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Drive: Multiplier Mayhem Slot is currently available only in free play mode in your country.
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Drive: Multiplier Mayhem Slot NetEnt

Drive: Multiplier Mayhem is a 15-payline video slot with the theme of fast and exciting car races, running on the NetEnt software platform. Apart from thrilling music and sleek design, the game features multiplier wild cards, the scatter symbol and the Nitro symbol which moves players to the next level. Players can test the game for free on this page or, should they wish to play the slot for real money, they can pick any of the NetEnt casinos from the listings.

To join Jette on her exhilarating races against opponents, players should choose their wager first. The bet level is adjusted with the “Level” selector, while the coin size, which ranges from 0.01 to 0.5, is set using the “Coin Value” selector. To initiate the game, players need to press the “Spin” button. The “Max Bet” button turns the reels at the highest wager, while “Auto Play” spins them for a number of times uninterrupted.

3 scatters emerging on reels 2, 3 and 4 will trigger the Free Spin round wherein players receive 10 Free Spins. If 3 Nitro symbols appear on reels 2, 3 and 4, additional Free Spins will be won. 

When players collect Nitro symbols, they get stacked in the Nitro Collect Meter. If a Nitro symbol emerges atop an overlay multiplier wild, it is counted as both a Nitro symbol and a multiplier wild. 

The Free Spins start with players racing as Jette against the first opponent Twitch. When 3 Nitro symbols are collected, players move on to the next level. A random multiplier wild is won and the next racing opponent emerges—Hamaki or Bruiser, depending on the level.

When players reach a new level, more Free Spins are won along with another multiplier wild.

Game Play

Level: Choose the betting level.
Coin Value: Select the preferred coin size.
Spin: Initiate the game at the selected wager. 
Max Bet: Spin the reels at the highest bet.
Auto Play: Play the game for a number of times uninterrupted.

Play game
Software NetEnt
Slot Type Video slots
RTP 96.7%
Special feature Wild Scatter Free Spins
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Drive: Multiplier Mayhem Slot Reviews by Players


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Sloter 514 reviews
Reviewed on January 17, 2021


Drive-Multiplier Mayhem is an interesting Grand-Racing video slot developed by NetEnt Software with 5 reels/15 Paylines. If you enjoy the ‘Fast and the Furious’ movie franchise then you are going to spin a lot with this Drive slot.
Players taking on the role of ‘Jette’ a pink-haired driver who might help as She races against her male counterparts, of Twitch/Hamaki/Bruiser. Be prepare for Full-throttle/Multiplier Wilds/Race Starters!
LilianInThaHouse 657 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Reviewed on December 31, 2016


If you like racing like Formula 1 or any racing games, this game would make the right choice for you.

Talking about gambling isn't all about winning, the truth is, some people play on game you might never win on, but you might win on the slot they wouldn't even touch for example. The thing is,yo could play Dead or Alive which is the best one, the highest payouts when it comes to NetEnt, but it could happen that you win a large amount of money on the video slot which others never dare to spin on.

You never know, people get frustrated, people get mad but good news are, this is medium to high variance game and it can pay big during it's features.

This video slot looks so futuristic and you could feel it's racing theme. It's 5 reel and 20 pay lines video slot. This video slot features 2 bonus games and during the base game there is random multiplier wilds which looks terrific. Racing is my passion so I am so into this video slot. Multiplier wilds get multiplied too if more multiplier wilds appear on active pay line which is another positive thing and it increases your chances to win massive.

Free Spins feature is activated when 3 or more Scatter symbols appear on active pay line and in this video slot it is reel number two, three and four so watch your speed and keep an eye on your screen. You get 10 Free Spins and race is ready to start. Nowadays I am placing smaller bets as this was the year in which I had no chance to enjoy my sessions like before. But I am getting ready for 2017. And no doubt I will post some screenshots like I did each time I had chance to catch some nice winning screenshot. Gambling is my passion so racing is but I played only several time this video slot and wanna spin it many more times. I won small amount but will be back to catch something real and nice, on my come back.
hajnrih 1379 reviews
Reviewed on September 30, 2016


Drive Multiplier Mayhem is a futuristic video slot game from NetEnt. This game is awesome because it is all about multiplier wilds which to my surprise come very often. This is a medium to high variance game so there is a potential to pay huge during the feature. I have played this game only once but I have to try it again when I have more money on my balance. That one time when I played this game I had only 40 euros on my balance and I have lost them very fast. My game session was short because I placed large bets in hope that I will trigger the feature but unfortunately that did not happened. I don’t know why I did that because I usually start with small bets especially when I am playing a game for the first time.

Drive Multiplier Mayhem is a 5 reels and 20 pay lines video slot game. There are 2 bonus features in this slot and multiplier wilds in the base game. What is great about this feature is that if you get more multiplier wilds on an active pay line those multipliers are also multiplied. I managed to land a win of 50 x bet thanks to this feature.

There is a free spins feature which is activated with 3 scatter symbols. These symbols need to be on the second, third and fourth reel, maybe for this reason it is very difficult to trigger the feature. There are 10 free spins and it is possible to prolong this feature. I will definitely play this slot again because I want to see the potential of the free spins.

Drive Multiplier Mayhem is a very fast pace game that looks very appealing. I would recommend this slot to anyone but my suggestion would be that it takes time to activate the features so you need to be really patient when you decide to play this game.
raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
Reviewed on September 22, 2016


I'm pretty sure NetEnt took some cues from The Fast & The Furious series of movies when creating Drive, which is no bad thing but I wonder why they didn't go all the way and obtain a license? The graphics definitely have that feel to them with shady looking characters, fast cars and a cityscape in the background - it's a very attractive theme overall and sure to be popular amongst younger male gamblers!

Once I started playing the game I was excited to see there are multiplier wilds on all reels all the way up to x5 - I hit a "big win" on my very first spin, which was infact only around 17x my stake so not exactly huge but I've seen these big win animations go off on wins as low as 5x from some slot developers in the past so I don't think this is unacceptable. I didn't even have a five of a kind either and only two of the lower wild multipliers in part of my combinations so I had an idea early on that this was a game with the potential to pay out big!

Other NetEnt multiplier based games such as Big Bang bored me pretty quickly as they had no bonus features but NetEnt haven't made that mistake here. There are scatters on reels 2, 3 and 4 which award ten free spins with a side feature of racing against an opponent(well, according to the paytable that's what is happening although the slot doesn't really bother to show you much of it...) and you advance through several levels each time you collect three special nitro symbols which only appear in the free spins and give extra free spins and eventually add extra wilds to the reels at the start of each free spin.

The fifteen paylines feel like just the right amount to me as in most cases the more paylines a game has the less each individual combination will be worth, which is probably why so many of my favourite slots have just nine or ten paylines! It's so nice to find a NetEnt game with a decent paytable that I enjoy playing these days, Drive is everything a slot should be and any complaints I could give about it, such as the scatters appearing only on the centremost three reels, are really nothing but niggles. It does feel quite hard to trigger the free spins but that's so often the case when the bonus has really good winning potential so I feel like it's worth the wait overall. Great game!
Inactive user
Reviewed on September 14, 2016


Drive: Multiplier Mayhem is very interesting as a NetEnt video slot. Did they get this idea from Fast and the Furious or Need for Speed because it is working well in their favor! The street racers, the girls, the sexy girl in a flirty checkered mini skirt on the start line ready to say "Ready, set, go!!!"........ohhh my, those good thoughts appearing in my head, the scene that makes this slot a reminiscent reality. But do not get me wrong, as there is only one girl, a red headed lady if you will, happens to be the top paying symbol on this epic heart racing 15 paylines. I do not think she is my type though. What is cool about Drive: MM is that there are scattered multiplier wilds on all reels, each landed wild has up to 5x that makes a nitrous sound when it comes with a combination!!! Pretty cool I would say!!! The bigger the multiplier, the longer this epic sound makes!

As have been betting $1.50 on every single casino I have seen Drive: MM on, the free spins were a taste of what is like to be in the hands of a racer! Each NO2 symbol (Nitro) that landed on the middle reels (2, 3 and 4th reels) increases my chances to earn overlay wilds and more free spins! Yeah smoke em!!! I won around $60.15+ from most of my attempts!!! In the future I will increase my bets to $2.25 (level 3 + coin value 0.05) for a more suitable adrenaline rush!!!! (imitates car speeding) That is how good the feature is! The graphics & animations are dead on awesome, the feature if triggered is full of good content and being in 1st place is like winning a pink slip....and the girl!!! It's dangerous, wild and rewarding!!! NetEnt's Drive: Multiplier Mayhem gets a 9 out of 10!!! By the way....when's the next race coming? :D


Triggering the free spins are as much as a magician's many illusions, almost all of them are but puffs of smoke and mirrors!!! The 4th reel is ultimately the culprit!!! The 5th reel multiplier for 5x happens to appear when there are no connecting hits, it is a shame and when I have a 4 of a kind line hit, this multiplier does not appear, it has been only once that I seen it land on for a 5 of a kind combinations........a 5 of a kind tens with 5x! For the bigger symbols, I can just forget this multiplier!
stars_cream 161 reviews
Reviewed on June 30, 2016


Drive: Multiplier Mayhem is one of the latest slots form NetEnt provider. It is a slot with car races theme, so it is a slot for men since it has fast cars, drivers and cars street racing. Like most of the slot from NetEnt it has beautiful graphics and nice sounds.

Drive: Multiplier Mayhem has 15 pay lines and you can play it with minimum bet of 0.15. Like most slots the lowest paying symbols are the letters and the highest paying symbols are 4 drivers and a car. The highest symbol, the woman driver pays 10 times your bet. It may seem very low but this slot has something unique comparing to other slots. The wilds on the reels multiply your win depending on the reel they appear.

So a wild in reel one multiplies the win 1 time, on the second reel it doubles the win, so in the 5 reel the win is multiplied 5 times. Of course if you have more than 1 wild in the reels, your win can go big, up to 120 times the win if you have wilds in reels 2-5. I do not think you can have 5 wilds on a payline since there is no win for 5 wilds on the paytable. I believe it is very difficult and it would be very rare to hit a 120 times multiplier in the base game, it is more easy during the free spins.

To trigger the free spins you need scatters on reels 2 to 4. The free spins do not come very often, at least when I play this slot, many time it seems impossible to trigger them. During the free spins there are nitro symbols and you have to complete the nitro meter. Every 3 nitro you collect, you win the race and face a new opponent. At every level you pass, you get extra free spins and also an extra wild appears on the reels.

I find this slot very entertaining but I have not won anything good from it, it seems very difficult, it acts like it is a high variance slot.
Fiekie247 1106 reviews
South Africa
Reviewed on June 28, 2016


Drive: Multiplier Mayhem is a full of fast cars and intense racing. If you are a fan of Fast and the Furious or Need for Speed, then this slot is for you. As this game is based on the street races that you have seen in the movies. Trigger the free spins and you will find yourself in a street race with different opponents. Also if you look carefully you will see Vin Diesel is featuring in this slot as well, hahaha just kidding.

Drive: Multiplier Mayhem is a 5-reel, 3-row video slot with 15 fixed paylines. It has symbols of drivers, a car and multiplier wild symbol. The multiplier of the wild symbol depends on which reel the wild lands on. Multipliers on reel 1 has a 1x multiplier value, those on reel 2 has a 2x value and so on. If wilds appear on all the reels on a payline then you win 120 x your winning combination. 1 x 2 x 3 x 4 x 5 = 120x multiplier.

The free spins feature will be triggered when 3 or more scatter symbols appear on reels 2, 3 and 4. This will activate 10 free spins and the street race begins. You will face your first opponent and the reels starts spinning. During free games nitro symbols appear and collecting 3 will take you to the next level which means you will race the next opponent. Each time you defeat your opponent you will receive additional spins and overlay wilds. You can receive a maximum of 3 overlay wilds and up to 6 or 7 additional spins.

The sounds, graphics and animations of this game are brilliant and this is the best part of the slot for me. Just listening to the rev sound of the car is insane, especially when you hit a big win. I had a few big wins on this game with at least 3 wilds on an active payline. I enjoyed this slot and will play it over and over again.
Afi4wins 2063 reviews
Reviewed on May 20, 2016


With a game name like Drive, I instinctively knew that it must be a game about cars and with cars, just as with the game Supe It Up. When I first I saw this game, I was quite impressed. Nice presentations, nice graphics, nice animations, but the Jette lady should have been more bee-you-tiful than that, rather than looking like a cybernetic lady. Well, maybe she is supposed to be one, who knows, but I always prefer any lady to be bee-you-tiful please! If a real cybernetic lady can be made beautiful, as those made in Japan, then Jette should be made beautiful too! Okay, okay, so I admit I'm a big sucker for bee-you-tiful ladies, cybernetic or not, hahaha.

This new game from NetEnt certainly has new features added into it. The Multiplier Wild, for example, has a win multiplier according to the reel it appears on. If on reel 1, then its 1x, if on reel 5, then its 5x. Hmm, looks pretty good to me, but what is even better is that if 2 or more Multiplier Wilds are on the same payline, all multipliers get multiplied for the win! For example, if 2x, 3x, 4x, and 5x Multiplier Wilds are on the same payline, with lady Jette on reel 1 to complete the winning combination, then that would pay a huge 18,000x (120x 150 for Jette) line bet win! Wow! But wait a minute! That figure may look huge, but it isn't really! Getting the lady Jette with that 120x multiplier would only pay $180 on a $0.01 line bet, or 1200x the total bet! Not really that big is it? It is only a fraction of what the biggest paying possibility from another game could pay! So don't get too excited with that 120x Multiplier possibility. NetEnt is just playing a very tricky ploy here, making that 120x looks so so big! Hehehe.

3 Scatters, on reels 2, 3 and 4, activate 10 free spins. Those scatters don't appear on reel 1 or 5, so no 5 Scatters win is possible. They don't pay anything anyway! Dumb Scatters! Hahaha. During the free spins, every Nitro symbol collected adds up in the meter on the left of the screen. With every 3 Nitros collected, that level race is won, you go to the next race on level 2, win an extra Multiplier Wild, plus a few more free spins, starting with +4 free spins for level 2, +3 free spins for level 3, and +2 free spins for level 4. Additional Multiplier Wilds are +1, +2, and +3 for level 4. Only 1 Overlay Wild (without any multiplier) can appear on a reel during the free spins game. All these may sound rather complicated, but not so after playing the game for some time.


Well, I was really looking forward to see what this Drive: Multiplier Mayhem game can offer and pay, but after looking at the paytable, after doing some basic calculations, the whole game failed to impress me! My real money plays didn't bring in any impressive wins. I did finished the race at level 4, only once, but the overall payout was only about 184x my total bet, not impressive at all! Trying to get 3 Scatters to appear on the 3 reels was more frustrating than exciting! The game may look interesting and exhilarating, but the truth is far from it, from my point of view.
Inactive user
Reviewed on April 27, 2016


Oh my God, may I have one of these racing cars please.

If not, I wish I can have BMW please and its not only about the speed and luxury, its about construction that keeps you safe.

I do love speed and I do love cars, I love them since early childhood but I am the one which want to drive alone and really fast but I always thinking about safety and if on highway, while driving on the left side, I am always aware of the super fast drivers, 250 km / h. They show up within seconds and you need to be so careful.

Racing is definitely hidden in my dreams and I truly wish to share some photos with all of you here on AskGamblers within two years.

The only things that is stopping me right now is that you need prepare an extra racing car. I will. My heart started beeping fast. I also think I am addicted to adrenaline. Why is that.. I really don’t know but one thing is sure, I am adventurist, I am wild spirit and I love doing so called crazy things.

This game reminds me of Need for a Speed. It’s a game played on Play Station if I am correct. I never plaid these games too much because I thought its not good for your brain.

This futuristic and energetic game will keep you in the race. Its 5 reels ,15 paylines with amazing design, great graphics and very nice racing symbols.

Any true gamer would love this slot and I can tell, NetEnt did a very good job!

Base game is all about multiplier wilds and every reel has multiplier wild up to 5 x. Sounds exciting... if so, get ready to race and pres that spin button, adjust auto spin and go after 1st. place in this race. If you trigger Free Spins feature you can race against 3 other racers and possibly win additional free spins.

Click on the paytable and check for an amazing awards. In my opinion, this is must slot to any gamer!
blondie 1632 reviews
Reviewed on March 1, 2016


Drive is the newest game from Netent software and was released less than a week ago. I was waiting for this release as I had seen the promotional video and the game seemed refreshing. I have to say that design wise Netent has done a great job, in my opinion, the game is inspired by car race theme and that's something I haven't seen from them before, therefore it was fun. The color scheme was dark, as the race is in the night, but I love it.

When the game launched, as usually casinos were giving free spins on it. In most occasions I would get 5 free spins and win few cents, so when Doublestar casino was having a promotion that if you deposit 10€ the next day you receive 50 spins on it, I couldn't resist. The free spins overall gave me 15€ win, because I managed to trigger free games within them.

There are many things I like about this game. First of all it has amazing wilds feature, whenever a wild lands, it multiplies the line win depending on which reel the wild is. So the wilds are from the regular to 5x, and many times they appear together, so for a 15 payline slot I think the winning potential is decent. Second thing I really like which isn't very important, is that whenever you get a spin, the wining combination stands out, since the slot background is dark, it is easy to just see if anything enlightens, that's a small thing but I like it.

My favorite part of the game is free spins and I really look forward to getting them. I do think that sometimes they can be a little hard to trigger, in one of my sessions I played over 700 spins until I got the free spins. That's because they appear only on reels 2, 3 and 4. But they are definitely worth the wait, as they are exciting and rewarding. Free spins are like a race, which has many parts. If you collect 3 nitro symbols, you get to race the next person. And with each race you get extra spins and extra multiplier, that will appear on every spin. My best result so far has been around 80x bet, but that's when I haven't gone to the last race and I haven't managed to get so far. But I think then you can see really nice winnings.

Overall I think this is a successful release and I will continue to play it. The only thing I don't like that much is the fact that it's a 15 payline slot. I rarely play games with less than 20 paylines,but this might be one of my favorites from 15 liners. I recommend this game, it has nice sounds, good looks and even though on base game my best win hasn't exceeded 30x bet and on free spins 80x, I think it has potential to give a lot more, thanks to the different wild multipliers.

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