to meet the play through requirements. The only positive thing is that was every time free, because I never was brave enough to take my money a long period with any possibility.

So this time I was specialized to the no deposit bonus from them so I went to their home page and downloaded the casino. After I installed the casino and went through the registering steps, I contacted with the live operator to help me to get my 11 euro free money. (The bonus condition was: 75 times play through requirements and 150 euro max cash out, a minimum deposit from 20 euro is needed to player able to make a withdrawal.) She asked me to fill out my personal details page, but I told she I already filled out my page, after she checked it out my bonus credits was appears on my balance instantly.

I knew they had some game restriction too but I wanted to play some video poker so I started to play with the jacks or better machine on 0.5 euro per bet. I get some good hand but every time I tried to double it up, almost lost the all but after it I get the poker I doubled it too and this time I had luck and went up to above 14 euro. I raised up to one euro bet and tried my luck, after I get some pairs and nothing, I lost my bonus money, they video poker pay out rates are can be better like than, but anyway.
Thank you!
Icymod 758 reviews
So one thing I did not like anything about Diceland! The bonuses the games, they have provided, the constant need to supply every player with emails containing a $5 no deposit added to their account. As if that will go anywhere! I have been to Diceland for about a year now and they keep constantly pressuring me to take their bonuses and free chips. Every time I took advantage of their free chips I would end up wasting my time and losing the totality of the bonus. The wagering requirements for every type of Free Chip is 75x the playthrough so it is as worse as the 99x I would find at Europlay! And no matter what...even if I won I had to make an official deposit to withdraw any wins from the free chip. It would be much simpler had players such as myself be able to withdraw without the need of a deposit like Microgaming casinos. Now that is something I look forward to in casinos "Withdrawing without a deposit" because players worked hard to playthrough the entire deposit only to find out that deposits are mandatory! We have the verification process to do all that for us. If it were up to me I would take the verification any day than to make a deposit of my own + verification.

As I did not want to make any further deposits after my $25 deposit playing Black Diamond. I only stuck around to play out future free chips now and then because a deposit towards Diceland was not worth it. Most of the time I would go to Double exposure Blackjack where I lost everytime. I just wonder if there are any players who actually made a withdrawal from this specific casino that is Diceland? I have never made one. Apparently as I was looking through other games they weren't in large amounts. It wasn't like other casinos I've been to nor does Diceland have a chance against well known casinos like Microgaming, Playtech, Real Time gaming etc.

What's worst is the deposit bonus literally blocked me from playing on some games I would love to play on like Sweet Surprise. But trust me when I say this "It is not worth your money!".I might as well open the cover of a fan, put it to the highest speed and throw something into it like a small bag of flour. Just another casino worth avoiding even though the free chips were offered on a daily to monthly basis.

Support: 5/10
Terms and Conditions: 6/10
Deposits: 8/10
Withdrawals: Unknown
Payouts: 3/10
sencize 193 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
I honestly don't remember why on earth i signed up with such horrible casino as Diceland. I guess it was no deposit bonus that got me to sign up but i made a great waste of my time playing here.

The only thing that went right here was claiming no deposit 11 dollars promotion exclusive to AskGamblers site. And for the bad stuff i don't know where to begin.

The most irritating of all was guy from support writing in lobby window about some promotions and so on every few minutes. He was so annoying i had to tell him to stop it but he persisted anyway.

The design of casino itself was also like children in kindergarten scribble on piece of paper and the casino designers used that picture as template to create lobby and webpage.

The bonus i got was also big fail because it had rollover of 99x so said the annoying guy in lobby window when i asked why it says 75x on AskGamblers he said it must have been mistake. So i suggest to people here to change the wagering requirements to 99x and all games are eligible so said the annoying guy in chat.

To play out this bonus i selected reel gangsters video slot the game i played in other top game casinos with great bonus game. The game was also disaster i lost all bonus money in mater of minutes. No winnings from this slot what so ever and that was the end of my play time at Diceland casino. I did not even think about depositing here because all things suggested that this was fraudulent casino.

Everything was bad here from bonus rules to the lowest games payouts i ever experienced and a annoying support. So i think that this casino should be blacklisted and i give them a lowest grade possible 0/10
If you read my other reviews about Top Game Casinos you would realize I’m not their biggest fan, but there are people out there who no matter what they read or no matter what their told they still go ahead and fall for scams or at least gray area companies. Of all of the Top Game Casino’s I’ve played at I believe Rialto is the one I have had the best experience with, one of Rialtos sister Casinos is Diceland. Diceland and Rialto are very similar in the fact the fact that they randomly credit you $5 here or there, and they both use Top Game Software, but that’s where the similarities end. If Rialto and Diceland were brother and sister Diceland would be the Red headed step child (No offense to anyone who’s red headed and is a stepbrother or sister lol).

AskGamblers offers an $11 free bonus, now on first glance, you would say Ian how is getting an extra 10% of a sign up bonus a bad thing, the reason is in the fine print. Rialtos 10$ No Deposit bonus was 20x play through, whereas in DiceLand’s Case it’s a 75x play through, and if you’re the lucky one to play through $825 you still have to make a $25 or 20 euro deposit to cash out. Here is the link to the bonus: and believe me that is not bad at all, I have seen it from sites ranging from ten to thirteen dollar bonus but the play through was 99x. That’s saying you have to hit the jackpot to make our play through, but you can’t keep it all lol 75 play through is a huge difference than 99, 99 at 13 dollars is $1287 you would have to play 50% more all for additional $2 at the beginning.

Lesson of the day Ladies and Gentleman is read the fine print. On top of that, unlike their step sister, they bombard you with emails every day, some that make completely no sense. For example ill use two I remember off hand 1. Its Pig day so were having a huge a bonus, wait a minute? Pig day? I guess if you’re a regular there then you believe that’s a real holiday. The next one was CHI day, the Greek symbol, I don’t remember schools being closed on Pig or CHI day, the mail still came, stock market was open, I had work, and the Banks worked normal hours, so once again their genius marketing department came through and wowed me with their promos. (ROLLING MY EYES).

On top of that the software looks like a cartoon, I’m not sure if I’m about to play some nerdy LARPING or whatever the hell it’s called game, or a casino.It’s the totally opposite look of not just Rialto but all top game casinos for that matter.

So my consensus is that Diceland gets a 3/10, it’s the ugly duckling of the Top Game community. In fact the only way they probably get customers to deposit is by people googling online dice games, and that happens to pop up, they get lucky and get an unsuspecting person to spend $50 there, and even if he wins, it’s a roll of the dice whether or not he will even get paid.


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