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Beach Life

Beach Life Reviews by Players


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hajnrih 1376 reviews
Beach Life is a game that I have played really long ago. The thing that got me intrigued was the high jackpot that the game offered back then, I did not get it of course. I believe that the game is not that popular nowadays as it was back then, since there are many new and more intriguing slots.

Beach Life is 5 reels and 20 pay lines video slot game by Playtech. I like this game and I played it very often because the bonus game is triggered very often. The payouts were not that impressive but they were still good for my balance though. The sunken Chest bonus is triggered by 3 or more sunken chest symbols. If you trigger the bonus with 3 scatters you have 3 pick, with 4 scatters 4 picks and with 5 scatters 5 picks. I was always triggering the bonus with 3 scatters in this game like I do in any other game too.

The sound effects are nice and they seem to be composed to match the theme, and the graphics are very colorful and cheerful. But everyone is in it for the progressive jackpot. You can even play the dullest game if you know that you will have the chance to win big. In order to win the jackpot and the amount of money that constantly increases on the top of the reels during the game play you need 5 wilds. The sun symbol is the wild in this game and you need those 5 wilds not on any pay line but on the 20th pay line only.
Most of the time I was getting something around 10 x bet during the base game. I cannot recall that I have won a lot during the bonus round either. The highest amount that I have won was 50 x bet during the base game and that was it.
Afi4wins 1386 reviews
Relaxing and sunbathing on a beach, by the sea, with the warm breeze blowing into your hair, whilst the sun tries to make a fried chip out of you, can be real fun. After the sunbathing fun, it's probably body aching no-fun once you're at home. That sun-burnt skin of yours certainly feels like a fried chip, doesn't it? Hahaha. Ah yes, that's what this Beach Life game is all about too. There's the smiling sun, wonder where it got those shades from, there's surfing and scuba diving, there's plenty of ice-creams, but where are the chilled canned drinks? Hmm, some things do get lost somewhere, apparently.

My first impression of Beach Life was like, "oh gawd, everything is so so colourful in this game, it makes everything look so so confusing and gawdy!" Why is that, you may ask? Well, when those reels stop rolling and spinning, whatever that comes onto the screen can be rather confusing, in the way that the symbols and the colours tend to mix and blend with one another, know what I mean? Nothing was discernible nor distinguishable immediately, unlike other more visually pleasing games. I find Beach Life a real mess in terms of its graphical presentation. Better colour hues and darker variations would certainly make the game more pleasing to look at. At the moment, it's all just "aargh!"

So what's so special about this game Beach Life then? Ah-hah! If lots and lots of money is what you're after, then this is where you can find them. Up to $10 million usually! So how does that grab you? Hello? Are you still there? Ah, okay. For players with tons of money to play with, $10 total bet per spin is nothing to worry about. For me, that's one main meal per spin! 365 spins later, my 3 years food budget goes up in smoke! Hahaha.

How to win the Jackpot prize? Hmm, okay, very simple. Get 5 Wilds on the 20th payline and up to $10 million jackpot money is yours! Get it on any other payline you'll get 100,000 coins instead, that's $50,000 at the $0.50 per line bet! Big enough for you? But getting 5 of those scatters can be real nice too, paying out a hefty 500x your total bet, which is $5,000, if you still can't figure it out yet. Right now, I don't need that calculator, thank you! Hahaha.
Beach Life is only for players with a lorry load full of money to play with at any one time! One wallet full won't even give you 1 hour play with this game, I'm telling you! So, it's either you have fun watching a blardy rich player playing it, or simply close your eyes and pretend you don't see this blardy game at all! Hehehe.
Beach Life is a game I have some fond memories of. I used to play this game many years ago around 2011 at Europa Casino and William Hill. Back then I was still a kind of a starter when it comes to playing video slots. I always preferred to play blackjack, roulette or Texas Hold’em back in the day. But somehow the attraction of the progressive jackpot got me interested.

The game Beach Life is produced by Playtech and had a jackpot of around 5 million euros back then. Not sure how the slot is doing now, but since Playtech pulled out of many markets, I can only imagine this game not being as popular as it was. Beach Life has a nice theme and some good melodies to keep you busy with while playing the game.

Beach Life offers 20-paylines and 5-reels. It also has a very nice and lucrative bonus game which was quite easy to trigger I recall correctly. The minimum bet is a bit high though with €0.50 per spin. However, that didn’t scare me much back then. Looking back at that time, I think I was really crazy!

I used to bet up to 10 euros per spin on this game, but it did pay very frequently though to be able to maintain this ridiculous level of betting. Even if it meant small wins just to keep your balance steady. But right now I would never dream of betting that high. The main catch of this game is the progressive jackpot. I somehow had the illusion I could grab this fine jackpot lol.

Well, you need five wilds (Suns) on the 20th payline to make this happen. I got 3 wilds on that particular payline once, but that was about it. During base game I think my best hit was around 40 x bet size, which was 400 euros in my case.

Then there is also the treasure chest, which is the bonus symbol. If I remember correctly you need those in succession (at least 3) to advance to the bonus game where you can open them. The bonus game was always very exciting, but I don’t think I had many big wins. The more bonus symbols, the more treasure chests you can open.

Most of my wins were around 10 x my bet size. Nevertheless, a very nice game. Too bad Playtech pulled out my country.
Nothing I dislike.
Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Beach Life from Playtech is a game I came across several times and played for few minutes only, never longer. With a balance of 18 euros I decided to try this slot.

Well I like the name much more then the game. This reminds me of cookies not the beach actually, even though all these cakes and other sweets look delicious, I still think that beside the water sound in the background, this is an over colored slot, and it is pain to my eyes. Too much. The coolest symbol for me is the wild, sun with shades chilling out. Very annoying sound during spins, I can't stand it really.

This is definitely the type of slot I would say that just doesn't like me. I lost my balance within 10 minutes, and had few small wins of 1 euro. I don't know if the scatter symbol appeared for me today, with so many colors it is hard to see clearly everything in this game that is supposed to berelated to the beach. I wish I saw the shark, it would be much better than this circus of cakes and colors. I wish I got the bonus round, I had 3 chest symbols but obviously not on the active payline because I don't even know how the bonus games looks like. Maybe it is interesting. There isn’t much to say about payouts, seems to me that I would hardly wager any money on this slot.

Anyway, it is not the type of slot I would love to play again,and it’s not a big deal. I had ice cream today and today I saw 3 different ice creams symbols here, cakes and what else. Surfer, lady in red on the beach, looking like Lola. Senorita with a flower in her hair. Each spin,for me no win. With 0.30 euros left on my balance I had nothing left. Next time I may play this game for a deposit bonus, not my money like I did today.
yapro 790 reviews
I am really surprised that no one review this game before, because it is one of the most popular playtech game with progressive jackpot, which always very high and usually winners of this jackpot grab to home more than million $.

This game 20 paylines, and it is also very old game, so did not except really great graphics or sounds, but it is not important for this game, really. Game has wilds, and this game really depends on it, because 5 wilds on any payline will pay 10.000 coins, BUT if you hit 5 wilds on 20th payline, here is jackpot win, which like i said usually more than million dollars. Great thing that you did not need to max bet to hit jackpot, even at lowest bet 5 wilds on 20th payline won jackpot to you. Game have scatters, but it do not trigger free spins, in this slot no any free spins, but take note that 5 scatters will pay great 500 x total bet, which is not so bad payout, right? Also here is possible trigger pick bonus game, i never win on it more than 20 x total bet so i can say it is boring bonus game. Payouts on this game also very low, only scatters and wilds can pay big, i think i never hit bigger win than 50 x total bet playing this slot, i try it only couple of times, and i just waiting 5 wilds on 20th payline when playing this game, i betting low and if i hit jackpot that would be nice.

Game looks bad, no any free spins, and variance is high, only one chance to get huge win is hit 5 wilds or 5 scatters. But if you hit 5 wilds on 20th payline, tadaaa you a rich guy, guaranteed. I play this game sometime, when have feeling that it is my lucky day.

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