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Casinos Accepting Cheque Payment Method

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A cheque (or check in American English) is a piece of paper that enables banks to transfer money from one account to another. It is one of the most common forms of payment in the world and is still widely used in the world of online casinos. Although it is most frequently seen as a method of withdrawal, a cheque can be used to deposit at over 20 of our listed online casinos.

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Depositing with a Cheque

If you'd like to make a deposit with a cheque, you will either need to mail the physical cheque to the casino or use an e-cheque payment method. Either way, you will need to have enough funds in your linked bank account.

If you are mailing the cheque, you will want to make sure that you have written it out to the correct institution and that are using the correct mailing address. Consider sending it “certified” (or your country's equivalent) to ensure that it reaches its destination. It may help to inform a casino support representative that a cheque is on the way. The rep may also be able to provide a timeframe of when it will be deposited into your account.

If you are using the casino's e-cheque payment processor, you will need to provide them with the information that would appear on a physical cheque. This will vary from country to country, but will generally include an account number and/or IBAN or routing number.

Withdrawing via Cheque

If you opt to receive the amount in your casino balance via cheque, you will simply need to fill out a request within the casino's cashier. Make sure the mailing address they have on file is current. Most online casinos will send the cheque with some kind of tracking service that allows you to see how long it will be until you receive it, so ask for a tracking number if you can. Also inquire about any fees that may be taken out of the cheque amount for processing and shipping costs.

Advantages of a Cheque

The biggest advantage of using a cheque to deposit or withdraw is its simplicity. As long as you have a bank acccount, you can send money to a casino and receive money from a casino without having to register with any third-party payment processors. This saves you both time and effort.

Disadvantages of a Cheque

If you deposit with a paper cheque, you will have to wait several business days to receive the funds in your account. For this reason, most players opt for an instant payment method offered through their bank or a third-party service instead.

Depending on your bank, it may take several days for the funds from a cheque to clear. Combined with the amount of time it takes to mail the cheque, it can be upwards of one week before you finally receive your funds. Withdrawal via cheque is certainly not the fastest method of getting paid in most jurisdictions. If you want faster access to your money, consider using a bank transfer or a third-party e-wallet instead.