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Silent Run Slot is currently available only in free play mode in your country.
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Silent Run Slot NetEnt

Silent Run is a 25-payline video slot which operates on the NetEnt software platform. The game has a wild card, which is a Bulb symbol. Moreover, there is an Echo Bonus symbol, in the form of a Green Radar icon which activates the bonus game and an Echo wild symbol, an Orange Radar, which searches for hidden wild cards. Players can test the slot on this page for free or play the game for real money in any of the listed NetEnt casinos.

Prior to searching for hidden torpedoes, one should regulate their wager. Pressing “Level” chooses the bet level and “Coin Value” adjusts the coin size, ranging from 0.01 to 0.5. To start the game, players should push “Spin”. “Max Bet” turns the reels at the highest available bet, while “Au­top­lay­” allows players to spin the reels a number of times without interruption.

The Echo Bonus symbol on reel 3 activates the Bonus game. The symbols sends out 3 sonar signals, searching the reels for hidden torpedoes, finding a random number between 2 and 5 torpedoes. The number of torpedoes found determines the number of torpedoes in the Bonus Game.

In the Bonus game, players choose an enemy ship and fire torpedoes to reveal prizes. If the Premium Ship is hit, wins are larger. Each ship torpedoed displays a different win amount. The multipliers in this game are x1, x2, x3, x5 and x10. The Bonus game is over when all of the torpedoes have been fired. The maximum single win in the Bonus game is 250,000 coins, while the maximum total win in the Bonus round is as many as 256,600 coins.

5 Submarine symbols emerging on an enabled payline will award a jackpot of 1,000 coins.

Game Play

Level: Choose the bet level.
Coin Value: Adjust the coin denomination.
Spin: Start the game.
Max Bet: Spin the reels at the maximum number of paylines, highest bet level and the current coin size.
Autoplay: Play the game automatically for a selected number of rounds.

Play game
Software NetEnt
Slot Type Video slots
RTP 96.1%
Special feature Wild
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Silent Run Slot Reviews by Players


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Afi4wins 2063 reviews
Reviewed on December 29, 2017


Silent Run is one of the very few games that has a battleship and a submarine as the main characters. The game is based on sea battles between destroyers and submarines, a seek-and-destroy game, if you like, and I'm always a fan of such action movies, especially involving submarines, so it was no surprise that I was attracted to this game just by the sight of that submarine! Hehehe. But as the game goes, that's about all that excited me, as I later found out.

Here is yet another one of NetEnt's numerous games that has non-paying Wild, Scatter, and/or Bonus symbols in a game. The Wild and the Bonus symbols do not pay anything for getting them, so that got me saying "what the argh!". Why NetEnt loves to do this I can never understand! Just to reduce the number of winning possibilities perhaps? Whatever the reason, it sucks! If that's not bad enough, the other symbols in the game have very low win values too, from just 1000x down to 60x the line bet for getting any 5 of them. Sheesh! I'm so used to seeing 5000x the line bet for Wilds, 100x the total bet for Scatters, and 2000x the line bet for the next highest paying symbol, but none of these are present in Silent Run's paytable. So my first impressions on this game also went down with the paytable. Luckily it didn't get torpedoed, otherwise this game would have ended with just a 1 Star rating from me! Hahaha.

The game's paytable may be quite horrible to me, but a lot of those horridness were salvaged by the interesting gameplay. The Wild Echo feature when activated, for example, would search for hidden Wild symbols within the reels and reveal them, so you get random Wild symbols appearing on the reels. Similarly, the Bonus Echo feature would search for hidden torpedoes and reveal them too. When torpedoes are found, a Bonus game is triggered. Here's where the action begins, hehehe.

Each torpedo awards one shot at a battleship. Each hit increases the multiplier to the next higher level, up to 10x, which is a pretty good multiplier for the last torpedo, so don't miss hitting that battleship! Ah, don't worry though, those torpedoes never miss! Hahaha. What matters most is how much each hit would pay - sometimes peanuts, sometimes big cakes, depending on your luck of course, but most of the time, no big cakes! Still, torpedoing down those battleships is quite fun, seeing the battleship explode is exciting, and seeing it throwing out a big cake is simply exhilarating, hehehe.

Any free spins? What? Getting those torpedo shots aren't enough? Hmm, not for me, they aren't! I want some free spins too! I always like free spins, but so sorry, no such thing in this game! Sigh.
LilianInThaHouse 657 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Reviewed on March 31, 2017


I think any true gamer would love to play Silent Run by NetEnt. It looks like these games for Play Station. All the battles you missed are still here to join them on this dark and deep unknown waters. And it looks so dark blue in its appearance.

It's a 5-reel, 25- pay-lines video slot and if you just first heard of this game and want to play it, first read what others would like to share and then decided for yourself. Each little guy want to join some military forces in his early childhood, so this war game might be just perfect for an adult person, why not. Now that I look at it, it looks like true oldie but still fun enough to keep you in.

Pay-table look quite poor with the highest paying symbol of only 1000 x ( for 5 of its kind ) your bet-line. That sounds disappointing I know but what to do. You can change the game or give it a try, it's all solely up to you in any way. So think of it first before you start your session. There is no Scatter symbol here which mean lowered pay-outs. That's a shame. But this game features 2 different Wild symbols. There is no multiplier attached to wins with wild symbol and both pay zero for getting five of its kind. That's a shame and now you have a deeper look into not so fancy game anymore. The point is, no matter how cool it might be, it still seems really hard to win on, because not so many winning possibilities and symbols pays pathetic. I am getting worried and I don't think you should consider this video slot too serious but mostly for fun. And possibly win something which would be so, so nice.
Inactive user
Reviewed on May 17, 2016


I was pretty curious about 'Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea’ to find out what was NetEnt's inspiration to create this game, and I think I found the answer. Obviously, it's not the science-fiction novel 'Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea’ written by French writer Jules Verne and published in 1870 that we have read when we were kids. It’s inspiration was most likely ‘Run Silent, Run Deep’, a 1958 American black and white war film based on the novel of the same name by Commander (later Captain) Edward L. Beach JR. The title refers to ‘silent running’, a submarine stealth tactic, describing World War II submarine warfare in the Pacific Ocean.

The soundtrack in this game sounds a little scary to me and makes me feel that some sea creature is about to show up from the deep waters instead of danger from the enemy coming from the unknown side. I am not a huge fan of any battle games, especially not sea battles with humans or any sea creatures. This is a 5-reels, 25-paylines video slot payable from as low as 0.25 cents bets per spin. The dominating symbols are military-related symbols, like submarines, ships and explosive devices.

You see, I said that I am not a fan of any battles, but I enjoyed working with the Military and spent 2.5 years in Afghanistan. Our mission was named ‘Mission Enduring Freedom’ and I was surrounded with real fighters and all fighting their equipment. Yes, I would go into the war again if I have to. Not so girly but a very thrilling experience. It wasn’t in 3D fun but a real life experience fun.

I had no significant wins when I played this slot. The paytable is, let’s say, solid, with a maximum win value of 1000 coins. There is no scatter symbol but there are two Wild symbols. There isn’t any win multiplier either, which is my favorite, and there isn’t any 5-of-a-kind payout for Wilds and Scatters, so for all of you who likes hitting 5-of-a-kinds, you can forget about it in this game. There is a bonus round though, triggered by Echo Wild feature and Echo Bonus symbol. Echo Wild awards extra Wilds, while Echo Bonus awards random torpedoes. Then comes destroying the ships which finally pay the cash prizes. In the bonus round, you can get awarded with a win multiplier of up to 10x.

If all this sounds exciting to you, then you should spin this game, have some fun and maybe possibly win on it. It’s not in my taste and not on my ‘must play’ list either, but it was yet another nice experience for me.
Inactive user
Reviewed on November 30, 2015


Although the title suggests otherwise, take my word, in the slot machine, nothing will elapse quietly gains from the graphic symbol of perfect down to the crystal clear sound. Theme of this slot is the only war and refers directly to the events in World War II. The theme of this slot are submarines and their elements that can be found in the depths of the ocean as well as on one NetEnt slot machine, called symbolic, Silent Run. I hope now you understand when I say that nothing in this game is not as quiet as the title says. I hope that you will have a turbulent gains such as the stormy sea when a submarine coming to the surface. If you were hoping for a romantic and emotional story, then you certainly missed the game because there are no emotions because it's time for war. Silent Run most play at 10Bet Casino as I have a lot of money on betting, and so after a successful betting weekend play ten NetEnt slots of my choice, in recent days, Silent Hill is among them. Last bigger gains were symbols of torpedoes, when I got in three spins twice 5 of kind. Everything else is not worth mentioning, statistically speaking, it is important to have a good feel while playing this slot, and that the party was complete.
winningfly 283 reviews
Reviewed on September 20, 2015


Silent run is NetEnt slot. I am playing this game very frequently, because it is quite awesome in term of triggering features, so it is always a lot of fun to play this game.

I like how this game looks. It has great drawn pictures, also there is nice animation when special symbol land on reel 3.

I like payouts in this game. It is not crazy huge, but it is decent, and iIcan't say that payouts in this game are low and it is not interesting to play normal play in this slot.

I like way which features triggered. You need to get special symbol on reel 3 and feature is awarded. For me this symbols land usually and it is not very hard to get feature.

I like bonus feature. When green radar land on reel 3 you will get random number of torpedos, from two to five. Then you will need to destroy 5 ships. First ship multiplier x 1, last ship multiplier x 10. One ship always have great prize, others lowers. Once I won more than 200 bets in this feature, from five torpedos.

I like wild feature. It is awarded when red radar lands on reel 3. Then it will make 3 pulses, during which will award random number of wilds. I think it is possible to get full reels of wilds, but my best result is about 100 bets. But unfortunately most times it is make only few wilds, and payout not so big.

Interesting game, features trigger often, and game could pay decent money. I rate this game with 9.


When special symbol is near, there is special animation. And it is a lot of pain to see how this symbol is miss real and go one position lower or higher. This is ok when once, when twice, but when in happens couple of times in a row - it is sad.
hajnrih 1379 reviews
Reviewed on August 24, 2015


Silent Run is a 25 payline, 5 reel slot coming from NetEnt. Visually this slot looks great. It has a descent graphic , some really nice animations and the background sounds and feature sounds are great. The theme of the game is submarines and battles on water. The symbols in the slot are all from some war and you can see submarines, battle ships, sonars, torpedoes, underwater bombs. There really is a war going on while you play this slot, a war for money.

The paytable of the slot is a bit poor with the submarine as a highest paying symbol awards a win of only 1000 coins for 5 of them on a winning payline. The slot doesn’t have scatter symbols so it is missing the standard two of a kind scatter symbols payout. This game also has two wild symbols. They don’t offer a multiplier and the standard 5 of a kind payout is also missing. So what makes this slot interesting to play?

Like in most slots the biggest wins come in the bonus round. Here there are two features which are triggered by the echo wild and the echo bonus symbol. They both land on the central reel only. The echo wild awards extra wilds and the echo bonus awards a random number of torpedoes on the reels up to 5. In the echo bonus you use each torpedo to destroy a ship who reveals a coin prize. Also you get a multiplier which goes from x 1 up to x10 for the fifth torpedo.

During base play regular wins are small but the features come often. The echo wild feature can sometimes award a lot of wilds resulting in a win of over 100 x bet. The echo bonus can award the biggest win if you get 5 torpedoes and destroy the ship with the biggest coin value last. That way the multiplier is the biggest. My biggiest win in this game is about 200 x bet in the echo bonus. In the wilds feature my biggest win is a little over 100 x bet.
blondie 1632 reviews
Reviewed on April 1, 2015


Silent Run was one of the few games I was advised to try in one of askgamblers threads. It is a 5 reel 25 payline slot with bonus round. Fellow gambler said this game works good fr him for meeting rollovers, and I honestly can say I have played this game 2 or 3 times and I wanted to change that.

The theme of this game is shipping/ocean adventures, with ship, torpedo and other technical symbols. I really like the color scheme and overall design but that isn't a big surprise as it is Netent powered game, I like the fact that it brings me calmness.
This game has 2 kind of bonus rounds but no free spins. An Echo bonus is in a green color and it appears on 3rd reel. When it appears, it searches for hidden torpedoes on the wheel (from 2-5). Those torpedoes you will use for blowing up other ships. Each ship has a different coin amount that will be multiplied, so the more torpedoes you get, the more chances to win bigger. Besides each torpedoe has a multiplier attached to it (1x,2x,3x,5x,10x).The Echo Wild is in red color and also appears on 3rd reel. This echo searches for hidden wilds and increases winnings.

To try it legitimitely I invested 40€ in my Casumo account. The minimum bets are 0.25€ per spin but I placed 0.50€ bets. I started to play 250 spins autoplay and at first I wasn't very impressed, I had lost already 10€ within 30 spins but then I received the Echo wild bonus that multiplied the wilds and paid me 16€. I mostly had half of bet wins, rarely more. About 40 spins later I got another Echo wild feature and this time it paid 6x bet. I got the bonus another time, so in average of 40 spins I received the bonus. It seemed like a roller-coaster, I again received 40x bet win. It took me 130 spins to get this game in a giving mood, the next bonus paid already 27€ which seemed nice. Later I received one Echo bonus that gave me 4 torpedoes. I won 12€ with it. So overall playing this game for about an hour and in total of 400 spins I got 2 Echo bonuses and 8 Echo Wild bonuses.

I think this game is really good. Altough it doesn't have any free spins feature, it is really interesting to play and I will do it more often. As I said, the graphics are great and design wise this could be one of my favorites from Netent.
Raptordinos 866 reviews
Reviewed on February 15, 2015


The theme of this game, inspired by the most powerful ships of the Navy, conveys a sense of power that drives you to fight until you get a big win. "Silent Run" is for me one of the best games created by the prestigious company NetEnt I've played so far, and not only for its design but also for the potential, which in my opinion, has to generate huge profits, and the best thing is gains do not depend exclusively on the activation of its special characteristics, since several of my best winnings in this game, have been reached by completing 5 of a kind lines, with high symbols involved, during the base game.

Special features in this slot are not always synonymous of Big Wins, but the advantage is they occurrence is a common event throughout the game, giving you a better chance of getting a great hit, and for this reason, I like always cautiously increase the value of my bets until I can get some significant gain, and when this happens, and depending on the size of my earning, I decrease my bet some levels, even to the lowest one in case my income would have been large enough to overcome the balance I had at the start of the last round of increases. Both special features have seemed great for me, with Echo Bonus, most times I get only between 2 and 3 torpedoes, but still I have managed to sink ships with the biggest prize on numerous occasions, and with Echo Wild, I have also achieved several Big Wins, especially when before triggering this feature they have appeared one or two wild symbols on the screen, thereby helping to maximize my chances.

Overall, I can say that this video slot is for me one of the most exciting, like one of those capable to make me lift my arms to celebrate, and it is fortunately a slot currently present in many of the best online casinos I know, to play it is a pleasure and even better if you got some bonuses, because you shall consider some times we have not so good streaks and the best is to have patience and a balance large enough to overcome them. If you have not yet played Silent Run I hope you do it very soon and I wish you the best of luck with it.
Th3 Runn3R 119 reviews
Reviewed on January 4, 2015


Remember the movie Hunt for Red October? This game reminds me of this classic movie starring our first James Bond star: Sir Sean Connery but this review is not about the movie, it's about the submarine themed video slot powered by NetEnt (one of the best software on the net ).

I shock easily and playing this game shocked me a lot, it's bad for the heart but exciting at the same time. Why shocked you ask? well it's because of the random bonus round. I couldn't never prepared for the third reel, my heart pounded real hard when the third reel starts to glow and the worst part is that when it glows and the bonus round didn't appeared, nor green or red radar.

Silent Run has fixed bet so bet under 25 cent is not allowed but higher bet is allowed. The best feature of this game is the torpedo bonus round, if you manage to get 5 torpedoes you can expect big win from it. The last torpedo has a 10 times multiplier and when you hit the right ship with this last torpedo then you know what will happened ;)

It occurred to me that when the big win is collected the chance of another big win is quite small so get out of there when you can after winning a big win. I was stupid enough to keep playing the game and end up hitting the bottom of the sea.

My biggest win from this game was over 5000 credits and I got it from the torpedo bonus round, it is the only bonus round that has the potential to give big win.
I give Silent Run a 7 stars rating and those who has a bad heart, if you want to play this game I recommend to turn the sound off because this game might cause you a cardiac arrest.


Although this game is great but it's a pity that it doesn't have free spins bonus round so NetEnt if you are reading this it might be a good idea for the sequel: Silent Run 2: Deep sea warfare (or something like that).
NextTimeWin 375 reviews
Reviewed on November 30, 2014


Silent Run slot was released by net entertainment, best gaming company in the world (yes, I would say this each review, just to say them my own thank you).

This game has 25 paylines. Game animations are sounds are correct for this theme and looks good, but I can't say anything else about this, just good, but not perfect like at many other slots. Game has no any freespins feature, but like usually in such case Netent created something great and nice. There is two times of bonus, but each triggered same way. If you get red symbol on reel 3 - then it is wilds bonus, if you get green symbol on reel 3 - then it is torpedoes bonus. Can't say which one I am prefer more, both can pay good money in my opinion, so I am happy to hit any of this feature. Red symbol feature - there will be 3 pulses, each pulse can add random number of wilds. Max I had - it was probably 6-7 wilds, win was moderate, for big win I think there is needed a bit more wilds. Green symbol feature - again 3 pulses, but each pulse can add random number of torpedoes, max torpedoes are 5.

Then bonus game is started, I need to destroy a ship and get coins win for it. One ship has big prize, other ships very low prizes. Also each new torpedo have bigger multiplier, 5 torpedo has huge multiplier x10. In this feature I was almost 150 euros at 0.5 euro bet once, hit 5 torpedoes, and my last torpedo with 10x multiplier destroyed royal ship with big prize!


Regarding negative things... Couple of times I get 2 torpedoes loaded, this is annoying and make me angry. Sometimes wild feature did pay nothing, another bad thing about this slot is that sometimes when reel 3 start lightning (feature most likely will come), but suddenly it is missed - damn, this is very annoying.

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